Freezing Seals
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "The Chapter With Such A Low Budget It Couldn't Afford A Title"
Place 9th
Relationship Betti, Jennette (one-sided on Jennette's side)
Family Mother, Father
Friends Fans, Betti, Jennette,
Enemies Haters, Kortney, Meagan, Rufus
Fear His haters
Talent None

Dustine, labeled The Talentless Celeb, is a contestant on Total Drama Antarctica. Dustine was named a girl's name. Why? Because his parents actually mistook him for a girl when he was born. As he grew up, Dustine was bullied and teased for having a girl's name. The one thing he was known for was his horrible singing. Every year at the talent show auditions, the teachers brought earplugs to sit through his pathetic attempt to get in. Dustine made a hobby of putting covers on the internet, in hopes of being discovered. Dustine was eventually stumbled upon by a record producer, who actually thought he could make money out of the pathetic creature he is. Dustine got several performances and tours, being able to charm young girls with his oddly young appearance and just as odd high voice. Dustine finished his tour not quite long ago, and is now content being a puppet of celebrities much more talented than him. He signed up for Total Drama Antarctica because he just wasn't famous enough.

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