Elvio, the Mactor, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

Elvio is proud of his body and loves working out at the gym after school. It is because of his physique that he is popular with all the girls in the neighborhood. Whenever he goes to the beach, he likes to take his top off so the girls can stare at his six-pack!

Elvio had never watched either of the four previous seasons of Total Drama before. He was recruited by Chris and Chef because they saw a photo of him online and figured that his body would bring in more female viewers. In addition, he had first heard of the show from Season 4's Anne Maria, who first learned of the show when Total Drama's original mactor Justin showed her the ropes.

Since he is the only member of the new cast of 26 who had not watched prior seasons, one would assume that he is inexperienced when it comes to forming alliances with people. However, he is confident that his chiseled body will keep him around for a long time!

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