Diego, labeled as The Competitive Guy, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Silver Screens
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Don't Judge Me!"
Place Twenty-First
Friends None
Enemies Eleanor, Sue, Garret, Emmett
Fear Venus Fly Traps
Talent Outdoing Others


Diego, from a very young age, has strived to do better than everyone else, at everything. He is on every sports team, at school, and is the best on all the teams, due to the massive amounts he practices to outdo his teammates, not to mention the other team. He tries outdo his friends in academics, and usually succeeds, except when he joined the chess team. He couldn't come up with any strategies in the game. He joined Total Drama: Los Angeles to beat all the other contestants.


  • Diego was named Diego because one of the author’s classmates often acts like this.
  • Diego’s original name was Jet. It was scrapped because the author liked the name Diego more.
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