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One game. One destination. Fourteen players, seven teams of two. Seven continents. One winner, one prize. This is Endurance.

Looking for the sequel? Endurance: Fiji



The host, JD Roth


JD Roth


Trudy Chacon


Current Teams

Pyramid Pieces

  • Asia = Luck, Trust, Knowledge, Strength, Perseverance, Teamwork, Commitment, Courage, Leadership, Heart


  • Asia = African Safari - There, Kenyatta and Grover can take a Jeep ride through the African deserts and other places, along with the animals!


This Is Endurance

“Welcome to Endurance!” JD Roth said, standing on the dock of Baja California.

“Those fourteen contestants on that cruise ship over there are coming to compete in Endurance.” JD said.

The scene shifted over to two girls who were relaxing on lawn chairs. “Who I am?” One girl with flame earrings asked. “I’m Kasandra from Jacksonville, FL and I’m here to win Endurance.” Kasandra said.

The girl next to Kasandra has icicle earrings. “I’m Candice. I’m from Antarctica and I’ve come to win.” Candice said. “Or try, cuz I’m going to beat everyone because I have the greatest Endurance.” Kasandra said. Candice turned in her chair to face Evelyn who was resting on the door to the cabins they had slept in last night.

The scene shifted to Evelyn. “I’m Evelyn and I’m from the City that Never Sleeps. I do very well in school, and not only am I here to make friends, but to win the prize.” Evelyn said. A red football hit her in the face.

“Sorry!” One of the boys said. “Hey, I’m Rainer.” the kid said. Rainer took out a bottle of black spray paint and sprayed a big number 1 on his red shirt. “I am so going to win. I’m gonna come out as number one.” Rainer said.

Rainer threw the can over his head and it hit Kermit. BOOM! “Hey you caused the baking soda to react the with the spray paint. Oh my gosh. Does anyone out in the audience have a cup of chives perhaps?” Kermit asked.

“Kermit, you’re on TV.” The camera guy said. “Oh, hey I’m Kermit and I like to blow stuff up. I’m a mad scientist. I’m so going to win.” Kermit said.

“Here you go!” A girl on the set called and threw Kermit a bowl of chives. “BRILLIANT!” he yelled.

The scene shifted over to Jorge. “Hey, I’m Jorge and I’m all about war-strategizing. I’ll win this game with my vast battlefield knowledge.” Jorge said. “Whatever you say,” Cealey said.

The scene shifted over to Cealey. “I’m Cealey. I applied for Total Drama Tropics but was turned down. But I’m staying optimistic about it!” Cealey said. “You’re part of the Optimistic Girlz club?” Charlote squealed. “Yeah,” Cealey said.

“ME TOO!” Charlote said. Both girls squealed and started jumping. “I’m Charlote, and people say I’m really peppy. I don’t know why though.” Charlote said. Both girls jumped and accidentally pushed Grover overboard.

“Ew, I got wet!” Kasandra said and ran away to put on new clothes. The camera man threw a life preserver to Grover. He climbed aboard. “Hey, I’m Grover. I’m pretty quiet around here.” He said. “WATCH OUT SKINNY BOY!” a girl yelled.

The scene shifted over to Kenyatta who had just slipped and dropped her smoothie which was heading towards Grover. SPLAT! And the smoothie dripped all over Grover.

“Sorry kid,” Kenyatta said. “Hey, I’m Kenyatta. My cousin’s LeShawna. Since she lost TDI, TDA, and TD,TM…I’m here to win it!” Kenyatta said.

The scene shifted to Sylvia who was dipping strawberries into a chocolate fountain. She has a big heart on her shirt. “Hey, I’m Sylvia and I love the art of love. But I’ve failed to find love because of how much I eat.” Sylvia said and swallowed her strawberry.

The scene shifted to Phineas and Clay who were play HORSE on the basketball court.

“You have HORS,” Clay said. He swished the ball and then Phineas moved to where Clay was standing and missed. “And I win!” Clay yelled.

“Hey, I’m Clay. I’m the smartest in the state of Hawaii and the best athlete as of 2006 to the present.” Clay said. “Thanks for not bragging.” Phineas said. Clay smiled.

“Hola, I’m Phineas. Yes I’m from Phineas and Ferb. I’m here to win enough money to get equipment to bring my dead brother, Ferb back to life.” Phineas said.

“Oh my gosh! You’re brother died, how sad.” Roddy said and came over. He marked a cross over his body. “In peace may he resteth oh lord.” Roddy said. “Spot of tea?” Roddy asked. “Freaky,” Kasandra said walking past them.

“Excuse me madam but in London we call them odd spots.” Roddy said. “ Tea?” he asked.

“The ship will be docked soon. Pack your things!” The camera man said. “All ready?” Clay asked.

The ship docked at the dock. “Welcome to Endurance!” JD announced. Kasandra and Candice walked off first. “We’re staying here?” Kasandra asked pointing at the brick houses and windows, but no glass.

“Yes you are. But they’re quite nice actually they just don’t have windows and you sleep on wood.” JD said smirking. “Now get settled in your cabins. There’s the boy’s cabin and the girl’s. You know which one you are.” JD said.

Everyone ran off. “Now get settled in. In two hours we will be picking teams.” JD said over the intercom.


“I call one of the top bunks!” Kasandra yelled and took a top bunk as far away from the entrance. “I call underneath!” Candice said and took the bunk below here.

Charlote took a top bunk as Cealey sat below her. Evelyn took the bunk closest to the door and Sylvia took he bunk before her. Kenyatta took an empty bunk and sat on the bottom bunk.

The scene shifted over the boy’s cabin. “I call the top bunk!” Rainer said and took a top bunk. “Of course,” Phineas said and took a bunk. A drill grinded. “It’s a carousel!” Phineas said as the wooden bunk bed spun around. Roddy took the bed below Rainer.

Jorge backflipped onto the top bunk closest to Rainer. Kermit took a bunk above Phineas. The carousel bed still moved up and down. Grover sat at a bunk alone. Clay sat above Grover.


“Now I have a list for teams. We need to follow this to get the teams we want.” Candice said. “Who do I have?” Kasandra asked. “Clay?” she said. “Yes!” Kasandra said. The list was passed around. Evelyn, Charlote, and Cealey walked out. “We need to change the list up.” Evelyn said.

“Yeah, let’s tell the boys what the teams “really” are.” Cealey said putting air quotes around ‘really’.


Evelyn, Cealey, and Charlote went over to the boy’s cabin. “So those are the teams?” Rainer asked when everything had been said by the girls. “Yep, one hundred percent true.” Evelyn said. “I’m with Kasandra?” Rainer asked.

“Uh huh.” Cealey said. “Cool.” Rainer said. The girls left and were happy.


“Contestants, please report to the beach.” JD said over the intercom.

Everyone rushed outside.

“What the heck is that?” Jorge asked. “That is the game we will play to pick partners. I will pull a rope and it will cause a dodge ball to drop. The ball will fall. Whoever picks the ball gets to pick who will be on which team.” JD said.

“Okay,” everyone said.

“I’m throwing the first ball. It’s the red one. Whoever catches the ball gets to choose who gets to be in Team Africa.” JD said and pulled the rope.

The red dodge ball dropped and fell. “MINE!” Kermit said and tackled the ball. “Kermit, you have the choice to pick who’s in Team Africa and you can’t choose yourself. The girl?” JD asked.

“Kasandra.” Kermit said. Kasandra walked over. She eyed her partner which was supposed to be Clay. “The boy?” JD asked. “Rainer.” Kermit said. “What?” Kasandra yelled.

“Hey,” Rainer said. “Kasandra looked away. “The next ball will be the blue one. Whoever gets it chooses the people on Team Antarctica.” JD said and pulled the rope. “And…..” he started.

“Cealey has it!” JD said. Cealey walked over. “Who is it?” JD asked. “The guy is…..Roddy.” Cealey said.

Roddy skipped over to the blue square. “The girl?” JD asked. “Um……Candice.” Cealey said. “This was not part of the list!” Candice said and walked over and looked away from Roddy. “Hello, teammie.” Roddy said.

“Next we have the yellow ball. Whoever catches it will be choosing for Team Asia.” JD said and released the ball. Jorge tackled the ball. “Grover,” he said. Grover walked over the yellow square.

“The girl?” JD asked. “Um, I forgot the list. Um…..Kenyatta?” he guessed. Kenyatta walked up to Grover. “Hey skinny white boy.” Kenyatta said and they both smiled.

“Wait, I thought Kenyatta was supposed to be my partner.” Clay said. “No you were supposed to be my partner.” Kasandra said. “Wait, were there two lists?” Candice yelled. “Um,” Cealey said.

“And next we have the green dodge ball and some drama!” JD said and pulled the string. The ball dropped and Clay caught it. “This is for you for messin’ up the lists.” Clay said. “Jorge and Cealey.” Clay finished.

“Wo,” Everyone said and Jorge and Cealey both walked over.

Cealey: He knew I hated Jorge!

“The purple ball!” JD said and dropped it. Clay caught it again. “Evelyn and Kermit.” Clay said. They both walked over there.


Evelyn: He knew I hate Kermit.

“And our last ball, the orange one.” JD said and pulled the rope. Sylvia caught it but the ball slipped out of her hands. “I’ve got it.” Charlote sang but Phineas knocked the ball out of the way.

“Mine!” Phineas said. “NO IT’S MINE!” Clay screamed and caught the ball. “Wow, Clay you got the ball. Phineas, you’re automatically on Team Australia.” JD said. “Now, Clay pick Charlote or Sylvia.” JD said.

“Do I go with the overweight cupidnette or super peppy girl?” Clay thought. He pictured Charlote being his partner and screamed. “Charlote!” he said quickly.

“Okay!” Charlote said and walked over. “Sylvia and Clay, you are Team North America.” JD said.

He handed out colored T-Shirts. “These prove which teams you’re on.” JD said. “Now tonight at seven we will be picking pyramid pieces. See ya then.” JD said and left. “Pyramid pieces?” Kenyatta asked.


Cealey: JD said we had confessional cameras?

Clay: I was supposed to have Kasandra. Sure she’s feistier than Heather from TDI but I could’ve got far with her.

Kasandra: Cealey got what she deserved.

Jorge: I think Cealey doesn’t like me.

Grover: Kenyatta’s sorta nice.


“AAHH!” Cealey yelled.

“What a horrible partner!” Cealey screamed at Jorge. “Every little thing with you is oh, a stakeout, oh, a battle. That’s all you care about. You just let me get attacked by seagulls!” she ended.

“Sorry,” Jorge said. “Hey what’s up?” JD said walking up to them. “Jorge is a horrible partner!” Cealey yelled at him.

“I see your dilemma. Cealey, Jorge, see part of Endurance is teamwork. Without teamwork, you won’t be able win the grand prize at the end.” JD said. Jorge looked up at Cealey.

“Sorry, I just really like the army and camouflage.” Jorge said. “Whatever,” Cealey said and walked away.


“I think you guys should pick the teamwork piece when it’s your time to pick.” JD said and walked away from Jorge.

Jorge: God, Cealey’s pretty angry.


“I say our biggest target is Team North America.” Kasandra said chew on her sunglasses.

“I agree, everyone likes Clay. Sylvia, not so much of a threat but with Clay on her team, they might win this.” Rainer said.

“Hey guys.” Sylvia said walking up to them. “Oh hey,” Kasandra said unhappily.

“So rumor has it, if you win you’re sending orange and brown up?” Sylvia said.

“Yeah, but I promise, you guys will return.” Kasandra said. Rainer and Kasandra both eyed Clay and Sylvia hanging up their Strength piece.

“They so don’t have the strength to win.” Rainer said. They also watched them hang their Knowledge piece.

“Or the knowledge.” Roddy said from behind them.

Both Kasandra and Rainer jerked around. “RODDY!” Kasandra said. “Well we’re in an alliance so I want to know who you’re going to want to get off the island first.” Roddy said.

Kasandra rolled her eyes. “Spot of tea?” Roddy asked her.


“So according to them, they’re sending both of us.” Sylvia and Clay told the orange team.

“So that means we can’t let them win.” Phineas said. “Exactly,” Clay said.

“You guys are joining alliances?” Evelyn asked through the window. “Yeah,” Charlote said.

“Africa’s a big threat. Can we join?” Kermit asked.

“The more the merrier, unless it’s Africa.” Sylvia said.

Everyone shook hands. Roddy gasped and ran out of the doorway.


“Kids! Please return to the beach to pick your pyramid pieces.” JD said over the loudspeaker.

Everyone reported to the beach. ‘Now I’ll take you to your totem poles where the pieces will be kept.” JD said and lead everyone there. “We have ten pieces. Team North America, you will be able to have two pieces for having the most endurance and being picked last in the partner selection.” JD said.

“Team Africa choose between the following pieces. Commitment, Courage, Teamwork, Heart, Leadership, Luck, Perseverance, Strength, Knowledge, and Trust. You need all of those skills to win Endurance. You will need as many of those pieces to win Endurance. Africa, your choice?” JD asked.

“We choose courage.” Kasandra said. “Here you go.” JD said and Rainer hung his piece on the red totem pole. “Also, you get to choose your place to go if you win. You can choose a safari in Africa, go to Belize, search for animals in the Amazon, enjoy Costa Rica jungles, explore the Galapagos Islands, sailboat from Komodo to Japan, or go to Brazil. Take your pick.” JD said.

Kasandra and Rainer talked it over. “The Amazon.” Kasandra said. JD handed them a wood carving of a toucan which represented the trip to the Amazon. Kasandra held it.

“Team Antarctica, your pyramid piece?” JD asked. Roddy and Candice immediately said, “Perseverance.” JD handed them the perseverance piece and they hung it on their totem pole. “And your trip?” JD asked. “Costa Rica.” Candice said. JD handed them the wood carved tree-frog representing Costa Rica.

“Team Asia, your pyramid piece?” JD asked them. Kenyatta said “Luck, because Grover’s Irish.” JD handed them their piece. “Your grand prize trip?” JD asked. “African safari because Kenyatta wants to visit her home country.” Grover said. “I see teamwork between both of you.” JD said and handed them the wood carved lion.

“South America, I have your teamwork piece. What’s your trip?” JD asked. “Belize water safari.” Jorge said and they received the wood carved jaguar. They both placed their piece on the totem pole.

“Europe, your desired piece?” JD asked Evelyn and Kermit. “The Galapagos Islands.” Evelyn said. Kermit nodded his head. “That’s your trip, okay but what’s your piece?” JD asked. “Oh sorry, we choose…Trust.” Evelyn said and Kermit nodded. “Okay,” JD said and he handed them their piece.

“Team Australia, what’s your piece?” JD asked. “Commitment.” Phineas and Charlote said. “Unison buddies!” Charlote said. Phineas smiled. “And your trip?” JD asked. “Komodo to Japan.” they both said. “Unison buddies.” Kasandra said, knowing what Charlote would say . “UNISON BUDDIES!” Charlote said. JD handed them a wood carved boat and their piece.

“Team North America, you get the trip to Brazil. What pieces would you like?” JD asked. “Knowledge.” Sylvia said. “And Strength.” Clay said. “Okay those are your pieces for the game and your trips. Get a good night’s rest because tomorrow we’re playing for the Samadhi.” JD said and walked off.

“Samadhi?” Everyone asked in unison. “UNISON BUDDIES!” Charlote said.


Clay, Sylvia, Evelyn, Cealey, and Phineas were watching the Red team and the Blue team connect their streamers together on their totem poles. “We need to get them off the show next.” Clay said. The two teams giggled and left and Clay, Sylvia, Cealey, Phineas, and Evelyn all ran up to the totem poles. Clay grabbed a rock and hit the streamers and they fell. “Ha!” Clay said as the episode ended.

The Samadhi

“Last time on Endurance,” JD said. “All of our campers met each other and we created teams.”
Phineas charlote

“We have Team Africa which is made up of Kasandra and Rainer.”

“We have Team Antarctica which is made up of Candice and Roddy.”

“Team Asia which has Kenyatta and Grover.”

“Team South America which is made up of Cealey and Jorge.”
Evelyn kermit
“Team Europe which has the magnificent Evelyn and Kermit.”
Clay sylvia
Candice roddy
Kenyatta grover

“We have Team Australia which has Phineas and Charlote.”

“And lastly, Team North America which is made up of Clay and Sylvia.” JD said.
Kasandra rainer

“Today the teams are playing for the Samadhi. What is a Samadhi you just have to stay tuned and find out!” JD said.

Cealey jorge

“Grr,” Kasandra said waking up. “These aren’t even beds! They’re wooden planks!” Kasandra yelled.

“Kasandra, can you shut up!” Evelyn yelled at her. “SHUT UP GEEK!” Kasandra yelled at her.

“Ow,” Cealey said bumping her head on Charlote’s bunk when she woke up. “Tee hee, silly Cealey.” Charlote said.

Kasandra: Tee hee girl’s annoying.

The scene shifted over to the boy’s cabin. “Oh….grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face!” Clay started singing as he got ready.

Kermit and Phineas joined in in singing.

“Gosh, his niceness is contagious.” Rainer said talking to Jorge and Roddy. “I know, they’re singing about happiness.” Jorge said.

“The only time there’s happiness is when a victory is won,” Jorge said looking off into space.

“So my plan is to send orange and brown up to temple.” Rainer said. “Splendid idea, though I have grown fond of Phineas.” Roddy said.

Rainer hit Roddy. “Ow,” Roddy said.

“So we clear?” Rainer asked. “Clear as mud,” Jorge said.


“So our plan is?” Cealey asked lounging on a hammock. “My plan is to separate red and blue. Send them both up to temple.” Sylvia said.

“I agree.” Evelyn said. “Tee hee!” Charlote said. “Charlote,” Cealey said. “You need to stop saying tee hee!” she finished.

“Why? I think it’s fun. Like monkeys! Monkeys don’t wear shoes, monkeys never lose their wallets, cuz they have nuthin’ to buy!” Charlote sang.

Evelyn rolled her eyes.


Kenyatta met up with Grover and Clay. “So, who you thinking of eliminating?” Kenyatta asked Clay.

“Me and Sylvia want Kasandra gone.” Clay said. “Agreed,” Grover said.

“I also want Cealey and Jorge gone, but Sylvia’s like best friends with Cealey.” Clay said.

“My idea is to win the temple mission and send Red and Blue up to temple. That’ll split both the teams up.” Clay said.

“Yeah. I like Clay’s plan.” Grover said. “Uh huh,” Clay said and walked off.

Kenyatta: I think sticking with the brown team might get me and Grover far in the game.


“Contestants, please report to the beach.” JD said over the intercom. Everyone ran over to the beach.

“What the helicopter is that?” Kermit asked.

“Glad ya asked Kermit.” JD said. “This is your Samadhi mission.” JD said.

“Can you just tell us what the Samadhi is?” Kasandra asked.

“Glad ya asked Kasandra.” JD said. “A Samadhi is this.” JD said holding up a Samadhi.

“And…” Kenyatta said.

“Whoever wins today’s Samadhi mission will be in control of this Samadhi. The Samadhi negatively effects the outcome of the following day’s temple mission.” JD said. Everyone’s face lit up.

“And along with the Samadhi, the winning team will also get the two pyramid pieces that were not claimed yesterday; the leadership and heart piece.” JD said.

“You guys ready for your Samadhi mission?” JD asked. Everyone cheered.

“Today’s temple mission is based on partnership. When climbing Mount Everest, you and your partner face struggles but through partnership, you climb all the way to the top. Today’s challenge is called ‘Tilt’.” JD said.

“Tilt?” Candice asked.

“Tilt. Each boy will be strapped onto a stand which is perpendicular to the large platform. The girl stands facing the boy on the platform, but is not held in by the stand. The platform slowly begins to tip backward, and each girl slowly falls off the platform, with the boy holding her, feet above the water. The last team still on the platform wins the last two endurance triangles, a special prize, AND the Samadhi, which will give them the chance to give another team a disadvantage during the temple mission. Capiche?” JD asked.

“Capiche,” everyone said. “UNISON BUDDIES!” Charlote yelled.

Kermit: Son of a biscuit.

“Okay, everyone head up to the platforms.” JD said. Everyone climbed up to the platforms.

‘Intern, secure them.” JD yelled at an intern. The intern strapped everyone in until he got to Rainer. “I can secure myself,” Rainer said and pushed the intern off.

“AAAHHH!” the intern screamed.

“Okay, guys hang onto the girl’s wrists.” JD said. All the guys hanged onto the girl’s wrists.

“Okay, now I will drop the platform.” JD said pressing a button and the platform slowly fell down.


The girls slowly fell of the platform but the guys hung onto their wrists.

“Come on guys, don’t let your partner fall!” JD yelled.

“AAAAHHH!” a random voice screamed.

“Oh, and Kermit let go of Evelyn!” JD said.

“It’s my cast!” Kermit yelled. “Six teams left,” JD said.


“Okay, you six remaining teams, you’ve been hanging on for three minutes now.” JD said.

“Whoo hoo!” Rainer cheered. “Can I be brought down?” Kermit asked. JD ignored him.

“I’m slipping!” Cealey yelled. “Me too,” Kenyatta said. “AAAHHH!” Kenyatta yelled and fell.

“Five teams remaining.” JD said.


“You’ve all been out here for seven minutes now,” JD yelled. Evelyn and Kenyatta sat on the beach in the hot sand by JD. “Come on Clay!” Kenyatta and Evelyn yelled.

Phineas dropped Charlote. “Four teams, never mind, three teams remaining!” JD said as Candice was dropped.

“I’ve got this game in the bag.” Rainer said.

“You’ve been here for eight minutes now.” JD said.


Candice: Gosh, they’re harsh competitors, eleven minutes

“Come on Clay!” Kenyatta, Evelyn, and Charlote yelled. Cealey was dropped. “Ooh, Clay and Rainer. Who will stay in the competition?” JD asked.

‘ME!” Rainer said.

“No it’ll be me,” Clay said.


Evelyn: How can they do it?

Charlote: Tee hee, they’re strong

Cealey: So close!

Kenyatta: Go Clay…Go Clay…Go Clay!!!!!!

Candice: 15 minutes?


“Clay, Rainer. You guys have been hanging onto your partners for twenty-six minutes.” JD said.

“Rainer, don’t you dare let go!!!” Kasandra said. “I promise,” Rainer said and held on.

“CLAY! CLAY! CLAY! CLAY! CLAY! CLAY!” All the girls, except for Candice yelled on the beach. “Rainer! Rainer!” Candice yelled.

Kasandra heard everyone cheering for Clay. “Grr,” she growled.

“Ooh, Kasandra’s slipping!” JD said. Kasandra bit Rainer’s arm. She was dangling by one arm. “What the-” Rainer said.

She flew her foot up and her shoe fell off. “What the heck Kasandra!” Rainer said. “Wait,” she replied.

The shoe flew and flew and flew and then hit Clay’s face. “Ow!” Clay said dropping Sylvia.

“Oh, and Team Africa wins!” JD said. “You planned that?” Rainer asked Kasandra. “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp!” she yelled when she fell.

Rainer: Hmm, she’s evil, manipulative, just who I need for my partner.


The intern unstrapped the guys and they all jumped off.

“Congrats Team Africa. You guys win the Leadership and the Heart pyramid pieces. Remember, this puts you guys in the lead. You need all the pyramid pieces to win the game.” JD said and handed them their pieces. “You also win this Samadhi. Remember, this negatively effects the outcome of whichever team you give it to.” JD said handing them their Samadhi. “And your prize. One meal of KFC with sides of macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and a banana smoothie.” JD said.

“OMG really??!!” Kasandra yelled. “Really,” JD said.

Sylvia: You lucky little *****.

“But before you guys can get your meal you have two hours to decide who you’re gonna give the Samadhi to.” JD said.

“So think hard, and meet me at the big rock on the other side on the island in two hours.” JD said disappearing.


“So who you giving the Samadhi to?” Candice asked Kasandra. “Team North America. Obviously,” Kasandra answered. “Wonder what’s in there,” Candice said. “I wonder how everyone’s gonna feel when me and Rainer get KFC and banana smoothies.” Kasandra said smiling.

Evelyn behind a palm tree gasped. “Evelyn?” Candice questioned.

Evelyn ran away.


“And she’s plotting to give you guys the Samadhi!” Evelyn told the brown team. “Uh, one thing. If she noticed you then don’t you think she’s gonna change her mind and give the Samadhi to you?” Clay asked Evelyn.

“Crap!” Evelyn said. “I never thought of that.” she finished.

“Sorry,” Sylvia said.

“I’ll disappoint Kermit if I let him know, oh man!” Evelyn said and ran off.


Charlote walked up to Kasandra. “You seem like Vendetta my bestest friend in the whole wide world!” Charlote said. “Excuse me? Is this some scheme to not give you the Samadhi cuz I’m already giving it to Team North America.” Kasandra said.

“Nope, I want to be best friends!” Charlote said. “Let’s pretend!” Charlote finished as she broke into song.

“Why don’t we pretend to be workers in a factory

I’ll glue eyeballs onto dolls and you can check the quality

Why don’t we pretend to be telemarketers, yippee!

We can call and call and call and call and call and call

Let’s pretend

Let’s pretend

It’s fun to pretend

Let’s pretend

Let’s pretend

Pretend that this is fun!

Why don’t we pretend to be CEOs of companies

We can point at things on screens and be good at racquetball!

Why don’t we pretend to be jellyfish way out as sea

We can go and swim for hours and never breathe at aaaalllll!” Charlote sang.

“What the hell?” Kasandra asked running away.

Charlote picked up a walkie-talkie. “Okay, creeped out Kasandra. Moving onto Rainer!” Charlote said. “Great,” Cealey and Jorge said.


Kasandra: What was wrong with that girl?

Charlote: Cealey and Jorge are having me creep out Kasandra and Rainer so they won’t give the Samadhi to Clay and Sylvia. Jolly fine for them!


“Hi Rainer!” Charlote said. “Hi Charlote,” he said.

“Do you like monkeys? I love monkeys. Let’s sing about monkeys!!!!!” Charlote said.

“What the-” Rainer started.

“Monkeys don’t wear shoes

Monkeys never lose their wallets

Cuz they have nuthin to buy!” Charlote sang over and over.

“FREAK!” Rainer said running away.

“Tee hee!” Charlote said walking back to her cabin.

“Did you creep them?” Cealey asked. “Yep, anything to help of my friends.” Charlote said and ran off to the beach.

Cealey: Ok, so Charlote’s my friend and yes I’m using her just to get farther in the game by not getting the brown team eliminated. I admit.


“CHARLOTE’S A FREAK!” Rainer screamed to Kasandra. “I know, she just started yelling to me about pretending to be stupid people!” Kasandra yelled back. “We need to give the Samadhi to her.” Rainer said. “Agreed,” Kasandra said.


“So you’re using Charlote to go creep out the red team so they’ll give the Samadhi to her team instead of us, helping you because we’re stronger and in an alliance even though she’s your best friend on the island?” Clay asked.

“Sure, I really don’t understand what you just said.” Cealey said.

“You’re using CHARLOTE!” Sylvia said shortening what Clay said.

“Yeah, but it’s to save you guys.” Cealey said.

“Hmm,” Clay said.


“CONTESTANTS! YOU GUYS ARE LATE! HEAD OVER TO THE BIG ROCK!” JD announced over the intercom. Everyone ran out to the other side of the island to the big rock.

“Team Africa do you have the Samadhi?” JD asked. “Yes we do.” Kasandra said.

“And who are you giving the Samadhi to?” JD asked them. “We’ve had to change our answer many times but we’re giving the Samadhi to….





















(dramatic pause)


























“Team Australia.” Rainer said.

“Okay, Phineas and Charlote. You have been given the Samadhi. Come over here.” JD said as Phineas and Charlote walked up to him. “Now this big rock, is where you smash the Samadhi.” JD said.

“Excuse me?” Phineas asked. “Smash the Samadhi on the rock. Then you’ll see what’s inside.” JD said.

“Okay,” Phineas said and smashed the Samadhi on the rock. “You see that paper, pick it up and read it.” JD said.

“You will have three extra knots in tomorrow’s temple mission” Charlote read aloud.

“What?” Phineas asked. “You’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s mission.” JD said.

“Now Team Africa let’s go get you your dinner and the rest of you, here are your fishing poles, your bait. Go fish.” JD said escorting Team Africa off.

“We have to catch our own food?” Clay asked. “I’m a vegetarian. I’ll search for some bananas in the rain forest.” Clay said. “I’ll join you!” Cealey said and the both of them headed into the rain forest. “WAIT FOR ME!” Charlote said.


“Gone fishing!” Roddy yelled and threw his line in the water. “WO!” Grover said flying off the dock. “GROVER!” Kenyatta yelled. “It’s okay, I let go of the line.” Grover said.

“Must’ve been a big whopper,” Evelyn said reeling in her line.

“I GOT A FISH!” Phineas yelled reeling in his line to reveal a thing of seaweed. “Dang,” he said throwing his line back in. “Hey Phin, do you feel bad about receiving the Samadhi?” Jorge asked him. “Not really, it’s just three extra knots, what’s so bad about it?” Phineas said.


“Baa, baa.” A goat somewhere off in the distant bleated. “I found where it’s coming from!” Charlote said running off. “It’s a baby goat.” Cealey replied. “OMG! I WANT IT!” Charlote said keeping her new pet. “I’ll name you Liesl or Buttons III. What do you like?” Charlote said and made a leash out of banana leaves.

“Clay, you’re dropping the fruit.” Cealey said. “Sorry. Hey a toucan!” Clay said.

Cealey: Why are there baby goats and a toucan in the middle of Baja California? Odd,

“CAW!” the toucan yelled and headed straight for Clay’s stack of mangos and bananas. “WATCH OUT!” Cealey yelled. “Caw,” the toucan landed nicely on Clay’s shoulder and ate a banana. “Hmm, you’re a cute little fella, aren’t you?” Clay said.

“Guys we shouldn’t be keeping animals from the wild,” Cealey started but noticed that Charlote and Liesl, and Clay and his new pet named Toko were already heading off back to the beach.


“God, these smoothies are amazing!” Kasandra said. “This KFC is amazing!” Rainer asked. “If all the rewards are like this we’re going to win all the time.” Kasandra said. “You guys liking you reward?” JD asked. “Yes!” Rainer yelled. “Ye-OMG! I MUST GO TO THE BATHROOM!” Kasandra yelled and ran off. “ME TOO!” Rainer said running off.

“There was “no” castor oil in any part of their meals.” JD said and laughed.


“High on a hill was a lonely goatherd Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo” Charlote sang leading Liesl and everyone else out of the rain forest.

“Ooh, you got a pet?” Kermit asked. “Two.” Cealey and Clay both said. “UNISON BUDDIES!” Charlote sang. “This is Liesl and the toucan is named Toko. He’s Clay’s.” she finished.

“Have they by chance been tested for rabies?” Roddy asked. Jorge punched Roddy off the dock.

“Wonder how Kasandra and Rainer’s evening is going.” Evelyn said.

“Let‘s hope they’re having a horrible time, because tonight Kasandra should sleep like a queen.” Clay said holding up a harmless snake he found in the forest.

Everyone gasped.


“Attention. It is now quiet time.” JD announced over the intercom.

“More marshmallows please.” Kenyatta asked. Kermit passed the marshmallows to her.

“Mmm, smores.” Clay said.

“Liesl. Stop eating the smores!” Charlote scolded Liesl.

“Grr,” Kasandra said walking back to everyone at the campfire. “How was your dinner?” Clay asked. “It was ‘special‘.” Rainer said. “I’m going to bed.” Kasandra said. “Coming!” Candice said and followed her.

“Hershey’s chocolate bar please.” Roddy said.

“AAAAHHHH!” Everyone heard Kasandra yell. “SNAKE!” she finished. Everyone but Rainer laughed out loud.

“Well I’m going to lay down for bed now.” Clay said and hopped off to the boy’s cabin.

Toko followed.

“So who wants to hear a ghost story?” Rainer asked. “Baaa,” Liesl bleated. Everyone else laughed. “Once upon a time….”


Knotted Up

Last time on Endurance, the teams competed in their first temple mission. The teams were put to the test for partnership to see which team had the most Endurance. In the end Team Africa won and won the reaward, two pyramid pieces, the Samadhi, and the KFC dinner. We sent the other teams to catch their own fish for dinner, but instead of fish Clay and Charlote caught animals which are now their pets. Which team will be the first team eliminated? Find out here of Endurance!


“Have a nice night?” Cealey asked Kasandra.

“No, I endured snakes, scorpions, jaguars, ninjas, and one silent glass of apple juice. Do I look like I had a good night?” Kasandra rudely answered and she left the cabin to go to the showers in the middle of the jungle.

Cealey, Evelyn, Charlote, and Kenyatta broke out laughing.

“Kasandra!” Candice yelled and followed her.

“All she does is follow her. Feel bad for her. I bet you big money that Kasandra doesn’t even like Candice.” Sylvia said, coming in. “Breakfast is ready.” she also replied.

“Yeah, which is why we need to win today’s temple challenge and send red and blue up to temple.” Evelyn said.

“Come, on Liesl, here’s a tin can.” Charlote randomly said.

The scene shifted over to the boy’s cabin.

“We’ve made a slip n slide!” Clay yelled from the porch of his cabin and slid down the slip n slide on his belly.

All the boys followed after him on their stomachs. Kasandra was about to start walking into the rain forest and realized she was on the track of the slip n slide and was knocked off into the ocean.

Kasandra: I’m getting sick of this island.

Clay: Did you see how far Kasandra flew up in the air!

“Okay, after you guys finish eating whatever you guys can find, please report to the beach for our first temple mission.” JD said over the intercom.

“Hey! We’ve got breakfast over here!” Sylvia yelled from the other side of the island.

“Breakfast. Huzzah!” all the boys cheered.

The scene shifted to outside the girl’s cabin.

“You guys have bananas, and coconuts, and….BACON!” Kermit yelled. “Actually, it’s goose.” Sylvia said and roasted the goose over the campfire.

“This is actually pretty good,” Rainer responded.

“Thanks, it’s different from all the chocolate and other crap I used to eat.” Sylvia said.

“So, today’s challenge is the first temple mission. Who you and Kasandra planning on sending up to temple?” Roddy asked Rainer.

“Orange and brown. Orange’s annoying, brown’s stronger than us almost!” Rainer exclaimed.

“I’m done! Are there seconds?” Phineas asked.

“No, cause we need to save at least some for Kasandra.” Sylvia said and everyone broke out laughing.

“Okay, we’ll save some.” Clay said and poured some habanera hot sauce on the goose.

“Hey goose!” Candice yelled and ate the goose. “AAAAHHH!” she screamed.

Everyone else laughed.

“Is there more bananas then?” Phineas asked.


“Wy wips are won wire.” Candice complained to Kasandra on the dock.

“What?” Kasandra yelled.

“Wy wips are won wire!” Candice yelled.

“What the heck?” Kasandra yelled.

“MY F***** WIPS ARE ON WIRE!” Candice yelled and fell into the ocean.

Kasandra started squealing from the water that splashed on her and ran away.

“Ah, my lips are refreshed.” Candice said and swam around some more.


The guys were playing Frisbee outside their cabin.

Kermit threw it to Phineas, who threw it to Rainer to Jorge to Clay to Grover and to Roddy and then over and over again.

“Hey, if any of you don’t want to get sent to temple, THEN GET OUT TO THE BEACH TO START THE TEMPLE MISSION!” JD yelled over the intercom.


“Okay, today’s challenge is called “knotted up”. The challenge, called "knotted up" will force teammates to work together as they are connected by the waist with a giant rope that has a large knot in the center. The first team to untangle the knot in their rope wins the mission. Team Australia, you were given the Samadhi so your rope has three extra knots. Okay, everyone get into place.” JD said and the teams jumped up.

“Okay, now that you all are suited up, when I call go you well, go! 1, 2, 3.………….



GO!” JD said.

“Come on!” everyone screamed at their partners. “UNISON BUDDIES!” Charlote yelled.

Kasandra: Another reason to get rid of orange. Crazy Charlote is wackier than anyone I know.

Phineas: Kay, I’m Charlote’s partner. But there is nothing I can say to her when she yells out Unison buddies.

Clay and Sylvia started unraveling a few knots. “Sylvia, move!” Clay yelled. “I’m stuck in a knot.” she replied and she was. Clay tried to help her out.

Kasandra and Rainer were going very quickly until Kasandra realized how hot her feet were. “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, OWWW!” she yelled and sat down on the ground bringing Rainer with her. “Come on! Brown’s gonna win!” he yelled at her and they both got up again.

Team Asia were off to a pretty good start. “Come on string bean, fit through the knot!” Kenyatta cheered.

Kenyatta: I’m actually pretty confident that we might win.

Although, Phineas and Charlote had only unraveled one knot. “This is really confusing.” Phineas said and he watched Kasandra and Rainer. “Hey! I know what we’re gonna do today!” he announced and quickly started unraveling some knots. Charlote helped along with Liesl.

“According to my calculations, if you lean it towards the sun at exactly 299 degrees, the sun’s heat should make the rope shrivel up enough to get some of the harder knots done.” Kermit said. “Well then try it!” she exclaimed and it did work, but only one of the really easy-to-get-through knots. “Darn,” he exclaimed.

“Candice! Why aren’t you trying! We could be sent up to temple!” Roddy yelled. “Africa’s gonna win and so they won’t send us up to temple!” Candice replied but started to help a little bit.

Jorge and Cealey were working as fast as lightning also. “Come on Jorge!” Cealey yelled and they had only four more knots and they were in the lead.

Cealey: Yes, I’m very glad me and Jorge can understand each other instead of screaming our heads off.

“Remember, once all your knots are off your rope you have to extend your rope past your starting point!” JD said and that’s what N. America, Africa, and S. America all started doing right then.

“It’s gonna be a close call!” JD said. The teams ran across. “Well who won?” Clay asked.

“Insta replay!” JD said.

“And it looks like…..










































(dramatic pause)































“Team Africa crossed the lines first!” JD yelled. Kasandra and Rainer cheered. All the teams looked down especially Team North America because they knew they were going to temple.

Clay: I’m so disappointed

Sylvia: I’m so disappointed.

“So, that means that Team Africa, you are able to send two teams up to temple. Now, none of you know what temple is like, so you should all be afraid.” JD said.

Evelyn: We should all be afraid?

“Kay, meet me at the rock at 7:00 when we decide two team’s fate.” JD said and walked off.


“Come on, you guys can’t send us up to temple!” Clay and Sylvia begged Rainer.

“Look, Kasandra sees you guys as a big threat.” Rainer said. “How long did it take her to figure that out?” Clay said.

“See, we think you guys will need competition. It’ll make you guys stronger. If we leave, well, I don’t want to think about that.” Sylvia said.

“I’ll put that into consideration.” Rainer said.

Rainer: Look, I really like Clay as a friend. I don’t want to send him home.


“So, I think that we send weaker teams home. Like the weakest teams are purple, blue, and orange. Send them home.” Rainer told Kasandra.

“Kay, next temple mission, but I need to get rid of brown, and there’s nothing changing my mind.” Kasandra said.

“Shoot,” Rainer said.


Evelyn: I think that brown and orange are going up to temple.

Cealey: Brown and orange.

Candice: I know for a fact that orange and brown are going, and hopefully brown returns.

Kenyatta: I have no idea of who’s going. Probably orange and probably one of the other teams.

Charlote: I know brown and probably orange. Poor orange team. I hope you come back orange team! Tee hee!


“Okay, Team Africa. You have six teams to choose from. Which teams are you sending up?” JD asked them at the big rock.

“Australia.” Kasandra said and Phineas looked down. “Hooray!” Charlote said. “I hope it’s an exciting adventure!” she finished.

Everyone smacked their faces.

“And?” JD asked Rainer.





















(dramatic pause … AGAIN!)

























“Team North America.” Rainer responded.

Clay and Sylvia both frowned.

“Okay, North America and Charlote. You need to pack your bags and head up to the Temple of Fate exactly at sunset.” JD said.

“Okay.” Clay said.

“Say goodbye, because one two of you guys aren’t returning.” JD said and left.


Clay and Phineas were in the boy’s cabin packing their things.

“You said you weren’t gonna send us!” Clay yelled. “I never said anything.” Rainer said.

Clay finished packing and sat out in the sand and stared at the ocean.

Clay: Kay, I’m pissed now and just hearing the ocean calms me down a bit.

Rainer: Clay looks……pissed.


Charlote and Sylvia were packing their things.

“Gosh, I don’t wanna leave the island so soon.” Sylvia said.

“Neither does Liesl.” Charlote said petting Liesl.

“Charlote, Liesl is a goat.” Sylvia said.

“She’s like a sheep! Sheep are nice and wooly,” Charlote started to sing and Sylvia left.


“Can’t believe you guys might be going.” Evelyn told Clay.

“One thing, this isn’t a soap opera so you don’t have to stare off into the ocean like that, and two. I can’t believe it either.” Clay said and Evelyn smiled and she leaned in to kiss Clay.

They both passionately kissed for at least three seconds.

“Evelyn?” Kermit asked.

“Kermit! Hi!” Evelyn yelled. “Whatcha doing?” he asked.

“Um,” Evelyn started and ran off. Clay fell into the ocean on purpose.


“Kay, we need to leave now.” Phineas said. “Toko!” Clay yelled and Toko followed him. The two teams started to walk into the jungle where they would enter after a half an hour or so at the Temple of Fate.


“And another tree!” Charlote yelled. “Charlote, we’re in the jungle there are trees everywhere!” Sylvia said.

Phineas smacked his head.

“Where’s the temple?” he asked. “I think it’s there!” Clay yelled pointing to a temple with fire everywhere.

“The moon! I want to live on the moon!” Charlote randomly said.

If I lived upon the moon,

I'd be as happy as can be,

Because the moon is lots of fun,

With many things to see.

If I lived upon the moon,

I could skip really high,

I would leap of the moon rocks and pretend to fly.

The moon is full and bright,

The moon is big and round,

If I had a rover,

I would drive it all around,

Maybe I'd find the moon cave,

Maybe I will find cheese,

If there were moon flowers,

Perhaps I'd raise moon bees.

If I lived upon the moon,

It would be so much fun,

I would take a rocket and bring up everyone!” Charlote sang.

Clay, Sylvia, Phineas, and Charlote then walked up to the Temple of Fate.

  • please insert your choice of ominous music here*


“Welcome to the Temple of Fate!” JD announced.

“In front of you guys is a stand with three cauldrons. It is the basic game of rock, paper, scissors. The cauldrons contain fire, water, and a bonsai tree representing wood.” JD said.

“You are trying to pick the element to overpower your opponents.” JD replied.

“You both have your pieces and your grand prize trips. Now pick up those colored rocks and the permanent marker below you. When I tell you to, you must pick up a rock and write down one of those elements. Capiche?” JD asked.

Everyone said Capiche, but Charlote did not say Unison buddies, oddly.

“Okay, choose your first element.” JD said and both teams started writing.

They handed the rocks to each other. JD placed the rocks in the firepot in the middle of the temple.

“May I please see the dominating element rise?” JD asked.















(dramatic pause……………….yes AGAIN!)
















The cauldrons of water and wood rose.

“Yes!” Sylvia cheered for they had picked water.

“Australia, wood floats on water. That’s one point for North America. Please pick your second element.” JD said

“Should we do water again?” Phineas asked. “Fire,” Clay told Sylvia and both teams wrote down their decisions.

JD placed the rocks in the firepot.

“May I please see the dominate element rise?” JD asked.
































Fire and water rose up. “Team North America, water puts out the fire. Australia, your point.” JD said. “This is the final round. Whichever element dominates the other, gives the team the right to return.”

Both teams picked up their rocks and wrote down their decisions. JD placed the rocks in the firepot.

“May I please see the dominating element rise?” JD asked.





































(the most dramatic pause yet)




















Both cauldrons of wood lifted up.

“That’s a tie. That means that it is not one of your guy’s last moment yet.” JD said.

“Pick up your last rock. This last round will decide it all.” JD said.

The teams wrote on their rocks and JD put them in the firepot.

“Make I please see the dominating element rise?” JD asked.

Liesl and Toko both looked worried.


























(the last dramatic pause)


















The wood and the fire cauldron popped up.

“Team Australia, you guys picked wood. Fire burns wood, I’m sorry you have been sent home.” JD said.

Phineas and Charlote looked down.

“Please bring me your torches.” JD said and snuffed their torches.

“You can now never return.” JD said and Charlote and Phineas walked into a helicopter and flew away.

“Yes!” Sylvia yelled.

“Team North America, you have made it. You guys can return to the island, I bet there are a few teams waiting for you guys.” JD said and Sylvia and Clay walked out.


The remaining teams were waiting at the campfire and waiting for the returning team to return.

Out of the fog, Clay and Sylvia came running back.

Most of the teams jumped for joy, but Kasandra growled.

“You guys made it!” Kenyatta yelled.

“Yep,” Clay responded.

“And here are the last words from Team Australia.” JD said holding their pieces, a big box, their boat which was a symbol for their trip, and a letter.

“Team South America, Charlote and Phineas wanted you to read this.” JD said and handed them the letter. Cealey read out loud,

Dear fellow Endurance players,

We’re sad to leave. We wanted to stay a little bit longer. To Team Africa, we hope Arthur from that kid show pushes you guys down a manhole. To Asia, we hope for you guys to make it far. You guys have something special and we hope you realize that. To Europe, we also want you guys to go far. Antarctica, you guys will have potential as long as you guys don’t listen to Africa. To North America, you guys rock. Clay, you were one of our best friends. Sylvia, you will be a future chef/matchmaker in the near future. And lastly, to Cealey and Jorge, Charlote wants you guys to have what’s inside this box.

Thanks for the memories!

Charlote & Phineas.

“We get whatever’s in this box?” Jorge asked. “Yep,” JD said.

Cealey opened it up. “Liesl!” she exclaimed. “We get to keep Liesl?” she asked. “Yep,” JD said.

“Okay, now that’s one less team standing between you guys and the prize.” JD said.

Everyone cheered.

“Tomorrow, get ready. It’s another Samadhi mission, and you guys are playing for the trip to Komodo and Japan, and the commitment piece. Get a good night’s sleep.” JD said.

“Wow, the temple isn’t all that bad.” Clay said and Sylvia agreed.

“AAAAAHHHHH!” Kasandra screamed.

“A CRAB!” Candice said.

Everyone stared at Clay.

“I did not put a crab in her bunk. I put a lobster.” Clay said.


In remembrance of Charlote:

Monkeys don’t wear shoes

Monkeys never lose their wallets

Cuz they have nothing to buy!

To The Flag

“Last time, we competed in our first temple mission. Africa won the mission eventually and sent brown and orange up to temple. Brown was sent back down and a lot of people were happy. Today the teams are competing for the Samadhi, and the commitment piece. Along with that they might be able to win a prize. Stay tuned fellow viewers!” JD said.


Cealey: Okay, Charlote’s gone. Our weakest team now is probably Team Antarctica. Yet, with their alliance with Africa is makes them a strong team sorta-ish.

Kasandra: Well, sure I wanted Clay gone. Yet, I got rid of annoying peppy girl!!

“Our second Samadhi mission. And it’s our fourth day on the island!” Roddy complained.

“Why so sad?” Clay asked.

“I’m not sad, just frustrated. I don’t believe in the Kindly One’s way. Manipulating and etcetera.” Roddy said.

“Kindly One?” Clay asked.

“Kasandra or I liked to call her K-ASS-andrana.” Roddy said.

“You British people don’t make sense.” Clay etched a small drawing into the sand.

“Whatcha drawing?” Roddy asked.

“A plan. Leave Kasandra’s alliance and stay with us.” Clay said.

“I don’t know. Candice and Kasandra are like this.” Roddy said crossing his big toe and his pointer toe.

Clay: British people are odd. They cross their toes.


“So, with the combination of table salt and copernicium, and an amethyst I should be able to create maple syrup!” Kermit said and mixed a bunch of chemical together.

The creation exploded created a sticky plum gas that stuck to his face. “Man! I forgot lard!” he yelled.

“Kermit!” Rainer said.

“Yeah?” Kermit asked.

“So, I need a proposition.” Rainer said. Kermit nodded.

“I personally hate Roddy and Candice. I need to be in another alliance. Would you and Evelyn mind being in one?” he asked.

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask Evelyn. Yet, I don’t care. The more alliances the better!” Kermit said and his eye starting twitching as it usually did.

Rainer broke out laughing.

“What?” Kermit asked.

“You’ve got a little, yeah.” Rainer said pointing to Kermit’s face.


“Liesl!” Cealey yelled, running after her new pet goat.

Cealey: Yes, I’m honored that Charlote gave me Liesl, but she’s eaten my sleeping bag, my shirts, and my new green flip-flops!

The goat ran around the cabin and ran into Kasandra and gasped.

“Ew, Seal! Get your stupid yak outta here!” Kasandra yelled. The goat ran back to Cealey.

“Sorry, she’s never seen a bug so big!” Cealey said sarcastically.

Kasandra growled and stormed off.


Kenyatta was reading the newest Percy Jackson book. She exclaimed every time she came to the good parts.

“I knew Silena was the spy!” she exclaimed.

“Ssh! I haven’t gotten there yet.” Evelyn said.

Kenyatta kept on reading.

“I’ve got some breakey-fast. Some breakey-fast.” Sylvia said and carried two trays to Evelyn and Kenyatta.

“So the buzz is, the Samadhi’s going to brown or green once red wins the mission.” Sylvia said handing them a plate of eggs and banana leaves.

“But they’re not gonna win.” Kenyatta said sure of herself.


“Campers! It’s time for your guy’s second Samadhi mission!” JD yelled.

Toko screeched and Liesl bleated.

“Now, stay in your kennels till we come back.” Cealey said and locked Liesl in it.

“Ahem, we have a birdcage too.” Clay said and they both headed to the beach where everyone else was waiting for them.

“This week’s Samadhi challenge is called "Plant the Flag" and is modeled after the planting of American flags at locations after major accomplishments (i.e.: man landing on the moon). The challenge works like this: each pair of teammates will be connected by a pulley system, and while one teammate is located on the ground, his movements will move his teammate up and down on the pulley toward the truss above them, where four flags are located. The first team to collect all four flags and plant them at a designated location on the beach will win a Samadhi and the Commitment piece that the orange team left behind. And along with that you’ll win this fabulous prize! A trip to our spa!” JD said.

“Spa?” Kasandra asked.

“Yes our spa, filled with sauna and hot tub. We have shampoos and massages and everything you can think of.” JD said flicking through a slideshow of the Endurance Spa.

“But anyways,-” JD started.

“Will there be Relax: Soothing Hawaiian Music? It’s my favorite relaxing CD.” Kenyatta asked holding up a CD.

“Sure, but anyways. When I call go, you all must do whatever I said above. This week’s Samadhi, wait that’s the end of the cue cards. Okay, why do we have cue cards? Motions to cue card guy questionably. Audience laughter is heard? What the heck? JD asked.

Metaphorical crickets chirped.

“Okay, one two three, START!” JD said and the teams went off to work.

“Clay!” Sylvia yelled because he didn’t move.

“Simon was supposed to say GO but Simon said START to that means Simon made a mistake, isn’t that right Simon?” Clay said staring at JD.

Clay: I’m the best Simon Says player in the world.

“FINE THEN GO!” JD yelled and Clay ran off.

The guys helped the girls into the harnesses.

Clay and Sylvia started off to a good start and Clay ran.

The harness went higher and Sylvia got the first flag. Clay ran back and took the flag and ran to place it in the flag holder.

“One point for North America! The other teams are just starting now!” JD said.


Team Africa got their first flag for their team.

“Come on Kasandra!” Rainer yelled and she reached for their second flag.

She threw it to Rainer, and he threw it in the holder.

“CHEATING! She threw it!” Cealey yelled.

Kasandra reached for her third flag.


By the time Africa was getting their third flag, South America hadn’t even got one.

Cealey decided to throw her flag to Jorge. He caught it placed it in the holder.

“HEY! CHEATING!” Kasandra mocked, but the wind blew her a lot of directions and her flag she was holding flew into the ocean.

“Team Africa is disqualified!” JD said.

“WHAT????” Kasandra yelled.

“You lost a flag. There’s no way you guys can win now.” JD said and unhooked Kasandra.

She growled.

Kasandra: There goes my spa.


That left Team North America in the lead. They had just got their second flag in.

They were racing until Clay slipped.

He moaned.

“Medic!” JD yelled.

Two medics came in a pulled Clay away.

“Wait, what happened?” Sylvia asked as she was being helped out from her harness.

“We’ll have to check on it.” One of the medics said and she noticed Clay’s ankle was swollen.


With two teams gone, that left South America for the win.

They just finished getting their second flag in and Cealey had the third in her hand.

They were working like teamwork.

Jorge: In the beginning, me and Cealey were arch-enemies. Now, we’re a pretty strong team.

Right behind them was Asia.

They were pretty much tied with South America two seconds ahead of them.

“Come on skinny boy!” Kenyatta yelled.

Grover tugged to get the third flag into place.

He was pulled back. Kenyatta threw the flag to him.

“Well, we’re not gonna win so why bother?” Roddy asked. Candice let her shoe drop on him. “Ow,” he said.

Kenyatta: I notice how badly Candice teaches Roddy. I think they deserve the Samadhi. If you’re not gonna be nice to each other then why bother going on the grand prize trip?

“Come on Jorge!” Cealey yelled. Jorge strained to get the last flag into the holder. Grover strained. They both reached.

























































































Grover was pulled back.

Jorge placed the flag in his holder.

Cealey cheered.

“Yeah!” he exclaimed.

Grover stared at the ground. “I’m sorry Yatta,” he said.

“It’s okay. Our alliance with brown and green is strong so I don’t worry.” Kenyatta said.


“Team South America! You guys win the Samadhi. You guys also receive the commitment piece and the spa treatment!” JD said.

“Here! Have my CD!” Kenyatta yelled and threw her Relax: Soothing Hawaiian Music CD to Cealey.

JD handed them the Samadhi and the commitment piece.

Cealey and Jorge headed over to their totem pole and hung the piece on the totem pole.

Kenyatta rushed over to Cealey.

“Hey, I think you guys should give the Samadhi to Antarctica. They hate each other, so why go on the trip together?” she said.

“True that. I’ve now changed my mind. I know exactly who to give it to.” Cealey said.


Clay sprinted back to the beach.

“Clay, are you okay?” Sylvia asked.

“Just a broken toe. It’s the big one.” Clay said and wiggled all his other toes.

“That won’t help us in the challenges.” Sylvia said.

“No it won’t. But I’m not too worried about getting the Samadhi.” Clay said.


Kasandra and Candice were sitting on the dock.

“I’m so getting the Samadhi tomorrow.” Kasandra said.

“It’s just a handicap.” Candice reminded her. “But with my luck, it’ll be you cannot compete in tomorrow’s mission and will automatically be sent up to temple.” Kasandra said.

“You did I to yourself.” Cealey said and came up to her.

“Excuse me?” Kasandra asked.

“Because of your actions. To you, this game’s about winning and that’s it. You don’t haven any friends.” Cealey said.

“Oh my gosh. You’ve been brainwashed.” Candice said.

Candice: Oh my gosh I just rhymed. Now I must head to the punishment pail.

*reads rules thirty nine of the Kasandra Guide to Life* No rhyming.

“You think this game is about making friends?” Kasandra asked.

“This game is about lying your way to winning it. You guys are all just too nice to realize that.” Kasandra said.

“Wanna bet?” Cealey said and broke into song.

“No, it’s my turn.” Kasandra said and she broke into song.

It's been a charmed life, Got all I ever wanted, And I'm not too shy to flaunt it, you see. It's been a sweet ride, Everyone is genuflectin' And erecting giant statues of me. It's like a great lunch with all you can eat, And I can leave my wallet at home. And everyone pays for me, Because it's compulsory, Or into the stockade they're thrown. Still, I'm a nice guy. How many emperors would always remember your name? How ya doing, Seal! Not! I must admit, I May take quite a lot, But I'll always give you plenty of blame. It's been a sweet ride. Life's a bowl of cherries, and nobody's merrier than me. Because, everyone else is a proletariat, And baby I'm the bourgeoisie. Look it up, Seal! Baby, I'm the bourgeoisie! Oh, yeah!” Kasandra sang.

“Okay, sorry I bothered you.” Cealey said and walked off.


“Okay, can you all now return to the big rock for the Samadhi ceremony?” JD asked.

“NOW!” he screamed into the Intercom.

The scene shifted to the big rock.

“Bourgeoisie?” Cealey asked Kasandra, because apparently she looked it up what it meant.

“Okay, I haven’t given you guys a lot to discuss. We need to now know who the green team is giving the Samadhi to though.” JD said.

Jorge clutched the Samadhi in his hand. Kasandra shivered.

“The Samadhi is going to-” Cealey started.

































































“Team Antarctica.” Cealey finished and tossed the Samadhi to them.

“Okay, please bring up the Samadhi. Roddy, can you please smash the Samadhi?” JD asked.

Roddy threw the Samadhi at the rock.

Out popped some handcuffs.

“That means that you guys have to go to “jail” as in our peanut gallery tomorrow. You guys are not able to compete in tomorrow’s temple mission. Along with that you guys are automatically sent up to temple.” JD said.

Candice’s face looked flushed.

“Okay, now that that’s taken care of, I have a little survey for you guys.” JD said and handed out markers and a scroll.

“Okay my first question to you guys is Which team is the strongest?” JD asked.

Everyone wrote down an answer.

Evelyn: The strongest team? Team Africa.

“Okay next question. Which team would switch players if they could?” JD asked.

Everyone wrote down an answer.

Kenyatta: After what Candice did to Roddy, Team Antarctica.

“Next question. Which team is the weakest team?” JD asked.

Everyone wrote down their answers.

Clay: Like I said before, Team Antarctica, yet with their alliance. Yeah, so if not Europe.

“Okay, our next question. Which team is the nicest?” JD asked.

Everyone wrote down their answers.

Rainer: North America. Clay’s funny and nice. Sylvia’s a great cook and also nice.

“And our last question. Which team will most likely host their own TV shows?” JD asked.

Everyone wrote down their final answer.

Cealey: Me and Jorge. I’ll take Ellen DeGeneres’s place and Jorge will have a new show on animal planet.

“Okay, and with that Team South America come with us for your spa getaway.” JD said and led them off.

The intern marched over the other teams.

“Tonight instead of searching for your meal you guys get a giant supply of Cheez-its.” the intern said and let a plane drop a giant box on the ground.


“Aw, this is soooooo relaxing.” Cealey said and here voice wavered from her massage.

“I know,” Jorge said. He was in the hot tub snacking on Doritos.

“And Kenyatta was right. This music is relaxing. Oh that’s the spot!” Cealey said.

“Yeah, this reward is nice.” Jorge said.


“Cheez-its?” Kasandra asked.

“Like we already have enough cheese-heads here!” she said and walked off.

“You should really ask to switch teammates with Kasandra.” Clay told Rainer.

“Naw, I can take it. Plus, the only person she’d wanna switch with would be no one.” Rainer said.

Clay walked off to sit by the campfire.

“I got the lard!” Kermit said and walked into the boy’s cabin.

He poured the elements together.

The cabin exploded plum smoke. “Dang,” he said and walked out and he was covered in purple.

Everyone laughed.

“Clay, I’ve decided I wanna be in your guy’s alliance.” Roddy said.

Clay smiled and told Roddy the plan.


Cealey and Jorge returned home at about 10:00 that night.

“I still can’t believe you guys got the spa getaway!” Kasandra bellowed.

“Read it and weep. But now it’s over.” Cealey said.

“Here, have some little soaps that are shaped like shells. There’s your present.” she said.

“You’ll need it.” Jorge replied and ran into the guy’s cabin.

Kasandra eyed Cealey.

Kasandra: My first target, get rid of South America.


Everyone except Kasandra were singing around the campfire.

“Let’s play Music Replay!” Clay exclaimed.

Everyone cheered.

Clay started the game off and Kasandra went over to the dock and stared at the moon.

Clay walked over to her.

“I was gonna use the lobster again tonight if that was alright.” Clay said.

Kasandra growled, yet then smiled.

“I’m not that big of a jerk am I?” she asked.

“Well,” Clay started but was pushed into the water. Kasandra laughed.

Clay: Step one, always make friends with the enemy.

They both talked and eventually headed to their cabins.

“Wait!” Clay exclaimed.

“What?” Roddy asked.

“Toko’s gone!” he said and ran off.

“Ow, my toe. Ow, my toe.” he exclaimed.

Sylvia ran out.

“I think I broke my entire foot this time.” he said.

All the other campers gathered around.

“Medic!!!!!!!” Evelyn screamed.

TO BE CONTINUED………………………………...............................



























NEXT CHAPTER………………………………........................................

Squeeze Play

“Last time on the show you are currently watching, our six remaining teams battled it out for the second Samadhi. After some long battling, some injuries, and more…Team South America beat out everyone and won the Samadhi. They were persuaded to give the Samadhi to Antarctica which is what they did. In today’s temple mission, Team Antarctica will not be able to participate and will be automatically sent to temple. What else will happen today? Stay tuned!”


Clay: Hey guys, it’s Clay. Last night I broke my foot when searching for Toko. I don’t know how I’ll be able to compete in today’s challenge, but I’ll try.

The scene shifted to Clay who was in an infirmary hut.

A doctor was tending to his foot.

“Can I be the first one to sign your cast?” Sylvia asked him staring at his brown cast on his foot.

“Sure,” Clay said and let Sylvia sign it.

She made this funky little signature.

“Ooh! Can I?” Evelyn asked and signed it.

Cealey did the same.

As well as Candice.

And Kasandra.

And Kenyatta.

And Rainer.

And Jorge.

And Roddy.

And Kermit.

And Roddy.

And Grover.

And JD.

And Liesl.

And the medic.

And even Clay himself.

Kenyatta: I feel bad for Clay, but that just means we should send him up to temple and get rid of him if he leg is crap.

Sylvia had started making something.

“Oh, I need papayas. Yeah,” she said and headed off into the jungle.

Kasandra walked around the cabin and noticed Sylvia’s meal.

“Hmm,” Kasandra said.


“Um, Clay I know this might not be the best thing to talk about, but I want to talk about alliances. If Africa wins they’re sending you to temple. Actually I’m pretty sure we’re the teams going to temple, so I wonder if there might be any way you guys could win the challenge.” Roddy said.

Clay woke up from his dream.

“Sorry, I was dream about life without Africa.” Clay said.

Roddy laughed and the two of them kept on talking.


“What was with the survey yesterday?” Cealey asked.

Liesl bleated.

“If my calculations are correct,” Evelyn started.

“They will have something to do with the challenge today.” she ended.

You could hear someone puking in the background.

And moaning.

“Sylvia?” Kenyatta asked looking up from her game of solitaire.

Sylvia was sitting on the ground moaning, her face looking green.

“Sylvia!” Evelyn looked up as well as Cealey.

Clay was standing outside the medic hut looking at her.


Sylvia moaned terribly.

The medic woman headed out.

“Oh my gosh,” she exclaimed.

“What is it Trudy?” JD asked coming over.

“I need more help,” Trudy said.

They all rushed over to the medic tent.


Everyone was gathered around Sylvia.

“Yep, I knew it.” Trudy said. “Had this a lot with the avatars.” she replied.

“What is it?” Clay asked.

“Chameleon poisoning.” Trudy said and Sylvia’s eyes popped out.

“How could’ve that possibly happen?” Kasandra asked, surprised.

Kasandra: I didn’t know it was a poisonous chameleon.

“But I can cure it, but you all have to leave.” Trudy said and she hurried everyone out.

Sylvia looked at Clay, which for her might’ve been the last time she saw him again.

Trudy injected some stuff into her arm and she passed out.


Clay sat in the cabin on his bunk.

For the first time in eleven years Clay truly cried.

He was worried about Sylvia, Toko, and him.

Rainer came in.

“Hey,” Rainer said.

Clay sat up and tried to wash away his tears.

“I know you guys are upset about a lot, but I wanna let you guys know. If we win today, I will not send you guys up.” Rainer said.

“Thanks, that means a lot.” Clay said.

“And, I found someone.” Rainer said and clapped his hands.

Toko flew in the cabin window.

“Toko!” Clay exclaimed.

Toko chirped.


“So, today we have to win.” Kermit said talking to Evelyn.

“Yeah, if we don’t win we’ll most likely be sent up to temple.” Evelyn agreed.

They were both interrupted by JD who called everyone down to the beach for their second temple mission.


Everyone headed down to the beach.

“Okay, today’s mission is based on karma. The founder of this island’s last words were “Karma,” and then she died.” JD said.

Everyone laughed.

“Okay, well anyway. Karma will play a role in today’s mission. Yesterday, that survey we took. Well today each person will be given a bag of rocks. Inside are seven different colored rocks. Red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and brown. Karma will have a big effect on the meanies here.” JD said.

Everyone stared at Kasandra.

“I will ask a question from yesterday’s survey. Your job is to pick the colored rock that you think everyone most likely answered. I will announce the answer and then you may move in higher in the pyramid.” JD said pointing to the pyramid made a rock and sticks. It was on the ground so people could walk on it.

“They first team to have one of their members make it up to the top of the pyramid first wins the temple mission, and they can choose the other team to send up to temple along with Antarctica.” JD said gesturing to Antarctica who had already taken their places in the peanut gallery.

“Okay, everyone line up on your colored triangle.” JD said and everyone lined up.

“Okay our first question!” JD announced.

Which team is the strongest?

Everyone rummaged through their sacks.

“Wait! I don’t have Sylvia on my team!” Clay yelled.

“That’s one less chance you will have to win this then.” JD said and smirked. Kasandra - Red rock

Rainer - Red rock

Kenyatta - Brown rock

Grover - Red rock

Cealey - Brown rock

Jorge - Red rock

Clay - Red rock

Evelyn - Red rock

Kermit - Brown rock

“Okay, the correct choice was….” JD started.















“The red team, Team Africa.”

Those players cheered.

“Kasandra, Rainer, Grover, Jorge, Clay, and Evelyn please move up.” JD said.

Those six players moved up.

“Okay everyone behind them you are eliminated because the final five spaces are now taken up.” JD said.

Kenyatta, Cealey, and Kermit walked off into the peanut gallery.

Clay was still worried about Sylvia.

“Okay, the three people who get this right will move on.” JD said.

Which team is the nicest?

Everyone shuffled around in their bag. Kasandra - Green rock

Rainer - Brown rock

Jorge - Purple rock

Grover - Purple rock

Clay - Brown rock

Evelyn - Brown rock

“Okay, different answers out there.” JD said.

“But the correct answer was…” JD started.




















“The brown rock, Team North America.” JD said.

Evelyn, Clay, and Rainer cheered and they moved up.

“Now, we can go to an automatic win now, or the final two. Our next question,” JD said.

Which team would most likely switch players if they could?

Rainer, Clay, and Evelyn shuffled through their bags. Rainer - Green rock

Clay - Blue rock

Evelyn - Blue rock

“Okay, this might decided it all. Will Clay and Evelyn move up or will Rainer win the challenge?” JD asked.

“The correct answer was…” JD started.



























“The blue rock, Team Antarctica.” JD said.

Evelyn and Clay both moved up.

“Okay, this is our last question.” JD said.

Which team would most likely host their own TV show?

Both the teams shuffled around in the bags.

“HEY! I’M BACK!” Sylvia screamed and ran back over.

“Sylvia?” Clay asked.

Sylvia was standing there and she look fine.

“Evelyn! You are correct! You guys win the challenge!” JD said.

Evelyn and Kermit cheered.

Clay limped over to Sylvia and hugged her.

“Clay, um. You sacrificed the challenge,” Sylvia told him.

“It’s okay.” Clay said.

“Sylvia! No more poisoning!” Cealey exclaimed.

Kasandra: Drat,

“Okay, now Team Europe. You can pick one more team that can go up to the Temple Of Fate.” JD said.

“Meet me at the big rock with your decision.” he said and left.

“Drat,” Kasandra said again.


Evelyn and Kermit were eating at the celebration picnic that Sylvia had cooked.

“So, I think we send Africa up there for them to get a taste of their own medicine.” Kermit said biting into a banana.

“Me too,” Evelyn said slurping out of her coconut glass.

“More food! We struck another goose.” Sylvia said and cheered.

Kasandra dumped her plate by the ocean.

Seagulls came and attacked her.

Clay limped over to her.

“Sad, about that you might be leaving tonight?” Clay asked.

“Yeah, um. Clay I have a question.” Kasandra asked.


“How do you repel seagulls?” she said as another seagull attacked her.

Clay laughed.

“No, I’m kidding. But what’s the temple like?” Kasandra asked.

“Well, it’ll like … um rock, paper, scissors.” Clay said.

“Rock paper scissors? What’s that?” she asked.

“Um, okay. It’s like Pokemon. It’s Pokemonintransitive.” Clay said.

“What?” Kasandra asked.

“Okay, if you want to win, just pick the wood. Always,” Clay told her.

“Um, okay?” Kasandra questioned.

Clay: Kasandra, she’s not that bad. Which is why I need to tell Candice to always pick water,


Clay headed over to Roddy and Candice.

“You guys wanna know what’ll help you guys in the temple?” Clay asked.

“What-eth?” Roddy asked.

“Eth?” Candice asked.

“Just always pick…..water.” Clay said and ran off.

“Water?” Candice asked.

“Eth,” Roddy added.


Toko and Liesl were playing.

Thunder rumbled.

Lightning crashed.

“And think the party’s over.” Grover said.

Everyone headed into the girl’s cabin as the rain started pouring down.

JD appeared in front of them.

“Okay, Team Europe. You have to choose one team to go up to the temple of fate. You may choose now.” JD said.

Kermit looked at Evelyn.

Evelyn looked at Kermit.

“The team joining Roddy and Candice is….” Evelyn started.




































(dramatic pause)












































“Team Africa.” she ended.

Kasandra’s face didn’t change a bit. Rainer’s did though and he sorta sulked.

“Okay, blue and red. Both teams will head up to temple after you pack your things. Head up to the top of the jungle at the mountain and you will find the Temple Of Fate.” JD said and headed off into the jungle himself.

“Okay, well now we just need to pack.” Kasandra said, and you could see a tear drop from her eye.

Well, you probably couldn’t because it was raining, but you get what I mean.


Kasandra started packing.

“So, the alliance is over?” Candice asked her.

“Yeah, when I return I’ll need a new alliance.” Kasandra said.

“Who said you were returning?” Candice asked.

“I did, I will. I know it.” Kasandra said.

“Well, you’re just. You’re just. You’re just an asshole!” Candice yelled at her.

It was very loud.

Everyone in the boy’s cabin heard it and Candice stormed off.

Kasandra had wide eyes.


“Okay, we need to leave now.” Roddy said checking his watch.

“Okay,” Rainer said.

And then Kasandra, Rainer, Roddy, and Candice headed into the jungle to enter the Temple of Fate.


“Welcome to the Temple of Fate!” JD announced.

“In front of you guys is a stand with three cauldrons. It is the basic game of rock, paper, scissors. The cauldrons contain fire, water, and a bonsai tree representing wood.” JD said.

“You are trying to pick the element to overpower your opponents.” JD replied.

“You both have your pieces and your grand prize trips. Now pick up those colored rocks and the permanent marker below you. When I tell you to, you must pick up a rock and write down one of those elements. Capiche?” JD asked.

“Capiche,” everyone said.

“UNISON BUDDIES!” Charlote screamed, watching at home.

“Okay, please pick up your first rock and right down your first element.” JD said.

Both teams picked up their first element.

“Clay said to pick water always.” Candice said.

“Okay,” Roddy agreed.

Kasandra wrote an element on her rock.

“Okay, please pass the rocks to me.” JD said and they did as so.

JD dropped the rocks in the bonfire in the middle of the temple.

“May I please see the dominant element rise?” he asked.
















































On blue’s side the water popped up. On the other side, the wood popped up.

“Blue team you picked water. Wood floats on water. That’s one point for Africa. Another point and you guys win.” JD said.

Rainer and Kasandra cheered.

“Please pick up your next rock.” JD said.

They did as told.

“Should we pick wood again?” Rainer asked.

Kasandra nodded.

Both teams finished and handed their rocks to JD.

He placed them in the bonfire.

“May I please see the dominant element rise?” JD asked.
















































The same thing appeared.

Kasandra and Rainer cheered.

“Blue, you guys picked water again. Wood floats on water. That means you guys will be sent home tonight.” JD said.

Candice and Roddy sulked and stood over by the bonfire and disappeared.

“Kasandra, Rainer. Both you guys are able to compete in at least two more challenges. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.” JD said.

Kasandra and Rainer did as told.


In the mist, you could see two figures approaching.

“Kasandra! Rainer!” Clay yelled.

“Africa!” Kenyatta yelled.

Kenyatta: Kay, I know I should hate them, but they’re better than ice princess and crumpet boy.

The remaining five teams ate smores around the campfire that night.

“Is Africa starting to act a little nicer? Stay tuned!” JD said and signed off.

Water Logged

“Last time on Endurance, the teams competed in their second temple mission. Europe pulled off a victory and sent Africa up to temple. At the temple mission, Africa overcame Antarctica and sent Antarctica home. Which team will win today’s Samadhi mission? You’ll just have to stay tuned.” JD announced.


Rain poured down.

A lot of rain.

The same rainstorm from the day before.

“This sound of the rain is actually quite relaxing.” Sylvia said doing yoga.

Kenyatta had been teaching a yoga class to the girls still in the competition.

“No breathe in, and out.” Kenyatta said over and over.

The girls did as so.

“And now everything shall be quiet.” Kenyatta said and the rain stopped.

“Whoa,” Cealey started.

Five seconds later it started again.

“How did you do that?” Sylvia asked.

“I always knew you were a witch.” Kasandra said jokingly.

“I didn’t. That’s just what my YOGA FOR DUMMIES book says to do.” Kenyatta said.

“I wish it wasn’t raining though,” Cealey said biting in a banana.

“Yeah.” they all agreed.

Kenyatta set her book down.

“Now, make the palm tree.” Kenyatta said but couldn’t make the palm tree.

“Kasandra, how can you do the palm tree upside down?” Evelyn asked.

“Wii Fit Plus, a much better upgrade from the regular Wii Fit.” Kasandra said breathing heavily and then she fell down.

All the girls started laughing.

“Okay next step,” Kenyatta started.

There was a long pause.

“Hmm, that’s interesting.” Kenyatta said.

“What?” Cealey asked.

“The book’s gone.” she responded.


“And you put the lime and the coconut and shake it all up. Yet, if you add a mango and an apple you have a dumb movie. And if you add a banana, god you just flat out suck.” said the computer screen.

All the guys huddled around the screen broke out laughing.

“Man, YouTube’s hilarious.” Clay said.

“Ditto,” Rainer agreed.

“Did I hear Mango Madness?” Kermit asked from outside.

“Yeah,” Jorge said.

Kermit picked up a towel and wiped himself off from the rain.

“Ooh! Here’s another hilarious video.” Clay said clicking on a video.

It showed a singing Elmo doll then getting caught on fire by two jerks.

Everyone broke out laughing again.

“Oh man, they can’t get better than that.” Jorge said to the beat of ‘The Mysterious Ticking Noise’.

“Where’d you guys get a laptop?” JD asked.

“The mail bag. It was for Rainer.” Grover told him.


The boys joined in singing the song. Rainer: Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. Snape, Snape, Severus Snape.

Kermit:(pops up) Dumbledore! Rainer:Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. Kermit:(pops up) Dumbledore! Grover:(as Rainer is talking) Ron, Ron, Ron WEASLEY! Jorge:Hermione, Hermione! Hermione! Hermione, Hermione. Clay:Harry Potter, Harry Potter, UH! Harry Potter, Harry Potter, yeah! Harry Potter, Harry Potter, UH! Harry Potter, Harry Potter, that’s me! Clay:Harry! Rainer:Snape! Clay:Harry! Rainer:Snape! Clay:Harry! Rainer:Snape! Clay:Harry! Rainer:Snape! Clay:Harry! Rainer:Snape! Clay:Harry! Rainer:Snape! Clay:Harry! Rainer:Snape! Kermit:DUMBLEDORE! Jorge:Her…mione (Looping begins again)

Clay:Harry Potter, I’m Harry Potter. (Others loop) Clay:Harry Potter, Harry Harry Potter. (Looping stops) All:Singing’ a song, all day long at HOOOOG…WAAARTS! Grover:I found the source of the ticking! It’s a pipe bomb! Clay & Jorge: Yayyyy! (Ticking stops, a huge, fake looking explosion happens. Chunks of puppet flesh fall.) (Voldemort pops up) JD: Muhuhuhahahaha! Voldemort, Voldemort, ooh Voldy Voldy Voldy Voldemort!

“Man that was awesome!” Grover said.

“Ditto,” Kermit agreed.

Everyone started laughing, including JD.

“Ooh! Now type in E.T. Phones Pizza Hut (Not Home)” JD said.

“Kay,” Rainer said.

“WAIT! MY LAPTOP’S GONE!” Rainer exclaimed.


Kenyatta: My yoga book’s gone.

Rainer: My laptop’s been stolen

Eugene: Now I got a fancy new yoga book to sell on eBay with this nice laptop! Wait till Marty hears this!


The five remaining teams waited on the beach.

“Okay since it’s raining I have the perfect challenge for today. It’s called Water Logged. All the boys will be strapped into harnesses connected to bungee cords. The bungee cords are attached to this metal contraption which connects the bungee cord and a rope together. The rope is tied to a big bucket.” JD said gesturing to the buckets.

“The girls then get tinier buckets. The girls will fill the buckets with water from the ocean. Then you dump the water into whichever team’s bucket you want. When the buckets get heavy the boys may fall off the platform and let the giant bucket drop. When this happens that teams loses this Samadhi mission. The last one standing wins Samadhi, the perseverance piece, and the prize.” JD said.

Everyone gasped.

“Tickets to a Black Eyed Peas concert. Featuring ‘Imma Be’ and ‘I Gotta Feelin’” JD said.

“So let’s get these boys strapped into the harnesses!” JD said.

Trudy took her spot on the peanut gallery in case anyone got hurt.

“Hey Trudy!” the girls said in unison.

Sylvia, Cealey, Kenyatta, and Evelyn met up in a circle.

“Step one, get rid of Africa.” Cealey said.


The boys were lined up on the platforms.

The girls had their buckets ready.

“On your marks. Get set. Go!” JD yelled.

The girls headed for the water.

Cealey and Kasandra had their buckets filled first.

Cealey headed for the red bucket.

Kasandra headed for the green.

Evelyn, Kenyatta, and Sylvia also headed for the red bucket.

Kasandra gasped.

Kasandra: Okay, I guess I deserve to not win this one. Even though I should be going to the BLACK EYED PEAS CONCERT!

The four girls ran back to the ocean while Kasandra stood there.

Cealey returned back and slowly and dramatically poured her water in.

“Drip, drip, drip.” Cealey said.

Rainer’s bucket was getting heaving after the 12 buckets of water that had been dropped into it. Kasandra was on her fourth bucket and Jorge didn’t even show the bucket was heavy at all.

Rainer then fell.

“And Team Africa is out! Down to four teams.” JD said.

The four girls stopped because they didn’t know which bucket to pour the water in.

“Since Kasandra already started, let’s just throw the water into the green bucket!” Sylvia yelled.

Cealey gasped and headed for the brown bucket.

Evelyn, Sylvia, and Kenyatta kept running back and forth.

Back and forth

Back and forth

Back and forth

JD: This is why I love this challenge. A lot of the alliances are broken. And that makes everyone angry.

Evelyn ran up to the green bucket and threw the water in it and Jorge fell off the platform.

“And Team South America is down! Three remaining teams which one will win?” JD said to the camera.

“Kay, since Europe won last time, head for them.” Sylvia said and Kenyatta agreed.

Evelyn noticed Kenyatta and Sylvia head for the purple bucket.

“Hey!” Evelyn screamed.

Sylvia and Kenyatta were filling up the bucket fast.

“Hey!” Evelyn screamed again.

And then Kermit fell off the platform.

“And now it’s down to Asia and North America!” JD yelled.

Sylvia sprinted down the beach to get some water.

Kenyatta was right behind her.

Sylvia dumped her bucket in the yellow bucket.

Kenyatta did the opposite.

Both girls ran back and forth with the buckets.

Clay was a lot stronger than Grover because Grover fell over at around the eighth bucket.

“Clay and Sylvia win Perseverance, Two tickets to a black eyed peas concert, and the Samadhi. Join me at the big rock tonight to give the Samadhi to a certain team.” JD said and left.

“VICTORY!” Clay yelled.

Sylvia: I’m glad we won a mission. Finally!


“Liesl,” Cealey repeated over again.

“Liesl?” Cealey asked.

“Hey I can’t find Toko.” Clay said.

“I can’t find Liesl either. They both disappeared.” Cealey said.

Cealey and Clay went into the jungle.

“Well it’s good the rain cleared up,” Clay said.

“Yeah,” Cealey said but she was too worried about Liesl.


The rest of the guys at camp had the girls set out so they could perform.

“Okay and here’s our newest collaboration, ‘The Vortex’!” Grover announced.

Rainer:In slow-motion the flowers fell from my hand and shattered like glass, and when I looked into the mirror, I was a beautiful milkmaid, and then I woke up crying, I don’t know why. (The music stops.) Kermit:Well I once had a dream that I was a baby pig living’ on a farm. Oink oink oink. Rainer:No, you don’t understand; It was a life changing vision, I may never be the same…. (Grover bumps into Rainer and knocks him over.) Grover:Professor Dumbledore, we need you help! Magical emergency! Kermit:Oh boy, let’s go! Jorge:Professor, Ron’s trapped in an alternate dimension! Kermit:Oh, not again. (We hear Ron trying to reach through to us.) JD:Oh it’s the most terrible thing! It tickles in all the wrong ways! Grover:This wouldn’t happen if you weren’t so fat. What should we do, Professor? Kermit:Hmm… fetch me the Problem Stick. (Harry leaves to get the Problem Stick. The camera focuses on the vortex.) JD:(moaning) I think I’m going through puberty! Jorge:Don’t go into the light, Ron! (Harry returns with a long stick.) Grover:Here it is. Kermit:Ah, yes. My old friend. Let’s see if I still remember how to do this. (He begins putting it into the vortex and whacking it. Ron falls out.) JD:Oooof! (Ron hits the floor with a loud thud, face-down. You can tell he is wearing sunglasses.) Grover:Are you okay, Ron? (Ron gets up, and you can see he is wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses.) JD:You kidding’ me? Harry, I’ve never felt better. I’m a man now. JD:Sup, Hermione? Jorge:(sounding shocked and “in love”) Oh, Ron! JD:It’s Ronaldo now. (Ron turns to Dumbledore.) JD:What’s up, Dumbledore? Kermit:Wow! You’re much cooler than Harry! (Harry looks very angry and jealous.) Grover:(softly) What? JD:Let’s have a beach party! In London! (Music starts and everyone is dancing, except for Harry. Harry stays standing for a few moments, but then stops the music by shouting.) Grover:No! No! (Turns to Ron, holding out wand) Pituitarius Shrinky Dinky! (Ron gets hit by the spell, and his cool clothes and sunglasses disappear) Grover:I rule the school, you hear! I’m top dog! No one can have more testosterone than me ‘cause I’m Harry Potter! I’m the Boy Who Lived! I’m Harry Potter, okay? JD:I’m so sorry, Harry. Grover:Well, good. Now let’s have a dance party. In London. (Twisted beach party music starts playing, and everyone begins to dance) Grover:Yeah! Harry Potter! Yeah! Harry Potter! Ooh! That’s me! (Harry begins to sing) Grover:My name is Harry Potter. I’m the king of the school. All:Shoo-be-doo-wop. Shoo-be-doo-wop. Grover:Yeah! All:(in background) Bop-do-wop, bop-bop-do-wop. Grover:I defeated Voldemort when I was a baby. All:(Ron and Hermione turn to each other) Shoo-be-doo-wop. Grover:Harry Potter. All:Shoo-be-doo-wop. Grover:Harry Potter. All:Shoo-be-doo-wop. Shoo-be-doo-wop. Grover:That’s me! (Song ends) Grover:(breathing heavily) You guys are my best friends, you know that? Jorge:Aw, Harry. Kermit:You’re gonna be alright, Harry. My boy. Yes. (Dumbledore hugs Harry) Jorge:We’ll always love you, Harry. (Hermione hugs Harry) JD:(Ron starts to hug Harry) I love you too, Ha- Clay:Lose some weight before you hug me, Ron. (Slight pause) JD: Huh?

The girls clapped.

“THAT ROCKED!” Evelyn screamed.

“Where was Clay? I had to take his place.” Grover asked.

“Where’s Cealey also?” Jorge asked.


“This jungle’s kinda creepy.” Cealey said.

“Yeah,” Clay said and they both ran into a mud hut.

Jazzy music was coming from inside.

Clay and Cealey looked in and were shocked to see two hobos, Toko, and Liesl watching stuff on YouTube.

“Hobos?” Cealey asked.

The two hobos turned around as well as Liesl.

“BAAA!” Liesl bleated and ran to Cealey.

“Um, you might want to leave before I shoot.” the African American hobo said taking out a shotgun.

Cealey and Clay both look terrified.


Sylvia clutched the Samadhi in her arms.

Kasandra came up to her.

“Kay look. I know you guys are going to give the Samadhi to us, so can you tell me now so I don’t have to anticipate it?” Kasandra asked.

“Actually, I’m not quite sure which team to give it to.” Sylvia said looking off into the distance.

“Huh? But our teams are mortal enemies. We hate each other!” Kasandra said.

Sylvia had her thinking face on and was staring out at the ocean.

“I know that,” Sylvia began.

“But would you like an alliance?”

“An alliance? Brown and red. Did you not hear the mortal enemies part?” Kasandra said.

Sylvia forced a laugh.

‘Yeah, Clay likes you. And-” Sylvia started.

Kasandra’s mouth dropped.

“…I feel like the two strongest teams should unite and then let’s get rid of green, another strong team.” Sylvia said.

Kasandra was still speechless.

“Um, well. We already have a secret alliance with purple.” Kasandra finally said.

“And me and Clay have a big alliance with purple.” Sylvia replied.

“Shocker, it’s so obvious.” Kasandra sarcastically said.

“And Clay is only stringing Cealey along to get farther.” Sylvia said.

“So then there’s a red-brown-purple-and yellow alliance?” Kasandra asked.

“Yep,” Sylvia said and both girls shook on it.

Sylvia: And then we send red and green up to temple! And I don’t care which team comes back. They’re both equally strong.


The two hobos broke out laughing.

Clay and Cealey were very confused.

“It’s a fake shotgun. It squirts this liquid out.” the hobo, who’s name was Marty said and he sprayed it.

“Ew, why is the water yellow?” Cealey asked.

Marty: You don’t wanna know

“There’s Rainer’s laptop!” Clay exclaimed.

“Oh this old Apple one?” Eugene asked.

“Yeah, I stole it from a kid this morning. They were on some sort of reality show watching YouTube.” Marty said.

“And you also stole Kenyatta’s yoga book?” Cealey asked.

“And that’s where my missing laundry went about a week ago!” Clay exclaimed.

“And you stole Liesl and Toko!” Cealey exclaimed.

And both teenagers went on about stuff the hobos stole that was all around their mud hut.

“Yep, yep, yep. We stole all of that.” Eugene said.

“Oh and by the way. We don’t need this anymore.” Marty said handing Cealey a shampoo bottle marked ‘Secret Liquid’.

“Was that the yellow water?” Cealey asked.

“No.” Eugene said.

Eugene: Yes


“Where is Cealey?” Jorge asked.

“Maybe she’s looking for Rainer’s laptop.” Kermit said.

“Doubt that,” Jorge responded.

“Hey! We’re back! And we Rainer’s laptop and Kenyatta’s yoga book!” Cealey yelled.

“Contestants, please meet me at the big rock for the Samadhi ceremony.” JD said over the intercom.

“My laptop!” Rainer interrupted.

“NOW!” JD finished.

“Oh,” Rainer finished and everyone ran over.


“Okay, Team North America. Here is the perseverance piece.” JD said handing them the piece.

“Thanks,” Sylvia said and she handed the piece to Clay.

“Now the Samadhi. After watching some video clips today, Clay was not here to help Sylvia make the decision so Sylvia gets to decide and I also heard some new alliances were made, care to comment?” JD asked.

“Um, sure. Yeah. There were two alliances and they formed into one.” Sylvia said.

Cealey: I didn’t hear of this. Hmm

“Okay, but anyway-” JD started.

“Um, JD. Me and Clay found out today that there are two hobos hiding in the middle of the jungle and they’ve been stealing our stuff.” Cealey interrupted.

“Well isn’t that great. But Sylvia, which team is getting the Samadhi?” JD asked.

“But,” Cealey began again.































(long pause)









































“The team getting the Samadhi is Team South America.” Sylvia said.

“What?” Cealey said and blew up. Not physically of course.

“Okay then.” JD said and gave the Samadhi to Jorge.

“And your tickets to the black eyed peas concert.”

“Thanks,” Clay said.

A helicopter flew through the jungle.

“My hair,” Kasandra complained and everyone’s hair was blowing around.

“It’s Trudy!” Kermit yelled.

“We found two criminals in the jungle. And a toucan. It’s partner in crime.” Trudy yelled from the helicopter.

“Huh?” Rainer asked.

“TOKO!” Clay exclaimed.

“Baa, baa, baa.” Liesl screamed and jumped off the helicopter into Cealey’s arms.

“THEY’RE TAKING TOKO!” Clay screamed and the helicopter left.

There was a long pause.

“Well that was kinda random. Well enjoy tonight. Tomorrow two of you will leave.” JD said and left along with Clay and Cealey.


“Are you okay Liesl?” Cealey said petting Liesl.

Jorge clutched the Samadhi.

“I can’t believe we got the Samadhi.” Cealey said.

“Well get some common sense. You guys are a strong team and currently aren’t in an alliance.” Kasandra piped up from behind the palm tree.

“The girl who needs to turn into Martha Stewart to get some friends is telling ME to get some common sense?!” Cealey screamed.

“Actually, I have some friends.” Kasandra said and walked away.


Clay: They took Toko away. Maybe he was a criminal after all.


“Cuz I gotta feeling, woo hoo. That tonight’s gonna be a good night-” the Black Eyed Peas sang.

Sylvia and Clay were clapping loudly.

“These guys rock!” Sylvia exclaimed.

“Woo hoo!” Clay screamed.

And the concert went on and on.


The girls were waiting out in the crowd.

Rainer and the other guys were behind five trees that were in a row.

Grover:Hi, I’m Harry Potter! (Ron Weasley pops up to the left of Harry) Jorge:And I am RON! Grover:Let’s go bother Snape! Ron:Right-o! (They both dash off into the bottom-right hand corner, and it switches to the direction they’re going at, as Severus Snape pops up, directly in the center.) Rainer:I am Snape, the Potions Master. Grover:Ready? Let’s go bother him! (Harry and Ron lunge at Snape, flailing their arms in all direction, bumping into and hitting Snape.) Grover and Jorge:BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER! Rainer (at the same time):Get off! Get OFF! … AAAH! (Snape collapses to the right on the floor, unmoving. Harry and Ron dash away to the left. Switch to where they’re dashing to, where Ron has just popped up on, to the right of the now-apparent screen.) Jorge:Heh-hey! That was FUN! (Harry pops up to the left of Ron.) Grover:I like the part where he stops moving! (slight pause) Jorge:Let’s do it AGAIN! (Harry and Ron dash down to the bottom of the screen, switches back to where Snape has just regained his consciousness.) Rainer:Oh no… (Harry and Ron once again, dash at Snape and start bothering him.) Grover and Jorge:BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER- Rainer (at the same time):STOP! STOP IT! STOP IT! (Snape raises his wand high in the air with one hand, and raises his other hand as high as the other.) Rainer:AVADA KEDAVRA! (Green sparks start shooting out of Snape’s wand, and soon it reaches Harry and Ron and builds up a ball of green flashing light around them, shocking them out of their senses.) Grover and Jorge (in unison):OOOOOOOOH-OOFH! (Harry and Ron collapse to the left of the screen.) (*BWAH-BWAAAAHH..* Two very uneasy sounding notes play. Snape gets closer to Harry and Ron to examine them, to see if they’re still alive.) Rainer:Oh dear… (Albus Dumbledore pops up to the right of the screen.) Kermit:Hello, Severus! (Snape turns his head in the direction of Dumbledore, as he goes over to examine Harry and Ron.)

Rainer:I… I can explain, sir… (Snape looks straight-forward again) Kermit:What’s THIS? (Snape gradually starts walking away to the right from Dumbledore and the two unliving bodies of Harry and Ron.) It seems young Harry and Ron are taking an afternoon NAP! Let’s see what they’ve got in their pockets. (Dumbledore shuffles around in their robes, and goes all the way down to the bottom of the screen, then pops right back up with a small gray sack of money in his right hand and a bomb in his left, both on strings.) Kermit:ALAS! (raises up the gray sack) Nine sickles… and a (puts down the sack and raises the bomb) Dung bomb… (puts down the bomb) this is my lucky day! Now where did Snape go… more importantly, where the ‘ell am I? (slight pause, Dumbledore looks to the left, then to the right, then back straight-forward. There’s another slight pause, then Albus ducks down, shuffling noises are heard, then Albus pops back up, completely in the nude.) Kermit:NAKED TIME! (the Naked Time theme song plays, and Dumbledore goes into a crazy dance, then ducks back down at the end of the song) “The end,” Grover and Jorge say as they get up from being “dead”.


A yacht pulled up to the dock and a tired Clay and Sylvia walked off and went into their cabins.

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“Last time on Endurance, it rained all day so the contestants were put to the test in our challenge ‘Water Logged’. Clay and Sylvia won their first mission, plus the perseverance piece, and the prize to see a Black Eyed Peas concert. They chose to give the Samadhi to Cealey and Jorge because they were the only team without an alliance. Due to the concert, they did not get to find out what their handicap was. Today, the contestants must have Endurance and Strength to win today’s mission, especially South America. One team will win, two teams will be sent up to temple. One will come back to the island while two others will be getting in a helicopter and flying home. Which two will they be? Find out on this episode of Endurance!” JD said.


“Last time on Endurance, it rained all day so the contestants were put to the test in our challenge ‘Water Logged’. Clay and Sylvia won their first mission, plus the perseverance piece, and the prize to see a Black Eyed Peas concert. They chose to give the Samadhi to Cealey and Jorge because they were the only team without an alliance. Due to the concert, they did not get to find out what their handicap was. Today, the contestants must have Endurance and Strength to win today’s mission, especially South America. One team will win, two teams will be sent up to temple. One will come back to the island while two others will be getting in a helicopter and flying home. Which two will they be? Find out on this episode of Endurance!” JD said.


“Why are we doing this?” Clay asked Kermit.

“Well, if we create a zip line through the jungle, whenever breakfast is ready we can zoom down it and be there faster by twelve seconds than by foot.” Kermit said.

“Okay, then.” Clay said sawing his last piece of wood and tying the rope to the tree.

“Is it stable?” Grover asked who was working behind them.

“Well, let’s find out.” Kermit said and strapped a sock monkey to the harness and let it go.

The zip line fell.

Kermit’s face fell.

“Hmm. I must’ve calculated this wrong. Lemme look in my ‘Violet Baudelaire’s Inventing Guide’.” Kermit said.

Clay and Grover looked over his shoulder.

“AHH! I forgot the cranberry juice.” Kermit exclaimed.

“Cranberry juice?” Grover asked.

“Well, preferably any fruit or veggie juice will work but cranberry is the best. When you drizzle the juice on the rope, the rope will become harder and it’ll stiffen so we can slide down it easier.” Kermit said.

“You’re the boss.” Clay replied.


Cealey clutched the Samadhi in her hands.

“I wish I could find out what was in here.” she said.

“Well it’s a handicap. That’s what Samadhi means.” Kenyatta explained.

“I know that,” Cealey replied.

“I wanna know what the handicap is.”

“Well, today’s mission looks likes it’s about ropes and beach balls.” Sylvia said pointing outside to the crew setting up that day’s mission.

“Hmm. Maybe our beach ball will be deflated our we won’t get rope, we’ll get yarn.” Cealey said.

“Or maybe you’ll be like Antarctica and not be able to play at all and will be sent up to temple.” Kenyatta said.

“Now, I don’t like to dwell on the negative crap.” Cealey replied.

“Well. It’s fish season and I’m hungry plus, I heard Rainer and Kermit caught some, plus I fired up the campfire, so fish for breakyfast.” Sylvia said and walked out.

“Ooh, fish!” Kenyatta said.

“Vegetarian,” Cealey replied and clutched the Samadhi even harder until it cracked a little bit.


“I think the zipline is ready.” Grover exclaimed.

“Did I hear the word zipline?” Rainer asked.

“Yep,” Kermit replied.

“Ooh! I wanna try it.” Rainer told them.

“Okay. I haven’t tested it out, but you can be the first one to try.” Kermit responded and helped Rainer into the harness.

“Am I ready?” Rainer asked.

“Yep, you can try it.” Kermit responded and let Rainer go.

Evelyn had been down in the jungle getting the girl’s laundry since it was her turn.

“Whoo hoo!” Rainer exclaimed flying down the zipline until the zipline got caught in a tree branch and swung him forward.

“Wo!” Clay exclaimed from up above.

“We gotta go help him!” Grover said and started heading down the hill, but it was too late.

Rainer fell from the zipline and headed for the ground below him.


Kasandra, Cealey, Sylvia, Kenyatta, and Jorge waited at the big rock.

“Where is everyone else? Didn’t they hear the announcement?” Kasandra asked.

“Well we have no time to waste. The point is we have both Cealey and Jorge to open the Samadhi. Due to last night, to being late for the concert we didn’t open the Samadhi so we’re here now.” JD said.

Cealey and Jorge stood up.

“Now, Jorge. Can you please throw the Samadhi against the ground?” JD asked.

Jorge chucked the Samadhi at the big rock and out came about a foot of rope.

“Rope?” Cealey asked.

“In today’s temple mission, Team South America will have one foot cut off of their rope, making it harder to win. Well, that’s all for right now. Go and try and find the others before the mission.” JD said and left.

“Where would they be?” Sylvia wondered.

“GUYS! HELP!” Evelyn exclaimed coming from the jungle.

“Uh oh.” Jorge said and they all rushed over there.

Jorge: Well at least our handicap wasn’t like not being to participate at all and then be sent up to temple. Wonder how much harder it’ll be without one foot of rope.


The five kids rushed into the jungle to find Clay, Kermit, Grover, and Evelyn on the ground around Rainer.

“Rainer!” Kasandra exclaimed and she bent down to him.

“He’s passed out, and I think something’s broken.” Evelyn said.

“Why did you have to create that zipline!” Grover yelled.

“Well, I was-” Kermit started.

Clay: Meh, Rainer then might have to be taken out of the game. Less competition for me. I mean, I should feel bad but this game is about winning.


Trudy rushed out into the jungle.

“Something’s wrong.” Evelyn said.

“Help me get him over to the infirmary.” Trudy said and Evelyn, Clay, Kermit, and Jorge helped.

“I hope he’s okay,” Kasandra said.

Kasandra: Whatever, the challenge, I hope it doesn’t need two people.

“Okay now! It’s time for your third temple mission!” JD said.

The teens, except Rainer, were all on the beach awaiting their mission.

“Okay. Today’s game, called "Eruption", is based on volcanoes. Pressure builds and builds under the earth's surface until it finally explodes, causing an eruption. This game will be the ultimate test of strength and endurance as each team holds on to a rope attached to a spring-loaded net containing water balloons that represented a volcano. The team who held on the longest would win ... sound simple? Not so fast. The teams hold on to their own rope, the entire structure holding the nets rose higher and higher off the ground making it nearly impossible to hold on.” JD told them.

Kasandra raised her hand.

“Um, will it be a lot harder for me since I have only one player?”

“Yes it will. It will also be a lot harder for Team South America who have one foot cut off their rope.” JD said and told them to take their positions.

“Okay, this is for the win and to be able to send two teams to temple.” JD announced.


The teams tugged onto the rope and began.

“My hands are slipping, THEY’RE SLIPPING.” Cealey complained.

“Hang on a bit longer,” Jorge told her.

“Look at how Kasandra is enduring the pain!” Clay exclaimed and everyone turned to Kasandra, causing Evelyn and Kermit to let go of their rope.

“Aw no!” Kermit exclaimed.

The water balloons flew up in the air and headed straight for Evelyn.

“Man, that felt good.” Evelyn said.

Evelyn: It was like freezing water on a 90 degree day. Which it was

“Four teams left in this, one team has to win.” JD told them.

“This is pretty easy,” Clay said hanging on to the rope with one hand.

“Clay don’t hang onto it like-” Sylvia began but was interrupted when Clay let go out the rope and cussed.

“Brown team’s out!” JD announced.

“Dangit,” Clay said getting hit in the head with a water balloon.

“I’m gonna go check on Rainer,” Evelyn replied and went to the infirmary.

“Three teams. Yellow, Red, and Green. Yellow, will it be your day to win your first mission?” JD asked.


“Trudy, is Rainer okay?” Evelyn asked.

Trudy was giving a shot to Rainer in his shoulder.

“Just a broken shoulder bone. Not as bad as Clay’s broken leg.” Trudy told her.

“I wish this game wouldn’t have all the injuries or problems. Clay, Sylvia, and now Rainer!” Evelyn sighed.

“There have been worse things on reality shows.” Trudy said with a smile.

Evelyn gave a little smile back.

“Well after putting this sling on, I think he’ll be alright.” Trudy said gesturing for her and Evelyn to leave and Evelyn followed.

“Go YELLOW!” Evelyn heard Trudy scream.

Evelyn ran back inside the infirmary.

“I wish I could tell you about how I liked you when you’re awake.” Evelyn said and kissed Rainer’s cheek.

Rainer’s eyes opened and shut twice.

Evelyn gasped and ran back outside.


When Evelyn returned to the group, she found the two remaining teams, green and yellow.

“You teams have been playing for twenty-one minutes now. Green, how do you do it?” JD asked. “Not gonna give up yet,” Grover told Jorge.

“Ditto, even though I have major rope burns.” Jorge told him.

The teams hung on longer.


“You guys have been hanging on to those ropes for thirty-nine minutes,” JD announced.

The teams who lost applauded them.

Grover: I was actually wondering if they were going to win even with the handicap and I found out my answer.

“And yellow is slipping. Kenyatta’s hands are off the rope. The rope is lifting up Grover!” JD said.

“Wow,” Sylvia said.

“And Grover is still clinging on!” Kermit exclaimed.

Grover hung on for dear life at the top of rope.

“That water balloon is going to fall off the side!” Cealey said smiling.

And Cealey was correct because one of the yellow water balloons fell off from Asia’s challenge set and headed for the ground.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” JD said in slow-motion.

“Dittooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” Kenyatta said in slow-motion.

“Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” Jorge and Cealey said letting go of their rope because of their victory.

“Team South America have overcome their handicap and won today’s temple mission!” JD said.

Grover slid down the rope.

“We were so close,” Grover said.

“I know, but today wasn’t our day to win.” Kenyatta reassured him.

“Tonight, meet me at the big rock to see what two teams are going to temple!” JD said and left them.

“So, I think we don’t really have that big of a decision,” Cealey said staring at Kasandra and the brown team.

Clay, Sylvia, and Kasandra looked uneasy.


Cealey: No doubt about it. Red and brown need to be sent up.

Clay: I’m worried about being sent up to temple. I really do think I was sent to the game to get all the way. Plus, Sylvia’s so nice and then I wouldn’t see her again until the reunion and no one cooks as well as she does. Sorry Emil.

Kasandra: Second time in a row of being sent up to temple. In my defense it isn’t fair. Rainer’s out cold with a broken shoulder bone, and that leaves me one person short. Also, the only reason I act like an asshole is because the game is about winning. Do whatever it takes to win. That’s what my cousin Heather told me to do. She was pretty angry about not winning Total Drama Island, or Total Drama Action, or Total Drama World Tour. So I want to win for her. I’ve received letters from fans in my mailbag and they tell me I’m an asshole or I’m totally stupid for being a jerk, but I’m just playing the game. Other letters ask if I was also this mean. When I was a kid I was never this mean. I’m only mean in the game. Man, this was a long confessional.


“Shut up, you kissed Rainer?” Sylvia asked.

“Yeah, but I could never tell his face that I like him. So I just got it over with when he was knocked out.” Evelyn said all dreamily.

“You lip locked with my partner?” Kasandra asked angrily.

“Um, yes?” Evelyn said quietly.

“I’m okay with that. I never saw you as the flirty type.” Kasandra remarked.

“Me neither,” Evelyn said.

“So, which teams do you think are going to temple?” Sylvia asked.

“Me for sure. Maybe brown,” Kasandra said.

“Or purple. I see that they’re now pretty much a boyfriend girlfriend couple.” Cealey said from behind them.

“Cealey?” Evelyn asked.

“Now, my mind is made up for sure,” Cealey said evilly.

“Aw crap, now I’m going up to temple for sure.” Evelyn said and sulked.


“Lunch!” Sylvia called.

“Are you sure we should test the zipline again?” Grover asked.

“I’ll go first. I’ve made sure it works this time.” Kermit said and strapped himself in and jumped.

“Woo hoo!” Kermit said gliding through the air.

“KERMIT! TREE!” Clay yelled.

“Wo,” Kermit gasped.


“Okay, my plan is to send red and purple up to temple.” Cealey told Jorge.

“Cool. I don’t like Kermit anyways.” Jorge agreed.

“So when the time comes we send them up.” Cealey agreed.




Trudy was watching over Rainer along with Clay and Kasandra.

“So, he should be awake by the time you get sent up to temple.” Trudy told her.

“Okay,” Kasandra said.


Clay and Kasandra walked over to the big rock where Cealey and Jorge were going to give the dreaded news.

“Jorge?” JD asked.

“The teams going up to temple are Team Africa……and,” Jorge began.



































“Team Europe.” Jorge ended.

Kermit looked disappointed, but Evelyn saw it coming.

“In about one hour, you have to head up through the jungle and arrive at the temple of fate. There, one team will be leaving the competition.” JD said and left.

“Well, Trudy told me Rainer will probably wake up in an hour, so I’ll probably meet him there.” Kasandra said snacking on a chocolate chip cookie.

“Can I have one?” Kenyatta asked.

“No, these are my problem cookies.” Kasandra snapped.


An hour later, Kermit, Kasandra, and Evelyn started their journey through the jungle.

“So, is the temple of fate scary?” Kermit asked.

“No, it’s just a meadow with bunnies and puppies!” Kasandra said sarcastically.

Kermit gulped.

“But usually, you’re more focused on the fact that you might be leaving.” Kasandra said.

They kept on walking till they arrived at The Temple of Fate.


Welcome to the Temple of Fate!” JD announced.

“In front of you guys is a stand with three cauldrons. It is the basic game of rock, paper, scissors. The cauldrons contain fire, water, and a bonsai tree representing wood.” JD said.

“You are trying to pick the element to overpower your opponents.” JD replied.

“You both have your pieces and your grand prize trips. Now pick up those colored rocks and the permanent marker below you. When I tell you to, you must pick up a rock and write down one of those elements. Capiche?” JD asked.

“Capiche,” Evelyn and Kasandra said.

“Okay,” Kermit said.

JD stared at him.

“So, Kasandra, since Rainer is not here, you get to decide which element you always want to choose.” JD told her.

Kasandra nodded.

“Pick up your first piece of rock and write an element on it.” JD said.

Kasandra jotted a name on the rock.

The purple team did the same.

JD placed the rocks in the bonfire in the middle.

“May I please see the dominant element rise?” JD asked.

























The cauldrons of wood and fire rose.

“Kasandra, you picked wood. Europe picked fire. Fire burns wood, that’s a point for Europe. If they win another round, you will be sent home-” JD said and was interrupted.

A helicopter flown above them and Rainer walked out of it.

“Rainer!” Kasandra yelled.

Rainer saluted to her.

“Okay, so now both the teams are back. Rainer, you know the rules so I won’t repeat them. Pick up the next rock and write an element.” JD said.

Kermit wrote down something as well as Kasandra.

Evelyn and Rainer nodded.

Rainer smiled at Evelyn.

Evelyn: Does he know I kissed him?

JD placed the rocks into the bonfire.

“May I please see the dominant element rise?” JD asked.

















































The cauldrons of wood and fire rose again.

“Africa, you choose wood. Europe choose fire. Again. That’s two points for Europe. Africa, you’ve been eliminated.” JD said.

Kasandra started to cry a little bit.

They both boarded a helicopter and it flew off.

“Europe. You proved you had more endurance than they did. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.” JD said.

Evelyn and Kermit ran off and back into the jungle.

“I can’t believe it!” Kermit yelled.

“Woo hoo!” Evelyn yelled.


The people on the beach heard yelling.

Through the mist, two mysterious figures appeared.

“It’s them!” Grover yelled.

“Evelyn! Kermit!” Sylvia exclaimed.

Everyone headed over to greet them.

“Stay tuned for more drama, and endurance! Next time!” JD announced and signed off.

House Of Cards

"Last time on Endurance. We were interupted in our game when Rainer broke his shoulder bone. Cealey and Jorge were majorly handicapped by overcame that and won the mission. Evelyn kissed Rainer causing South America to send purple and red up to temple. There, red was eliminated. Today we have surprises and another dreadful Samadhi and three pieces left over from Africa. Which team will go all the way? Which team will be eliminated tomorrow? Stay tuned!" JD said for the opening.


“Lemme tell you a little story of revenge,” Trudy said in the infirmary.

Jorge, Clay, and Kermit were behind here on gurneys, knocked out.


Evelyn was in the girl’s cabin crying.

“Evelyn, it’s okay. You’ll see Rainer at the finale,” Sylvia assured her.

“And look on the bright side, that pain in the ass Kasandra is gone.” Kenyatta said.

“Yeah, I should stay strong or it might be my ass going home next,” Evelyn said with a smile.

The girls laughed.

“And now, I think a lot of the alliances are broken as of last night.” Cealey said.

“I think so too.” Kenyatta agreed.

“Now really no one’s safe. One of us could be planning to backstab a team at anytime.” Sylvia said.

“What’s that supposed to mean. We all are. We all want to and need to win so that’s whats gonna have to happen in the long run.” Cealey said.

“I still miss him though,” Evelyn whined.

Sylvia broke the silence then.

“Why should a woman who is healthy and strong, blubber like a baby if her man's goes away? A weeping' an' a whaling' that he's done her wrong, that's one thing you'll never hear me say!” Sylvia sang trying to assure her.

Kenyatta: Man, Sylvia’s got a real voice on her hands! “Many a new face will please my eye, many a new love will find me, never have I once looked back to sigh over the romance behind me. Many a new day will dawn before I do!” Sylvia finished.

“You’re confident, but I thought you wanted the someone special for yourself,” Evelyn told her.

“Oh, I do. But that song fitted perfectly with the moment,” Sylvia joked.


The guys were in their cabin.

Kermit was staring out the window, trying to study the zipline he had built.

“Dude, give up on the zipline. There’s no way it’s gonna work.” Clay told him.

“I’ll prove you wrong,” Kermit said determined.

“If I were you, I’d focus on the big picture, we’re only about seven episode away from the finale, and that means one team will win in the next week.” Grover said.

Kermit looked up.

“Boys, please report to the beach for a little chat,” JD said over the intercom.

“Well that means, this little chat is done, so see ya,” Jorge said and left. Clay slowly followed.

Grover stayed behind to talk to Kermit.

He started to say something, but Kermit interrupted.

“This isn’t the first time one if my inventions haven’t worked. There have been many others,” Kermit said.

Grover started to say something again, but was interrupted.

“Like that time I tried to make super emphasis on the flaming hot cheese puffs, or the glow in the dark flashlight.” Kermit said.

Grover was about to say something again but was interrupted.

“Why can’t I-” Kermit began to sing.

“Dude, this isn’t Endurance: The Musical, that’s not for three more seasons.” Grover joked and walked off.


“What do you think JD is doing with the guys?” Cealey asked.

“Probably setting them up for the challenge.” Kenyatta said.

“So, another Samadhi mission.” Sylvia said breaking the silence.

“Who do you think is gonna win?” Evelyn asked.

The girls shrugged. “CAN THE GIRLS NOW REPORT TO THE BEACH FOR THEIR SAMADHI MISSION?” JD yelled into the intercom.

“Ooh, now it’s time.” Sylvia said and left followed by the girls.


“Okay, here’s today mission. You lift up the bucket in front of you. The first person to throw their bucket past that yellow finish line wins. Now go!” JD yelled.

Kenyatta: I was like mentally confused

“Wait what?” Cealey asked.

“GO!” JD yelled.

“Where are the guys?” Evelyn asked.

At that time all the girls lifted up the buckets in front of them.

They all screamed.

Underneath the buckets were…..






Clay, Kermit, Grover, and Jorge’s heads all underneath the buckets.

“Holy crap!” Evelyn screamed kicking sand everywhere.

“God, you scared me to death,” Sylvia said.

“Was the challenge who could scream the highest, cuz then I want a redo.” Kenyatta asked.

“No, this is the challenge,” JD began.

“Modeled after the impressive construction of the Great Wall of China and intended to honor the many thousands of brave men and women who constructed it, the girls will have to build a tower on their partner's head using blocks and pudding. The first one to pile all the blocks on their partner's head and maintain balance would win both the Pyramid Pieces left by the Red team and the right to dole out the Samadhi. So in recap, the first team to use all thirty blocks and balance them win the Samadhi, and the pieces Courage, Heart, and Leadership. Now here is your pudding,” JD began.

“Ooh tapioca my favorite!” Sylvia interrupted.

JD glared at her.

“I mean, ooh tapioca. I hear it’s quite good.” Sylvia said guiltily.

“Okay, on your mark, get set, go!” JD announced.

Cealey went straight to puddinging Jorge’s head and started stacking blocks.

Sylvia: Cealey was working fast so I knew I had to step up the pace.

Sylvia was close behind.

“Why don’t we just forget it? We haven’t come close to winning any missions yet,” Grover said while Kenyatta added blocks.

“Because-wo, baby the blocks are unbalanced! They’re falling!” Kenyatta yelled.

“And indeed they are falling! Right onto North America’s too!” JD announced.

“We don’t need the commentary Jackass something with a D!” Kenyatta yelled.

“Yes we do!” JD announced.

“It’s okay, Sylvia. Just start adding onto my head faster, wait the pudding’s in my eye!” Clay said.

Clay: There were three quotes, I’ve never though I’d say in my life. “Wipe your feet, Teddy” “Why do you have my bra?” and “The pudding’s in my eye!” Aw crap, now I said all of them.

“Just to make all of you guys hungry also, the reward is a pizza party and you get to listen on the next trip to the temple of fate.” JD said smiling.

“Evelyn! Get working! I need my pepperoni!” Kermit yelled trying to balance the blocks on his head.

Cealey was working twice as fast.

“Cealey’s really working!” Kenyatta announced and started to work faster.

Evelyn: Okay, I knew it wasn’t nice, but it felt pretty good to sabotage other teams.

Evelyn threw a rock over at the yellow team’s stack, knocking it over.

“Dangit,” Grover said.

Evelyn laughed. “Sorry,”

She aimed for the green team’s stack.

Cealey was on her 27th block and she made sure it was sturdy so the rock bounced off the stack and hit Evelyn in the face.

Evelyn: This is why I can’t be a villain.

“Woo hoo! We’re gonna win Cealey!” Jorge said balancing.

Cealey was trying to put more pudding on but ran into a problem.

“Crap, we’re out of pudding.” Cealey said.

Jorge looked sad all of a sudden.

Sylvia was picking up the pace.

Sylvia: I actually thought for a moment that we might win. Then look what happened.

Cealey ran over to Sylvia and stole her pudding bowl.

“Hey!” Sylvia yelled.

“Sorry, it’s not in the rules and we need to win!” Cealey yelled.

The scene shifted to JD in a red bath robe on a brown velvet chair in a quiet library.

“The rules for the challenge officially state that… You are aloud to steal pudding.

So there you have it. That is the only rule.” JD said smiling.

The scene shifted back to the beach. Cealey placed two more blocks on the stack.

“Aw crap. I’ll do it. But I’ll hate myself in the morning.” Sylvia said and walked over and pushed the stack down.

“What? It’s not in the rules,” Sylvia said.

Cealey ran over and pushed the brown stack down.

“Hey!” Clay said and got up from the sand as did Jorge.

Jorge raised his fist and punched Clay right in the face.

“Hey, Clay didn’t do anything! It was all me!” Sylvia yelled.

“Oh right,” Jorge said and smacked Sylvia.

Kenyatta, Cealey, Evelyn, Candice, Charlote, and Kasandra who were watching at home all gasped.

Sylvia rolled up her sleeve and punched Jorge right in the face, breaking his glasses.

“And this is for you.” Cealey said whacking Clay in the face.

“Ow, my contact fell out!” Clay said.

“Hey, you can’t just start beating on people!” Kermit said getting out of the sand letting the purple stack fell and he stepped on Cealey’s foot.

Evelyn pulled Cealey and Sylvia away as the guys started to fight.

Kenyatta and Grover watched in shock as Grover fainted, causing his stack to fall over.

JD: I know. This was so totally out of the ordinary. I give props to Sylvia for getting revenge!

Cealey dragged Jorge away from the fight and told him something.

They both ran off.

Jorge: Cealey had told me to run off with her and win the challenge, but I was still a little dazed.

Clay whacked Kermit right in the face.

Kenyatta was still in shock.

Kermit then twisted his hand and flew it right into Clay’s stomach.

“Guys! Don’t kill each other!” Evelyn yelled.

“Brilliant idea mate!” Kermit said.

“Team South America wins the mission!” JD announced.

Cealey and Jorge cheered.

“What?” Clay and Kermit asked at the same time.

“We won, you lost!” Cealey said.

“Now hand us over the Samadhi and the pieces, and the pizza.” Jorge said.

JD went over to them and gave them the Samadhi.

“You will get the pizza tomorrow at the temple mission, unless you get sent to temple.” JD said handing them the pieces.

“So tonight, you will choose which teams get the Samadhi. I will see you at the big rock then.” JD said and left.

Clay whacked Kermit in the face and they both fainted.

Jorge fell over from exhaustion.

“We need some interns!” Cealey yelled.

Six interns carrying gurneys walked over and picked up the three guys.

Grover and the girls stood there.

“Well, I think I’m giving the Samadhi to the team that started this.” Cealey said staring at Sylvia.

Sylvia: I’m kinda worried. I already know I’m getting the Samadhi. Hope it’s nothing too bad.


The girls were in the infirmary.

“If Rainer was here, he would’ve stopped all this.” Evelyn moaned.

“Did you not here Sylvia’s song? Does she need to sing it again?” Kenyatta asked.

Sylvia smiled.

“No, I just wish he was here.” Evelyn said.

“Why should a wome-” Sylvia started.

Cealey put her hand over Sylvia’s mouth.

“Man, this game is full of all different kinds on injuries.” Trudy said pushing the girls outside to find Grover who was skipping rocks.

Kenyatta walked up to him.

“Grover, we need to make a plan. We’ve never won a mission, never got a Samadhi, and never been sent up to temple. We need to win a mission.” Kenyatta said.

“Are you also suggesting we get a Samadhi, cuz I’d rather win then get one of those.” Grover said.

“No, but we need to step up our game. According to the endurance fan site, we’re the least likely team to win which isn’t that good of a sign.” Kenyatta said.

Grover frowned and skipped another stone.

“Which team has the best chance of winning?” Grover asked.

“Sylvia and Clay. According to some comments they say that they are the strongest and nicest teams. We barely get any comments.” Kenyatta said.

“I don’t care. We’ve made it this far.” Grover said trying to be positive.


Cealey hung up more pieces on their totem pole.

“So, five pieces. Currently, you now have the best chances of winning.” Sylvia said.

Kenyatta glared at Cealey.

“I guess I do,” Cealey said.

“So, decide who the Samadhi’s going to?” Evelyn asked.

“I guess.” Cealey said smiling.

Evelyn: She’s totally decided who to pick. Bye Sylvia!

“Well it’s already the afternoon and the guys are probably waking up so I’m going to made our lunch, banana chicken.” Sylvia said.

“Again? We have that every other day.” Evelyn complained.

“Then why don’t you go to the supermarket and buy us something else?” Sylvia sarcastically said.

“Sorry.” Evelyn said.

“I gonna go get the guys up.” Kenyatta said and walked into the infirmary followed by the rest of the girls.

Kenyatta walked up to Clay.

Clay’s eyes opened a little bit.

“Mom?” he asked.

“What? No it’s Kenyatta.” she said.

“Oh sorry. I was dreaming about the better days.” Clay said and got up. He has a black eye.

“The better days?” Kenyatta asked.

Clay: Then we all started telling life stories.

“So when my mom perished after that, I was sent to an orphanage. I thought you were her for a second.” Clay said.

“My father died also. In the war in Iraq. They shot him down, but then they were taken to jail.” Jorge said crying.

“I accidentally crippled my dad. I never meant to. They kicked me out of the house to live with my grandparents.” Kermit said crying also.

“I don’t have anything relating to that. I feel terrible for you guys. I choked on a Lego once and I coughed it back up and I made a doctor lose his eyesight.” Grover said.

“Um, I stole some cupcakes from the worker’s snack table if it makes you guys feel better.” Trudy said handing them pink frosted cupcakes.

“Ooh, cupcakes. Thanks.” Sylvia said.

“First thank you of the season! Award!” Trudy joked.

“So, the Samadhi is going to be given to someone in the next ten minutes.” Evelyn said.

“That means one of us are getting a handicap and the 50% chance of going home.” Clay said.

“Well, it’s going to one team. Glad it’s not us.” Cealey gloated.

“Campers! Now it’s Samadhi time!” JD yelled over the intercom.

“I’ll come when I’m ready!” Kenyatta yelled back.


“So, this is our fourth time at the big rock for handing out Samadhi’s. Cealey, Jorge. Which team does the Samadhi go to?” JD asked.

“This is kind of obvious……..” Cealey began.

































































“Team North America.” Cealey finished.

“Okay. Clay, Sylvia this is the Samadhi.” JD said handing them the Samadhi.

Clay took the Samadhi.

“Please don’t be that bad,” he muttered.

“Clay, you may now smash the Samadhi.” JD said.

Clay chucked the Samadhi at the rock.

“Pick that up and read it,” JD said pointing to a scroll.

“30 second delag?” Clay asked.

“I think is says delap,” Sylvia told him.

“Oh my god, it’s delay!” JD yelled.

“Oh,” everyone said.

“Tomorrow, you guys will have a 30 second delay. That doesn’t mean that you can’t win the challenge, well actually. It pretty much means that,” JD said.

Sylvia and Clay looked sad.

“Well it looks like this episode is going to be cut short. That is all for today’s episode. What team will go home next week? Just stay here to find out on Endurance!” JD said signing off.

Dialed In

"Last time on Endurance," JD said. "A fight broke out between the guys after a fight for the win of the Samadhi mission. In the end, Team South America won and the Samadhi was given to Sylvia and Clay. Most viewers think Sylvia and Clay will follow in a pattern and will be the next ones off. You'll just have to wait till this episode is over for your answer, next on Endurance!" JD said.


"Wow. Day nine. This game is going really slow. I just want it to be over with." Kermit said to the rest of the guys in the cabin.

"I just want to win. We only have five days left. At least, two of us do. One of us will be leaving tonight." Jorge said.

"Most likely me," Clay muttered.

"Yeah, thirty second delay bites. Lemme reassure you, if we win, we won't send you to temple." Grover said.

"I guess that's sort of reassuring." Clay told them.

"Well, we should all try to make the most out of it. We're all great friends now." Kermit said.

Clay: Me and Sylvia are going to try and step up our game in the temple mission today. We don't even want to be sent up to temple.


"UNO!" Sylvia and Evelyn screamed at the same time.

"Crap." Cealey exclaimed picking up four cards to her hand.

Sylvia and Evelyn did their secret handshake.

"So, tonight one of us will go home." Kenyatta said laying down a blue card.

"Reverse. I know." Evelyn said, laying down a reverse card.

"Uno," Kenyatta said laying down another blue card.

"Draw Four. Well. I don't to leave. Me and Clay are going to try our hardest to win today's mission." Sylvia said. "Green." she added.

Cealey picked up four cards.

"I don't want to play Uno anymore." Evelyn said laying her cards down.

"I win!" Kenyatta said laying down a draw two green card.

"Hooray!" Cealey said sarcastically.

"Hey, if you've been following this game at all, I haven't won anything yet. This is the closest I have to winning." Kenyatta said.

"I'm guessing you have this theory that you're going to win the game because of this." Cealey asked her.

"Um...well no. It'd be nice. I have a feeling I'm not going to win though." Kenyatta said.

A coconut then fell from a leaf through the window into the cabin.

"Hey, a coconut." Sylvia said. She picked the coconut up, but it fell apart.

"It's a note." Kenyatta said.

"No. It's a clue." Evelyn responded.


"Mailbag's here!" Kermit announced.

"Ooh, I've been waiting for the mailbag for a long time!" Clay said.

"I want mine first!" Grover said and pushed Clay over to get his package.

"Hey, what'd you get?" Jorge asked.

"A stupid newspaper, starring him" Grover said and tossed the paper to Kermit.

"I'm allergic to newspaper." Kermit said and his face broke out in hives. He tossed the paper to Clay.

"Hey! It's Jacob Flame!" Clay announced.

"Jacob Flame?" Jorge asked.

"Oh my god, it's Jacob Flame!" Kermit said.

"Yeah." Grover said unexcited.

"What don't you like about Jacob Flame? He's an awesome athlete and got very far in both Total Drama Paradise and Total Drama All-Stars!" Jorge said.

"And he's famous!" Clay added.

"Jacob Flame's my brother. I guess he's not that bad. I'm just jealous of his fame and fortune. And he gives all his money out to my sister, and Elian. Ugh, I hate her." Grover said.

"Hmm. Well, did you ever try telling him that?" Kermit asked.

"Why would he care about anything his little brother wants?" Grover answered.

"Hmm. My friend Charlie competited in a season or survivor once. He didn't win, which got him sort of angry. He was jealous that the final three all decided to quit. He ranted to me all about it." Clay said.

"I guess we all are jealous or know someone who's jealous." Jorge said.

"Let's change the subject though. What'd you get?" Grover asked Jorge.

"Some more brownies and another one of her videos. I wish I could tell her that electronics aren't allowed so I can't watch them." Jorge said laughing.

"I got....OH MY GOSH!" Kermit said taking something out of the box.

"What is that?" Clay asked.

"Nothing, nothing." Kermit said hiding it.

"Oh really?" Clay responded taking it from him.

"Aw, you got a teddy bear." Grover said.

"Psh, a teddy bear? I don't need a teddy bear!" Kermit argued.

"And it came with a little mad scientist outfit!" Clay exclaimed.

He put it on the bear.

"No don't do anything else. Build-A-Bear is pretty expensive, and I'm not spending more to replace or fix him." Kermit said.

"There's something else there." Jorge said picking something up.

"It's a coconut." Grover responded.

"Lemme see." Clay said trying to take it.

"No, I want it." Jorge said.

"It was in my package!" Kermit said.

"Hey," Clay said but they dropped the coconut.

"Hmm. There's a note." Jorge said and picked it up.

"Go to the wishing well. From there take ten steps west and dig in the sand. Another clue will be waiting for you." Jorge read out loud.

"Clue?" Grover asked.

"Where's the wishing well?" Kermit added.

"Hmm. The producers want us to find something, I can tell." Clay told them.

They all turned around to face the camera in the corner.

They stared coldly at it.

"Well, let's look for this wishing well." Grover said and started to run outside of the cabin.


"I found the wishing well!" Kenyatta exclaimed and ran over to it.

"Why is there a wishing well in the middle of the jungle?" Cealey asked, running with Liesl in her hands.

"Hmm. Why didn't we notice this before?" Sylvia said.

"I'm going to make a wish." Evelyn said and threw a dime in it.

"What's your wish?" Kenyatta asked.

"I can't tell. It won't come true. Aw crap, it fell in the bucket. I want my dime back." Evelyn said and started cranking the bucket up.

"Hmm. The dime's gone now. And there's another note. Take ten steps west and dig in the sand. You will find a megaphone. Yell in the megaphone and when you hear a voice, run towards the voice." Evelyn read.

Cealey ran ten steps and started to dig.

"I found the megaphone!" Cealey said.

"HELLO!" she called.


"HELLO!" a voice called.

The boys stopped running.

"Did you hear a voice?" Kermit asked.

"No. I heard Cealey?" Jorge replied.

"CEALEY?" Clay yelled.


"CEALEY?" a voice yelled.

"I heard the reply!" Cealey said.

"That's Clay!" Sylvia said and took the megaphone.

The girls started running.


"We can hear you!" the voice yelled.

"That's Sylvia! Let's go." Clay said and started running.

The guys followed.

"Sylvia!" Clay yelled when she came into sight.

"So you guys were the creators of that stupid treasure hunt?" Evelyn asked.

" We didn't. Who did?" Jorge said.

"I don't know." Kenyatta said as a coconut dropped from a leaf.

"Another coconut?" Sylvia asked.

"Smash it," Kermit commanded.

Sylvia did. She picked up the note.

"Find the abanded warehouse. Then, when inside go through the orange door. Look for your surprise." Sylvia read.

"Didn't we pass an old abanded place in the jungle?" Cealey asked.

"Yeah," Kenyatta said and the girls started running into the jungle.

"Hey, wait up!" Grover yelled.


"I think this is it." Clay said opening the door to the abanded warehouse.

"Wow, this isn't that scary." Cealey said pushing everyone inside.

The door slammed shut.

"Hey guys, let me in!" Cealey yelled.

'"The door's locked." Evelynsaid jiggling the doorknob.

"Here's some light." Grover said flicking on the light switch.

"Where's the orange door? I want to go and win the challenge." Sylvia asked.

"I'm not sure, watch where you step though. You might fall-" Jorge began.

"AAAAHHHH!" Kenyatta, Grover, and Sylvia exclaimed as they fell through the ground.

"Through. Did you here something? Sylvia?" Jorge asked.

"Hmm. They're gone. Maybe they left." Kermit said and he fell through as well.

There's the orange door!" Evelyn exclaimed running up to the orange door.

"No, that's mold. Ew." Clay shuddered.

"The one on the right is the orange door." Jorge said.

"Or is it left?" Evelyn asked.

"I'm sticking to the right." Jorge said and walked through. Clay followed.

"Um, I'm going to follow you guys!" Evelyn said and tried to open the door.

"Guys, guys. OPEN THE DOOR!" Evelyn yelled.


"Welcome." JD said.

"JD?" Clay asked.

"You followed the clues and here's your temple mission! It's called Dialed In." JD said.

"But what about the others?" Jorge asked.

"They'll be fine. But now, it's time for your challenge." JD said.

"What is it?" Clay asked.

"Dialed In, is patterned after the science of cracking codes. You two will have to decode a message from a giant wheel with letters and numbers that, when lined up correctly, would reveal a question that you guys needed to answer. Clay, you will have a thirty second delay due to the Samadhi from yesterday. Are you ready for your challenge?" JD asked.

"Um sure." Jorge said.

"GO!" JD announced.

Clay waited while Jorge got his headstart.

Jorge started spinning his wheel, trying to line the letters and numbers up together.

"Hmm. 1 matches up with A. A? 2 matches up with U. Au?" Jorge asked.

"Clay, thirty second is up. With Jorge talking out so loud, you already have the first two letters. So, you guys are tied!" JD announced.

Clay started filling in his board with the letters for the question.

Jorge: I really wished Cealey wouldda been there. She's good at logic and stuff like this.

Clay: It wasn't even two minutes into the game for me when I havd already figured out the first word.


"Austrailia. Australia what?" Clay mumbled to himself and spun the wheel some more until it clicked into place.

"G. Australia G?" Clay wondered and kept on spinning the wheel.


Jorge was starting to fly through his challenge.

"Australia gran. I'm going for a longshot and saying Australia grand. Australia grand? Hmm. Charlote and Phineas. Grand?" Jorge wondered.

He spun the wheel again.

"P. Australia grand p. Australia grand pie? Pink?" Jorge wondered.

"Thanks for talking so loud!" Clay reminded him and started writing more on his board.

"Australia grand p. Prize. Australia grand prize! Prize what? I have four more blanks left." Clay thought.


"It's neck and neck right now!" JD announced.

Clay spun again.

"I! Australia grand prize tri. Trip! Australia grand prize trip? Hmm. Wait!" Clay yelled.

Jorge: I couldn't believe that the person who won the Samadhi was about to win the mission!

"Charlote and Phineas picked....The Boat Trip to Komodo!" Clay yelled.

"Team North America wins immunity!" JD announced.

"What?" Jorge yelled.

The orange door opened and the rest of the contestants walked out of it.

"Clay! We won!" Sylvia said and ran up to him.

"Yes! We proved them wrong. Samadhi and all!" Clay said.

"Clay, Sylvia. Tonight, you get to choose two members to go to the Temple of Fate to battle it out and try to remain. After this, only three teams will remain." JD said.

"WOO!" Clay yelled.


Kenyatta: I have to hand it to them. They did good, overcoming their handicap.

Evelyn: Sad we didn't get to participate. Oh well. Glad they won!


"Will all contestants please report to the big rock?" JD asked through the intercom.

All the remaining contestants ran over to the rock.

"Clay, Sylvia. It's time to let the other teams know which ones will be going up to temple."

"Well. It was sort of a hard decision. We're all great friends. But we've chosen......Team Europe. And..." Sylvia began.




































"Team South America." Sylvia ended.

"Cealey, Evelyn, Jorge, Kermit. You will all be going up to temple. One team will be going home. Get ready to leave in about ten minutes." JD said and left.

Evelyn: I knew this was going to happen.


"Well, bye guys. If we don't come back." Jorge said and the gang started walking into the jungle.

"Well, here goes." Kermit said.


"Welcome to the Temple of Fate!" JD announced.

"In front of you guys is a stand with three cauldrons. It is the basic game of rock, paper, scissors. The cauldrons contain fire, water, and a bonsai tree representing wood." JD said.

"You are trying to pick the element to overpower your opponents." JD replied.

"You both have your pieces and your grand prize trips. Now pick up those colored rocks and the permanent marker below you. When I tell you to, you must pick up a rock and write down one of those elements. Capiche?" JD asked.

"Capiche," they all said.

"So. Pick up your first rock. It's time to go." JD said and the teams did as told.

Evelyn jotted an element on a rock and handed it to JD.

The green team did the same.

"Okay. It's time to see what is the dominant element. May I please see it rise?" JD asked.



















The cauldrons of water and wood rose.

"Europe, you picked water. South America, you picked wood. Wood floats on water. Europe, one more loss and you will be sent home. Pick up your next rock." JD said.

The teams picked up their next rock.

"What should we pick?" Cealey asked.

"Fire." Jorge said.

The teams handed JD their rocks and he placed them in a fiery cauldron.

"May I please see the dominant element rise?" JD asked.

The cauldrons of fire and.......
















































Wood rose.

"South America, you picked fire. Europe picked wood again. Wood burns in fire. Sorry, but Europe, you've been eliminated." JD said.

Evelyn started crying.

"Bye guys." Kermit said and they headed off into their helicopter.

"Liesl, we made it!" Cealey announced to the goat.

"Yeah," Jorge said and high-fived her.


"When do you think they're coming back?" Clay asked.

"I think they're coming! It's Cealey!" Sylvia yelled.

"And Jorge!" Grover added.

They all ran up to each other.

"Hey," they all greeted eachother as the episode ended.

"Join us next time, on our last Samadhi mission where the Samadhi and the Trust piece will be won. Stay tuned!" JD said.

Leap Of Faith

"Last time on Endurance," JD said for the opening. "The teams were searching for some treasure, but it just ended up to be a challenge. Clay over came his handicap by winning the temple mission. Sylvia and Clay chose Europe and South America to go up to temple, and South America proved they hade Endurance and Europe was sent home. Now we're down to the final three. Who will win the mission today along with the Samadhi and the trust piece. Will it be army and optimistic? All around and matchmaker? Or Asia, who hasn't won any missions yet. All answers will be revealed today on ENDURANCE!" JD announced.


Grover was sitting on a wicker chair in front of the boy’s cabin when Clay walked out.

“Hey Flame,” Clay said to Grover.

“Hey,” Grover said responding back to him.

“What’s the deal? You sad?” Clay asked.

“A bit.” Grover responded again.

“Why?” Clay asked.

“Because. Me and Kenyatta haven’t won a mission yet, I bet we’re going to be the next to go, so this all seems like a waste and now Kermit and Evelyn left. Some of my best buds.” Grover said.

“Well trust me. I know karma works in this game and I think that you guys will win today. And if not, then you don’t win today. Maybe tomorrow. And if you don’t win tomorrow, you get sent up to temple and then-” Clay began before getting interrupted.

“I get the picture. And then me and Kenyatta get sent home.” Grover said .

“Well not necessarily.” Clay told him.

“Hey, what’s popping?” Jorge asked walking out of the cabin door.

“The possibility of me going home next.” Grover said.

“I was looking more for an answer of popcorn but okay.” Jorge said and Clay laughed.

“You see, we all have chances of going home next. Some more than others.” Clay told Grover.

“I guess you’re right.” Grover said.

Grover: I need to talk to Kenyatta about stepping up our game today. Big time.

“Of course I’m right!” Clay joked.

Grover then laughed.

“Plus, don’t feel down. Think on the bright side. I hear the final two get to do a lot of fun things like scuba diving and decorating the dock with paint.” Clay said.

“Yeah, I guess.” Grover said.

Clay: I feel bad for Grover. Personally, I think my butt’s getting kicked off the island next.

“And like I said earlier in the game, the harder the competition, the better. Remember that for today’s challenge.” Clay said and walked off.

“So…..there’s a lot poppin’.” Jorge finished.


“Good morning!” Kenyatta said to Sylvia, who was roasting something mysterious over the fire.

“Is that breakfast?” Kenyatta asked.

“Yes. I’m trying out a new recipe.” Sylvia said.

“What?” Kenyatta asked.

“Fried coconuts. I heard the natives of Hawaii eat this a lot so I’m trying it. We’re kinda close to Hawaii right?” Sylvia said.

“Oh. I guess closer then New York or Rhode Island are.” Kenyatta said.

“I’m getting sick of that goat. Why couldn’t Charlote have kept it?” Cealey asked.

“What’d she do now?” Sylvia asked.

“Well, when she finished chewing about fifty-thousand holes in my mattress, pillow, and sheets, she decided to chew on my hair. My hair! See, it’s coming out!” Cealey said, reaching for her hand and taking a bunch of clumps out.

Sylvia and Kenyatta looked at her with wide eyes.

“Yeah!” Cealey complained.

The little goat, Liesl ran out to Cealey, and started nipping at her pants.

“Liesl! NO!” Cealey yelled at the goat.

The goat ran back into the cabin and hid under Sylvia’s bunk.

“She’ll be fine,” Cealey assured them.

Sylvia and Kenyatta still had wide eyes.

Cealey: Ugh,


Grover walked up to Kenyatta.

“I need to talk to you.” Grover said to her.

Sylvia dropped a basket in Cealey’s hands.

“And I need to do laundry apparently, BRB.” Cealey said.

Grover and Kenyatta walked onto the dock.

“We need to do anything to win today.” Grover told her.

“No duh. Of course we have to. For nine episodes we haven’t won anything. The other two teams have won at least twice.” Kenyatta said.

“So, how do you plan we win?” Grover asked.

“I don’t know. Fairly! Duh. I’m not going to cheat and then be hated by everyone.” Kenyatta said.

“Well, we’re going to need to win somehow. Fairly or not.” Grover said.

“Fairly,” Kenyatta said, glaring at him.

“I know. Maybe today’s challenge might be easy for us.” Grover said.

“Well if we do win the Samadhi, who should we give it too.” Kenyatta asked.

“I don’t know. I think we should turn the tables and five it to Clay and Sylvia. I think if we kept them in the finals, they’d win.” Grover said.

Kenyatta: Smart boy.

“Okay.” Kenyatta said.


Cealey place a green shirt in the water and place a rock on it, on the sand.

“There, that should dry there.” Cealey said.

Clay walked up to her.

“So, need any help?” Clay asked.

Cealey looked up at him.

“Um I guess so, but I want to know why.” Cealey said.

Clay put a rock on a yellow shirt.

“I don’t know. Because there’s nothing better to do until breakfast.” Clay said.

“Good enough,” Cealey said and flipped her hair away from her eyes.

She continued doing her work but Clay stared at her.

Clay: Wow Cealey looks really hot. And for a while, I was just going to string her along. I think I’m in love.

Clay continued working for a moment.

Cealey: Why did I get the feeling he was staring at me for a long time?


Sylvia sat down on the sand, by the fire eating the coconut.

“Where is everyone? They all know breakfast is ready.” she thought.


Jorge waited inside his cabin and he made his bed.

“Where is Clay and Grover?” he wondered.


Grover walked into the cabin, carrying a plate of about three fried coconuts.

“Dude, you need that many coconuts?” Jorge asked.

“Yes.” Grover said.

“Okay then.” Jorge said and Clay walked in, lovestruck.

“I think I love someone.” Clay said to them.

“Um..congrats?” Grover said.

Jorge: This isn’t a graduation. You don’t say congrats at young love. For me, I don’t love anyone. I don’t want to leave anyone alone while I go to war. Although, once when I was in first grade, I kissed a girl called Inola Black Bear. I may love her.

“With who?” Jorge asked.

“Cealey, oddly.” Clay said.

Grover fake puked.

“What?” Clay asked.

“Nothing,” Grover said and whistled.


“Challenge time!” Clay said and ran to the beach.


“What kind of challenge is that?” Cealey asked.

“It’s called leap of faith. It’s like a gigantic jump rope.” JD said.

“Jump rope?” Cealey asked.

“Yes. This machine swings bars around and around. When the bar comes around, you must jump over it. Break the bar, and you’re out. First team who does not break the bar wins the Samadhi and the Pyramid pieces that Evelyn and Kermit left behind.” JD said.

“Shouldn’t it hurt if the bar hits your feet?” Cealey asked.

“It’s made of paper.” JD told her.

Jorge: Sounds easy enough,

Sylvia: Piece of cake? Not really. I’m not that great with jumping high in the air.

The three teams were in their positions.

“Are you guys ready?” JD asked.

“Yes.” they all said in unison.

They all waited for someone to say “Unison buddies”

“Go!” JD said.

The giant machine started up and the bar came down.

“Jump!” Cealey said and she and Jorge both jumped over it.

At the same time, the two other teams did the same.

Cealey: A giant jump rope is the best challenge idea they can think of? One word, lame!

“Jump!” Cealey said and jumped over the bar, and so did Jorge.

“It’s getting faster!” Clay said.

Sylvia was already starting to struggle. “Jump!” Kenyatta and Cealey said in unison.

“NO!” Sylvia yelled as the bar went right between her feet and the bar broke.

“Team North America is out. The bar is still swinging around these two teams.” JD said.

“Crap,” Sylvia said.

“It’s okay. I didn’t think we were going to win, anyway.” Clay told her as they walked off.

“Jump!” Cealey and Kenyatta yelled.

“Come on Roth! This is the fastest this thing spins around?” Grover asked jumping over the bar and doing a somersault in the air.

Grover: I guess that since Jacob’s my brother and he’s an athlete, I have some of his skills.

“Jump!” Cealey yelled and jumped over it.

“You want it to go faster?” JD asked Grover.

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” Kenyatta warned as they jumped over the bar again.

“Yes I want it to!” Grover yelled.

JD pulled out a unit from his shorts pocket and turned a dial up.

The bar started to swing around a lot faster.

“Okay! I think this is fast enough!” Jorge yelled at JD.

“No. It needs to be faster.” Grover said.

“No it doesn’t!” Cealey yelled.

“JUMP!” Kenyatta screamed while she jumped over the bar again.

Trudy had a speed gun in her hand and was pointing it at the machine.

“That’s pretty fast,” Trudy said.

“The dial won’t go any faster!” JD said, fiddling with the dial until it broke.

“Uh oh.” JD said.

Clay: And you know that when one of these things happen, it all…

Sylvia: falls…

Trudy: down…

Kenyatta: hill…

Jorge: from…

Cealey: here!

“It’s not going any faster, we can win this!” Grover encouraged Kenyatta.

“Well, it would be our first mission that we’ve won.” Kenyatta said.

“Yeah!” Grover said.

“Yeah!” Kenyatta yelled back.

“I can see the fire in your eyes.” Grover told her.

“And I can see the Flame in yours.” Kenyatta said back to him.

Grover stopped for a moment and stared into space somewhere.

“GROVER JUMP!” Kenyatta yelled.

“They’re going to win! Raise the bars!” Cealey said.

Jorge glared at her.

“Okay, bad choice of words. Just try harder!” Cealey yelled.

“Raise the bars?” JD asked.

“NO!” Kenyatta, Jorge, Cealey, and Grover yelled.

“Okay, if you say so.” JD said and pushed a button on the control unit.

“NO!” Cealey said and she flew over the bar, breaking it.

“Yes!” Grover said stomping on his and Kenyatta’s yellow bar.

The machine came to a stop.

“Team Asia win their first mission ever!” JD announced.

“Yay!” Kenyatta yelled.

“You guys get the Samadhi and the Trust piece.” JD said and handed them everything.

“Yes! Now we have two pieces!” Grover said and ran over the yellow totem pole and placed the Trust pyramid piece on it.

“So, it must feel great to let it all out, but now put it all in. It’s time to read Kermit and Evelyn’s good-bye letter.” JD said and everyone sat down.

“They asked if Jorge would read the letter.” Chris said and handed Jorge the letter.


Dear Everyone:

We will miss you all. You were all such great friends.

Clay and Sylvia: We will never forget your guy’s advice you gave us during the game. And we’ll miss Sylvia’s cooking.

Kenyatta and Grover: We hope you win the next mission as you guys deserve to. You guys were nice and to Kenyatta, keep up with the yoga. Work your way to be a yoga master! (Sorry, Kermit made me put that.)

Cealey and Jorge: To Cealey, you’ve made quite an impression on all of us, but we all forgave you and we are glad to call you a friend. Jorge, you were awesome, although you didn’t say much the first few days.

So, in all, we’ll miss you all.

Love, Kermit and Evelyn.” Jorge read to everyone.

“There’s something else in the envelope. It’s kinda big.” Jorge said pulling it out.

“A sock monkey!” Clay said.

“From the zipline test!” Grover said.

“And there’s a page thumb tacked to the back of it.” Sylvia said taking it off.

“It’s a page. Page 65 out of Violet Baudelaire’s Inventing Guide. The title says “The European and the rest is scribbled out. And there’s something etched in the back.” Cealey read.

Sylvia flipped the page.

“To Trudy,” Cealey read.

“Here,” Clay said, giving the sock monkey to Trudy.

“Aw, how sweet. A souvenir.” Trudy said and tied the hands around her waist.

“Well, that’s about it for now. Come back later for the Samadhi Ceremony.” JD said and left.


The girls were in their hut.

“I feel like it’s safe to say that all the alliances should be broken.” Cealey said.

“I agree, because no matter what happens tonight, one of us won’t be happy at Kenyatta.” Sylvia agreed.

“Okay. So no more alliances?” Kenyatta asked.

“Nope. Is there really any point this far in the game. What happens when someone leaves tomorrow? You’re not going to ally with the other finalist team, would you?” Sylvia asked.

“I guess not.” Kenyatta said.

Kenyatta then took her bandana off her hand and burned it on a torch outside.

“The council has spoken.” Kenyatta said.

It was then silent among the girls.

Cealey: I have been planning this since the first day. It has to happen sooner, or later.

Sylvia: Kenyatta just burned her sacred bandana. *wide eyes*

“So, I guess we should tell the boys about this.” Cealey said.

“I guess so- CHICKEN!” Kenyatta screamed.

“Chicken?” Sylvia asked.

A little chicken had wondered into the hut and Cealey and Kenyatta were on top of their bunks, far away from the ground.

“Hey, it’s a chicken.” Sylvia said, picking it up.

“IT LAID AN EGG! BE CAREFUL! What if it’s like a period and it starts bleeding?” Cealey asked.

“Chickens are harmless. Although, they can peck your fingers off.” Sylvia said.

“You’re going to keep it?” Cealey asked.

“Well, why not? You own Liesl. That’s an animal.” Sylvia said setting the chicken on the ground and Liesl walked up to it.

Liesl seemed to like the chicken.

“I’m thinking about having that goat for breakfast anyway.” Cealey said.

Kenyatta gasped.

“Well yes. I’m keeping it. And no, this chicken will not be breakfast.” Sylvia told them.

“It looks like a Maya.” Kenyatta said.

Cealey broke out laughing.

“Maya it is then.” Sylvia said.

“Whatever, just keep it away from me or it’s turning into tenders and nuggets. I’ll let you decide before I throw it into a volcano.” Cealey said, making a threat.

Clay and Jorge ran into the cabin.

“We heard screaming where’s the trouble?” Jorge asked.

“Is there a criminal?” Clay asked.

“Nope,” Sylvia said.

“Dang,” Clay said.

Clay: I went to Scooby Doo's Criminal Catching Camp. It could’ve been better if Nancy Drew would’ve been there, but she was in jail for stealing the queen of England’s granddaughter’s diary.

“Just a stupid chicken,” Cealey said jumping down off the bed, but slipped on a towel and heading straight for Clay.

She accidentally kissed him.

Jorge, Sylvia, and Kenyatta all froze for a moment.

“Insert romantic slash awkward music here.” Kenyatta said, stealing Kermit’s line.


“Contestants, please report to the beach for the Samadhi ceremony.” JD said.

Everyone ran to the beach.

Clay: I can’t believe Cealey kissed me.


“Kenyatta and Grover. Who will be getting the Samadhi?” JD asked.

“Well, we never talked about it. But I know who I want to give it too.” Grover said whispering into Kenyatta’s ear.

“Okay. Good enough reason.” Kenyatta said.

“The team getting the Samadhi is……….” Grover started.





































“Team North America.” Grover ended.

Kenyatta tossed the Samadhi to Sylvia.

“But what?” Sylvia asked.

“I went along with Clay’s advice. The more the competition, the harder you play. Since South America went far in the mission today, they have more endurance, meaning more competition.” Grover said.

“But I didn’t mean it in-” Clay began.

“Sorry,” Kenyatta said.

“Can we stop this? Just slam it on the big rock. It’s just a handicap.” JD yelled.

“Whatever,” Sylvia said and handed the Samadhi to Clay, who smashed it on the ground.

“It’s a note.” Clay said.

“Well, read it!” JD said.

Clay picked up the note and read it.

“Larger. What does that mean??” Clay asked.

“Meaning, that the ball in your guy’s challenge will be larger than the other’s team’s ball.” JD explained. “Shoot,” Sylvia said.

“Well that’s about it. See ya later.” JD said and left.

Clay: I thought for sure that Cealey and Jorge would get the Samadhi. This sucks. Oh well. I guess I did tell Grover to have good competition in the game.


Clay walked up to Sylvia and Kenyatta.

“Guys, I need to ask you guys something.” Clay told them.

“Yes?” Sylvia asked.

“Does Cealey like me?” Clay asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t ask her questions like that.” Kenyatta said.

“I’m being serious. Does she talk about me.” Clay asked.

“Well, she has been kinda quiet today. Maybe something’s on her mind.” Kenyatta said.

“Maybe that something is you,” Sylvia told him.

“I doubt it.” Clay said.

“I’d ask if I were you.” Kenyatta said.

“I don’t know. How do I know if she’ll like me back?” Clay asked.

“You just gotta try. Take a chance on it.” Sylvia said.

“Well,” Clay began.

“Well what? If two people feel this right for each other, then you should ask her.” Kenyatta told Clay.

“Yeah,” Sylvia agreed.

“Alright, I’ll ask her.” Clay said and started to walk off.


Clay: I felt so right about this. There would be no way he could say no.


“Cealey!” Clay exclaimed.

Cealey turned around.

“Clay?” Cealey asked.

“There’s been something I’ve been wanting to ask you.” Clay told her.

Cealey: Oh boy,

“Well, say it.” Cealey said.

“Okay. Cealey, will you go out with me?” Clay asked.

Cealey paused for a moment.

Clay started to look nervous.

“No, I can’t.” Cealey said.

Clay’s face fell.

“But why?” he asked.

“You wouldn’t understand.” Cealey said and started to run off.

“Yes I would,” Clay tried to tell her.

“Trust me, you wouldn’t.” Cealey said and tried to run around her cabin.

Clay ran around it and grabbed her arm.

“Yes, I would.” Clay said boldly.

“Fine. I’m not sure how to say this…but here goes. I won’t date you…because I’m a lesbian.” Cealey said.

“You’re a lesbian?” Clay asked.

“Yes, I am.” Cealey said and punched his stomach so he’d let go and she ran inside the cabin.

Clay stood out there.


“So, how’d it go?” Grover asked inside the cabin.

“Not well, she rejected me.” Clay complained.

“She rejected you? Why?” Jorge asked him.

“I can’t tell.” Clay said and went to bed then.

“Well, we have to find out why.” Jorge said.

“She told me that she’s homosexual.” Clay said.

“She is so not! I’m her partner! I’d know if she was!” Jorge said angry and grabbed Grover and went over to the girl’s hut.


“Cealey!” he yelled through the window.

Sylvia went to the door.

“I’m sorry, but Cealey can’t come to the door.” Sylvia said.

“We need to talk to her.” Grover said.

“She’s in .” Sylvia told them and tried to shove the door but it hit Grover’s foot.

“Ow,” Grover complained.

Kenyatta walked up to them.

“Cealey said we could tell them.” Kenyatta said.


“Okay. I know she’s not a lesbian so why’d she tell Clay that lie?” Jorge asked.

“She didn’t want to get hurt again.” Sylvia said.

“Hurt?” Grover asked.

“Again?” Jorge added.

“You see, before Cealey came to the island, she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with his ex.” Kenyatta said.

“Seriously?” Grover asked.

“Seriously,” Kenyatta told him.

“Not cool.” Jorge said.

“She later found out that they had been seeing and sleeping with each other.” Sylvia said.

“Wow, what an idiot.” Jorge said.

“He broke up with her then, and she cried. She was going to turn down the Endurance application so she could be with him, but once they broke up she applied and got on.” Kenyatta said.

“And so, she’s tried to be optimistic about everything since, because of what tragedy happened to her. Although, things have been hard for her.” Sylvia added.

“How long have you guys known?” Grover asked.

“About since the seventh day on the island.” Sylvia responded.

“Wow,” Jorge said.

“So she turned down Clay because she didn’t want to get hurt again, especially since it would be a long distance relationship when they went back home.” Kenyatta finished.

Cealey had been listening quietly, behind the hut.

She then ran over to the boy’s hut, where Clay was sleeping.

“Clay?” she asked.

Clay groggily woke up.

“Oh, it’s you.” he said and put a pillow over his head.

“Clay, I want you to know that the homosexual thing was just a lie. I didn’t want to get hurt from a long distance relationship so I made up a lie so you wouldn’t like me.” Cealey said really fast.

“So, you were afraid that if you said yes, I’d hurt you?” Clay asked.

“Yeah,” Cealey said.

“I would never. I’ve never been the dumper ever, only the dumpee.” Clay said, trying to make jokes.

“So is that a yes?” Cealey asked.

“Yes to what?” Clay asked.

“Well, I’m pretty sure I just asked you out again.” Cealey said and leaned in to kiss Clay.

They both kissed.


“Wow, never expected that. See you next time here on Endurance. For our last temple mission ever! Who will win. Who will the final two be? Who will we be seeing at our aftermath? Stay tuned!” JD said.

Battle of the Labyrinth

“Last time on Endurance,” JD announced. “The yellow team somehow managed to pull of a victory. Grover, pulling karma on Clay, gave the Samadhi to him, striving for better competition. Meanwhile, Sylvia had found a chicken, really! And Clay found a new found love for Cealey, and after some drama, it’s official! I hear wedding bells! Who will win a free pass to the final two? Which of the lovebirds will be eliminated? We’re close to the finale, so stay tuned here on Endurance!”


“Attention all contestants, the confessional cameras are out of used.

Cealey: Wait, what the


Kenyatta, Cealey, and Sylvia were relaxing in hammocks, Kenyatta had woven.

“So, you weave, do yoga, and keep up with a cranky LeShaniqua?” Sylvia had asked Kenyatta.

“How do you do it?” Cealey asked.

“Earplugs.” Kenyatta said, referring to answer the LeShaniqua problem.

The girls laughed.

Changing the subject, Sylvia said, “Has anyone seen Jade? I’m guessing it was stupid of me to keep a pet chicken, but now I want to know where she is.” Sylvia said.

“No idea.” Cealey said, ignoring the fact.

“What do you do with her?” Sylvia asked.

“Nothing, I swear!” Sylvia said.

“I believe her. She has her own pet she can murder.” Kenyatta said.

The girls laughed.

“Well, I better start making breakfast.” Sylvia said, getting up.

“No reason, we have it already made.” Grover said, coming up to the girls.

“Well isn’t this a surprise.” Cealey said.

“For the beginning, banana smoothies!” Grover said, pretending to be the announced.

Jorge came out and brought three banana smoothies for the girls.

“Made by our chef, Clayton Edwards!” Jorge added.

Cealey clapped for Clay.

“Thank you, malady.” Clay said to Cealey.

“And your main course,” Jorge announced.

“Hey that’s my job.” Grover said, kicking Jorge.

“Okay, anyway. Here’s to blueberry pancakes, thanks to Jorge’s mother sending him pancake mix, a pan, and our fire, started by Grover Flame!” Clay said, as Jorge handed out blueberry pancakes.

“These are blueberries right, not like last time when Sylvia put them in a drink and later told us they were nutritious Hawaiian blu-blu bugs?” Kenyatta said, laughing at Sylvia.

“They have protein!” Sylvia protested.

“These are real blueberries, thanks to Trudy who stole some from the crew set.” Clay said.

“There’s a crew set?” Cealey asked.

“No duh.” Jorge remarked.

“So, let’s toast, to us!” Clay said, raising his banana smoothie.

“To us.” everyone said and clinked classes.


Cealey started drinking really fast and started choking.

“Are you okay?” Clay asked quickly.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Cealey said clearing her throat.


“Welcome to your final temple mission ever.” JD said, welcoming the groups.

“Woo hoo!” they all cheered.

“With this, also comes an elimination that will happen tonight, giving us our final three.” JD said.

“Let’s not think on the negatives.” Sylvia reminded.

“Okay. Let’s start with explaining the challenge. The challenge is “Battle of the Labyrinth”. In this challenge, each team will be at a different starting location to go into the labyrinth. Use your smarts to get through the labyrinth, but beware. There are many dead ends and also watch out for the Minotaur, who is actually an intern in a costume. This intern is a highly trainer pro fighter, though. He could give you a one hit KO. There are lookout areas to help you decide which path to take. One of your team members will be holding a torch. When you come to the end of the labyrinth, you must burn down the gate with the torch. Once the gate is burned down, run touch the torch which doesn’t have a flame in it, and light it. Which ever team can do that first win a free pass to the final two? Does that sound easy?” JD explained and asked.

“No,” the six contestants all said. “Great!” JD said.

He got the three teams in positions for the start.

“On the go. One, two, GO!” JD said.

Team Asia and Team North America went off.

“But what about three?” Cealey asked.

“Get going,” Jorge said and pushed her.


Grover and Kenyatta were running through the wooden maze and they suddenly halted.

“A fork in the road, which way do we go?” Kenyatta asked.

“Luck of the Irish,” Grover responded and flipped a penny.

“Heads was left. We go left then.” Grover said and they both headed in that direction.


Clay and Sylvia ran up to two doors.

“Um, which door do we take?” Sylvia asked.

“What color do you prefer? Tan or Brown?” Clay asked.

“Aren’t they basically the same color?” Sylvia asked.

Clay gave her a glare.

“Team North America, the brown team. Duh,” Sylvia said, joking.

They rushed through the brown door.

Both off them ran past a corner to a dead end.

“Of course, they’d trick us.” Clay said and turned around, and charged out the door.

Sylvia followed behind.

“The tan door,” Clay said and rushed through it.


Jorge and Cealey headed up the stairs to a lookout area.

“Look! That’s where the torch is!” Jorge said.

“The problem is, how do we get there? The only way to get there is to go all the way back to the starting point and take a right and hug the edge no matter what,” Cealey said.

A grunt was heard behind them and the flame on their torch went out.

Jorge and Cealey turned around.

“Oh crap.” Jorge said.


Grover and Kenyatta kept running till they came to a part where there was an underground tunnel.

“Do we dare enter it?” Kenyatta asked.

“I don’t know, what if the Minotaur is hiding down there?” Grover replied.

“Good point,” Kenyatta said.

“We should risk it,” Grover concluded.

“I think we shan’t.” Kenyatta said, scared.

“Don’t be a baby. You’re the one who’s loud and proud of it? You’ll scare that Minotaur if it’s down there!” Grover yelled.

“Today, I’m feeling more like a cowardly lion.” Kenyatta said.

“It’s an intern! It’s not like they would hurt us!” Grover said, trying to persuade her.

“A PRO FIGHTER INTERN!” Kenyatta screamed.

Grover tried to push Kenyatta down the stairs.

“You think a skinny string bean like you can push me down the stairs?” Kenyatta asked, laughing.

Grover pushed more, finally knocking Kenyatta down the stairs.

“Ugh,” Kenyatta said, laughing.

“Why are you laughing?” Grover asked.

“You think I would actually be afraid of goin’ down here? It was a test to see how much you wanted to win this.” Kenyatta said.

They heard a growl.

“K, now I’m scared.” Kenyatta said.


Clay and Sylvia were running down the maze.

“A lookout!” Sylvia pointed out.

They both headed up the lookout.

“There’s the Minotaur!” Clay said, pointing to another lookout.

“Wo, Cealey and Jorge are up there!” Sylvia said.

“Sucks for them.” Clay said.

Clay analyzed the Labyrinth.

“I think I found a way we can win this and get out of here.” Clay said.


“Um, hello?” Cealey asked the Minotaur, cowering.

The Minotaur grunted.

“This challenge stinks.” Jorge said and tried to run down the stairs.

The Minotaur swung out his arm and knocked Jorge out.

“JORGE!” Cealey yelled.

The Minotaur then glared at Cealey.

“Hello,” Cealey said again, scared.

The Minotaur made a odd growl at her and Cealey ran down the lookout stairs, screaming.


Grover ran down the dark underground passage, screaming.

Kenyatta looked to her left, to find a radio with a tape in it.

The growl came again.

Kenyatta angrily pulled the cord out and the growling stopped.

“This show bites at times.” Kenyatta said, and followed Grover out of the passageway.

Both Grover and Kenyatta looked both ways.

“Which way do we go?” Grover asked.

“Luck of the Irish?” Kenyatta replied.

Grover took out the same penny and flipped it. “Left again.” Grover said and they ran left and turned the corner, and ran into Cealey.

“Cealey?” Kenyatta and Grover asked in unison.

Back at home, Charlote was watching the show with an unusual green girl sitting next to her.

“Uni-” Charlote started.

The green girl put her hand over Charlote’s mouth.

“Not one word!” The green girl threatened in a Bulgarian accent.

“THE MINOTAUR!” Cealey screamed and ran behind Kenyatta and Grover.

Kenyatta and Grover looked confused until a big furry creature with horns popped out of the corner and came charging their way.

“RUN!” Grover yelled.

Kenyatta instead grabbed Grover and hid behind a corner as the Minotaur passed by.

“Now, we just need to find the exit.” Kenyatta said.


“How?” Sylvia asked.

“Well, if we come down from the lookout tower, take a right then a left, and then a right, then a left, and then another left and go straight till we hit that wall, we should only have to take a long right to the gate.” Clay said.

“Um,” Sylvia said, greatly bewildered by what her partner had just said.

“Okay. I’ll say this slower.” Clay said, slowing down his voice.

“Take a right then a left, and then a right, then a left, and then another left and go straight till we hit that wall, we should only have to take a long right to the gate.” Clay said really slowly.

“Wait, hold up. After we walk down those stairs we take a right then another right, and then a right, then left, and then another left and go straight till we hit that wall, we should only have to take a long right to the gate?” Sylvia asked.

Clay face palmed him self.

“We take a right, then a left!” Clay yelled.

“That make no sense, unless you want to run right into a wall.” Sylvia said, pointing that out for him.

Clay looked out of the lookout.

“Oh,” he said, embarrassed.


Cealey kept on running from the Minotaur, looking back occasionally.

She stopped when she thought he was gone.

Cealey caught her breath from running.

The Minotaur intern then popped out from behind a corner.

“AAAAAHHHHH!” Cealey screamed and turned around to run into a wall.

“Ugh,” Cealey said, passing out.

The Minotaur snapped his fingers.

The wall opened up and Trudy put Cealey on a gurney that had Jorge on it too.

JD was watching everything.

“Attention, remaining teams. There are only two teams left in the competition. Cealey and Jorge both are knocked out.” JD said, laughing into the intercom.

Kenyatta and Grover were both listening to JD.

“Woo hoo!” they both cheered.

“Less competition for us!” Kenyatta said.

“We heard that!” Clay said.

Grover smirked at him.

“Head to the lookout!” Kenyatta said and the two of them ran to the lookout in front of them.

Grover studied Clay and Sylvia at the other end of the Labyrinth who were planning their way out.

“I think they know their strategy to find the way out.” Grover said.

Kenyatta handed Grover the torch and then started to talk.

“But what they don’t know, is that the Minotaur is guarding their path. We can take the other route but that might not be enough time if Clay can stall the Minotaur.” Kenyatta said.

“We could take the chance.” Grover said.

“Okay, then we have to take rights all the way to the edge, and then hug it. We should make a complete circle around the Labyrinth and make it out.” Kenyatta said, showing Grover the path.

“Let’s do it.” Grover said.


Clay and Sylvia walked down the stairs of the lookout.

“Remember the plan?” Clay asked.

“Remember the one who pointed out your flaws?” Sylvia said and took lead.

“Hey! Only my girlfriend can’t point out my flaws. I just want to win.” Clay told her.

Sylvia was far ahead of Clay now.

“Whatever,” Sylvia said.

She finished, taking the last left before going straight.

Clay caught up with her.

“Wait, this isn’t right. How’d we hit a dead end?” Clay asked.

“Maybe we took one too many lefts.” Sylvia guessed.

“Well, at Scooby Doo Detective Camp, if you’ve lost, retrace your steps.” Clay said, trying to be helpful.

“So. How do we do that? It’s a labyrinth. It was created by Daedalus, in ancient great mythology to keep the Minotaur and himself in it. But, in this case, it does have a way out, although I bet it’s practically impossible! What other way can we get out without retracing our steps without getting lost?” Sylvia yelled.

“Um. I don’t know.” Clay responded.

There was a long pause between the both of them.

“Wait, I do know a way.” Clay said and he got a weird look in his eyes.


Grover and Kenyatta were hugging the sides of the Labyrinth.

“We’re gonna make it. Don’t you try to stop us, let them try. Our fortune’s waiting, and they can kiss it all, bye, bye, bye.” Grover and Kenyatta were singing.

“How much longer? This is the longest challenge ever.” Grover said.

Kenyatta looked at a pocket watch.

“I don’t know. I think the battery’s dead. Anyway, I don’t think we were given a certain time to finish.” Kenyatta said.

“Ugh,” Grover said, taking a break.

“Come on. I’m not going to be this close to losing. I bet, we’re gonna win and I don’t want to jeopardize that by waiting.” Kenyatta said, dragging Grover along the long and narrow labyrinth side.

There was a long silence between the both of them.

“I’m gonna make it,” Grover started singing again.

Kenyatta gave him a glare.

“I’ll stop.” Grover said, innocently.


“Run,” Sylvia said to Clay.

“No, my plan isn’t to run, how about we-” Clay started.

“No RUN!” Sylvia yelled.

“Well, maybe we can run on the way, just to get there faster, but-” Clay began again.

“Clay,” Sylvia said, now cowering in the dead end corner.

A hand tapped Clay on the shoulder three times.

“Oh crap.” Clay said turning around.


JD was watching the competiting contestants on a little TV with Trudy and Jorge.

Cealey was still passed out on the gurney.

“Oh, I love this part!” JD said, referring to the part when the Minotaur was behind Clay.

“Am I up? I better sing or I get out,” Cealey said, nauseous.

“What is she talking about?” Jorge asked.

“I don’t know, flip the camera on her.” JD said.

“THIS IS COMEDY GOLD!” Trudy said.

“I can’t feel my face, Cody. CODY! WHERE’D YOU PUT IT?” Cealey yelled.

Jorge, JD, and Trudy began laughing even louder.

Cealey then woke up for good.

“Huh?” Cealey asked, waking up.

“Who’s Cody?” Jorge asked.

“Cody? How do you know about Cody?” Cealey asked.

“Someone’s a sleeptalker.” Trudy said, paying attention back to Clay and Sylvia being attacked by the Minotaur.

“I’m telling Clay,” Jorge taunted.


“I don’t want to die.” Clay said and ran away from the Minotaur quick.

“Thanks a lot, teamie!” Sylvia said, scared cause she was left with the Minotaur.

The Minotaur got down to her level and breathed disgustingly into her face

Sylvia almost puked before she thought of an idea.

“I know why you’re so angry and want to kill us. You feel lonely. You don’t have a partner. But it’s your lucky day!” Sylvia said reaching for something in her pocket.

The Minotaur looked at her questionably.

“A Female Minotaur!” Sylvia said, grabbing out a voodoo doll of Kasandra with horns taped to it.

The Minotaur looked confused and picked up the voodoo doll.

Sylvia crossed her fingers.

The Minotaur poked it.

Kasandra was at home, relaxing on her couch.

“OW!” Kasandra bellowed in pain.

Sylvia crept around the Minotaur as it cuddled the voodoo doll.

The Minotaur then gobbled then started skipping with the doll.

Sylvia eased away, to find Clay around the corner.

“How did you do that?” Clay asked.

“Never judge a matchmaker by her cover.” Sylvia said.

Clay smiled.

“Let’s go.” Sylvia said and then both started running.

They turned a few corners.

All of a sudden the voodoo doll was thrown in front of them and hit a wall.

Kasandra was sitting at home on her couch again.

She stood up and then flew into a wall.

“Ow,” Kasandra yelled.

Nothing moved.

“Oh my god, paranormal activity.” Kasandra said.

The scene shifted back to the brown team.

“Oh my god.” Clay said.

They both turned around.

The Minotaur walked up to them, cowering over them, angrily.

“I don’t think they’d actually let us die do you?” Sylvia asked.

The Minotaur then reached over and grabbed the voodoo doll and started coddling it.

“Huh?” Clay asked.

“Don’t ask! We need to get out of here!” Sylvia said and they ran a little further.

The Minotaur then escaped to a secret place.


Kenyatta and Grover eased around another corner.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe it!” Kenyatta exclaimed.

“The exit!” Grover yelled and they both ran over to the gate made of sticks.

“This should be easy to burn down.” Grover said and torched the gate.

The gate went up into flames and soon disintegrated.

“Yes!” Kenyatta and reached to torch the torch.

The Minotaur then appeared out of nowhere.

Kenyatta screamed.

“Is that a Kasandra doll?” Grover asked to break the screaming.

The Minotaur hugged the doll and spit on the torch Kenyatta held, causing it to go out.

“Crap!” Kenyatta yelled.

The Minotaur looked pleased.

“We’ve been stuck in here for three hours. I am not gonna lose like that!” Kenyatta yelled and tackled the Minotaur.

“Fight, fight, fight!” Grover yelled.


Clay and Sylvia ran through the labyrinth.

“The exit!” Sylvia exclaimed and ran up to it.

Clay ran up to her, with the torch.

“Um…..” Clay started.

“No comment.” Sylvia said.

“Oh, thank you.” Grover said, taking their torch and lighting the torch.

“Hey!” Sylvia said.

JD appeared from behind a wall.

“Team Asia wins!” JD yelled.

“Yes!” Kenyatta said, paying no attention the Minotaur, who disappeared behind a secret passage wall.

The intern walked out and dropped the voodoo doll into the fire.

(No, Kasandra didn’t burn to death. These were all just coincidences as voodoo dolls are not real)

“Congratulations. You guys get a free pass to the final two!” JD said.

“Yes!” Grover exclaimed.

Jorge and Cealey appeared from the secret passage door.

Cealey stood next to Clay.

“Team South America, Team North America. On of you teams are leaving tonight.” JD said.

Cealey hugged Clay tightly.


“I can’t believe one of us will be leaving tonight.” Cealey said, hugging Clay.

“I know. I wish it’d be me. I’d want you to win for the both of us.” Clay said.

“But then you wouldn’t be here. I should leave.” Cealey argued.

“But then if I was here, then I’d be without you.” Clay said.

“You’re right. One of us has to leave and the other won’t be happy about it. But if we want a grand prize, we’ll have to make some sacrifices.” Cealey said.

“Agreed. Whatever happens, I’ll miss you.” Clay said.

Cealey hugged onto Clay ever more.


Sylvia and Cealey were in the girl’s hut packing up their things.

“I can’t believe that tomorrow, the final three will be here. Then we’ll have to wait only two more days till a winner is crowned.” Cealey said.

“Which will be me.” Kenyatta said, gloating.

“Hey, you’re still gonna have competition once one of use gets back.” Sylvia reminded.

“But, you know. The fansites say we have the best shots. I know from the mailbag we get.” Kenyatta said.

“Yeah, the stupid mailbag that told me I have the worst chances of winning,” Cealey mumbled.

“Aw, don’t feel left out. Remember, JD said that this game is all about karma.” Kenyatta reminded.

“Karma, which will one day bring me a man.” Sylvia said, hopefully.

“This conversation is going no where. HOLY CRAP, I SMELL PIZZA.” Cealey said.


Jorge and Clay were in their cabins, packing.

“It won’t be the same once one of use leaves the island.” Clay said, throwing a brown shirt into his suitcase.

Jorge stripped off a sheet from his wooden bed and folded it up.

“There, I am ready.” Jorge said and put his suitcase down.

Clay zipped his up, after stuffing a pair of sandals and a stuffed lion in his suitcase.

“Wait, take out the lion. He looked cute.” Grover said.

“No, MoMo’s special to me.” Clay said and tried to walk out.

“You have a stuffed lion named MoMo?” Jorge asked, almost laughing.

“Coming from the guy who has a stuffed gun.” Clay said, pulling out a plush gun.

“Touché,” Jorge said to him.

“I’m gonna miss all the fun times we had.” Grover said.

“Like the times we all sang in the morning or had wonderful breakfast made by Sylvia.” Clay said, refreshing his memory.

“Aah,” they all said in unison.

The scene shifted to Charlote who was hanging upside down with her mouth taped shut.

Vendetta walked in front of her with a group of kids.

“Whacking the piñata costs twenty-five cents.” Vendetta said.

A kid handed her money and picked up a stick.

“Yay! Piñata!” Charlote said, through the tape.

The scene shifted back to the kids.

“Hey, I smell pizza.” Jorge said and they all headed outside.


The guys and the girls met up with each other and were left to find a picnic blanket with pizza on it.

A note was attached to the top box.

Clay picked it up.

To spend your last night together happily, JD.” Clay read aloud.

“It might be a trick,” Grover warned.

“Or it might be a free pizza.” Kenyatta said digging into the pizza.

The inside of the first box had another note.

“Now, don’t scarf down the note.” Cealey said picking it up.

Vegetarian, Sausage, and Chicken (made fresh the morning from a chicken we found).” Cealey read.

“That’s where Jade was!” Sylvia exclaimed.

“Told you she was food,” Cealey said biting into a piece of the vegetarian slice.

Sylvia looked depressed, but reached for a piece of sausage pizza and ate it.

“Come on, try the chicken slice. You know you want to.” Grover teased.

Sylvia slowly ate the chicken slice and said, “Maybe just one more.” the whole group laughed.

“Speaking of animals, Kenyatta. I give you Liesl to take care of. Charlote gave it to me, but once I get home, my apartment won’t allow pets, so you keep it.” Cealey said, calling for Liesl.

The goat came running and snuggled next to Cealey.

“Liesl, you belong to Kenyatta now.” Cealey said to the goat.

The goat looked happily at Kenyatta and ran up to her.

JD walked up to them.

“Glad you guys are enjoying your meal. Because, now it’s time for Team North America and Team South America to both start climbing the dreaded walk to the Temple of Fate.” JD said.

The two teams stood up.

“I’ll meet you guys there.” JD said.

Sylvia, Cealey, and Kenyatta all hugged each other.

Grover and Jorge shook hands and Clay hugged Grover.

They headed to their huts, grabbed their bags, and went off.


Walking up to The Temple of Fate, Clay and Cealey were hugging each other.

“Gosh, get a room.” Jorge teased.

“Plush gun.” Clay said.

“MoMo.” Jorge taunted back.

“Dish soap.” Clay said.

“Cody!” Jorge yelled and soon covered his mouth.

“Cody?” Clay asked.

“Nothing,” Jorge said, as Cealey gave him a glare.


"Welcome to the Temple of Fate!" JD announced.

"In front of you guys is a stand with three cauldrons. It is the basic game of rock, paper, scissors. The cauldrons contain fire, water, and a bonsai tree representing wood." JD said.

"You are trying to pick the element to overpower your opponents." JD replied.

"You both have your pieces and your grand prize trips. Now pick up those colored rocks and the permanent marker below you. When I tell you to, you must pick up a rock and write down one of those elements. Capiche?" JD asked.

"Capiche," they all said.

"So. Pick up your first rock. It's time to go." JD said and the teams did as told.

Clay picked up a rock and scribbled something on it.

Cealey and Jorge picked up another rock.

You could faintly here “Fire?” and see Jorge nod his head.

Clay and Jorge gave their rocks to JD.

JD placed them in a big fire in the middle.

There was a moment of silence.

“May I please see the dominant element rise?” JD asked.




























Fire and water.

“Team South America, you picked fire. Team North America, you picked water. Water puts out fire. That’s one point for Team North America.” JD said and handed the teams another rock to write on.

They both finished writing and gave their rocks to JD.

JD placed both the rocks in the fire.

“May I please see the dominant element rise?” JD asked.












Water and water.

“Both teams picked water. No point for anyone.” JD said and handed the teams a new rock.

Clay quickly jotted down water again.

The teams handed JD the rocks, who placed it in the fire.

“May I please see the dominant element rise?” JD asked.

























Wood and water.

“Team South America, you guys picked wood. Team North America, you guys picked water. Wood floats on water. That’s a point for Team South America. This will be the tiebreaker round.” JD said handing the teams the last rock for them.

“What do we put?” Sylvia whispered to Clay.

Clay shrugged.

“Grover told me luck of the Irish.” he responded and took out a coin. They both agreed on the element and wrote it down.

Jorge quickly jotted down fire.

They handed the rocks to JD.

He placed them in the fire.

“May I please see the dominant element rise?” JD asked.




















Fire and wood rose.

“Team South America, you chose fire. Team North America, you chose wood. Fire burns wood. Team South America, you guys are in the final two.” JD said.

Jorge started cheering.

Cealey looked happy too, until she realized that Clay was going home.

“Bye,” Clay said and started to board the helicopter that awaited.

Cealey ran up to him and kissed him, before we left.

Clay boarded the helicopter.

Sylvia waved goodbye and boarded too.

The helicopter took off then.

“Well, this was an interesting day with an interesting challenge. But now, the final two has been revealed. Team Asia and Team South America. Who will win? Who will lose? Only time will tell.” JD said and dismissed them.


Kenyatta and Grover were waiting.

“This will be interesting.” Kenyatta said as they watched two figures appear from the fog.

“South America!” Kenyatta and Grover said at the same time.

The two teams hugged and rejoiced.

“Wow, we’re so glad to have you guys with us. We’re sad to see them go, though.” Grover said.

“Yeah, and now it’s time for the finale.” Cealey reminded everyone.

The scene shifted to JD in his editing room.

“That’s right. But first, why don’t you join us next time? For an exciting new episode, The Aftermath! Hosted by your favorite TV host, Blaineley O’Halloran! Catch up with all the eliminated players, and enjoy a song or two. This will be fun. Join us for our hour-long, aftermath, next time!” JD said, and signed off.

The Aftermath

“Last time on Endurance!” A new female voice announced. An audience cheered in the background. “We had a surprise six hour challenge and Kenyatta and Grover pulled off an impressive victory. Meanwhile, Jorge and Cealey got knocked out by a Minotaur. At the Temple of Fate, Jorge and Cealey beat Clay and Sylvia, giving them the boot home. We now have our final two. Who will win? Who will lose? Save that for next time! Because today, it’s our Aftermath! Catch up with all the eliminated players. Listen to a few songs or ten. And everyone with your cameras, call in with a question if you have one, you could get on Live TV! Now, let the theme song begin!” the girl voice said.

(theme song)


The screen gradually got lighter as the theme song ended.

A live studio audience cheered and screamed.

There was a female with blonde hair and a red dress sitting on a green chair.

“Hi everyone! I’m Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran!” Blaineley said to the audience, who cheered even more.

“HER REAL NAME ISN’T BLAINELEY! IT’S MILDRED!” a random guy in the audience said.

“Whatevers!” Blaineley remarked.

A lot of snickers were heard throughout the audience.

“Any who, we have ten eliminated competitors from the Hit Show Endurance here tonight! They will each come out one by one and sing a song and answer some questions from their fans. We even have special guests planned out for each of our members in the peanut gallery!” Blaineley said.

The audience cheered again.

A guy in the audience stood up without a shirt and his chest read ‘Blaineley Rocks!’.

“WOO! BLAINELEY! YOU ROCK!” the guy said.

Blaineley, embarrassed said, “Thanks dad.”

Her dad sat down.

“So, without further ado, let’s welcome our first member of the show, Ker-!” Blaineley started before being interrupted.

A girl walked out from the stage door excited and peppy.

“Me!” the girl said.

“Charlote?” Blaineley asked.

“EEE! That’s me!” Charlote exclaimed.

Blaineley looked confused but then said, “Um, It’s Charlote everybody!”

The audience cheered for her.

A group of guys threw roses at Charlote.

“Thank you, tee hee!” Charlote said.

Charlote took a seat on a couch, next to Blaineley.

The audience died down then.

“So Charlote. We first have a question for you, how did it feel being the first team to be eliminated from Endurance?” Blaineley asked.

“It was a lot of fun! I got to ride away in a helicopter! Then, the pilot gave me a parachute and shoved me off in Las Vegas. I’ve been staying in a hotel for weeks!” Charlote said excitedly.

“Wow, were you scared when you were pushed out of the plane?” Blaineley said.

“No, it was a lot of fun! Tee hee!” Charlote said innocently.

Blaineley expected more of an answer and just shook her head.

“So, what have you done in Vegas since?” Blaineley asked.

“Oh, I’ve been shopping! I bought a million onions!” Charlote said, and pulled out an onion on a stick and started licking it.

“Onions? Why waste the money on onions?” Blaineley asked.

“Cuz onions rule!” Charlote said innocently again.

“So you spent all your time in Vegas, BUYING ONIONS?” Blaineley asked again.

“Yes, I still have a lot left! I’ve been sharing them with Vendetta! I had the Endurance crew bring Vendetta to Vegas with me! She brought a lot of her cute puppies with her!” Charlote said.

Blaineley held something to her ear.

“And word has it, that Vendetta is waiting backstage. Let’s bring her on out!” Blaineley said.

The scene shifted to a green room where a green girl was waiting on a couch.

A female intern walked into the room. It was Eva.

“Yo, Vendetta. You’re wanted on stage.” Eva told her.

“No,” Vendetta said in her Bulgarian accent.

“You’re making me angry,” Eva said, clenching her fists.

“No, you’re making me angry. Where’s those clams I was promised?” Vendetta asked stepping up.

Eva growled and threw Vendetta on stage.

Vendetta landed on her butt.

“Ladies and gentleman, let’s welcome Vendetta!” Blaineley said.

Applause was heard.

Vendetta stood up.

“No! Stop it! No cheering! No!” Vendetta yelled, throwing clams at audience members.

Eva came out a forced Vendetta to sit down.

“So Vendetta? How has your time been in Vegas?” Blaineley asked.

“It was horrible! That stupid girl made me come out her and destroyed my fiends!” Vendetta said, trying to strangle Charlote.

“Security!” Blaineley quickly yelled.

Eva came out and strapped Vendetta to the couch.

“Silly Vendetta. Look, we’re on TV!” Charlote said.

“Shut up,” Vendetta said, glaring at Charlote.

“Okay!” Charlote said and didn’t talk.

“So, Vendetta. What did you think about Charlote being the first voted out?” Blaineley asked.

“While I loved her misery of her losing, I thought to myself. ‘No! She didn’t win! She’s not gonna move away!’ And then my hopes fell when the Endurance Crew picked me up and dropped me in a hotel room with her!” Vendetta said.

“Charlote, thoughts?” Blaineley asked.

Charlote didn’t talk. “Charlote, you can talk now.” Blaineley told her.

Charlote shook her head happily.

“Heh, just the way I like it. Can I go?” Vendetta asked.

“No, we need Charlote to sing.” Blaineley said.

Charlote’s eyes lit up.

“Singing?” Charlote asked, excitedly.

“No, no singing!” Vendetta pleaded.

“I’d love to sing!” Charlote exclaimed.

“Well, now it’s time for Charlote to sing!” Blaineley said, ignoring Vendetta.

“I’m singing this song to show everyone how important it is to eat vegetables.” Charlote said.

“No! NOT THIS SONG!” Vendetta complained.

Eat Vegetables With Every Meal (By: Charlote Feat. Vendetta and Blaineley)

Charlote Eat vegetables for they are good

And would eat you if they could.

Have them steamed or boiled or baked,

Or ground up in birthday cake.

Vendetta: No! No cake!

Charlote: Eat vegetables of every kind.

Red and green,

And blue and striped.

Eat tiny peas,

And eggplant too.

But never ever eat their shoes.

Vendetta: Yes! Eat their little vegetable shoes! Make them suffer!

Charlote: Vendetta, that’s not nice.

Blaineley: Vegetables wear shoes?

Charlote: Of course!

Eat vegetables with every meal,

Or your lips will start to peel.

And your eyebrows will fall out,

And your feet will smell like trout.

The audience cheered for Charlote.

“Well, that was um, interesting?” Blaineley said.

Vendetta was then released.

“Mom!!!!!!!!!” Vendetta yelled running off the stage.

From backstage you could hear “This lunatic’s harassing me!”

“Well, that’s Vendetta. Give it up for her!” Blaineley said.

The audience cheered.

“Thank you. I’d like to thank everyone who got me this far, including Garbage Man Joe! I appreciate you! You pick up the garbage so Clamburg doesn’t become so overflowed with garbage!” Charlote said.

A guy in a sanitation outfit in the audience said “Yeah, stick it to the man!”

“Well Charlote! Before we go, it’s time for a Video Chat Question.” Blaineley said, motioning to the screen above their heads.

“And your question comes from, Staci from Alberta!” Blaineley said.

A pudgy girl showed up on the screen.

“Hi Staci!” Charlote said to Staci.

“Hi Charlote! OMG! I’m like your biggest fan ever!” Staci exclaimed.

“Aw thank you!” Charlote said to her.

“Okay, before this love fest grows anymore, Staci. Your question?” Blaineley said.

“Okay.” Staci said, picking up a index card.

“Dear Charlote,” Staci said really slowly.

The audience was quiet.

“Why do you feel that you were the first voted out? My fan club for you was so depressed.” Staci said.

“Well, Cealey told me that being eliminated was a good thing! She said that we were out first because everyone liked me!” Charlote said.

Blaineley face palmed.

“Charlote, being eliminated first means that everyone did not like you.” Blaineley said.

Charlote looked at Blaineley, confused.

“It means that you were voted out first to get the grand prize and everyone thought you were annoying.” Blaineley said.

“Oh,” Charlote said, looking sad.

“Oh look it what you did! You made her sad!” Staci said and disconnected the video chat.

“Let’s move onto our next guest. He accidentally blew up his house and currently lives with grandparents after being kicked out of his house. Here’s Kermit!” Blaineley said.

Kermit walked out onstage, wearing a scientist cloak.

“Hey Kermit! Looks like you were on the bridge of an experiment?” Blaineley asked.

“Yep!” Kermit said.

An explosion was heard backstage.

The audience burst into laughter.

Eva walked out, her face was full of a cyan goo.

Blaineley couldn’t keep herself from laughing.

Eva growled and through some of the cyan goo at Blaineley, staining her dress.

“Ugh,” Blaineley said and went backstage to change.

She came out with her usual outfit, but in a lime green.

“So, Kermit. Welcome to the show!” Blaineley said.

“Thanks for having me!” Kermit said.

“Well, it wasn’t much my choice, I was forced too, but it gives me a wad of cash so who cares?” Blaineley asked.

“You look better in green.” Kermit said.

“Um, thank you?” Blaineley asked.

“Your welcome.” Kermit said.

Blaineley was then creeped out.

“So, let’s move on with our first question. Where did the helicopter drop you?” Blaineley asked.

“Well, they shoved Evelyn out of the helicopter on Hawaii. They shoved me out in Vegas.” Kermit said.

“Was everyone dropped out in Vegas?” Blaineley asked.

“I just said Evelyn was pushed out in Hawaii.” Kermit said annoyed.

“Sorry. So, what do you do in Vegas?” Blaineley asked.

“Gambled a little bit, then I-” Kermit began.

“Wo, wo, wo. You gambled? Are you even of age?” Blaineley asked.

“Well, if you count playing poker with some hobos on the street. I ended up winning five moldy donuts and a T-Shirt signed by the members of Aerosmith. I’m wearing it now!” Kermit said excitedly.

“Ew, ew, ew, GROSS!” Blaineley said and puked on the stage.

An angry Eva swept it away with a mop.

“I was just kidding.” Kermit said and started cracking up.

“That was a good one, Shaun!” Charlote said.

“I’m Kermit, Charlote. Not Shaun.” Kermit said.

“I know that silly Kermit. I was talking about the sheep behind this couch. He’s doing tricks!” Charlote said.

Blaineley face palmed again.

“So Kermit. Did you ever actually create a zip line that works?” Blaineley asked.

“Eventually I did, in Vegas. I think one of the hobos stole the sock monkey I tested it with though.” Kermit said, disgusted.

“And now, here’s my last question. You have to answer it in song.” Blaineley said.

“Wait, song? No one said anything about singing. I didn’t know that Grover was serious about that Endurance musical thing.” Kermit said.

“No, it’s a little fun thing I picked up from Total Drama. Singing. Charlote sang.” Blaineley said.

“I can sing again too!” Charlote said and starting to sing.

“Now that we’re small-” Charlote began before Blaineley interrupted her.

“All you have to do is answer the question with a song. The song only has to be a minute long!” Blaineley yelled.

“Okay, fine.” Kermit said.

“So, what is this whole deal about blowing up your house and being kicked out of it?” Blaineley asked.

“Well,” Kermit said and then broke into song that sounded a lot like the tune of Fireflies.

It Ain’t Rocket Science (By: Kermit Feat. Blaineley)

Kermit: You would not believe your eyes

If you saw mine

Light up while on I was on the brink

Rushin’ down to lab down there

Chemicals spilling everywhere

Trying to make a pill to live longer

Blaineley: Wow?

Kermit: Just when I thought I had it

I accidentally

Created a bomb

The flash went out and sparks flew

Big bang boom

And soon I no longer had a bedroom

I never get another hug

Kicked out off the rug

Parents angry that house blew up

Walked a ways to grandma’s house

She always wore a creepy blouse

And then the turning point began about now

Blaineley: Now? Seriously?

Kermit: Endurance invited me in.

Asked me to join and without a doubt

I said yes

Got on the show, left my home

Made a few friends

But just got eliminated in the end

Just like my mother always said

It ain’t

Rocket science

Oh yeah she said It ain’t

Rocket science

And now I’m hopin’ for a second chance

Kermit ended his song and some girls in the audience started crying.

“Meh, I’ve seen sadder in a book.” Blaineley said.

“Hey,” Kermit said, almost breaking out in tears.

“Before you start crying, we have a special video chat question that might cheer you up!” Blaineley said, gesturing to the monitor.

“Who in the world would make me- VIOLET BAUDELAIRE!” Kermit exclaimed loudly.

The girl waved back at him.

“I never dreamed you were actually a real person. Just in books!” Kermit said.

“Oh, it’s all real. I wanted to ask you two questions on behalf of your Endurance journey.” Violet said to him.

“Oh sure ask anything.” Kermit said.

“I’d rather ask you in person.” Violet said shutting off the camera.

“What? No, don’t disconnect!” Kermit said.

Blaineley had a smile on her face and told Kermit, “Look around.”

Kermit turned around to find Violet standing right behind him.

“Violet!” Kermit said.

“Hello Kermit.” Violet said.

“Hurry up, ask the questions. It’s an hour show.” Blaineley said.

“Okay. My first question is about how you felt you made your impression on the show?” Violet asked.

“Hmm where do I start? I think I made my impression on the show by being the ultra mad scientist. Mainly in every episode, I’d be thinking of something to make to improve the time spent whether it was ziplines, slip and slides, and other stuff.” Kermit said.

“Okay, my second question comes mainly from the episode “Eruption””. Violet said.

“What episode was that exactly?” Kermit asked.

“You were a reality show star and you don’t even know the names of the episodes?” Blaineley asked.

“I honestly don’t even think I know the name of the show I’m on.” Kermit said.

Blaineley face palmed for the third time.

“It was the one where Kasandra and Rainer got eliminated.” Violet said to refresh Kermit’s mind.

“Oh yeah, I remember that.” Kermit said.

“Well I was wondering where you got that Violet Baudelaire’s Inventing Guide book from. I had always dreamed of writing a book like that, but never had enough time.” Violet said.

“Well, I made it at my grandparent’s house. I was depressed but soon became excited when I knew I was going to be on a reality show. Me and my grandma made it the week before I left.” Kermit said.

“Do you mind if I publish it? A lot of fan clubs have said that they want that book so bad.” Violet asked.

“Seriously? I wouldn’t mind. As long as I get credit.” Kermit said.

“100% credit.” Violet agreed.

Violet and Kermit shook on it.

“Well, this is all interesting and such, but we need to move onto our next guest. Bye Violet! Kermit, you can sit next to Charlote.” Blaineley said.

Violet walked out as Kermit sat by Charlote.

“Our next contestant is looking for her own love and was just eliminated last week, welcome in Sylvia!” Blaineley said.

The girl walked out onto the stage.

“Hi everyone!” Sylvia said to them.

Sylvia took a seat.

“So, welcome to the show, Sylvia!” Blaineley said.

“Thanks for having me!” Sylvia replied to her.

“So, how have you been since Endurance?” Blaineley asked.

“Well, they dropped me off in Seattle and then people had actually recognized me. I got a job at a Starbucks and people complimented me on how the coffee had improved since I started working there.” Sylvia said.

“That interesting. Now you’re from Flushing right?” Blaineley asked.

“Yup, Flushing Queens New York.” Sylvia replied.

“Is it a lot different in Seattle?” Blaineley asked.

“Well, they’re not as many taxis and a lot more coffee. It’s busier at night.” Sylvia said.

“So, still matchmaking?” Blaineley asked.

“Well, I paired two people up at the coffee shop.” Sylvia said.

“Wow, that’s interesting.” Blaineley said.

“Well, there were these two people, Rick and Constance, who always ordered the same thing at the same time in the morning, but sat on opposite sides of the room. I introduced them and now they’re dating.” Sylvia said.

“That’s so sweet.” the same girls said in the audience.

“So, there’s another group of people that you brought together, that we’d like to bring onto the show.” Blaineley said.

Sylvia looked surprised.

“Who?” Sylvia asked.

“Let’s welcome Sylvia’s sister, Grace, and her husband, Joey, who were met thanks to Sylvia!” Blaineley asked.

“Oh my gosh, hi Sylvia!” Grace said running out to Sylvia.

“Oh, hi.” Sylvia said, sounding annoyed.

Grace hugged Sylvia.

Sylvia didn’t bother to do anything back.

“So Grace? Excited to be here?” Blaineley asked.

“Oh yeah. Me and Joey got back from our honeymoon and we got the call and decided to come right down.” Grace said.

Joey eased a smile.

“Well, I’m sensing some tension between the two sisters. Care to comment?” Blaineley asked.

“Not really.” Sylvia said.

“Well I think-” Grace began.

“I think it’s time to express this into song!” Blaineley yelled as some up-beat tune come on.

“The Nanny theme song?” Sylvia asked.

“SING!” Blaineley yelled.

Nanny Rap: (By: Sylvia Feat. Grace)

Sylvia: I was sittin’ at a restaurant in Flushing Queens

Til my boyfriend thought that was that and kicked me out on the street

What was I to do, where was I to go, I was down on my pennies

Grace: You came over to my house, knocked on the door

You were there to stay, but you saw more

You saw me, he was there, What a pair!

That’s how you became the bridesmaid

Sylvia: Through and through I went matchin’ couples left and right

Who wouldda thought that I needed my own knight

Grace: Now she needs a guy to smile at

Sylvia: Now watch out Gracie!

Grace: Endurance gave her that!

Sylvia: Not really!

Grace: She needs a man to make her life complete!

So come on guys get over here, tout de suite!

“Wow, that was interesting!” Blaineley said.

“Hey, there’s a whole nother verse!” Sylvia said.

“Oh, no there’s not.” Grace said sitting down.

“It’s my time to shine!” Joey yelled.

Sylvia: Who’s got the right to judge my size

Joey: Hey dudes out there, she’s the prize

Sylvia: Now I need to win the jackpot

Joey: X marks the spot!

Sylvia: A real man, not a robot

The music just cut there.

“Okay, that’s just creepy.” Joey interrupted.

The music started up again.

Joey: She can dance and she can sing and she can cook a mean flambé

So for the last time I promise, guys come over today!

“Wait wait wait!” Sylvia said as her song ended.

“What?” Joey asked.

“I don’t need some creepy dudes showing up at my house!” Sylvia responded.

“Well isn’t that too bad! Coming live from our camera high in the sky, it’s Sylvia’s house where a bunch of guys are already lined up to meet her!” Blaineley said, motioning to the screen.

“Oh great,” Sylvia muttered.

“Oh yes! Let’s talk to some of the people waiting for you!” Blaineley said.

A kid with snot dripping out of his nose came on the TV.


Sylvia looked somewhat disgusted.

“Germaphobic much?” Blaineley asked, laughing.

“Next,” Grace said.

“Oh this guy looks good,” Grace said.

A Latin boy appeared on the screen, wearing a Matador outfit.

“Wowee,” Blaineley, Sylvia, and Grace said.

“Hi!” the guy said, sounding like the voice of Fred.

Blaineley burst out laughing.

“Oh, that’s too good.” Blaineley said.

Sylvia quickly motioned for the screen to turn off.

“Looks like you have a lot of interesting fans out there, Sylvia!” Blaineley said.

“But those are only the freaks! I mean there must be some cute normal guys out there!” Sylvia said.

“Well, before we go you have to answer an video chat question. Gordon?” Blaineley asked.

The TV screen turned on with a kid in full chef criteria and in a kitchen.

“Hey Sylvia, I need to ask one question. A whole group of us try following the recipes you were spilling on the show, and I need to ask something.” Gordon said.

“Sure, what?” Sylvia asked.

“What the *bleep* is the *bleep*ing missing ingredient in your *bleep*ing recipe for making *bleep*a doodle doo soup?” Gordon asked.

Blaineley, Joey, Grace, and Sylvia were all surprised by Gordon’s choice of vocabulary.

“Excuse me?” Sylvia asked.

“I mean what the *bleep* is wrong with this *bleep*ing recipe? I followed every bloody step and used every ingredient and when I shared with our cooking group, my entire *bleep*ing group called me a *bleep*. I mean what the *bleep*! Now I can’t *bleep*n sleep cuz I don’t know the stupid ingredient! Crap!” Gordon yelled.

“Wait, you have a cooking group? What are you, Emeril?” Joey asked.

“No,” Gordon said, spilling over a big pot of soup he was cooking.

“Aw *bleep*!” Gordon yelled.

“HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY. If you stop swearing, I’ll tell you the secret!” Sylvia yelled.

“Okay.” Gordon said.

“What did you use for the soup?” Sylvia asked.

“Everything you said except for the *bleep*-” Gordon started but was cut off by a camera guy.

“Looks like we lost connection with Gordon. We’ll try again later.” Blaineley said.

“Thank god.” Grace said.

Joey was speechless until saying “What the *bleep*!”

Grace smacked Joey.

“Okay, it’s time to move onto our next part of the show. Grace, Joey, thanks for coming. Bye!” Blaineley said.

Grace and Joey moved their way off the stage.

“Oh god, that kid had a problem.” Kermit said as they left.

“Ain’t that the truth.” Sylvia said.

“*bleep*!” Charlote said excitedly.

“I’ve learned a new word!” Charlote yelled.

“We’ll go to commercial while we recover! Stay tuned for the drama yet to come! Right here on the Endurance Aftermath!” Blaineley said.


“We’re back to the Endurance Aftermath. So far, we’ve caught up with Charlote, Kermit, and Sylvia since their eliminations. So, what do you think of the show so far, guys?” Blaineley asked.

“It sucks…” Kermit began.

“Eggs,” Sylvia finished.

“I love it! I can’t wait to catch up with my good friend Cealey!” Charlote said.

“You do realize Cealey played you like a harp so she wouldn’t of been sent to temple, right? And she’s still in the game.” Blaineley said.

“Really? She’s still in the game? I thought she got eliminated after me!” Charlote said.

“Not that was Roddy and Candice. Speaking of Team Antarctica, it’s time for our next guest! Roddy Grant!” Blaineley yelled.

Roddy was pushed onto stage.

“Wo, thank you. That’s enough pushing.” Roddy said.

“Welcome Roddy to the Endurance Aftermath!” Blaineley said.

“Thank you Mildred.” Roddy said.

“Who’s Mildred? I’m Blaineley!” Blaineley said.

“So you say, but I refuse to call people by nicknames. It’s just wrong. Like this one time, my old chum’s name was Hunter but he wanted me to call him Ham. He thought it sounded tough. I thought it sounded like a pig, and there was that nose of his. But what kind of a gentleman is judgmental?” Roddy asked.

“Just call me Blaineley.” she said.

“Suit yourself, Mildred.” Roddy said, to get on her nerves.

Blaineley growled.

“Any who, your mom requested that we-” Blaineley began.

“My mom? I haven’t seen her in ages. They dropped me off in Maine, you know. It wasn’t a pretty landing.” Roddy said.

“Oh, we know. We have it on tape.” Blaineley said, motioning to the monitor.

“You were stalking me?” Roddy asked.

“Dude, you’re on a reality show!” Blaineley said.

The monitor showed Roddy on a helicopter with a tough guy next to him.

“Do I get a parachute?” Roddy asked.

The tough guy slammed a parachute into Roddy’s chest and pushed him off the plane.

There was about thirty seconds of screaming until Roddy face planted a lighthouse.

“My eyes!” Roddy yelled and fell into the water below.

Blaineley was laughing.

“Oh wow, that was a rough landing.” Blaineley said.

Roddy tried to ignore it.

“So anyway, your mom requested we played a montage of your best moments on Endurance, so here goes.” Blaineley said.

The monitor switched to a blue screen.

Roddy’s face popped up and some words in fancy lettering read: Roddy’s Best Moments.

The scene shifted to Candice, dropped a shoe onto Roddy’s head and Roddy saying “Ow.”

The scene changed to Roddy saying “K-Ass-Andra, saying the cussing part over and over again.

Then the montage ended.

“That’s all I got? My best moments were a shoe falling on my head and me saying ‘Ass’ thirty times in a row? I swear I did more memorable things than that.” Roddy said.

“Not really, that’s all we found.” Blaineley said.

“But what about the time I taught a parrot how to talk? Or sucked snake venom out of Jorge? Told a scary ghost story?” Roddy asked.

“Not on tape. And told a scary ghost story? Really?” Blaineley asked, unimpressed.

“Okay, maybe that was a lie, but I did memorable things!” Roddy complained.

“Sure….” Blaineley, Kermit, and Sylvia all said in unison.

“Unison BUDDIES!” Charlote yelled.

Blaineley quickly listened to an earpiece.

“Oh, we did find one piece of you that wasn’t put on air!” Blaineley announced.

“Play it!” Roddy exclaimed.

The monitor switched to Roddy with two leaves on his ears.

“May the force be with you.” Roddy said, impersonating Yoda.

Clay and Phineas were in the background.

“Dude, that’s the best impression of Yoda I’ve ever heard.” Phineas exclaimed.

“Earned it, I have. Strong am I with the force.” Roddy impersonating again.

The monitor turned off.

“How was that memorable? That was me acting like a knave in the queen’s court.” Roddy said.

“Isn’t it joker in the king’s court?” Kermit asked.

“Have you seen ‘Alice in Wonderland’? I don’t think so.” Roddy said.

“I don’t get it,” Charlote said confused.

“What I really don’t get from the movie was that I thought the knave of hearts stole the tarts. If you remember that rhyme:

The Queen of Hearts, She made some tarts All on a summer's day.

The Knave of Hearts, He stole the tarts And took them clean away.

But if you remember in the movie, the frog servant-” Roddy began.

“Now I don’t get it. I don’t get the point of the knave tarty rant.” Blaineley said.

“I was just trying to make smalltalk.” Roddy said, innocently.

“Well enough chit-chat. It’s time for ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’!, Episodes 1 through 5.” Blaineley said.

“That’s Gonna Leave A what?” Roddy asked.

The scene shifted to the monitor.

Some upbeat whistling tune was played.

In the montage these things were shown: Grover falling off the boat thanks to Cealey and Charlote

Phineas and Kermit on the Carousel Bunk and Kermit whacking his head on the ceiling

Cealey getting attacked by seagulls.

Jorge marching at getting hit by Grover when he opens the confessional door.

The rock that Clay threw at the ribbons on the totem poles, comes to whack Candice in the head.

Evelyn falling into the water below, and face diving the water.

Charlote ducking beneath a branch and Cealey getting whacked in the face with it.

Charlote playing with a Jessie Doll, and then it just spontaneously combusts.

“I remember that!” Charlote yells interrupting everything.

The video cut and switched back to the group.

“Hey, it wasn’t done!” Blaineley yelled.

Blaineley got another message in her earpiece.

“Roddy, an live video message is being played for you right now. They’d like to ask you a question!” Blaineley said.

“Ooh, I love questions!” Roddy said.

A gothic girl appeared on the screen.

“Hello, Endurance fans. My name’s Susan but everyone calls me Blood Flower.” Blood Flower said.

“Oh, hello Susan.” Roddy said, politely.

“My name’s Blood Flower.” she said angrily.

Roddy started chuckling a little bit, “Oh, if you heard me earlier I never call people by their nicknames, Susan.” Roddy said.

Blood Flower was getting angry now.

“Okay, let’s just move onto the question, Blood Flower.” Blaineley said.

“Susan.” Roddy corrected.

Blood Flower growled.

“Roddy,” Blaineley yelled.

“Okay, my question is who would you have rather had as a partner in Endurance?” Blood Flower asked.

“Well Susan, I always thought Sylvia and Evelyn-” Roddy started.

“That’s it.” Blood Flower said, going to turn to camera off.

“But Susan!” Roddy said and Blood Flower cut the connection.

“Well, I not gonna say I told you so-” Blaineley started.

“I told you so!” Charlote yelled happily.

Everyone glared at Charlote for a minute.

“Okay, I’m getting sick of you. Let’s just bring out your guest for a second and interview the next person.” Blaineley said, snapping her fingers.

Roddy’s mom was pushed on stage.

“Oh hello,” she began.

“One. Okay, that’s been a second. Let’s welcome our next eliminated contestant, Rainer!” Blaineley interrupted.

“But wait. I didn’t even get a song!” Roddy said, starting to rant when Rainer pushed him out of his seat.

Blaineley got a buzz in her earpiece.

“Fine, we have to give you one song because we have a group of angry mob fans. So sing something quick.” Blaineley said.

Rainer slouched in his chair.

Hate: (By: Roddy Feat. Sylvia, Kermit, and Blaineley)

Roddy: It’s so unfair, does this show hate me so?

It’s very hard to know

Evil partners, lying hosts, sweet matchmakers who make toast, impossible challenges, salty water, rock hard beds, I want my mother

These are the things that I’ve known to hate

Sylvia: Wait, did you just say you hated me?

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

The show made me realize that I could hate

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

I wish I could go back, but now it’s too late

Kermit: Oh come on dude the show wasn’t that bad

Roddy: Oh really, why was I wishing for my dad?

Blaineley: I thought this song was supposed to be short

Roddy: Yeah, until I realized the hate boat left the port

My hate is filling up so fast, I really hope it doesn’t last

I don’t wanna end up like Susan

Kermit, Sylvia, and Blaineley: BLOOD FLOWER!

Roddy: But there are Mildreds, and Samadhis, and stalker girls, and no potties, falling shoes, faulty alliances, things that cannot be made up in time and…

These are the things that I’ve known to hate

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

The show made me realize that I could hate

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

I wish I could go back, but now it’s too late

Sylvia: There’s a lot of hate in a tiny body

Kermit: And I didn’t mind having no potty

Roddy: Oh my god those words are posion

Blaineley: Which explains why you didn’t win

Roddy: And compared to all the great things, which would take a few minutes to write. I only have twelve seconds, so this is what I liked

Blaineley: Oh great

Roddy: Some good friends, and - Wait, that’s really all I got. But I do remember one thing I hated.

Blaineley: Tell us, I can see you on the Today show tomorrow. ‘The Grant Hate List. Checkin’ It Twice.’

Roddy: Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

The show made me realize that I could hate

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

I wish I could go back, but now it’s too late

Sylvia and Kermit: And the last thing he hates is…..

All except Blaineley: This show!!!

“The Aftermath that is.” Roddy said as the song ended.

“I heard the Mildred part.” Blaineley said, angrily.

Roddy was breathing heavily, after his song.

“Well, that’s all the time we have for Roddy, let’s move onto Rainer!” Blaineley said.

Roddy’s mother rushed out on stage.

“Oh god, what now!” Blaineley and Rainer yelled.

“Roddy, you need to wash your mouth out. No many times have I heard you say hate. And me and your father raised you to know that hate was a bad word. And I heard you call that girl a burro. Naughty, grounded for six months.” Roddy’s mother said, dragging Roddy off stage.

“Bye Ratty!” Charlote called out.

“Roddy,” Kermit corrected.

“I mean Rotty!” Charlote said.

“Close enough,” Sylvia said encouragingly.

“So, getting back to Rainer. How has your time been since the show?” Blaineley asked.

“Horrible. I was stranded in Wyoming where there’s nothing but stupid prairie people and squash. I hid in an old church and got paler than I am now and since my muscle didn’t do much, I think I lost some of my power.” Rainer said.

“Speaking of power, we want to know how you got all your power.” Blaineley asked.

“Well, I worked out every morning and drank a ton of CrocoAde.” Rainer said.

“Wow. CrocoAde, interesting.” Blaineley said.

“You do realize CrocoAde is fertilized crocodile urine.” Rainer said.

“What?” Blaineley yelled.

A girl in the front row who was drinking CrocoAde spit it out all over and dropped the bottle.

“It’s true.” Rainer said.

“Wow, so much gossip in one hour show. Remember though, if we go over one hour I don’t get paid.” Blaineley said smiling.

“Good to know.” Sylvia said, smiling evilly.

“Don’t even think about it.” Blaineley snapped at her.

“So, what happened once you returned home?” Blaineley asked.

“Nothing, just like a normal day.” Rainer said.

“Normal? You didn’t have any fans? No one showed up at your door?” Blaineley asked.

“Well, some Sunshine Girls showed up to try and sell cookie but I guess I scared them off.” Rainer said.

“Oh. Maybe you scared your fans off.” Blaineley said, trying to sound reassuring but honestly, we all know she didn’t care a thing about him or the other contestants.

“I care. Dude, it’s hard being an extremely strong guy.” said a voice appearing on the video screen.

“Can I help you?” Blaineley asked.

“Yeah, I’m here to ask Rainer his question.” the guy said.

“Oh, okay.” Blaineley said, kind of angry that he interrupted her interview time.

“Well I’m Hank and I want to know if you have any true friends. Not just buddies at the gym, but like a real friend that you can trust. I don’t have any. As you can see, I’m stronger than you and people think I’m a monster, I mean I’m not John Cena!”

“No I agree with that on John Cena. He’s a big lovable plush bear! You look more like the alligators from Pearls Before Swine!” Charlote said.

“Thanks.” Hank said dryly.

“Well, I do have one true friend. Ever since Evelyn kissed me, I texted her back home. We’ve become very close to each other. We’re not dating yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we did soon!” Rainer said.

“You do realize she’s backstage right now.” Blaineley said.

“That’s why I said it.” Rainer said, smirking and waved at the camera.

“Since we’re on the subject, let’s take a look at our green room hidden camera!” Blaineley said.

Evelyn, Kasandra, Clay, Phineas, and Candice are all in the green room lounging around.

“Aw, what Rainer said was so sweet.” Evelyn said.

“Wo, don’t make me go puke. That’s my partner you’re talking about.” Kasandra snapped.

“Ex-partner.” Evelyn said, to get all in her face.

Phineas and Candice were seen talking on a couch while Clay was pouring something into a wine glass, a red liquid.

“OH MY GOD, IS HE DRINKING WINE?” Sylvia yelled.

“Who would drink such a thing?” Blaineley said, standing up.

A wine glass fell from her dress.

“Oops, heh heh heh.” Blaineley said, kicking the glass off stage.

Clay then drank the wine and poured some more.

“I guess he’s really depressed about not being able to see Cealey.” Kermit said, as Clay went on his third glass.

“Dude, it’s like communion. You get a thimble. What kind of green room allows teenagers to drink wine?” Charlote yelled.

Everyone stared at her for a few moments.

“Bubbles, tee hee.” Charlote said.

“But do you have any guy close friends?” Hank asked.

“How close do you mean?” Rainer asked, jokingly.

“But seriously, not really. I mean, my buddy Blake at the gym is probably my best guy friend.” Rainer said.

“Oh, any brothers you can relate to?” Hank asked.

“Nah, all my brothers are scared of me. Especially Gloss.” Rainer said.

“You have a brother named Gloss?” Kermit asked.

“Don’t ask.” Rainer asked.

“How about any other family? Like a dad?” Hank asked.

“My dad left my family when I was 3. I have a sister, Maggie Rose. She’s pretty tough herself and isn’t afraid to pounce on me, but she sure doesn’t look it.” Rainer said.

“Speaking of Maggie Rose, that’s your special guest for today, Rainer! Bye Hank!” Blaineley said, cutting the connected between Hank and the Aftermath show.

A girl in Aeropostale walked out from backstage.

“Welcome Maggie Rose!” Blaineley said.

“Thanks, wait. Do I get a chair?” Maggie Rose asked.

“EVA! CHAIR!” Blaineley yelled.

Eva stormed on stage, slammed down a chair, breaking it into pieces, and threw more goo at Blaineley.

“Ugh,” Blaineley said, going back to change.

“I guess I can stand.” Maggie Rose said.

Blaineley came back out onto stage, this time wearing a golden dress.

“So Maggie Rose, do you think you and Rainer are close?” Blaineley asked.

“Oh, yeah. We’re very close. We always wrestle around. My younger brothers are always afraid to come out of their room unless it’s dinner. Not even breakfast will they come out. They spend their days playing video games I think.” Maggie Rose said.

“Rainer, do you feel bad for your brothers?” Blaineley asked.

“Well yeah. But I don’t think they’d realize that I’d never hurt them. Ever.” Rainer said, setting it in stone.

“Very interesting.” Blaineley said.

“If you think you’re gonna get any gossip out of us, you should just stop now. We don’t have anything to hide.” Maggie Rose said.

“Oh interesting. In that case, it’s time for Truth or Time Bomb!” Blaineley yelled.

“Truth or What?” Maggie Rose asked.

“It’s nothing too bad. You just have to tell the truth or a bomb will be dropped on you. A little something I picked up from Total Drama.” Blaineley said.

“You’re not gonna kill my sister.” Rainer threatened.

“We won’t kill her. These bombs we’re using kill people only 5% of the time.” Blaineley said reassuringly, with an evil tone to it.

“5% not gonna happen.” Rainer said and attempted to pull Maggie Rose away but she was strapped to the couch.

“You just had to say no gossip.” Blaineley said, with an evil look on her face.

“Please don’t kill me.” Maggie Rose prayed.

“Just tell the truth. My first and only question. What is Rainer’s biggest secret?” Blaineley said, taking out a notepad.

“Long pause, no answer.” Charlote sing-songed.

“Don’t tell them.” Rainer said.

Maggie Rose looked to the bomb dangling over her head.

“Well gee Rainer, when I’m stuck between two paths, I’m gonna keep your secret safe and let me get killed for it!” Maggie Rose said sarcastically.

Rainer kept quiet.

“Okay. Rainer’s biggest secret is that birds scare him.” Maggie Rose said.

The bomb lowered fast.

“Okay, okay, okay. Rainer’s biggest secret is that he wet the bed till he was eleven years old.” Maggie Rose said.

The seatbelt unlocked.

“Now that wasn’t so hard.” Blaineley said, smirking at Rainer, who’s cheeks and ears turn a bright red.

“Maggie Rose, you’re free to leave now.” Blaineley said as she left.

“Actually, I think I’ll stay.” she responded.

“GO.” Blaineley said, giving the death glare.

Maggie Rose then left.

“Well, Rainer. Your interview’s almost done with. Except, you need to sing.” Blaineley said.

“Sing? No way. I’m not singing.” Rainer said.

Blaineley pointed to the bomb, which had now moved above his head.

“Little canaries sing, wimpy momma boys sing, but Rainers don’t sing.” Rainer said.

The bomb lowered a bit.

“La!” Rainer sang.

“Perfect, maestro!” Blaineley yelled.

The music sounded like “Watch Me” from Shake It Up.

Stronger (By: Rainer Feat. Sylvia)

Rainer: Baby, this game made me, stronger

Hey dude, I never used to be this strong

If you took a little review

At my reality show debut

Then maybe you could see I bench 320

I don't need no magazine To tell me how strong to be And I don't need to flex For pa-pa-paparazzi Just keep the cameras flashing To try to catch this actionRainer then punched the camera, and it went all fuzzy. It quickly changed back.

It’s just a strong me (me, me)

I’m stronger

Can you feel the whirl?

Don’t hear no

Screams of terror like I did before

TV made me

And others respect me

For being stronger, oh yeah baby

I’m a stronger me

“See I knew you could sing!” Blaineley said.

“Move onto the next person.” Rainer said sitting down.

“Not so fast. You all we be competiting in a challenge. The reward, you get to see the Endurance finale with your partner and cheer on your favorite team to win. Sound like worth competiting for?” Blaineley asked.

“Sure!” Sylvia, Kermit, Charlote, and Roddy all said in unison.

“No.” Rainer said at the same time.

“UNISON BUDDIES MINUS RAINER! Yay, math!” Charlote exclaimed.

“You will run up to a pole with a trivia question on it. Pick the right answer which there will be four other poles around it with different answers. Pick the pole you think has the right answer and untie the bag attached to it. Run back to your station and empty the bag to find puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces will spell out a trivia question. Answer the question right and then right your name on your team colored rock and place it in the burning kettle at the end. First person to do that wins them and their partner a trip to watch the finale live.” Blaineley said.

“Sounds easy enough.” Kermit replied.

“Then, go to your different colored stations based on your team colors!” Blaineley said.

“GO!” she yelled when they were ready.

Everyone took off fast, except for Charlote who skipped her way down the path.

Kermit was the first to arrive to his pole and read the question.

Which Pyramid Piece did Team South America originally pick?

Kermit looked at the options. Luck, Teamwork, Heart, Leadership.

Teamwork, Kermit decided on and ran back.

Rainer was then stuck at his question.

“How the hell am I supposed to know the pieces? They don’t deserve to be in the finals anyway!” Rainer yelled and took a random bag, from the Heart pole.

Sylvia was running back too, with Charlote skipping behind her.

“The only one left is Roddy!” Blaineley said.

“I’m thinking! Oh, wait. I’ve got it!” Roddy yelled taking the Teamwork bag.

“Everyone’s back!” Blaineley said.

Kermit and Sylvia had already emptied their bags.

“Yes!” They said together.

Rainer spilled open his bag to find black coal.

“Crap!” Rainer yelled.

“Rainer has to go all the way back, while Charlote has now dumped her bag and is assembling her puzzle!” Blaineley said.

Charlote was singing as she was slamming down pieces in a random order.

Roddy spilled open his bag to reveal puzzle pieces.

“Yay!” Roddy yelled, giddily.

“Kermit and Sylvia are neck and neck in their puzzle, but Roddy might be catching up. Funfact about Kermit, he won the National Puzzle Piecing Contest in his home state when he was 6. The contest was eligible for ages 3 through 6.” Blaineley said, smiling cheaply.

Rainer was back with another back, but when spilling the contents, it ended up to be water balloons.

“Heh heh. Santa needs to store up that coal for winter you know!” Blaineley said, hoping for laughter.

“Oh come on, I laughed when Paris Hilton said that.” Blaineley said.

“Original.” Roddy told her.

“Originality!” Charlote sang, piecing her puzzle together in random spots.

“Almost got it.” Kermit said, with Sylvia only a piece behind him.

“No, I got it.” Sylvia said, piecing the puzzle together.

“Hey, I’m missing a piece.” Kermit said, looking for it.

“Here you go!” Charlote said, pulling the piece out of her hair and handing it to him.

Kermit glanced at Sylvia who was already reading her question.

What is Charlote’s last name?

Sylvia read.

“How are we supposed to know that?” Sylvia asked.

Kermit read his and quickly went to Charlote.

“Hey, Charlote. What’s your last name?” Kermit asked.

“I’m not telling you.” Charlote said.

“Aw, why not?” Kermit asked.

“Well, sometimes I forget my last name. Like right now. I think it begins with a C. Wait, I got it. Charlote!” Charlote exclaimed.

“Charlote, that’s your first name.” Kermit said.

“But I am pretending I’m in China where your first name is listed last.” Charlote said, randomly eating a fortune cookie and putting on a dragon mask.

“Rawr.” Charlote said, trying to sound menacing.

“Fine, what’s your first name then?” Kermit asked.

“We’re on a plane back to America. So now it’s Charlote!” Charlote yelled, exactly.

Kermit: Why do I get the feeling that Charlote is really a mastermind playing dumb?

Sylvia noticed Kermit struggling.

“Well at least I checked the website before I left for Endurance. It’s Stitches.” Sylvia said and a bell dinged.

Sylvia reached for her rock and started to write her name on it.

“Stitches!” Kermit exclaimed and the bell dinged for him.

“Toodles.” Sylvia said racing for the burning kettle.

Kermit quickly scrawled a name on the rock and raced for the kettle.

Kermit was passing Sylvia.

“Hey!” Sylvia exclaimed.

Kermit raced to the kettle and threw the rock in.

“Yes! Baja California, here I come!” Kermit said.

“Not so fast.” Blaineley said, pouring a bucket of water on the kettle and throwing it on Rainer’s head.

She picked up Kermit’s rock from the kettle.

“You must’ve been multitasking, for you wrote Stitches instead of Kermit, your name.” Blaineley said.

“Yes!” Sylvia said, throwing her rock in the kettle. “Sylvia and Clay get to go to the live finale to root on their fellow competitors!” Blaineley announced.

Sylvia walked up to Kermit.

“Dude, that was a nice game. An easy mistake that anyone couldda made.” Sylvia said, fist bumping Kermit.

“Thanks.” Kermit said.

“More to come right after this break! We’ll be back!” Blaineley said.


The aftermath scene opened up again, to have Blaineley back in her original red dress.

“Welcome back to the Endurance Aftermath. If you’re just joining us, these five competitors fought for the chance to watch their fellow friends compete for the grand prize. Sylvia won for herself and her previous teamie, Clay. Now, it’s time to introduce our sixth’s guest today. Our bookworm, Evelyn Schoenbeck!” Blaineley announced.

Evelyn walked out onto the stage, in a pink sundress.

“Hi guys!” Evelyn said.

“Ev!” Kermit yelled, running up to hug her.

“Hey, you got the cast off!” Evelyn exclaimed.

“Yeah.” Kermit said, inspecting his arm.

“So, Evelyn. What happened once you were eliminated?” Blaineley asked.

“Well, I was shoved off the helicopter and landed in Hawaii, where I got this cute sundress. Otherwise, I mainly just took some surfing lessons and read in a Hawaiian hotel lounge.” Evelyn said.

“Read? There’s tons of tourist attractions in Hawaii, and all you did is read?” Blaineley asked.

“I thought I mentioned I took surfing lessons.” Evelyn said, while the audience laughed.

“Ugh, boring. Next question. What about you and Rainer?” Blaineley asked.

Evelyn and Rainer both blushed.

“We’re still dating.” Evelyn answered.

“Ugh, you kids have no drama. Why is it called a reality show. You could go do this in your backyard!” Blaineley yelled.

“We were a fine show until you had to host an episode.” Sylvia told her.

“You stay out of this.” Blaineley yelled.

“It’s true. You started out at 10% of the viewers liking you when you debuted in Mary Had A Little Ham, the Thanksgiving Special and it all went downhill to now, which is negative 34%. That’s awesome!” Charlote said, holding up a chart.

“You know what? I’m getting paid to be here. They asked me to host!” Blaineley yelled.

A video clip is shown is Blaineley beating down the producers, cussing and threatening them to make her host.

“Uh, heh heh heh.” Blaineley remarked.

The six players were laughing.

“Well, in Hawaii I got people some souvenirs.” Evelyn said.

“Ooh, this could be interesting. She could be using prior knowledge to backstab players.” Blaineley said.

“I actually don’t have really many enemies. Maybe Kasandra, but she didn’t really do anything to me.” Evelyn said, pulling souvenirs out of a bag she brought on stage.

“For Roddy, they had this cute little Hawaiian girl bobblehead, that reminded me of you for some reason. I think you said you collected them once. Her name’s Lilani.” Evelyn said handing the bobblehead to him.

“Oh, this is perfect!” Roddy said.

“For Rainer, the Sands of Time. It’s a necklace with a hourglass on it, filled with red, blue, and yellow sand. It is said to take you to the past, future, and present.” Evelyn said handing him the necklace.

“For Charlote, I found this stuffed dolphin Comfort Pal, since you seem to have the mind of a five year old.” Evelyn said, throwing the Comfort Pal.

“YAY!” Charlote exclaimed.

“For Sylvia, a cookbook filled with pineapple recipes. Over 350 recipes.” Evelyn said.

“That’s one for every single day of the year!” Charlote exclaimed.

“There are 365 days in a year.” Kermit reminded.

“Exactly!” Charlote responded.

“And for Kermit, I got a sock monkey.” Evelyn said, tossing a sock monkey.

“Aw, thanks.” Kermit said cuddling the sock monkey.

“And nothing for me?” Blaineley interrupted.

“Um, I didn’t know you were hosting. I brought a talking fish for JD since he was funny like that.” Evelyn said.

“Didn’t know? I’m Blaineley O’Halloran! I’m known everywhere!” Blaineley yelled.

“What, you were like in two thanksgiving specials?” Rainer asked.

“That sequel got better reception than the first! And I was on Total Drama.” Blaineley yelled.

“Negative 34%!” Charlote exclaimed.

“Yeah, wasn’t that a great show.” Sylvia said sarcastically.

“Ugh, how do you not know me?” Blaineley yelled.

“Doesn’t ring a bell.” Roddy said.

“I even have a hit song.” Blaineley exclaimed.

“Hit?” Evelyn asked.

Blainerific: (By: Blaineley, Evelyn, Kermit, Rainer, Charlote, and Sylvia)

Blaineley: Blain-Blain-Blain-Blain-Blainerific, is my name. Dishing dirt is my game. Invading your TV with my Blainericious frame! Evelyn: The Blainerific! So-so-horrificBlaineley: I'm fa-fa-famous. I'm famous! Kermit: She’s such a loser, she’s so lame Rainer: I bet she got no game, she’s such a fool

Blaineley: Excuse me, I’m a rating's jewel!

Rainer: Yeah, right.

Blaineley: B-L-A-I-N-E-L-E-Y! Blaineley! Let me hear ya say Blaineley!


Blaineley: Ugh, whatevers.

Evelyn: The Blainerific! So-so-horrificBlaineley: I'm fa-fa-famous. I'm famous!

Kermit: Mary had a little ham made you a fool, and yeah it made us all drool!

Charlote: I screamed!


Rainer: You’re a wh*record scratches* H-h-horrible person.

Charlote: You’re a meanie, it’s the truth. And you lie and say you’re still in your youth!

Blaineley: I’m only 26!

Rainer: Besides that you gotta be, the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Although you compare to baboons and warthog, I’ll take my chances with kissing a frog. A male frog.

Sylvia: You have thick black hair between your toes, and fart constantly when no one knows.

Blaineley: Okay, I think we’ve heard enough. Evelyn: The Blainerific! Sylvia: M-M-Make me si-ick! Blaineley: I'm fa-fa-famous. I'm famous! Get me a half fat, no foam latte steamed to a hundred two, heat!I'm quite specific. Evelyn and Kermit: She's Blainerific! So-so horrific.

Blaineley: I'm fa-fa-famous. I'm famous!

Kermit: She is 200 pounds of pure evil, she’s mean and nasty and as pretty as a weasel. Evelyn: She eats things off the ground! She was born in a dog pound!

Charlote: Woof!

Blaineley: SHUT UP! (silence) It's a fact and scientific, that I'm still Blainerific. Rainer and Sylvia: She's not so famous. Turns out she's not so famous! WHAT!

“That was not the rendition that I expected.” Blaineley said, nastily.

“You were actually born in a dog pound? Cheapo.” Evelyn singsonged.

“You know what? We could spend a millennium talking about the Epicness of me, but I’m getting paid to stay here exactly for an hour, interviewing you guys. So, since I now think you’re a big ol’ jerkwad, I’m getting your interview over with as soon as I possibly can. Here’s your special guest, Elena Cattaneo, the closest living relative to Noah Webster.” Blaineley said, unexcitedly.

“Noah Webster? The Dictionary Dude? The Wizard of Words?” Evelyn asked.

“The Leader of Nerds?” Blaineley replied, laughing.

Elena walked out onto stage.

“Hi! It’s an honor to meet you.” Evelyn said, shaking Elena’s hand. “Um thanks, I always love a royal treatment.” Elena said, letting Evelyn practically worship her.

“Her great great great great grandfather’s cousin’s neighbor’s uncle made a dictionary. Big whoop. We couldda brought Dolly Parton to get some big publicity.” Blaineley mumbled.

“Hey, I didn’t know Dolly Parton was coming.” Elena said, excited.

“Who’s Dolly Parton?” Evelyn asked.

“She’s not.” Blaineley told Elena.

“Maybe I get a picture with you?” Evelyn asked.

“What are you a bookaholic?” Blaineley yelled and it went silent.

“Yes.” Evelyn said, interrupting the silence and then some music played.

Read A Book (By: Evelyn, Elena, and Sylvia)

Evelyn: When I was a little girl, and TV merely bored me

I’d go upstairs and take a book, and then I’d read before me…

Reading - got to read a book now

Reading - got to take a look now

Reading - got to feed my mind now

Reading - reading all the time now

Elena: There’s poetry and fiction

Mysteries galore

Cookbooks, science fiction

Biographies and more

Sylvia: If you’re feeling lonely

If you’re feeling blue

On your nearest bookshelf

A friend’s waiting for you

Evelyn: HEY!

Evelyn and Elena: HEY!

Evelyn, Elena, and Sylvia: HEY! HEY! HEY!

Evelyn: Read, read, read a book

Sylvia: Open the cover and take a look

Evelyn: Read, read, read a book

Elena: Let’s all read a book

Evelyn: Read, read, read a book

Sylvia: Just a page or two, and you’re sure to get hooked

Evelyn: Read, read, read a book

Elena: Let’s all read a book

Evelyn: Reading - made me smarter now

Reading - know tons about Pres Carter now

Reading - It really passed the time now

Reading - Move over Nursery Rhymes

Elena: You can read at school

You can read at home

We can read together

Or if you’d rather read alone

Sylvia: If you’re feeling lonely

If you’re feeling blue

On your nearest bookshelf

A friend’s waiting for you

Evelyn: HEY!

Evelyn and Elena: HEY!

Evelyn, Elena, and Sylvia: HEY! HEY! HEY!

Evelyn: Read, read, read a book

Sylvia: Open the cover and take a look

Evelyn: Read, read, read a book

Elena: Let’s all read a book

Evelyn: Read, read, read a book

Sylvia: Just a page or two, and you’re sure to get hooked

Evelyn: Read, read, read a book

Elena: Let’s all read a book

Evelyn: Read, read, read a book

Sylvia: Just a page or two, and you’re sure to get hooked

Elena: Read, read, read a book

Evelyn, Elena, and Sylvia: Let’s all read a book

“I thought that was pretty good.” Evelyn said.

“I think I have a career in singing.” Elena singsonged.

“I don’t think you two are gonna be texting each other any time soon.” Sylvia said.

“Well, bye Elena. Thanks for being on our show. And now Evelyn, to end your time, it’s time for a video guest question!” Blaineley said, monitoring to the screen.

“Finally.” Evelyn said, looking at the screen.

A guy popped up.

“Sup, I’m Antonio. I have a question for Evelyn.” Antonio said.

“Well, that’s why you’re on the screen smart one.” Blaineley scolded, sarcastically.

“Okay. My question is which book is easier. The Cat in the Hat or One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish? My teacher says I need to read one of those books to pass English and I need to read it in like a second or so.” Antonio said.

“Well, I never read Dr. Seuss. While everyone else did in preschool, I read Oliver Twist. And then read it again. I find that tale so inviting. But since The Cat in the Hat is much more popular, I’d choose that one.” Evelyn said.

“Thanks, you’re a lifesaver. I don’t know what I’d do if I failed English. My mom would probably kick me out of the house.” Antonio said.

“Well, good luck with that.” Evelyn said as he signed off.

“Well, you’re done.” Blaineley said, pushing her off the stage. Evelyn was sitting on the ground, shocked, and then went and sat by Rainer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for my favorite competitor of the season. She played down and dirty and even broke a few hearts and or arms. Oh wait, that was Rainer. Well, it’s his partner! Welcome Kasandra Scarlet!” Blaineley announced.

The lights dimmed and then a spotlight shone on Kasandra who was on the second story of the set, in a dazzling red dress.

Eight men were scattered around the set in red tuxedos.

I Like to Fuss (By: Kasandra and Backup Singers)

Kasandra: Mostly I am pleasant, Mostly I am good

I answer you politely, just as you say I should

Yes, mostly I am perfect, You don’t hear me complain

But after so much sunshine

We need a little rain

The music changed to a peppy upbeat while Kasandra started heading down the stairs and the men popped out of random places and danced with her.

Kasandra: I like to fuss

Singers: Whoa, oh

Kasandra: I like to moan

Singers: Aah

Kasandra: I like to stand on my chair and say “LEAVE ME ALONE!” - Don’t bother me

Singers: Don’t bother me, don’t bother me

Kasandra: I like to grump

Singers: She likes to grump

Kasandra: I like to brood

Singers: She likes to brood

Kasandra: I like to stomp all around in a truly terrible mood

Singers: Bad, bad mood. Bad, bad mood.

Kasandra: When everybody more or less

Tells me to stop I go

Singers: She does

Kasandra: When everybody says the answer is yes

I find myself saying oh, no, no

I like to gripe

Singers: Whoa, oh

Kasandra: I like to whine

Singers: Doo-wah

Kasandra: And I refuse to sure, whatever is mine

I won’t share

Singers: She won’t share it

She won’t share

She won’t be nice

Kasandra: Not nice.

Singers: She won’t be fair

Kasandra: Not fair

And if you don’t like it

I say I don’t care, I don’t care

Singers: Who cares?

Who cares?

Who cares?

Kasandra: If you say STOP

Then I say GO

If you say YES

Then I say NO-oh-oh

I just want to get one thing straight:

If you’re in a hurry

I say, if you’re in a hurry

If you’re R E A L L Y in a hurry

I’ll make you wait

Singers: Come on

Kasandra: No

Singers: It’s late

Kasandra: No

Singers: Let’s go

Kasandra: No!

I like to yell

Singers: She likes to yell

Kasandra: I like to snit

Singers: She likes to snit

Kasandra: I like to holler and throw a fabulous fit:

NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Music returns to original tempo and clarity.

Kasandra: But in a while, when I am through

It’s possible I’ll sing a nicer song for you

Singers: Oh, won’t you please?

Kasandra: Heh. You guys don’t know me at all.

And the song ended with a trumpet blast.

“Oh that was wonderful! Wasn’t it?” Blaineley said, clapping.

“Better than your song, I guess.” Kermit mumbled.

“What was that?” Blaineley asked, pretending not to hear.

“Hello, this is the Kasandra segment, not Mrs. Blah Blah I Was Never Famous Segment.” Kasandra yelled.

“I don’t like you anymore.” Blaineley said, smirking.

“Well I know no one liked you.” Kasandra said, bringing it back to her.

“How do you know that?” Blaineley asked.

“I checked your fansite. Oh wait, what fansite?” Kasandra meanly applied.

The crowd was oohing and gasping now.

“Only you would have the courage to check for it.” Blaineley went.

“That’s why I picked that pyramid piece thank you very much.” Kasandra replied.

“Troutbreath.” Blaineley yelled.



“Food baby.”



“Warthog.” Rainer added.


“Thank you, I’m sneaky like that. Unlike you who couldn’t slip through an air vent if your life depended on it. Which it will.” Kasandra said, lighting a match.

“I love to play with matches.” Kasandra said evilly, and then was shocked.

“Me too!” Charlote exclaimed.

“What the heck was that?” Blaineley asked.

“My evil meter. It shocks me when I go too far. Like then.” Kasandra said, scratching at her neck collar.

“Heh heh, you have a shock collar. You’re like a dog.” Blaineley said, laughing hysterically.

“Woof.” Charlote said again.

“Ugh, I did not sign up for this.” Kasandra said, getting ready to just walk out.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll be serious.” Blaineley said.

Then she burst out laughing.

“Since when am I sorry?” Blaineley yelled.

“I’m leaving.” Kasandra said, ready to storm out.

“Okay. I’m ready. What happened when you first were pushed out of the plane?” Blaineley asked.

“I landed on the roof of a Starbucks in Seattle.” Kasandra said, negatively.

“And we have a montage to show everyone of exactly that happening!” Blaineley said, monitoring to the screen.

It shows Kasandra face planting a Starbucks about fifty times and then in slow motion.

"I lllllooooovvvvveeeeessssslllllooooowwwwwmmmmmoooootttttiiiiiooooonnnnn.” Charlote said, going all slowmo.

“Wow. That was pretty good.” Kermit said.

“Think that’s good. May the force-” Roddy started, doing his Yoda impression.

Rainer punched him in the face.

“You know, you’re really not that good.” Rainer said.

“Agreed,” Kasandra agreed, getting shocked.

“Ow.” Kasandra said, rubbing her neck.

“And what did you do in Seattle?” Blaineley asked.

“Drank coffee.” Kasandra said.

“And what else?” Blaineley asked.

“Drank some more coffee.” Kasandra said, unhappy.

“Man you kids are boring. All you did was drink coffee?” Blaineley asked.

“Explains why you’re so short.” Roddy said.

“Look who’s talking.” Kasandra yelled, getting shocked again.

“I’m naturally short, unlike you who drinks coffee!” Roddy yelled.

“What’s a yocto -?” Charlote yelled.

Everyone was quiet.

“A prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10-24 or .000000000000000000000001.” Roddy quietly said.

“Thank you.” Charlote said, jotting that in a tiny notebook.

“So I sing a wonderful song just to get rewarded by you asking stupid questions?” Kasandra asked.

“And be greeted by your cousin!” Blaineley said as Heather walked out.

“Hello Scarlett.” Heather said to her, taking a seat by her.

“Hey Heather.” Kasandra said.

“I watched you epically fail.” Heather said, not even looking at her.

“Hey, I tried. You had it much nicer at Wawanakwa and everywhere else you ended up.” Kasandra argued.

“Well at least I won one of them.” Heather shot back.

“Well at least I never got bald.” Kasandra said, growling at her.

She got shocked again.

“Oh that’s it.” Heather said and they were both in a wrestling ring.

“I saw this on the Aftermath, Blaineley. Not cool.” Heather said.

Blaineley was holding a wrestling bell.

“I love a good fight. Winner gets a bonus. Loser gets a shock collar so Kasandra might have two.” Blaineley said, evilly.

“DIE!” Kasandra yelled, punching Heather in the face.

“Ow, my gold tooth!” Heather said, as she watched the tooth and some saliva hit the ground.

“It’s on!” Heather said kicking Kasandra in the gut.

“Why don’t you go home a bathe in your million?” Kasandra said, aiming to punch but Heather ducked.

“Because a Feral Zombie threw it in an active volcano.” Heather said as Kasandra ducked her punch.

“Sucks for you.” Kasandra said, upper cutting Heather.

“At least I proved I had Endurance.” Heather said.

“By falling for a Latin lion.” Kasandra said, punching her again.

“Alejandro? Oh, I hate him!” Heather said, bopping Kasandra on the nose.

“I shouldda listened to Hailey and been Mrs. Nicey Mc Nice Pants!” Kasandra said, slapping Heather.

“Hey! No slapping, no slapping.” Blaineley warned.

“Go to helicopter.” Kasandra yelled, tripping her.

“See you there.” Heather said, kicking Kasandra in the back, causing her to fall over.

Kasandra then got shocked, and passed out on top of Heather, who then passed out.

“Heather wins!” Blaineley announced, strapping another shock collar onto Kasandra and pressed a button, shocking her awake.

Heather felt the jolt and woke up to.

“I won? I won! Another thing I beat you at!” Heather yelled.

“Is that all you care about? Beating me?” Kasandra yelled, rubbing her neck again.

“Yes.” Heather said.

“You’re a sore winner.” Kasandra said.

“Excuse me, sucker?” Heather asked.

“Give her the bonus and let her leave.” Kasandra said, taking her Aftermath spot.

“Okay. Take it.” Blaineley said, handing a cat with rabies to Heather.

“A cat? A stupid cat is what I got for winning?” Heather asked and the cat attacked her off the stage.

“So Kasandra-” Blaineley began but was interrupting when Heather snottily walked onto the set, picked up her tooth, threw goo at Blaineley, and walked off.

“Ugh!” Blaineley yelled and ran off.

She came back instantly in a black dress.

“This is the fifth one today.” Blaineley complained.

“Hello, my turn.” Kasandra said.

“Okay. To end your segment, we have a video question from a fan. Care to answer?” Blaineley asked.

“Sure.” Kasandra said.

A guy popped onto the screen.

“Hey, I’m Talen. I have a question. Are you this mean in real life. And I heard you talk about Hailey who said you should act nice. Do you have many different personalities? Are you delusional about alter egos?” Talen asked.

Everyone except Kasandra laughed when he asked if she was delusional.

“No, I’m not delusional. I am perfectly fine. I am actually not that mean in real life.” Kasandra began.

“We read your biography and it said you stole crayons and animal crackers in kindergarten. You’re definitely not nice.” Blaineley said.

“But I’m not a total jerk am I?” Kasandra asked.

“Eh,” most of the contestants replied.

“Were you debating to act nice when Hailey asked you to?” Talen asked.

“I guess. I definitely acted meaner than I did in real life. I guess Hailey didn’t want me to end up like Heather, even though Heather has millions of fans.” Kasandra replied.

“Okay, that’s the info I needed.” Talen said and signed off.

“Kasandra, your time is done. Welcome our next guest, Phineas!” Blaineley announced.

Phineas came running onto the set as Kasandra sat by Sylvia.

“Welcome Phineas!” Blaineley announced.

“Thanks!” Phineas said as Charlote came up to hug him.

“Well, we first have a video guest who requested to be first. After that I’ll ask questions, we meet a special guest and then end with a song. Got it? Good. Here’s your fan, Scotty.” Blaineley said.

Scotty appeared up on the screen. He has silver spiky hair.

“Word has it you can complete a Bop It 6X? I wanna see.” Scotty asked.

“Okay.” Phineas said and picked up a Bop It.

“Solo.” the Bop It said when he pulled it.

“Bop It to start.” it said so Phineas did.

“Ready?” Phineas asked.

“High score: 300.” the Bop It said.

Some funky music played and random calls came out such as Twist It, Flick It, Pull It, Spin It, Shout It, and Bop It.

Phineas got every single one till a victory jingle was heard.

“Novice Round complete. Medium Level starts now.” the Bop It said and Phineas completed the Medium Level.

“Expert Level starts now.” the Bop It said and Phineas began.

“Flick It. Bop It.” it said and Phineas bopped it and then some real funky music played, and he had beaten the game.

“Wow, cool. Thanks!” Scotty said.

“Your welcome.” Phineas said.

“Now spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Scotty said.

Phineas spelled it.

“Juggle baby rhinos.” Scotty said.

Phineas juggled.

“Eat Hell No! Habanera Sauce.” Scotty said.

Phineas did and breathed fire.

“Watch Teletubbies!” Scotty said, menacingly.

“Oh god no!” Phineas said, cowering in a corner.

“We found out your fear!” Blaineley said as the four Teletubbies came out onto the set to Phineas.

“We just want a hug.” the green one said.

“This is getting good.” Scotty said eating popcorn.

“Give us a hug and run away to Teletubby Land to have Custard and Toast.” the red one said.

“Give them a hug!” Kasandra yelled above the noise.

Phineas gave them a hug, and the Teletubbies fell over.

“They were stuffed animatronics!” Phineas explained.

“Yeah you made them when you were six and they scared you and you’ve been scared ever since.” Blaineley said.

“It was my idea.” Scotty said, signing off.

“Wow. They’re not so scary anymore.” Phineas said kicking them off the set.

“Okay, now we’ve all been dying to know where you ended up after your elimination.” Blaineley said.

“Wisconsin. I landed on a cow. Which I bet you have a montage of.” Phineas said.

“No, we don’t.” Blaineley said, trying her hardest to be nice.

“Well I do.” Phineas said, pushing a CD into the monitor.

He landed on the cow and it sunk to the ground.

“Ow, that gotta hurt.” Sylvia said.

“I did get some nice cheese from the people who owned the cow though. I broke my hand as you can see.” Phineas said, showing his hand cast.

“My next question is were you sad about being out first?” Blaineley asked.

“Sorta I guess. At least I know that what I did wasn’t my fault. It was mainly my p-a-r-t-n-e-r‘s.” Phineas said, spelling it out so Charlote didn’t understand.

“Partiers? Shame on them.” Charlote said innocently.

“What’s your favorite inventor? I personally like Madame CJ Walker, creator of shampoo. I don’t know how else I’d live.” Blaineley said, admiring her hair.

“I’m my favorite inventor.” Phineas said.

“Now you’re sounding like me.” Kasandra said.

“Who else?” Blaineley asked.

“Ferb.” Phineas said.

“I give up. Just sing a song meet a guest and get out of here you conceited market apple shaped like a P.” Blaineley said.

“Fine. I dedicate this song to Ferb.” Phineas said.

The Technicolor Phase (By: Phineas Feat. Kasandra and Sylvia)

Phineas: I am the red in the rose The flowers on the blankets on your bedroom floor. And I am the gray in the ghost That hides with your clothes behind your closet door. I am the green in the grass That bends back from underneath your feet. And I am the blue in your back alley view Where the horizon and the rooftops meet.Kasandra: Who would’ve thought he had a voice?

Sylvia: IKR? Phineas: If you cut me I suppose I would bleed The colors of the evening stars. You can go anywhere you wish 'Cause I'll be there, wherever you are. I will always be your keys, When we are lost in the technicolor phase. I am the black in the book The letters on the pages that you memorize.Kasandra: And I am the orange in the overcast Of color that you visualize.Phineas: I am the white in the walls That soak up all the sound when you cannot sleep.Sylvia: And I am the peach in the starfish on the beachPhineas: That wish the harbor wasn't quite so deep. If you cut me I suppose I would bleed The colors of the evening stars. You can go anywhere you wish 'Cause I'll be there, wherever you are.

Kasandra: Where are we?

Sylvia: Wherever you are

Wherever you are

Phineas: If you cut me I suppose I would bleed The colors of the evening stars. You can go anywhere you wish 'Cause I'll be there, wherever you are.

“Wow. That was better than I thought it’d be. 4 stars.” Blaineley said, dryly clapping her hands.

“Best song today.” Roddy agreed.

“My guest?” Phineas asked.

“Coming right up. Irving?” Blaineley asked.

Irving walked out.

“Irv!” Phineas exclaimed.

“You should be happy to know that Ferb didn’t die.” Irving said.

“What?” Phineas exclaimed.

“He got trapped in a music stream vortex in that iPod you guys made.” Irving told him.

“He did? How did he stay alive?” Phineas asked.

“He didn’t tell me much except for some space time continuum thing sucked him in there. He stay alive because his heart didn’t need to beat in the stream and breathing wasn’t required either.” Irving explained.

“Wow!” Phineas exclaimed.

“Well, that was a surprising twist.” Blaineley said.

“You need to tell me all the details!” Phineas said.

“Oooh, yeah. I wish he could but he has to go. Bye Irving.” Blaineley said.

“But wait, Ferb -” Irving began but was pushed off the stage.

“Phineas, your time is up. Next up, stay tuned for Candice vanHalen and Clay Edwards, next!” Blaineley said, going to commercial.


“Welcome back to the Endurance Aftermath. I’m Blaineley and if you’re just joining us, we’re about to announce our next eliminated contestant. Welcome Our Girl Who Pretended To Have a Heart of Gold. It’s Candice vanHalen!” Blaineley announced.

Candice appeared at the second story like Kasandra did in a black and white patterned raincoat and an umbrella in her hand. She was wearing black rubber boots and the sound of rain was heard in the background.

Chasing Pavements (By: Candice Feat. Kasandra and Phineas)

Candice: I was eliminated second

And was pushed off a helicopter

I landed in an unfamiliar town

Called the Land of … New York.

Taxi cabs roam the street

Unfamiliar territory

Business men are jerks everywhere you meet

In this unfamiliar territory

People point and stare

Rain streaks my hair

I don’t get what their problem is

What’s wrong with an Alaskan there?

Kasandra: Very original. Introduce yourself with a song. Ugh.

Candice: Cuz baby now I’m a New York Girl

Meaning I’m a Brooklyn Babe

People watch me chase pavements

All night and day

Kasandra: No wonder I picked you. You’re a wannabe so you copy anything you see to become popular.

Phineas: And how would you know. Were you a wannabe once? Or still are? So shut your mouth.

Candice: And I took the subway train

Unfamiliar territory

Checked in at the Plaza; more rain

In this unfamiliar territory

I point and stare

At celebrities I see

It’s such an experience


Now I’m a New York Girl

Meaning I’m a Brooklyn Babe

People watch me chase pavements

All night and day

Concrete buildings

Central park galore

Ancient fountains

And yet there’s still more

The tune changed to a part from Teenage Dream.

I got that big feeling in the Big Apple

Green statues of a large woman

People watch the Today Show, baby on their phones

While I chase the pavements

Kasandra: Since when did this tune change to Teenage Dream?

Candice: Then I let the rain fall down

My umbrella pops up, in the Big Apple

Hairspray and other Broadway shows, and some hobos know

When I chase those pavements

Because I’m a New York Girl

Don’t forget a Brooklyn Babe

People watch me chase pavements

All night and day

I’m a New York Girl

Don’t forget a Brooklyn Babe

People watch me chase pavements

All night and day

Oh baby

All … night … and … day

“Wow. That was definitely better than Kasandra’s.” Evelyn said.

Kasandra glared at her.

“There’s a reason you’re still not in this game.” Kasandra said.

“There’s a reason I got farther than you.” Evelyn said, smirking.

“That was a great song.” Blaineley said, dryly trying to be nice again.

“Thanks.” Candice said, smiling and she took off her raincoat and was wearing a yellow sundress.

“Wow, quite the fashionista, aren’t we?” Blaineley asked.

“First the song, now the dress.” Kasandra said, trying to make herself heard.

“Well Candice. We want to know where you landed when you were pushed off the helicopter.” Blaineley said.

“Uh,” Candice said, looking confused.

“Didn’t you listen to the intro of the song? I landed in New York. In the middle of Times Square. On a hobo.” Candice said.

“Excuse me, what?” Blaineley said, after putting a pocket mirror away.

“Guess not.” Candice replied.

“Oh yes, New York. I’ve been they’re before. You know, I used to have my own morning talk show there for about a few-” Blaineley started.

“Seconds. And then you were booed off.” Rainer interrupted.

“I was going to say days because I felt that Blaineley O’Halloran deserved better than a talk show.” Blaineley said, stars in her eyes.

“That and your show got cancelled.” Roddy said.

“And you would know how?” Blaineley asked.

“I’ve got the tapes!” he said, picking up tapes.

“Anyways,” Blaineley said, trying to skip past the subject.

“How was New York?” Blaineley asked.

“Do I need to sing the song again?” Candice asked.

“What? I’m sorry.” Blaineley said, putting away some lip gloss.

“Apparently.” Candice said.

“I’m sorry what?” Blaineley asked again.

“Oh my god.” Sylvia said.

I Hate The Blaineley (By: Kasandra, Sylvia, Evelyn, and Candice)

Kasandra: Little short skirt with a big attitude She wants to be a model, wants to be on the tube Yeah, it's one thing or another She's trouble, trouble Watch out if you're near She can bring you to tearsSylvia: She's got two boyfriends and three wannabes They follow her around like she's Aphrodite She's number one rated, but she's already jaded And she's following the trends in her Mercedes Benz Everyone wants to know her name Walking down the hall she's every guys dreamKasandra and Sylvia: I hate the Blaineley I'm pretty damn sure she can't stand me She thinks she's on the cover of a magazine I hate the Blaineley Tonight That's rightEvelyn: Non-fat sugar-free mochachini She says "Give it to me now you can keep the receipt." Drinking one after the other, she's trouble, trouble Tossing back her hair and she just don't care Everyone wants to play her game Walking down the street she's every guys dreamEvelyn, Kasandra, and Sylvia: I hate the Blaineley I'm pretty damn sure she can't stand me She thinks she's on the cover of a magazine I hate the Blaineley Tonight That's rightKasandra: She gets everything she asks forEvelyn: But she's somehow always wanting more Candice: Little short skirt with a big attitude She wants to be a model, wants to be on the tube Yeah, it's one thing or another She's trouble, trouble Watch out if your near She can bring you to tearsAll: I hate the Blaineley I'm pretty damn sure she can't stand me She thinks she's on the cover of a magazine I hate the Blaineley I hate the Blaineley I'm pretty damn sure she can't stand me She thinks she's on the cover of a magazine I hate the Blaineley Tonight That's right Evelyn: Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah.

“Aw, I feel your sympathy. But I’m here to stay for the next thirteen minutes.” Blaineley said, smirking.

“We could stall the show and make you not get paid. Oh yeah, then we’d be stuck with you.” Rainer said, chuckling.

“Hah hah hah. You’re hilarious, Rainer.” Blaineley said, sarcastically.

“I know right?” Rainer said.

“Hello, this is Candice time. Not Blaineley time. You’ve had enough time. I mean what are you 26?” Candice asked.

“Yeah.” Blaineley and everyone else replied.

“I have a story!” Charlote said, breaking the silence.

“What?” Kasandra and Candice asked at the same time and then they glared at each other.

“Balthazar the Mystical Elephant was a loveable old chap, who just happened to be an elephant. He wandered the cosmos, probing reality with his prehensile nose. Searching for gold; searching for adventure. One day, Balthazar the Fanciful Elephant found a magnificent tree which held all the secrets of the Universe. He sailed the summer skies in a great air-ship, sprinkling magical stardust and enchanted confetti everywhere he went. Before long, he came to the Mountain of Mordensea, where he found a huge dragon!” Charlote exclaimed.

“Oh I do hope this story doesn’t become scary. I’m terribly frightened of scary things.” Roddy said and some giggles were heard.

“No need to worry miss, for the dragon and the elephant became friends and frolicked in a magical land inhabited by bunny creatures. The end!” Charlote said, happily.

“Random.” Kasandra said breaking the silence.

“I’m a dude.” Roddy exclaimed.

“Ha!” Kermit said, jokingly.

“You can’t say dude right.” Rainer reasoned.

“HELLO PEOPLE. IT IS MY TURN.” Candice yelled as everyone started to talk again.

Everyone was quiet.

“Well, you know what. IT ISN’T POLITE TO SHOUT.” Blaineley yelled back.

Everyone went quiet again.

“Enjoy your guest.” Blaineley said as someone started walking out onstage.

“CANDICE!” Candice exclaimed as Candice from the Pokemon games walked out.

“Yes, It’s me Candice!” Candice exclaimed.

“So we don’t get you too confused, one of you is Candice 1 and the other is Candice 2.” Blaineley said putting ‘Hi! My Name Is…’ tags on them.

Sylvia looked at both of them.

“I still can’t tell them apart.” Sylvia said.

Candice 1 smiled while Candice 2 laughed.

“So Candice 2, or is it 1? Which one is the famous one?” Blaineley asked.

“That would be me.” Candice 1 and Candice 2 said.

“Um, bad choice of words. Which one was on that reality show.” Blaineley asked.

“That would be me.” they both said again.

“You know what? Would the real Candice vanHalen stand up please?” Blaineley asked.

Candice 2 stood up.

“Finally.” Blaineley said.

“Candice 2, why do you admire Candice 1?” Blaineley asked.

“Well, she endures the cold in Snowpoint City, just like I do. And we have the same name, and people with the same name tend to either keep tabs on each other or look out for each other. Candice does that for me.” Candice 2 said.

“Okay. That’s interesting.” Blaineley said and mouthing not into the camera.

“Candice 1, why do you think Candice 2 was eliminated so early on?” Blaineley asked.

“Because of her bad choice and aligning with the evil team.” Candice 1 said.

“Candice 1, any hot gossip about Candice 2?” Blaineley asked.

“No.” Candice 1 replied.

“I figured you’d say that and since we didn’t use this the last time, why let it go to waste?” Blaineley asked as the bomb lowered over Candice 1’s head.

“Well there was the one time-” Candice 1 said, trying to lie her way out.

“Might I add, it knows when you’re lying.” Blaineley said as the bomb lowered again.

“Well….” Candice 1 said, trying to stall.

“Don’t say it.” Candice 2 said, warning.

“Candice ate some Teletubby fruit snacks and had an allergic reaction.” Candice 1 said.

Candice 2 looked relieved.

Phineas’s head perked up. “Teletubby?” he asked sounding afraid.

“Come on that’s not gonna be on the front cover of Gemmy Magazine next week is it?” Blaineley asked.

“I guess not. The truth is that Candice has-” Candice 1 started.

Candice 2 then tackled Candice 1 before she could say anything.

Blaineley tried to make out words that Candice 1 was saying.

“Crush? Competitor? PHINEAS???!!!” Blaineley yelled.

Phineas suddenly blushed.

“KERMIT? NOT?” Blaineley yelled again.

Both Candice’s stopped fighting.

“No. You’ve got it wrong. I said Candice has a crush on another competitor but it’s not Phineas or Kermit.” Candice 1 said.

“I think it’s time for Candice 1 to leave.” Candice 2 said.

“Okay.” Candice 1 said and left.

“Aw, that was the best part of the episode.” Blaineley said.

“For you.” Candice said, ripping off her nametag.

“So Candice. We have a very interesting question from two viewers. Your fans. They requested to be together so let’s talk to them. Welcome X-Emily and Tsujara!” Blaineley said.

A guy and a girl showed up on the screen. The girl looked hyped up on twenty Mountain Dews and the guy looked liked African decent normal-ish.

“HI CANDICE. WE’RE LIKE YOUR BIGGEST FANS.” X-Emily said, hyper, and tossed back a Mountain Dew can. The camera showed about a thousand bottles, littering the ground.

“‘Sup.” Tsujara said.

“Hi. What’s your question?” Candice asked.

“Okay. What was the main reason you joined Kasandra’s alliances? I mean if I were you I wouldn’t of, but for some reason you did. I think it was a strategy but Tsujara thinks you were being stupid and didn’t know anyone so you were trying to be nice, so like what’s the answer?” X-Emily asked, really fast.

“Um, I’m not really sure?” Candice said, not really hearing the question asked.

“I said-” X-Emily said, taking a huge breath.

“I got the question, I think, but I’m not sure. I think Kasandra was the only one who opened up to me and asked me to be friends, so I did.” Candice said.

“I was right.” Tsujara said.

“Whatever. Thanks for answering, BYEZ!” X-Emily said, signing off of the connection.

“She was interesting.” Roddy said.

“What kind of a name is X-Emily?” Kasandra asked.

“What kind of a name is Kasandra?” Blaineley asked.

“Blaineley sounds like a name you create when you’re drunk and then get smacked in the head by a bartender. I mean think of it. Blaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnlllllllleeeeeeeyyyyyyy.” Kasandra said.

“Moving on. Kasandra, why’d do you go to Candice?” Blaineley asked.

“If I said anything, I’d take the risk of getting shocked again.” Kasandra said, dryly.

“Do it.” most of the castmates encouraged.

“Fine. I pictured her as the dumb person who wanted to be friends with Ms. Popular to get farther in the game, little did I know there was a tiny brain hiding in that haystack of a head.” Kasandra said, getting shocked again.

“Okay Candice, your time is done.” Blaineley said, polishing the guest seat for Clay to arrive.

“Um, okay?” Candice said taking a seat over by her fellow competitors.

“Ladies and gentleman, let’s welcome the guy everyone’s been waiting for! Clay Edwards!” Blaineley announced as Clay walked out onto the stage.

“Hey guys!” Clay said, taking a seat on the chair.

“Clay!” Sylvia said and ran up to hug him.

“Sylvia!” Clay said, hugging her back.

After everyone sat back down again, Blaineley started.

“So, we’re all waiting to hear the gossip about your time since elimination.” Blaineley said.

“Well, it’s been hard without Cealey. Long distance doesn’t always work.” Clay said sadly.

“You two dated?” Rainer asked.

“Didn’t you watch the show?” Sylvia asked?

“No.” Rainer said.

“Cealey and Clayton, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P.” Charlote sang.

Charlote kept singing the alphabet while everyone talked over her.

“So, we don’t really care about anything else except you and Cealey. The reality show couple of the year!” Blaineley announced and applause was heard.

“Well, I haven’t seen her since the Temple of Fate, but I’m rooting for her in the finale although Kenyatta and Grover deserve it too.” Clay said.

“Well, Sylvia won you a chance to go see her again earlier this show.

“Really? Thanks Sylvia!” Clay said, excitedly.

“On the day of the finale, you guys get to watch the finale and root for whichever team.” Blaineley said.

“Although I’ll be rooting for Kenyatta, you can support your girlfriend.” Sylvia said, smiling.

Clay smiled too.

“Now, we have a very special video guest for you, but first, we have a few questions.” Blaineley said.

“I’m fine with that.” Clay said, smiling.

“Okay, first off. Why do you think Cealey and Jorge have the endurance to be Endurance champs?” Blaineley asked.

“Well, I think that Cealey and Jorge have been through more stuff than Kenyatta and Grover. Cealey and Jorge won three missions, got handicapped once, and have the experience of being up to temple twice and returning. Asia won twice but in the last two missions and really were like Purple Kellys, the both of them.” Clay said.

A 20 year old woman with purple streaked hair walked out, but Eva picked her up and threw her against the wall backstage before she could talk.

“See what I mean?” Clay asked.

“I do. Many fans on the Endurance site want to know that if you can surf or ride dolphins.” Blaineley told him.

“I can surf, I’ve never tried to ride a dolphin. I’ve been surfing since I was seven.” Clay said.

“And my last question. What do you think about Cody?” Blaineley asked.

“Who’s Cody?” Clay asked.

Blaineley and the contestants broke out laughing.

“How do you not know who Cody is?” Kasandra asked.

“She talked about him like all the time!” Kermit added.

“Who did? Who’s Cody?” Clay asked again.

“Oh my god, he doesn’t know who Cody is!” Charlote exclaimed and chatter rose from everyone about this Cody person.

“Who the heck is Cody?” Clay asked?

More laughter was heard.

“How do you not know who Cody was? Cealey talked about him a lot.” Jorge said appearing on the screen.

“Clay, welcome your guests, Cealey and Jorge live from Baja California!” Blaineley asked.

Cealey and Jorge were sitting in the guy’s hut, with the camera looking down at them and they waved.

“I don’t get it. Who’s Cody?” Clay asked?

A peppy upbeat of a song started playing.

“I thing I feel I song coming on!” Phineas said.

“Good thing we don’t have to sing.” Jorge said as he and Cealey fist bumped.

“You wish.” Blaineley said as the intro to Her Real Name Isn’t Blaineley played.

Who The Heck Is Cody? (By: Clay Feat. Jorge and Cealey and the Rest of the Castmates)

Clay: I just heard about some dude that makes me start to wonder Jorge: Woops. Clay: Am I the true one or is the guy stealing my thunder?

Cealey: What?! Clay: Sure, I know we’re supposed to trust and all but when everybody knows, this dude named Cody apparently has your mouth gone blown? Everyone: Hey! Cealey: Heeeyyy..... Clay: So what is some other dude, that you were still dating? I thought you didn’t want to date in the first place cuz you just broke up with someone-ing? Everyone: Hey! Cealey: Wait Clay. Clay: I’m not gonna be a third wheel, I really love you the most. You better tell me who he is, or else we are toast! Everyone: Hey! Cealey: He's not the guy you think she is, so let me tell you plainly. He‘s my ex, and I hate you for making me sing, Blaineley! Everyone: Hey! Clay: Really? Or are you being a phony, scheming, weasel-nose! And who the heck is Cody? Better tell me soon, or we’re through, and who the heck is Cody? TELL ME. Everyone: IT‘S HER EX!

Clay: Oh.

“That was a hard song to rhyme.” Clay said.

“Way to steal my thunder, that’s my song.” Blaineley said, stuffing a tape down her shirt.

“Seriously?” Clay asked Cealey.

“Yeah, he was just my ex-boyfriend.” Cealey said, not showing any hint of dishonesty so Clay took her word.

“Sorry, it was just jealousy setting in.” Clay said, blushing.

“Oh, we got to go. Kenyatta and Grover and us are goin’ for a swim in the ocean.” Jorge said.

“Bye Clay!” Cealey said before they signed off.

“Well, now do you know who Cody is?” Blaineley asked.

“Yeah.” Clay said, staring at her.

“So, I heard you recently started your new book series, Y.O.U.T.H?” Blaineley asked.

“Yeah, it’s about five kids who’ve been sent on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth and bring the goblet-” Clay began.

“Shaun is starting to scare me!” Charlote yelled.

“That imaginary sheep?” Kermit asked.

Charlote picked up the sheep, who unzipped it’s costume to appear to be a toucan.

“Toko?” Clay asked.

“This show is just getting weirder by the second.” Evelyn replied.

The toucan ran up to Clay and pecked at his fingers, and plucked off the gold ring Clay was wearing.

“My ring!” Clay exclaimed.

“THE TIME!” Blaineley said, pointing to a cell phone which read 8:58.

“The show’s almost over.” Blaineley exclaimed.

Then police broke through the doors and came marching over to Blaineley.

“Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran, you’re under arrest.” The police said, handcuffing her.

“Wait, what? What did I do?” Blaineley yelled.

An African American officer picked up the wine bottle Blaineley kicked backstage.

“This wine bottle?” The officer asked.

“Yes?” Blaineley asked, scared.

The officer ripped a price tag off of it.

“It was stolen. You stole a 799 dollar bottle of wine!” The officer yelled.

“Wait, wait, wait! There must be some mistake!” Blaineley said being escorted off.

“I never got paid!” Blaineley yelled.

“Oh and look at that. We have one more minute.” Candice said, and everyone laughed.

“Do you kids know anything about this?” an officer asked.

“Oh yeah, there’s 11 more bottles in the green room.” Clay said smirking.

The officer headed to the green room.

“You’re coming with us.” another officer said, putting Toko in a cage.

“Well it looks like it’s time to sign off.” Rainer said.

Eva popped out in front of the screen.

“Which team will win Team North America’s pieces? Which team will eventually win? Will Blaineley ever get out of jail? Who really cares about her? Find out sooner or later! And stay tuned for the last two episodes of Endurance!” Eva yelled.

“Sing, sing, sing.” The Endurance players chanted.

“Ugh, fine.” Eva said.


Don't Drop The Ball

“Last time, you caught up with all the eliminated players of Endurance: Peppy, Boomerango, Cupid, Biscuit Boy, Hulkinator, Dr. Book, Meanie, Phinny, vanCandice, and Clay. Did you like those? I did that myself. You listened to a few songs and even Sylvia and Clay won a prize to watch the finale live which is later tonight. This afternoon however, the final two teams will compete in their last mission ever to fight for Team North America’s pieces that were left behind after they were eliminated. These pieces could put one team in a major lead going into the final temple of fate tonight. Are you excited? You should be, because there’s two more episodes left of Endurance!” JD said, opening up the show.


The camera showed the beach. Jorge and Grover were doing some back flips into the oceans and Cealey and Kenyatta were laughing at them.

Cealey: For most of the days we’ve been out here, all the guys have been taking their own little showers in the ocean. It’s pretty funny to watch them jump into the cold ocean in the morning and freeze their butts off.

“I swear, you guys are gonna eventually get sick!” Cealey said, as they all laughed.

“Don’t forget the shampoo!” Kenyatta said, handing a mini bottle of shampoo to the guys, like you get in hotels.

“I don’t get why you girls don’t take a shower in the ocean. I mean, it’s our last day, be a little spontaneous.” Jorge said, lathering on shampoo.

“I’ll take my chances with the shower we get in the jungle.” Cealey said, laughing.

“Isn’t it cold?” Kenyatta asked.

“I guess, but it gets you refreshed.” Grover said, backflipping into the ocean.

“Oh, I’m gonna miss this in the mornings.” Cealey said.

“Right on, girl.” Kenyatta said, as they laughed when Jorge practically face planted the bottom of the ocean.


The green team were sitting in an unoccupied hut.

“So who do you miss the most?” Jorge asked.

“Clay, Clay, and Clay.” Cealey said, starring at the ocean.

“Yeah I miss Clay and Kermit and Phineas. They were my buds here.” Jorge said.

Jorge: Probably the best experience of being on this show was meeting some great friends. We’ve all become such great friends over a game and it’s sad to see some people leave when they’re really close to you.


Kenyatta: Get ready for me, cuz you know I am going to win. I’m gonna kick butt and green baby, is going down.

Cealey: Yellow better watch out in the final mission today because their butts are gonna be hurt when we whoop em.

Grover: I really hope we can win today. We’re behind by three pieces, so if we win those three pieces in the mission, we’re tied for tonight when we go to the Temple of Fate.

Jorge: I was pretty upset to see brown go, because I know Sylvia wanted to start her own matchmaking business for publicity with the win.

Cealey: I mean yeah, it was sad to see them go, but I’d rather have them go over me. Boyfriend or not, I came to win this game.

Jorge: Talking to Clay a few days ago, made me and Cealey realize that he’s rooting for us and Sylvia’s rooting for the other team so it’s split in half. If we win today’s final mission, it’s pretty much guaranteed we win.

Grover: Today, I’m a little bit nervous, but I’m just glad to be in the top two. Around the sixth episode, me and Kenyatta were the only team who hadn’t won a mission, and then just about ten days ago, we won our second mission in a row.

Kenyatta: I feel like we’ve made it so far, and it’s not good to get it over with. Being a team with only two pyramid pieces and have only won two missions, doesn’t feel too reassuring about the win. I’d just like it to be over with already. It feels good to be going against a strong team like green, so when we win, we can feel like we accomplished something more than if we beat like the orange or blue team.

Cealey: This game can really prove how strong friendship can be, because the friends stuck through and got far than our enemies who were out in the first two weeks or so.

Grover: My concern with the challenge today is that if the challenge is physical, me and Kenyatta will have a harder time to overcome that mission, and the green team can make it look easy.

Jorge: I’m going into today’s mission with a grin and I’m going to win it for the brown and the purple team. Kermit and Clay were definetly my best friends on the island. I feel like I’ve dishonored my family if I don’t prove I have the endurance to win. I honestly believe though that either Kermit or Clay should be in my position now, mainly because they played better strategic games than I did, who just focused on physical.

Cealey: The yellow team definetly deserves to be here. They never won a mission until episode ten and they stuck through it, fearing to be sent to temple. And the purple team worked so hard to just get to the top three and they didn’t even get that far.

Kenyatta: I’m really nervous right now but I’m trying to stay cool and enjoy my last day with my friends, but once the competition starts, believe me it’s gonna get rough.

Grover: This morning, me and Jorge took a shower in the ocean for the last time and the water felt really really good. It’s the best it’s been so far.

Cealey: And we just realized that this is our last time we’ll be together for the last time on this beach with this beautiful ocean, so we took advantage of it and tried to enjoy it. This really was a once in a lifetime thing, because the four of us will never be back here again.

Jorge: We really played outside and splashed around like little kids. The water is so blue and we can see little fish swimming around.

Kenyatta: One thing I’m going to miss is the animals. The chickens, the jellyfish, the goats, the toucans, the sea life. It was really beautiful. I’d also miss the stars at night, because I can’t really see them at night at my dad’s condo in Chicago, there’s too much pollution. I mean just taking each night and looking at every little star is just amazing.

Cealey: After talking to Clay, me and Jorge shipped off Liesl to Charlote so she could take care of her, rather than me.

Grover: In the beginning we were here with 14 kids and now we’re done to 4 and it feels like a great accomplishment to outlast the others. Luck definetly paid off for me and Kenyatta.

Cealey: When I think about Charlote, I remember we were the best of friends and I feel bad for taking advantage of her to give her team the Samadhi. I really wish I could’ve taken that back and just let things play out as they did.

Jorge: Phineas was a really great guy. He was always hanging out with everybody and tried his hardest in challenges. He left in the first week, so we didn’t get to know him too well.

Kenyatta: I’ll remember Candice as the wannabe. She was allied with the strongest team and the meanest team and was also a jerk to her partner. She definetly doesn’t deserve to be here right now.

Grover: Roddy, I guess everybody took for granted. Heh, Grant was his last name. No one really liked him, maybe they thought of him as the creepy British kid, but maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.

Cealey: No one liked Kasandra, I’m not even sure her partner did. She came into the game and played the game she did her own way by being a jerk. She even yelled at Candice, her own alliance member. I guess if she think that would’ve gotten her far, that’s her strategy.

Jorge: Rainer was like strong. Stronger than me. He told me he benched 320, and I was blown away. I bench 195. Rainer would be any general’s dream in the army. I think he could’ve done a lot better if he didn’t have Kasandra as a partner.

Kenyatta: Evelyn was probably my best friend on the island. We were the two girls who weren’t in any drama and probably were the weakest teams here. Girl, she had a crazy partner but she played the game well enough.

Grover: Kermit was a cool guy. We were probably best friends on the island. I think the purple and yellow teams were the closest together. He had some crazy ideas, some epically failed and some worked. They definetly should’ve gotten farther than me and Kenyatta.

Jorge: Sylvia was friends with everyone, even Kasandra somewhat. She didn’t hate anyone and didn’t care if you were straight, homosexual, bisexual, she believed in love and thought love made the world go round. She was a pretty damn good cook too, and I feel bad for eating her chicken.

Cealey: Clay, the guy I miss the most. He got along with everyone, even Kasandra and everyone thought they were gonna date, glad they did not. He was a really smart and physical guy, which doesn’t happen too often. He can surf and figure out the volume of a cylinder in like four seconds flat.

Grover: I just miss all of my friends. The beach seems empty with no one here.

Kenyatta: For everyone who’s left so far, I just want to say that it was an honor to compete against you guys and meet all of you. This really is an experience I’ll never forget in my entire life.

Cealey: Everyone’s upset about how they didn’t make the final two or got out as early as they did and we just need to focus on the positives. Like all the great friends we made and the experience in general was spectacular. No one can say that the experience was horrible and they learned nothing because it’s impossible to say that about competiting in a reality show. Even Kasandra can learn that meanness gets you nowhere in life.

Jorge: I’m pretty nervous now about the rest of the day, not just the challenge for brown’s pieces but how the winner’s going to be decided. Doing a normal Temple of Fate would be too easy.

Kenyatta: Brown left three pieces behind and that could majorly affect the game by tying it or majorly giving green the win.

Grover: We’re going to go into temple two to eight if we don’t win today so we need to win really badly. It’d be very embarrassing to lose like that, because it stereotypes me and Kenyatta as the team who epically failed.

Jorge: I’d feel sort of bad if we went into temple with a huge lead like eight. If Asia won, then we’d be on a level playing field and we could really see who has endurance and fate in the palms of their hands. It’ll be interesting.

Cealey: Just you wait.

Kenyatta: Luck needs to play a big role in the challenge today.

Jorge: I remember in the beginning we chose teamwork and had none whatsoever. Today, teamwork and commitment to that will play a big role in the challenge.

Grover: An African safari sounds nice about now.

Jorge: Aw, Belize.

Cealey: Teamwork hopefully has a big effect in today’s game. I remember the first day, JD said to pick teamwork to help us. I thought it was a load of crap, but we had the commitment to stay together as a team. We had the courage to act as we did, stupid or not. We had the leadership to have other teams come with us, and the heart to endure it all. Let’s see if it pays off.

Kenyatta: The last day spent here was great. Now it’s challenge time.

Jorge: *paints war marks under his eyes* War’s on now.


The two teams walked hand and hand down to the beach for the challenge.

They arrived at the sight, and at JD.

“Green team, yellow team. Congratulations on making it to the last day of Endurance, where you will be competiting in your last mission ever. You guys have been here for several weeks. It’s taken strength, stamina, courage, and all the other pieces to make it this far. Win the pieces in today’s mission and you’re that much closer to your grand prize trips. You guys have all learned a lot since you’ve been on the island. Most importantly though, I think we learned that many great accomplishments required great endurance. You guys found that out. Your final Endurance mission requires Endurance as well. This game is called “Don‘t Drop The Ball”. You and your partner will be standing face to face on those platforms out there.” JD said, motioning to the platforms.

“Holding a ball over your head.” JD added, and pointed to the balls attached to strings waiting for the challenge to start.

“Keep in mind, you can only use your hands to support the ball over your head. The team that can keep the ball over their head the longest, wins the three pieces Team North America left behind: Knowledge, Strength, and Perseverance. That could put a team into a major lead. Everybody got it?” JD asked.

“Yep.” the competitors said.

They headed out into the ocean and swam to their platforms, and stood face to face.

“Are you all ready? Caution, high waves and winds. On your marks, get set, go!” JD said, pushing a button and releasing the ball into the two teams hands.

It was a giant ball.

“The game is on. Let’s remember what’s at stake here. Three pieces and a major lead or a tie is on the line. Remember, nobody can let the ball touch their head.” JD said, reminding them.

The camera zoomed into the yellow team.

“Come on don’t drop it.” Kenyatta said, holding the ball above her head.

“I’m fine.” Grover told her, as he adjusted his hands to make more support.

“How badly do you guys want these pieces?” JD asked, holding up the pieces.

“The wind.” Cealey said as a huge gust of wind picked up, blowing their clothes.

“Keep the ball above your head.” JD reminded.

A huge wave put water all the way up to the competitor’s knees.

“Ooh, I told you the water was cold!” Kenyatta yelled and Jorge and Cealey laughed.

“My hand’s slipping.” Cealey said, trying to readjust her hands.

“Cealey, don’t let go.” Jorge said and she found more support.

“Okay, now it’s starting to hurt.” Grover said, trying to support the ball more.

“I’m slipping a little bit.” Cealey said.

“No Cealey, we need this.” Jorge said, reminding her of what was at stake.

“Keep it going guys. You’ve been in this 3 minutes.” JD told them.

“It hurts.” Grover said as water was splashed into his face.

“Yellow’s moving a lot.” JD warned.

“Wo,” Jorge said as another big wave went over.

Cealey screamed, the ball was slipping backwards.

“Wo!” JD yelled as it looked like they were gonna drop the ball.

The ball kept heading to go over Cealey’s head.

“Wo, wo, wo, wo!” JD said.

Cealey moved her hands, supporting the ball back again.

“Green team almost lost it.” JD told them all.

“Are you sure you’ve got it?” Cealey asked.

“I’ve got it.” Jorge said as another wave went up to their waist.

“Who has the endurance to hold on?” JD asked.

“Yeah, they’re dead, they’re dead.” Kenyatta said, as Grover started moaning.

Cealey started ranting random things that weren’t comprehendible.

“It’s all come down to this.” JD said.

Another wave came to hit them.

Cealey was now losing grip of the ball.

“Wo, wo, wo, wo.” JD said again and Cealey kept ranting unknown things.

A big gust of wind hit then and knocked the ball out of Kenyatta and Grover’s grip.

“No!” Kenyatta yelled as the ball heading for the water.

It made a huge splash and three seconds later so the green team’s.

“Oh, that was a close one!” JD said, as the yellow team looked unhappy.

“We won!” Cealey said hugging Jorge and then fell into the water.

“Game over, green team won giving them the 6 piece lead.” JD said to them.

“We won!” Cealey yelled.


Kenyatta: For me, the hardest part of the game was when waves came over, it was hard to grip onto the ball. And then platform would like shake a little bit.

Grover: I feel like it’s the end right now, but there’s still tonight left.

Cealey: We almost lost twice and yellow’s ball fell at the last second and then I felt so relieved.

Jorge: I honestly think yellow should’ve won. We almost dropped it twice and then the wind came and blew the ball right out of their hands.


“Hey, I have an idea.” Jorge said talking to Cealey.

Most of it was not heard but Cealey shook her head and said “I agree.”


“Congratulations green team. You won the three pieces putting you at a major lead.” JD said, handing the pieces to them.

“Actually, we want to do something that will shock everyone.” Jorge said.

“What is it?” JD asked.

There was a long pause until Cealey spoke.

“We’d like to give these three pieces to the yellow team so we can have a level playing field tonight at Temple.” Cealey said, handing the pieces to them.

“Are you sure?” Kenyatta asked, receiving the pieces.

“Yeah, we both agreed on it.” Jorge told her.

“Thanks.” Grover said to them.

“Okay. Yellow team then you get those three pieces and both teams are now tied.” JD said.

Grover: They were right. That really did shock me. I never expected them to give up so easily. Now, it’s time to fight hard to win.

“Now, I bet you’re all wondering about how we’re gonna play tonight’s game. Meet me at the rock in a while, I’ll fill you guys in. But first, you guys have a surprise waiting for you at the beach.” JD said, leaving.


The two teams headed to the beach to find snorkeling gear.

“Snorkeling!” Kenyatta yelled.

Kenyatta: It was great to spend our last few moments getting to snorkel around and check out the marine life.

Cealey: I had never been snorkeling and it was a great experience.

Jorge: We got to see millions of fish and sea sponges and stuff, it was pretty awesome. You don’t get to see that in the military.

Grover: I’m usually afraid to see sharks and that, but they were harmless creatures and we could touch them and stuff. It was really cool.


“It’s gonna be weird going back and adjusting to everything.” Grover said, as he and Kenyatta were reflecting on everything in one of the huts.

Grover pressed a button and the bunks moved like a carousel.

“I know. I did not think I would make it this far at all. I just wanted to get past the first day.” Kenyatta said as Grover turned it off.

“I didn’t even think I was gonna get past that.” Grover said.

“I’m glad the thing was partners because I could’ve of made it this far on my own.” Kenyatta said.


“What are you gonna miss the most when you leave today?” Cealey asked Jorge.

“The beach.” Jorge said, to her not supplying a reason but listened to it’s serene.

“Why?” Cealey asked.

“I’m just used to falling asleep to the sound of the waves and waking up to the calls of the seagulls.” Jorge said, listening to the ocean again.

Cealey: I will miss this place. I’ve never been to a place like this before. With the sandy beach and being right next to the ocean, it’s just awesome. And being around friends 24/7 was just one of the best parts as well.

Jorge: The people were great and it was fun to see all different personalities, from not just around the country, but the world.

Kenyatta: I’ll always have the memory until I have grandchildren. And I can tell them the great stories of what went on while I was here.

Grover: This experience was just wonderful and it makes you sad to realize that hey, in like three hours it will all be gone.


“Well here we have it. The final two teams and this is the last time you’ll ever be sitting right here at this rock.” JD said.

“Nervous?” he asked.

“You bet.” Jorge and Grover replied at the same time.

“We started with 14, then 7, now down to 2 teams. You all know you’ve accomplished some amazing things. But, one team has to possess all ten pieces to be Endurance champions. And you guys are lucky enough, to have the pieces split right down to 5 each. I actually have smaller versions of the pieces you’re gonna need for the final mission.” JD said, taking out small metallic versions of all the pyramid pieces.

“The green team had the pieces teamwork, commitment, courage, leadership, and heart.” JD said handing them their stack.

“And the yellow team had luck, trust, knowledge, strength, and perseverance. All good qualities to have. You’ll need to bring these to the temple of fate tonight if you want a chance at winning.” JD said handing them their stack.

“You’re only going to have two hours before you make the journey up to temple. Pack your bags and savor your last few moments on the island. At sunset, your feet will touch the sand for the last time.” JD said.

Cealey had tears streaking down her face already.

“Cealey, why you crying?” JD asked.

“I never thought I’d get this far and now that it’s over, it’s making me remember everything I’ve been through.” Cealey said, drying some tears.

“You don’t have to cry yet. You still have two hours. Head back to your huts.” JD said and sent them off.


Jorge: I guess I feel pretty anxious about temple. It’s not like normal temple so it will be different and terrifying.

Grover: It just feels really sad to be packing up to go home.

Jorge and Grover were packing things away.

Grover finished rolling up a sleeping bag.

“I’m done.” Grover said.

“Me too.” Jorge said and set his things on a bunk.


“Okay this isn’t mine is it yours?” Kenyatta asked.

“That’s Evelyn’s.” Cealey said, packing away a purple bandana.

“She never wore it.” Cealey said.

Cealey: I learned friendship is a lot stronger than the game itself. I just get caught up in the moment and I guess my actions can be considered mean. I’m really anxious about meeting Clay and Sylvia up at temple.

“I’m just shoving everything in. This is my third time to pack.” Cealey said.

“Ha, this is my first time.” Kenyatta said, zipping up a suitcase.

Kenyatta: When you first meet people, it’s usually a first impression and first impressions are usually wrong. Now when I look at people, I looked at them a lot differently then I did before. I now look at the good qualities and not what bugs me about them.


The two teams settled outside of their huts and went to the fire in the middle.

Cealey: I’m now so anxious because the time has come and the finale is going to be scary.

Jorge: I’m a little scared yellow might win, because luck has seem to be on their side lately. We just need to see how it plays out.

Grover: I don’t have experience at temple, so it terrifies me now. Green’s a strong team and they could win this thing.

Kenyatta: I left four beads in the hut from my hair. Yellow and green and placed them on all our original bunks in the huts.

“Are you guys ready?” Jorge asked.

“Yep.” Cealey said.

Kenyatta tossed her bandana into the fire pit.

“To remember us.” Kenyatta said.

Grover tossed his yellow armband.

Cealey threw her green bandana in and put on Evelyn’s purple one for good luck.

“To Endurance.” Jorge said throwing his armband in.

The final two teams then began their walk to the Temple of Fate, where the winner would be announced.


“Last time on Endurance, we caught up with our final two teams. After about 15 minutes of confessionals, it was time for the final mission for brown’s pyramid pieces. South America won the mission, but shocked everyone by giving their pieces to Asia giving both teams a level playing ground at temple. Everyone’s burned their bandanas and we’re finally ready to see who will finally win Endurance. Stay tuned, because at the end, we will finally announce the real winners of Endurance!” JD announced.


Dramatic music plays as the yellow and green teams walk up the steps to the Temple of Fate.

The two teams arrive with their mini metallic versions of the pyramid pieces.

Five pieces for each side.

They placed their bags on the sides and stood across from each other to face JD.

“Welcome to the Temple of Fate. It’s been a long road for you two teams, hasn’t it? Most of the challenges we put you through tested your physical endurance. This final challenge will be a little different. This challenge is all about strategy.” JD said.

“Like a battle strategy?” Jorge asked.

“No, shut up.” JD snapped and motioned to the contraption in front of him.

“Out of those pyramids on the machine, one of those pyramids hide a gold pyramid underneath. That is the one you’re trying to find. You’re going to wager your pieces that you’re holding in your hands, and place them down in front of the pyramids, where you thinking the gold pyramid is hiding. The team with the least amount of pieces each round can cover as many as they like, as long as they leave one spot open for the opposite team to cover. The opposing team will have to cover any uncovered pieces. Whichever piece sits before the gold pyramid, wins all the pieces on the table. We’re gonna play until one team has all ten pieces. Then, those two players become Endurance Champions and win their grand prize trip. Asia, if you guys win, you’ll be going on an African Safari. South America, you guys win, you’ll be going to Belize for a water safari on a river boat. Right now we have a tie in pieces, so the last team to win pieces, which was Asia, gets to go first. Asia, you may place any amount of pieces that you’d like as long as you keep one open for South America to fill.” JD said.

“Where do you wanna put em?” Grover asked?

“Right there.” Kenyatta said, filling up the second and third slots.

“Okay. Trust and Luck. Luck is definetly an important part for this final mission. Plus, it was the first pyramid piece you guys received. Let’s see if it pays off.” JD said.

“Let’s see.” Kenyatta said, kissing her finger and then touching the Luck piece.

“Okay. Green team, you color the other piece. Now remember, whoever has the gold pyramid underneath, gets all the pieces on the table.” JD said.

“Go Leadership.” Cealey said, slamming down the piece over the first slot.

“Okay. I will now turn over the first pyramid.” JD said.

The pyramid piece with Trust in it’s slot turned over, revealing a bare spot.

“Looks like it’s down to Luck and Leadership. May I please see the golden pyramid?” JD asked.

The pyramid with…




















Luck turned over to reveal a golden pyramid.

“Oh yeah baby!” Kenyatta exclaimed grabbing all the piece on the table.

“Yellow team, you got it. This means that you guys have six pieces and the green team has four pieces. Now, I’m gonna add another pyramid, so we have four pyramids on the board. Rules apply same as last time. Green with the least amount of pieces, you guys go first.” JD said.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Jorge said covering the first and fourth slot with the pieces Commitment and Courage.

“And this one too.” Cealey said, laying down Heart in the second slot.

“They’re pressing their luck it looks like. Asia, you must place down one piece. Which piece is it?” JD asked.

“Knowledge.” Kenyatta said, placing down their next piece in the available slot.

“Knowledge it is. Can I see the first two pyramids?” JD asked.

Commitment and Heart flipped over to reveal bare.

“Knowledge and Courage. Can I see the golden pyramid?” JD asked.

The slot containing…



























Knowledge showed up bare.

“Courage contained the golden pyramid! South America gets their piece back, leaving us with tied game again.” JD said.

“Yes!” Cealey said, hugging the Courage piece.

“Asia, since you lost, you get to go first. I’ll add another pyramid.” JD said, as another pyramid flipped over.

“Strength.” Kenyatta said, putting Strength in the middle.

“And Trust.” Grover said, putting up Trust for the second time.

“Strength and Trust. South America, you must fill the remaining three spaces.” JD said.

“If we want to win, we both agree Teamwork might be our good luck charm.” Cealey said putting Teamwork right next to Strength.

“And Commitment and Knowledge.” Jorge said, placing those pieces on the first and fifth slot.

“Okay. First, you know we need to narrow it down to two. Commitment, Knowledge, Strength. Flip over.” JD told them and they did, showing a bare piece of wood.

“Trust and Teamwork. Two great pieces and they both start with ‘T’.” JD said.

“Just get on with it. I wanna see the winner!” Grover yelled, and then acted embarrassed.

“Can I please see the golden pyramid?” JD asked.

The slot containing…




























Teamwork flipped over to reveal a gold pyramid.

“Oh, South America now has seven. Asia has three. It’s turning into a real nail biter. Let’s add a sixth pyramid.” JD said as one flipped over.

“Leadership. That’s it.” Grover said, placing Leadership in the third slot.

“Fill them in.” JD told the green team.

“Trust, Commitment, Courage, Knowledge, Strength.” Jorge and Cealey alternated as they placed the pieces down.

“Okay. Asia is trying to milk their way with one piece. Flip over the first four pieces.” JD said.

Kenyatta quickly kissed the Leadership piece.

The strength, commitment, trust, and courage pieces flipped over.

“It’s all down to Knowledge and Leadership.” JD said.

“This is such a mind game.” Grover said, creepily.

“Can I please see the golden pyramid?” JD asked.

The slot containing…



























Leadership did not contain the gold pyramid.

“South America gets another piece. It’s eight to ten, or 4 to 1 if it’d make you feel better.” JD said.

“It doesn’t.” Kenyatta replied, dryly.

“Whatever. Asia, you’re up again.” JD said.

“Should we put both pieces up?” Grover asked Kenyatta.

“Sure.” Kenyatta said as the seventh pyramid popped up.

“Looks like Asia is all in.” JD said as Grover placed the pieces in the second and sixth spots.

“Green team, fill it in.” JD said.

“Everything but Teamwork, Knowledge, and Heart.” Cealey said, turning the pieces in the slots.

“Okay, first five to turn over as always.” JD said.

The first piece to flip over was Perseverance.

“Oh crap.” Grover and Kenyatta simultaneously said.

Courage, Leadership, Strength, and Trust all flipped over after that.

“It’s down to Luck and Commitment.” JD said.

“Come on baby. It’s all or nothing.” Grover yelled.

“Calm down. Can the gold pyramid be revealed before us?” JD asked.

The slot containing…


























Luck showed a golden pyramid.

“Yes!” Kenyatta yelled as she took the seven pieces on the table.

“It’s now seven to three. I’ve added the eighth pyramid. South America, it’s your turn to go next.” JD said.

“I think we should do two.” Jorge said.

“Okay.” Cealey said, brushing away a tear from her face.

“JD, we place Heart and Knowledge.” Jorge said, placing the piece in the slots.

“Asia, six slots to fill.” JD said.

Kenyatta and Grover silently filled the remaining spots.

“Okay, whichever team loses this, is left with one piece.” JD said, as four of Yellow’s pieces flipped over.

Cealey had tears coming down her eyes as the Knowledge piece flipped over, bare.

“It’s down to Heart for South America. Trust and Perseverance for Asia.” JD said.

Perseverance then flipped over.

“Okay. May I please see the gold pyramid?” JD asked.

Now Kenyatta had tears in her eyes as well.

The slot containing…






















Trust flipped over to reveal the pyramid.

“Oh god.” Cealey said, crying into Jorge’s shoulder.

“Asia, all seven pieces on the board are yours. As I add another pyramid, I remind South America that Teamwork is their last piece they hold onto. This might conclude the winner of the game.” JD said.

Kenyatta and Grover gathered their pieces.

Jorge quietly prayed to God for them to win.

“There are now nine slots on the board. South America, you can choose anywhere to put your piece.” JD said.

“How about in the middle?” Cealey asked trying to be optimistic.

“Sures.” Jorge said, and put Teamwork smack-dab in the middle.

“Asia, fill up the rest of the slots.” JD said.

Asia did, leaving only Courage not on the board.

“Okay. Let’s flip over seven of Asia’s squares.” JD said, and all but Luck were left.

“Wo. This is interesting. The two pieces both teams originally picked are down to it. Luck and Teamwork. Will Asia have Luck to win the game right here, right now. Or will South America have the Teamwork to still be in the game. We’ll find out now.” JD said.

“Yes we will.” Kenyatta added to his sentence.

The slot containing…











































































































“HOLY CRAP!” Kenyatta yelled, tackling Grover she was so excited.

Cealey had tears streaking down her eyes.

Jorge comforted her.

“Team Asia! You guys have just become the official Endurance champs!” JD said.

“We know!” Grover yelled.

“You guys will be going on your grand prize trip, an African safari. Ride in a Jeep down rugged savannahs and take pics of animals you can only see in Africa. You guys overcame and proved you had Endurance and you deserve it.” JD said.

Kenyatta started to cry tears of joy.

JD turned to Cealey and Jorge.

“I’m sorry Team South America. You guys did not win the ultimate grand prize, but you guys did play an amazing game. You won missions and overcame the temple twice. But, karma was not in your hands. You both should be proud of how you guys played.” JD said.

Kenyatta went over and hugged Cealey hard, so even Cealey had to laugh.

Jorge and Grover shook hands.

“Well, that concludes this season. Join us next for our reunion, where we catch up with all our players, Trudy, some animals, Blaineley, and get ready for our second season. Stay tuned everyone, I’m JD Roth!” JD yelled.


Kenyatta: When the slot turned over with the gold pyramid, at first there’s a bit of shock and then you realize Hey, I just won Endurance! and it’s like the best feeling in the world. I’m glad I get to go on an amazing grand prize trip with Grover. He was a great partner, and we’ve always had each other’s back.

Grover: Yeah baby!


Place Contestants Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 Finale
4 Evelyn & Kermit IN IN IN IN WIN IN LOW IN OUT
5 Kasandra & Rainer IN WIN WIN IN LOW IN OUT
6 Candice & Roddy IN IN IN HCP OUT
7 Charlote & Phineas IN HCP OUT


     (WINNERS) The team won the Final Temple Mission and became “Endurance” Champions.
     (RUNNERS-UP) The team lost the Final Temple Mission and were the runners-up.
     (WIN) The team won the Endurance Mission and the Samadhi.
     (WIN) The team won the Temple Mission.
     (WIN) The team won the Final Mission.
     (HCP) The team was handicapped with the Samadhi by the winning team.
     (IN) The team did not win the challenge, but was safe from going to Temple or did not receive the Samadhi.
     (LOW) The team won at the Temple of Fate and avoided elimination.
     (OUT) The team lost at the Temple of Fate and was eliminated.
Endurance Episodes

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