Emily is a contestant in Total Drama Mania. She is a humongous suck-up.

Emily joined to prove that if you complement someone, you get on their good side.

Demolishing Sharks
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Day 3: Down the Stream"
Place Twenty-First
Relationship Her School Bully
Friends Elaine
Enemies None.
Origin Charlotte, North Carolina

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: Emily did not make it to the second round of the singing contest. Her team won the challenge.

Challenge 2: She was paired with Elaine for the challenge. Ronda told Ali to jab a nail into the bottom of their canoe and right before they crossed the finish line, they sunk. She was eliminated.

Challenge 18: She voted for Elaine to win. She voted for Ronda to lose.


She dates the bully at her school back home, because he forces her to. He only wants to date her because she complements him on anything.


Emily is sitting on a park bench, reading a Teen-Scene Magazine. "I've heard about these shows," She begins, "I've been warned about their amazing challenges and handsome hosts, producers and directors. See?" She holds the magazine right up to the camera with a picture of a girl waxing her legs, "Oops, wrong pictures, I'm sure that this girl is nowhere as good looking as you." Two girls walk by and one says, "Oh, it's Emily, trying to get on a TV show, I bet she's sucking up to them." "Well, that's what she does best." The other girl says. The two walk by the bench and Emily tackles them. You can hear sounds of a fight as the girls attack each other on the ground and the camera falls over and the lense shatters.


Emily was not always a suck-up. She was a fairly sweet child, but she faced a bully at school. The bully was very cruel to her, until she started to complement him. He stopped to bully her after she told him he was nice, and handsome. She now dates the bully, but only because he forces her to.


  • Emily never received a marshmallow, and she was the first person eliminated from her team.
  • Emily is wearing green because the creator felt as though green is lush, the opposite of Emily's shallow demeanor.
  • Emily is, in a way, similar to Natalia, in the sense that both of them never received a marshmallow.
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