Ecstatic Eagles
New Erik
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Sandcastle Crashers"
Place 15th
Enemies Byran, Karin, Raechel
Fear No way to express himself
Talent Puzzles

Erik, labeled The Artsy Guy, is a contestant on Total Drama: South Pacific.


Name (Age): Erik (18)
Team: Ecstatic Eagles
Label: The Artsy Guy
Job/Hobby: I paint and draw pretty much everything in my life.
City: Calgary, Alberta
1-Sentence Background: When I was little, I picked up a paintbrush and tried to paint on other people, which led to me always showing my true colors.
How pumped are you for Total Drama?: I think there's gonna be some really cool people there! I'm pretty sure no one's gonna care about my artistic abilities, but I can use that to start a conversation.
Reason for Applying: I don't really have one! I applied on a whim and here I am, I guess. I mean, I'm a super fan of Total Drama, but I never thought I was ever going to get cast. No one's going to know that, though. I also used to draw pictures for Total Drama fans online, which I probably will end up telling people if they ask.
Greatest Fear: Not being able to express myself. I've always hated people who act a certain way to impress people. That's not my thing.
Favorite Previous Total Drama Contestant: Isn't Blaineley the obvious pick? ...Yeah, I didn't think so, either. Ha!
Why You're Gonna Win: In art, you have to be extremely careful, because you can't always undo things when you make a mistake. The same goes for Total Drama. And I'm great at covering up any sort of or game-related.
Anything else?: I'm drawing up my own path to the million. Wish me luck!


  • Erik's appearance and name is based on Erik Reichenbach from Survivor: Micronesia and Survivor: Caramoan.
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