Emmett, labeled as The Regular Teen, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Silver Screens
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Talk the Talk and Stalk the Stalk"
Place Seventh
Relationship Lydia (on her side)
Friends Eleanor, Garret, Luca, Lydia (on her side)
Enemies Sue, Lydia (on his side)
Fear Mutant Ninja Zombies
Talent Football


Emmett excelled at being normal from the moment he was born. He, like many other teenage boys, plays sports. He enjoys football, in particular. He gets average grades, but he doesn't mind. He doesn't care all that much about his grades, mostly about sports, and cultivating his popularity. He has tons of friends, and a single mother that loves him very much. He really wants a football scholarship, so he can go to college, and go on to be a famous football player. He joined so he could be discovered, and meet new people.


  • Emmett’s original name was Darien, but the author liked the name Emmett more.
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