Edmund is a contestant in Total Drama Mania. He loves theater and musicals.

Edmund joined to prove that theater is the key to success.

Yelling Wombats
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Day 5: Broadway Comes to Mania"
Place Nineteenth.
Friends Stan, Carter
Enemies None.
Origin New York, New York

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: Edmund made it to the second round of the singing contest. His team lost.

Challenge 2: He was paired with Stan for the challenge, his team won.

Challenge 3: He worked with Carter on the feet of the statue and his team won.

Challenge 4: He directed the musical for his team, but in the end came up with the simple instructions of going on the stage and singing. That was the main reason his team lost and he was eliminated.

Challenge 18: He voted for Blossom to win. He voted for Chris to lose on account of him ruining his musical.


Edmund is pictured onstage holding a skull and wearing a cape, he is finishing a monologue and he turns to the camera, "Hi, my name is Edmund, and I want to be on Total Drama Mania. I'm very theatrical, but you can already tell that." He laughs awkwardly and then he turns back to the camera, "I also enjoy being in musicals!" He grabs a hat and cane off of a nearby table and throws the skull off-screen. We hear a crash and a scream from off-screen, and Edmund turns to look and he shouts, "SORRY MOM!!!!" He turns back and starts singing and dancing and he kicks the camera, and it falls over. We hear Edmund singing, and he hits an extremely high note and the camera lens shatters.


Due to Edmund living in New York City, he developed a love of Broadway. He would walk the streets of the city to get home from school. He would go on Broadway and neighboring streets on the way home. He would hear bits of music from the theaters and see the posters, that is how he first got interested.


  • Edmund was the first male eliminated from his team.
  • Despite the fact that the creator has a love of the theater, this character is not based off of the creator.
  • Edmund's favorite musical is Cats, which was chosen by the creator for Edmund, because Cats is a weird show, which matches his weird personality.
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