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With that said, lets get on to the story. Keep in mind all of this is copy and pasted from my  DeviantART, I have lost the alternate version of this story. I am sorry about that. Eternal's Total Drama Island is a Total Drama Island reimagining story written by EternalInsanity787 who also goes by many other names, but is currently going by SonictheHedgehogpwns787 for this wikia due to losing and forgetting a password. This season was his first finished TDI Season story, and his first one typed on the internet. All challenges are kept the same, but the elimination order and basic plot are changed to some extent. This season is followed with Eternal's Total Drama Action.

This story is rated R.
It is not suggested you read it if you are sensitive to violence, swearing, or explicit content.


Screaming Gophers:

Killer Bass:


Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

"Yo!", host Chris McLean greeted the camera as he stood on the docks of a rather unkept island, "I'm Chris McLean, and I'm here to drop season one of the HOTTEST new reality show based here in our very own Muskoka, Ontario!", the host then began explaining more. "We have brought Twenty-Two very..unique..Teenagers here to compete on a show we like to call, Total Drama Island, where they will battle with the wildnerness, suffer through horrible meals and deadily challenges, and even have to deal with the judgement of eachothers! There will be two teams, and after each challenge the losing team will assemble at a bonfire ceremony where they will actually vote one of eachother off of the island! This will go down until there is only one person left, and he or she will take the 100 grand and become the WINNER of TDI!", Chris' smirk then grew a bit, "Now, before our campers arrive, I will say this. We actually promised them they'd be staying at a Fancy Five-star resort so if some of 'em are pissed off, that's probably why.", it was very shortly after those words that the first boat and the first camper arrived. The first camper was a short brunette girl with a side pony-tail, and who wore very nerdy clothing. "Hi there, Beth", Chris greeted. Beth however, gasped of excitement and ran over to the host, practically crushing him in a hug.

"Oh my god! This is like, totally amazing to get to meet you!", the girl said with her braces as he hugged Chris tightly. Chris managed to get her off of him.

"Yeah, um...yeah.", was his only real response.

"Wait...this isn't a resort.", Beth finally pointed out. Chris then smirked once more, happy to be able to point it out to her that she and the others were not going to be staying on an island.

"Yeah, you guys aren't staying at a resort, we lied.", Chris said with a chuckle. Beth was puzzled by this, but accepted it.

"Um...okay.", she said with a bit of a dissappointed tone of voice and she walked to the other side of the dock that Chris signaled her to go to. As Beth stood where Chris got her to, the second camper and boat arrived. It was a short but taller than Beth boy with brunette hair and a two-striped sweater over a formal shirt with jeans and sneakers.

"Cody! The Codester! The Codemiester!", Chris said as he and Cody did a few hand signs like bros of some sort and then high fived.

"Dude, I'm like totally syked to be here, Man. I see are a lady right?", Cody said as he walked over to Beth. Beth was of course offended by his comment implying she was not a lady.

"Yes...I am a girl.", she said in a somewhat angry voice.

"Oh...okay.", Cody replied awkwardly, noticing Beth was not very happy with him already. He smiled sheepishly at the shorter girl. As Cody and Beth had their awkward moment, the third camper arrived via his own boat. He was a rather large, muscular wise, jamacian boy that would at first seem intimidating but in reality was anything but.

"DJ, ya made it! Sup?", Chris said to greet DJ.

"Hey Chris, I'm doin fine brother.", DJ then noticed in similar fashion to Beth that the Island was not at all a resort by any means, "Uhhh...wheres the Island at?"

"You're here, DJ.", Chris replied with his smile. DJ walked to Cody and Beth with a rather puzzled look on his face.

"This isn't anything like on the Brochure.", he said to himself as he walked to the other two previously arrived Campers. As DJ was standing with Cody and Beth, the goth girl Gwen arrived onto the island as the Fourth Camper. Gwen was not at all happy with the Island.

"Aloha, Gwen.", Chris said to introduce Gwen. Of course, Gwen still angrily went up to Chris' face.

"I thought you said we were staying in a Five Star Resort!", Gwen spoke angrily to the host.

"You aren't, but I am staying in a rather nice place with a very good view!", Chris revealed.

"You can't do this to us.", Gwen said angrily.

"Yes, I can. Contracts!", Chris then held up the contract in his hands. Gwen with a smirk took them and shredded them into the water of the lake below the dock. Of course, Chris took out a copy of the Contracts seconds later.

"Neat thing about Lawyers, they make Copies.", the host chuckled. Gwen turned around only to see her boat driving away from the island. Annoyed by this, she finally decided it would be best to just accept her fate , but not without saying one thing as a comment on Chris.

"Jerk!", was all she said before she joined up with the other three arrived Campers. Once she did so, the fifth camper stepped off of her boat. She was an Asian-Canadian girl with long black hair and rather revealing clothes, she had sunglasses on along with a serious face as well. Beth and DJ were a bit fearful of her, Gwen was basically not surprised and already knew her kind, while Cody was looking at her with a rather happy look, nearly creepy actually.

"Heather! Girl, glad you could come!", Chris said with likely fake happiness.

"This is where we're staying?", Heather asked seconds before she became rather angry, "Ugh, I am SO calling my parents you can NOT make me stay here!", Heather then angrily walked over to the other campers. As she did so, Chris held up the contracts once more, and Beth ran up to Heather to greet her as well.

"Hi! It's like, so incredulous to meet you!", Beth spat in Heather's direction as she talked, which only increased Heather's level of Disgust. Cody meanwhile began to nervously walk over to Heather, but did not get a chance to speak as the next camper was already arriving. She was a rather fashinable girl of blue eyes and blonde hair, who Chris seemed to take a slight liking to.

"Hi...I'm like so excited to be here!", the girl greeted.

"And w'ere excited to have you here, Lindsay!"

"Aw, thanks Chip!", Lindsay said, getting Chris' name wrong, "So...this is the Island?"

"It's Chris, and yes, yes this is the Island."

"Well...okay!", Lindsay then happily walked over to the other campers. She smiled at everyone, including Heather, and waited for the next Camper to arrive on the island. It was a brown haired boy in a red track-suit who was water ski-ing from the back of his boat.

"Theres Tyler!", Chris announced as the boy was ski-ing towards the dock. Tyler soon hit a rock and flew completely off of his ski and even did flips in the air before falling into the luggage on the deck with his ski splashing Heather and soaking her. "Wicked Wipe out dude!", Chris then called out, with Tyler giving a thumbs up. Of course, Heather was not at all happy.

"Ugh! Again, I am SO getting off of this Damn Island!", she said angrily.

"Don't worry, I can dry you off!", Cody exclaimed, actually preparing to remove his sweater for Heather. Heather just looked at him confused before replying.

"That WON'T be necessary, Dork.", Heather replied still angry, continuing to then dry her hair from being soaked. As she did so, the next camper arrived. He was slightly taller than Cody, but still rather short and scrawny, and was also tanner as well.

"Noah!", Chris said to introduce Noah to the other campers.

"Did you get my memo about my life threatening Allergies?"

"Sure someone did, dude."

"Good, so this is where we're staying, should've expected it to be a scam.", once Noah was with the others, Chris then did a brief pause and counted all of the currently arrived campers.

"Okay, Eight so far only fourteen left to go!", he announced. Then, the ninth camper arrived with his boat having Punk Rock music coming from it. Once it docked, a punk-dressed boy with a green faux-hawk stepped down onto the dock, and was rather angry upon seeing where he was staying at.

"Duncan!", Chris greeted.

"McLean, I don't like surprises.", Duncan said while using his fist to threaten Chris, "Got it?"

"Yeah, I also got that your Parol Officer told me to give him a hollar and send you back to Juvy if anything were to call for it.", Chris replied with a somewhat sinister look to his face. Duncan rolled his eyes, but then smirked himself and walked towards the other campers.

"Okay then.", he said, and then passed by Heather and with a flirtatious smile he spoke once more, "See you by the Campfire, gorgeous."

"Drop Dead, Punk.", the mean girl replied. Cody looked at Duncan with a somewhat possesive towards Heather face, a bit angry at his flirting on her.

"Yeah, back off!", all Heather did was roll her eyes, as did Duncan. There was not much time for other interaction before the next two campers arrived on the same boat. They were two girls who wore very identical outfits and had very identical hair, only one was tanned and skinny while the other was pale and a bit on the larger side of weight.

"Here's Katie and Sadie!", Chris announced happily.

"Oh my Gosh, Sadie look!", Katie the skinny one said, "A Summer camp!"

"Like oh my gosh!", Sadie replied, "I've like ALWAYS wanted to go to a Summer Camp like Eeh!"

"I know, like, isn't just totally awesome!"

"Yeah, this summer is going to be totally awesome!", the two then both "eeeh"'d as they ran over to the other campers. Chris was confused, but as they ran to the others the next camper had already arrived on the island. A Blonde girl with a hooded jacket, shorts, and surf-board in hand.

"Bridgette! See you managed to make it!", Chris pointed out. Bridgette herself, looked around, and was puzzled from what she saw.

"I thought there was going to be a beach.", she said somewhat dissappointed at what she saw.

"Oh there is!", Chris said, pointing to a highly littered beach that was the shores of the island. Bridgette shrugged slightly and then walked over to the other campers. As she turned around, she would have struck Cody, Duncan, Gwen, and DJ if they didn't duck. Now that Bridgette was a part of the cast, the next camper arrived. It was a boy, with blonde hair under a cowboy hat and an open pink shirt. He was dancing to music be played from his boat, and as such gave away his love for a party. "Yo! Geoff!", Chris greeted.

"Sup Chris! My Man!", Geoff said as he jumped off of his boat, "Like I am totally SYKED to be here! Theres gonna some WICKED Parties up in here! Yeah!". Geoff said as he walked over to the other campers. He stood right next to Bridgette, and smiled nervously at her. She was a bit confused, but smiled back. As Geoff was now with the campers, there was the thirtteenth camper. A Boy with black hair, green eyes and a guitar case in hand. He walked off from his boat, and was a bit confused upon seeing the island.

"Hi there, Trent!", Chris greeted.

"Hey, Chris. I saw you on those commercials, dude you were awesome!", Trent replied. Chris chuckled in response.

"Thanks, I Know!"

"So umm...this is where we're staying?"

"Well, where YOU'RE staying, I got my own place to stay at!", Chris said with nobody else but him smiling. Trent then walked over to the other campers, and he smiled once he got to Gwen, with the Goth girl nervously smiling back. The Fourtteenth camper arrived very shortly after Trent, and he made his own entrace by doing some heavy breathing which creeped Chris out a bit. Once Chris turned around, the host smiled though it was likely a bit fake.

"Harold, you came.", he said.

"So let me get this straight, you lied to us and we're actually staying at a crappy summer camp?"

"Pretty much.", Chris answered happily.

"Yes!", Harold replied much to Chris' confusion, "That's so much more better for my skills!", Harold then walked over to the other campers, who were also a bit confused that he was happy about staying at the Summer camp. With Harold, the red-headed nerd now a part of the cast, the next camper was on her way. Upon her boat's arrival, Harold himself gasped in amazement. The boat carried a rather large girl of african-canadian descent, and she clearly showed off a bit of attitude as well.

"Hey y'all, LeShawna in the house! All Y'all other campers might as well just leave now cuz, I came to win bitches!", as LeShawna arrived on the island, Heather rolled her eyes at her words,which was followed by Harold getting his chance to speak with the new arrival.

"Wow, I've never seen a girl like you before!", Harold pointed out. LeShawna was a bit confused by this, and of course questioned yet.

"Um, what do you mean by that?"

"Well, you're really big...and loud!", Harold then finished. The others stayed quiet, but did look surprised at what he had just said. LeShawna, however, was offended and angry.

"EXCUSE ME?!", she yelled, "Oh HELL No, I know you didn't just say that shit to me!", as she attempted to attack Harold it was Bridgette and DJ who ran to restrain her from Harold doing rather useless karate poses. Once the struggle ended, Harold sheepishly smiled at LeShawna, who only shot back a glare at him. It was practically just on time, too, as the next camper had just arrived. She was a tanned girl with preppy like clothes and brunette hair, and she was helped off of her boat by Chris.

"Well, Courtney, welcome onto the Island!", Chris greeted.

"Thank you.", Courtney replied, "So I'm guessing you guys are the other Campers right? It's a pleasure to meet you all and I hope we all have a great time here!"

"Oh don't worry, we will.", Noah said sarcastically in response to Courtney. As Courtney joined with the other campers, she was followed in arrival by a very butch girl with a blue sports-like clothes and sneakers.

"Eva! How's it goin?", Chris greeted with no response at all from Eva. As Eva walked to the other campers, Cody prompted to High Five her, only for her to drop her duffle bag of heavy dumbless onto his feet. Cody jumped up and down from pain,

"Ow! What's in there, dumbells?"

"Yes.", Eva replied. Now with their next girl onboard the show, it was time for the next boy of the show. It was a blonde and rather large boy, with a white shirt that had a blue maple leaf on the centre of it.

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!", he yelled out loudly, then proceeding to crush Chris in his arms, "Man, this is gonna be an AWESOME Summer!"

"You're crushing me, man.", Chris said as the boy crushed him.

"Oh, sorry man.", the boy then put Chris down, "So yeah, I'm Owen, guys, and I'm SO looking forward to this!"

"Alright, Man!", Geoff replied.

"If the word Man is said one more time, someone deserves to die.", Gwen said in a highly annoyed tone.

"Okay, well, just go stand over there with the others, only thee more campers left.", Chris said as he got himself together.

"Awesome!", Owen said, and complied with what Chris had told him to do. Now with Owen on the docks, they awaited the next camper to arrive. It didn't take long, as soon enough the boat arrived and from it came a pale boy with a beanie hat, jacket, and a slight need for a shave.

"Sup, Ezekiel?", Chris greeted. The boy simply looked to the sky and pointed.

"I think I see a bird.", he said upon looking up into the sky. Chris then went over, with hand on the boy's shoulders to tell him something.

"Okay, look, I know you didn't get out much, and you were raised by some freaky deaky prairie people, but just don't say anything to get kicked off early and you should be fine."

"Okay, scouts honour!", Ezekiel said, and then Chris shoved him towards the other contestants.

"Okay, so-wow.", Duncan began, but waa distracted by the next contestant that arrived on the island. He was a highly attractive and tanned boy, clearly athletic and fat and most likely a model. Speficially all of the girls, and some of the guys, actually looked at him as they were practically hypnotised by his looks.

"Justin! Look, dude. I hope you don't mind but you were picked completely based on your looks alone and nothing else."

"Oh that's fine Chris, I don't mind.", Justin said as he walked over to the other campers who were still mesmorized by his looks. It was quite literally a snap from Justin's fingers that made them regain the abilitiy to return to normal again.

"Okay, so now we only have ONE Camper left to introduce, and here she comes! IIIIIIIIIT's, Izzy!", Chris announced.

"YEAH! That's my name! Izzy!", the red-headed and green wearing Izzy said as she ran to the end of her boat. She fell off the front end of it, however, and smashed her head on the dock before falling into the water. Only Courtney ran to see what had happened.

"Oh C'mon guys, she could seriously hurt!", Courtney said as Izzy came out of the water while rubbing her head.

"That...was...AWESOME!", she finished with a smile.

"Yes! Woooooooooh!", Owen replied in cheer. The boat Izzy came in on stayed, unlike the others, but only for Chris to stand on it.

"Okay, so everyone just gather around while I get the camera for the promo pictures, got it? Just make sure you all would be visible in the shot!", Chris said from the boat he was standing on. Everyone of the Twenty-two campers complied with his wishes and got ready for their group shot for the promos including smiles. "Okay...just...OOPS!", Chris said loudl, "This camera needs some batteries first!", Chris then got batteries of his pocket, and put them into the camera, "Okay!", the Campers now smiled again, "Now...wait...the lens cap is up hold on!"

"My Face is startin' to freeze, McLean!", LeShawna said a bit annoyed with McLean.

"Okay! Now. On my mark, saw Wawanakwa!"

"Wawanakw-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!", the Campers said, the screaming due to the docks breaking from their combined weight and dropping them all into the water of the lake below. Chris managed to take the picture of them in the waters of the lake.

"Okay, so you all get dried up and then meet me by the Campfire pit to form the teams and stuff!", Chris then said. Sometime later, all of the campers had done just that, and had gathered at the campfire area while Chris was standing in-front of them. "Okay, so heres all this is going to work, you guys will be seperated into two teams and compete against eachother in dangerous and life-threatening challenges, eliminating eachother off one by one until the last one is standing and of course that person gets the prize money! Any Questions?"

"Yeah", Duncan replied, "What will the sleeping arrangements be? Cuz I'd like to request a bunk under her!", he was then looking directly towards Heather, who just scowled at him, but before she could say anything, Cody saw it as his turn to speak.

"No, I should get that bunk!", Heather face-palmed at this, she didn't have feelings for either boy.

"They won't be Co-ed, will they?", she asked. She hoped to god they weren't.

"Can I get a cabin with a lakeview since I am the prettiest?", Lindsay asked.

"Okay, you are, but no.", Chris explained in reply to Lindsay. "The Cabins are seperated with Boy Side and Girl Side so no, they aren't both Co-Ed.", "Anywway, let's get on with the teams!"

"Awww, do we HAVE to be seperated from eachother?", Owen began, "Can't we just-"

"No.", Chris interruppted, "Anyway, Cody, Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Gwen, Trent, Noah, DJ, Courtney, LeShawna, and Justin you guys are from now on, the Screaming Gophers!", the team was then handed a green flag which when unfolded showed their symbol, a screaming gopher.

"Wait...I'm on the same team as...", Heather looked towards Cody, who was right next to her and winked at the girl. Heather rolled her eyes once more, not very happy with this turn of events and believing Chris to be doing this to her on purpose.

"So that means that Katie, Sadie, Owen, Duncan, Bridgette, Izzy, Geoff, Harold, Eva, Ezekiel, and Tyler you guys are now the Killer Bass!", just like the Gophers they were given a flag only theres was red and had a bass fish on it instead.

"YEAH! Bass! WOOOOOOOOOOOH!", Owen cheered with great happiness.

"EEEEEEEH!", Katie Squeeled, "They didn't seperate us at all!"

"I know! I was like, TOTALLY afraid that would happen!", Sadie said in response and agreement with Katie.

"Okay, so one last bit of info you guys should know about the Island before we move on, there is a confessional stall for you guys to spill out your inner most thoughts, and yes it is televised!", Chris explained, "Okay, now that all of the basics are out of the way, you guys just all get settled in your cabins, then you'll have your lunch followed by your first Challenge!"

With those words, the campers then left the campfire area and towards their cabins. The Bass members went into their own cabins, and as the boys of the bass stepped into their cabin Owen could not help but say a comment on it.

"Wow, sharing a Cabin with other guys, isn't that just amazing!", Owen said gleefuly. Duncan cocked an eyebrown with a blank expression, Harold and Ezekiel seemed a bit bothered, while Geoff and Tyler just gave awkward looks at Owen. After a bit of the scilence, Owen realized what he had just said, "I-I-I mean it's not that awesome, I mean I'd MUCH rather sleep with Girls!", the other guys ignored him and walked into the cabin, however.

Meanwhile, in the girl side of the Gophers Cabin, the girls were packing their stuff, when Heather turned and saw Cody, she was rather bothered by his presence.

"Hi, Heather!", Cody greeted, "I just wanted to say that I think your Hot and I think you and I should know!"
Heatherandcodyflirt by tdfanfrench-d64noxf

Picture done by TDFanFrench

"Get out of the Girls side, Geek!", Heather angrily replied, "and I would NEVER go out with you!"

"It's okay, I can wait."

"Seriously, you're a boy.", Heather once more said. Cody sheepishly smiled in response, which only led to him literally being thrown out of the cabin by Heather. As he sat up to see grass in his mouth from landing, Chris checked the time.

"Okay, guys done yet cuz it's almost time for the challenge!", Chris said loudly.

"Um...where do we use the bathroom at?", Lindsay asked.

"Um yeah, about that...the bathrooms are communial.", Chris explained.

"But...I don't see a church anywhere!", Lindsay exclaimed.

"He means we shower together, idiot.", Gwen explained to Lindsay's exclamation. Lindsay was confused, and not very happy at all with this.

"Awwwww! I mean like really C'mon!", she loudly whined, which gained the attention of the other campers of the island. After the other campers went back to getting ready in their cabins, there was some time in the Gopher's guy cabin, with the guys conversing.

"Okay, dude, like you really are tying to get with Heather?", Noah asked to Cody, "I think you might as well give up."

"Hey, look, I'll get her eventually! All I gotta do is be persistent!"

"She's gonna kill you."

"Says you!"

"Fine, be the stupid idiot who doesn't listen to intelligence, like I care anyway.", Cody glared at Noah after that statement.

"Dude, have to give Noah that, Heather doesn't really seem to like you.", Trent further pointed out in agreement with Noah.

"Look, sure not yet but she'll warm up to me!", Cody assurred himself. It was very shortly after those words that a loud scream was heard from the girls side of the cabin. It was Lindsay, screaming frantically over a Roach appearing within the room.

"OMG! Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!", Lindsay screamed as she stood in panic. Soon enough, Screams filled the room with the campers (Heather, Beth, Courtney Lindsay, Justin) either jumping onto the beds, including DJ who jumped onto a bed and crushed it. Others such as Gwen, LeShawna, Trent, Tyler and others attempted to crush it with their feet but to no avail. Eventually, however, Duncan came in with an Axe and lifted it. The Roach quickly realized it's end was near, and as such didn't even try.

"Help Me.", was all it muttered before Duncan smashed it with his Axe. Finally, the chaotic screaming had ended. As it died down, Tyler turned to Lindsay and with a smile he made sure to say a slight pick up line before Duncan could have his chance.

"You know, I could've done that to!", the Jock said to the blonde. Of course, Lindsay found this sweet.

"Awww, that's so sweet!", she said. Duncan rolled his eyes, but was not surprised by this at all.

"They always go for the Jocks.", the punk replied following rolling his eyes. Of course, as Tyler and Lindsay had their moment, Cody made his own move on Heather. As the girl got down from the bed, Cody smiled at her which Heather only scowled at.

"What the HELL do you want NOW?", Heather said with great annoyance.

"Don't worry, next time a roach comes in to bother you I'll be there!", Cody assured. Heather only walked passed him, pushing him down to the ground in the process.

"Campers!", Chris' voice came from the loudspeakers around the camp, "Time for your Lunch, all of you go to the Mess Hall, so...yeah!", following that all Twenty-Two campers went into the Mess Hall, where they would meet the Chef of the Camp. The Chef was not at all happy as he gave the campers their food of stuff that could not even be identified. All of the campers were in a line, awaiting their food.

"So...How's it goin'?", LeShawna asked to Eva, who did not even reply at all, "Um Hello? Fine, be that way!", the two then recieved their food first, followed by Cody and Heather who continued being flirty and annoyed respectively, so much in-fact that Heather only wanted to sit down at her seat rather than complain about her food.

"I can't believe I have to serve this food to ungrateful teenagers that all they do is f $ $ freeload offa me.", Chef mumbled his breath as he scooped the food for the next few campers, eventually getting to Noah, Owen, Lindsay, and Gwen being the only ones left in line. "Hey, Scrawny kid. Give me yo plate.", the large and african-canadian chef said to Noah. He then put a second scoop onto Noah's plate, and then scooped onto Owen's plate only to notice than Owen had already been in line. "Didn't I give you TWO scoops before?"

"Thirds?", Owen asked with a happy scoop, "I LOVE this stuff!". A Confused Chef gave him a third scoop before finally moving onto Lindsay.

"Umm...yeah...can I have something that's Low in fat cuz I'm kinda on a diet right now!", the blonde asked kindly. Chef gave her a smaller scoop of food, his serious face kinda made Lindsay feel uneasy. "...Thanks!", following that Gwen who had also been there before had her plate in hand.

"Um, yeah...not meaning to be the one who complains on the first day but...theres something moving in my food.", following Gwen's complaint Chef took a hammer and smashed Gwen's food with it. Gwen nervously smiled, "Thanks...heheh.", she then sat down.

"Man, this food sucks!", Geoff said aloud, "I say we order pizza!". Following that comment, there was a large kitchen knife tossed at him. Geoff dodged it, and as everyone began to be a bit scared of Chef, Geoff made sure to then compliment the food, "Uhh...I mean no! Don't call for Pizza! I love gruel! Gruel's cool yo! Haha.", Chef scowled a bit, but then let it go as Geoff returned to his seat once more. It was then that Katie and Sadie both talked to eachother once more.

"Oh my god, I just remembered, what about our first Challenge?", Katie asked with a gasp.

"I hope it's not going to be dangerous!", Sadie replied with her own level of worry.

"It's our first challenge!", DJ said in assurance, "How hard could it be?" Soon enough, all of the campers were on top of the Island's cliff, 1000 feet above water, and in their bathing suits. "Oh Shit.", DJ said upon this reveal. The Episode then closed out, ending. Well, to be Continued actually.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2 

Now, all Twenty-Two campers of Total Drama Island were on the cliff. Chris was standing near them, and a few (Cody, Heather, Duncan, Gwen, LeShawna, Owen, Katie, Sadie, Courtney, Tyler, Bridgette, Ezekiel, Lindsay and Beth being onscreen) were looking down from the cliff to the lake below.

"Are you sure this is safe?", Bridgette asked, Highly concerned.

"Don't worry, they test the challenges on these shows so I'm sure we're fine!...right?", Geoff replied, turning to Chris for confirmation on his assumption.

"Yep, that's right!", McLean confirmed for Geoff, "We make sure they are safe enough!", Chris then remembered when he and Chef were testing the challenge. How Chef was abotu to jump off of the cliff,

"Why in the hell do I have to do this, Chris?", Chef yelled at Chris as he was on the near-edge of the Cliff, "I mean, don't we have Interns for this shit?"

"Yeah we did, but they're not available right now, now just jump. Unless, you're chicken!", Chris joked and then followed by making insulting chicken sounds which eventually managed to convince Chef into jumping.

"I don't get payed enough for this, man.", Chef then jumped down. He screamed as he fell, and eventually landed into the water. He was happy that he had no Sharks come after him, and smiled. "Hey look, Man. No Sharks! I'm safe haha! I made it!", he then lost his happiness, when something brushed by his leg "Yo, somethin just brushed by my leg...oh hell. I'm gettin outta here"!, he then scrambled from the water just as a Shark came up to try and bite him. Back on the top of the Cliff, Chris was looking over all of this and smiled as he wrote down on a clipboard.

"Seems safe enough."

Back in the present time, all Twenty two of the teenage campers were now about to jump instead of Chef. Though, that was going to be after Chris explained the challenge, that is.

"Okay, So", Chris began, "Here's how it's gonna go down, you guys will jump off this 1,000 foot drop down to the shark infested water below. There are two areas, the safe zone and the danger zone. In the Safe zone there are no sharks and a boat will come in and take you to she shore where you will await for the second part of the challenge."

"What if we don't want to jump?", Courtney asked curiously.

"Then you get to wear a Chicken hat for the rest of the day!", Chris revealed happily.

"Ewwwww!", Lindsay said in disgust at the idea, "That is totally not fashionable!"

"Doesn't matter!", Chris replied, "Anywho, who's gonna jump first?". After that question, everyone on both teams looked at eachother, none of them wanting to jump at all.

"Wait, before we do this, I must ask of something myself!", Justin opened up, Chris listening with attention, "I have a feeling that my team may not be...worth it for me, and would like to swap. Is that allowed?"

"Well, can't see why not, Justin and Duncan you guys can switch teams.", Chris replied. Justin and Duncan then swapped places with one another. The Gopher girls were shown to be quite dissappointed by this while the bass girls smiled. Duncan didn't seem to care about the switch at all, of course, but did give a smirk in the direction of Heather and Trent. Heather reacted, rolling her eyes and swapping her hand away from the grip of Cody. With the team switch out of the way, Chris returned attention to the challenge. "Now, who the heck will jump first! Bass?"

Bridgette turned to her team, and then to the cliff's bottom. She was nervous, and scared, but knew that if she wanted her team to win then she would have to jump sooner or later. She chose the option of sooner in the end.

"Well, someone has to.", she said. With nervousness in her voice, she managed to force herself to jump from the cliff. "Geronamooooooooooooh!", she yelled as he fell. Much to everyone's happiness she managed to reach the safe zone, at which the bass sighed of relief.

"Well, now it's my-"

"Izzy Next!", Izzy said in response to seeing Bridgette's safe jump, interruppting and pushing Tyler aside as she ran off the cliff, jumping down to it. "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AH!", she yelled excitedly as she fell down to the waters below. Like Bridgette, Izzy ended up in the safe zone.

"Alright! NOW it's my turn!", Tyler yeled out loudly, "YEEAH!", he screamed as he jumped from the cliff, As he fall he thought he would make it safely, and while he did reach the safe area, he instead landed on a buoy instead. "Owwwww...", he remarked as he slid into the water of the safe area. The other campers saw and did in-deed make faces showing they felt for his pain. Following, the rest of the killer bass jumped from the cliff.

"Cowabungah dudes!", Geoff let out as he fell down to the Safe area.

"Look out below!", Eva yelled out as she herself landed into the safe zone.

"Booyah!", Harold yelled out as he himself fell down towards the water. However, he landed in the danger zone. Despite this, he landed on his groin in the water which everyone winced in pain at seeing. As he sunk into the water in pain, the Sharks actually decided to spare him out of sympathy, agreeing on doing so. Though they didn't help him up, in-fact it is unknown who did. Following Harold's jump, it was Ezekiel's turn to jump.

"This is awesome, Eh!", the homeschooled boy said as he dropped. He eventually hit a part of the cliff and shot at the shores of the island like a dodgeball. His team-members dodged him, which meant he landed directly into the sand. This did not count in Chris' eyes as a safe zone jump.

"Katie, Sadie, you girls wanna go?", Chris asked now that Katie and Sadie were next in line. The two girls looked to eachother and smiled.

"Let's go together Sadie,like BFFFFLs!"

"Yeah! That sounds great!", Sadie replied to Katie. The two then jumped off of the cliff holding hands, and both landed in the Safe Zone. Chris then turned to Justin and Owen, the last two members on the Bass left to jump. Justin decided to be the next one to jump. He silently jumped off of the cliff and gracefully landed in the water. Despite his grace, he landed into the danger zone. Everyone gasped at this as he came up out of the water to have the Sharks swimming towards him.

"Look out!", his fellow campers cried out, prompting him to turn around. Upon seeing his face, the Sharks were automatically struck with beauty, and actually helped him back to shore with care and love. Justin smiled proudly at this.

"Time for you owen."

"I'm going to die now, I'm going to Freakin' die now.", Owen said as he walked to the cliff. Due to his weight, everyone was really scared of this, even the Sharks were.


Heather : "Okay, so that lard-ass Owen was about to jump. I swear to god he has like the fattest body ever. Anyway, I'll do anything to get off this damn island!"

Geoff: "So I'm looking at this guy like, there is no WAY he's gonna make it."

Cody: "Owen seems pretty cool to me, I'm sure he'll be just fine!"


"Okay, I'm gonna do it. I'm going to do it...Chris can I have a few words before I go?", Owen asked. Chris seemed to give a little bit of thought before his response, which was of course:

"No.", the host then actually shoved Owen down. The large boy screamed as he fell, directly for the Sharks. The Sharks of course saw this, and in response they hugged eachother in fright. The Campers both on the shore and on the cliff were even a bit shocked, but nothing saved the ones on the shore from the massive wave of water than came up even higher than the cliff when Owen landed. Everyone of the other bass was washed up into the sand or a bit uneasy, the Sharks were now up in trees, and the Gophers were all cowering in a group hug.

"Okay, as awesome as that's still not in the Safe Zone so...yeah.", Chris revealed. The Bass groaned in response, "So yeah, Gophers it's now your turn as soon as we get the Sharks back down from the Trees!"

"There is no way I'm Jumping! I just got my Hair done", Heather said sternly in response.

"If she's not jumping then I'm not jumping either!", Lindsay added in, after which her and Heather smiled at eachother.

"Same here!", Cody said in response to Lindsay, then looking at Heather flirtatiously to which she gave a disgusted look at.

"Oh, You're Jumpin!", LeShawna replied angrily back at Heather for not wanting to do the challenge.

"Says Who?"

"Says Me! I am not gon' let us lose this challenge cuz you just got yo hair done ya spoiled little daddy's girl!"

"Back off you Ghetto Punk Rap-star wannabe!"

"Snobby Preppy Bitch-ass little Mean Girl!"

"Hmph. At least I'm Popular.", once Heather said that, all of the gophers seemed to be ready for the fight. Only Duncan and Noah were not worried about this happening.

"You're Jumpin'!"

"Make Me!", following those words LeShawna literally picked Heather up and threw her off of the cliff. Cody, worried for Heather, actually ran after her as she screamed down the cliff.

"Heather!", Cody screamed as he too fell off of the cliff. He actually fell directly into Heather, and both rolled in the air until they hit the water. Once both resurfaced, they looked up at LeShawna.

"Great! Now my Hair's all messed up AND I'm with this Geek!"

"Hey! I threw you into the Safe zone, Didn't I? Now I just hope that I can make it in!", LeShawna then jumped into the Safe Zone herself, and smiled triumphantly at doing so.

"Okay...well...I'll go next...but I thought this was going to be a Talent Contest!", Lindsay said as she prepared to jump. Chris laughed, then shoved her off the cliff. She screamed as she fell, but did manage to hit the safe zone. Following Lindsay came the other Gophers.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hh!", Gwen screamed as she fell. She landed in the Safe Zone.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!", Trent yelled as he fell. He landed in the Safe Zone. Following him, Duncan silently fell down to the safe zone with arms crossed, not even caring. Noah followed by screaming in complete terror, and that left only Courtney, Beth, and DJ.

"I'm going to not jump on account of Medical conditions.", Courtney told Chris.

"What kind of Medical Condition?"

"Um, not wanting to risk death?"

"That's a very serious one, and I understand, but it's either that or wear the Chicken Hat.", Chris replied.

"Their team has four outs, we only have three left. We've already won anyway so theres really no point in doing this.", Courtney answered, to which she did have a point on. Of course, Chris was still going to give her the chicken hat. "I'll take the hat, I'm not jumping."

"I'm with her man, no way am I jumpin' off this!"

"So I guess you two are chicken huh?", Chris then made fake chicken noises. Despite this, Courtney and DJ ignored this, and with their hats on they walked down to the other campers on the shore. Beth then looked nervously at the smirking Chris, "Yes or No?"

"Umm...okay.", Beth replied nervously. The geek girl then jumped from the cliff, though at a very slow pace. She covered her eyes and screamed, and then started flailing her arms like a bird to attempt getting back up. Regardless, she landed in the safe-zone.

"That is so lame...right?", Lindsay said to Heather on the shore as the two looked up at the cliff.

"Yeah, totally Lame.", the meaner girl said in response.

"Yep! Unlike me!", Cody said happily, holding Heather's hand without her consent. Heather swiped her hand away and glared at him. Cody backed up with a sheepish smile. Once all Twenty-two campers were on the shore, it was time for the second half of the challenge. The campers then noticed there were crates present on the shore, about which Chris came in to explain.

"Okay! So now that all of you are on the shore it's time for the second half of the challenge! To bring these crates to the campsite, and then open them. Following that you will actually build your own hot-tub!", the campers were happy once they heard those words, "Since the Gophers won the first half, they get the head-start so GO!"

The Gophers then got all of their crates and moved on down the shore of the island. Chris eventually allowed the bass to go as well. As time passed, the campers began to know eachother some-what more. Starting with the bass team.

"Hurry up!", Eva replied, tossing one of the massive crates to the ground in-front of her with ease, "We have to catch up to them!", the bass was going rather slowly, to which she was not happy of. The Gophers were far in-front of them and they were struggling to carry the boxes.

"Are you sure you're a Girl?", Ezekiel asked, questioning Eva's strength.

"Yeah, why would you wanna ask that?", Eva replied, rather offended and angry at such a question being asked, "You think girls aren't strong or something?"

"Woah Woah Woah, come on now!", Geoff came in, trying to be the peacemaker, "We have a challenge to deal with, let's get that over with first!", Eva agreed with Geoff, and focused back on the challenge. Ezekiel looked at the girl a bit scared, then went back to trying to pull his own crate.

"Okay, well, that was...close.", Bridgette said in response to the fight that the team almost had.

"Yeah, like totally close!", Katie commented.

"Yeah, Super Duper Uper Close!", Sadie replied.

"Uper? Is that even a word?", Katie asked, confused why Sadie said that word.

"Well, it is now!", Sadie said back happily.

"Okay then, BFFFFL!", Katie and Sadie then giggled together and happily dragged their own boxes. Bridgette did the same.

As the Bass moved more slowly, ahead of them were the happy gophers. The Gophers were happily singing, except for Duncan, and dragging their boxes along the beach of the Island.

"Ninety-Nine bottles of Pop on the wall, Ninety-Nine bottles of pop! Take one down, pass it around, how many bottles of pop on the wall? Ninety-Eight bottles of pop on the wall!", the Gophers, except Duncan, chanted as they went down the shore towards the camp ground.

"So, do you think we can win this?", Beth asked to Courtney, "I mean, I don't think this will really be as easy as this!"

"Whatever Chris throws at us, we should fight like a team and win!", Courtney replied, "I mean, it's like he'll tell us to get lava from the sun itself or something!"

"Okay.", Beth replied. As Beth and Courtney's conversation came to an end, the team still neared the Camp ground.

"So, Trent, whatcha into?", Duncan asked Trent, which confused him.

"Well, I'm into some Music, mostly.", Trent was confused, "Why you asking me?"

"Just tryin' to make conversation", Duncan replied, then turned away. Trent remained confused, then went over to Gwen.

"That was odd.", Gwen pointed out, "Why would he care?"

"I don't know, but I don't really care that he asked.", Trent revealed. As this went on, Cody made another pass at Heather, holding her hand once more. Heather rolled her eyes and groaned.

"So...Heather...ready for tonight?"

"What the HELL do you mean by that?"

"Our night in the Hot-Tub, all to ourselves!", Cody said flirtatiously. Of course, Heather imagined this, and was a bit hesitant to reply because she was scowling at his line.

"Seriously, stop this. I do not like you.", Heather said sternly, "I won't ever like you, and just stop it!"


Cody - "I'll get her. She may not be ready for the Codemeister yet, but she will be!"


As the Gophers came closer and closer to the campgrounds, the Bass remained behind them. Once more, Ezekiel got involved in not so kind conversations with some of the Island's girls.

"So, Bridgette's your name right?", he asked to the Blonde surfer of the Island.

"Yeah, why?"

"You sure you don't need help with that box there? I'd be happy to help, eh!"

"No No, I'm good."

"Ya sure?"

"Yeah", she then turned to him confused and wondering why he was asking the question, "Why are you asking me for your help anyway?"

"Oh, I was just bein' Nice! My Dad told me to be nice to the girls here, eh! Give 'em help if they needed it!", Ezekiel explained. Bridgette raised an eyebrow at this, but went on pulling her own crate by herself. She did not question what Ezekiel meant by this, and only said one more thing in response.

Drawn by me (EternalInsanity787)

"Okay then."

As Bridgette and Ezekiel finished their small conversation of awkwardness, Katie and Sadie enjoyed time walking behind Justin together. Justin even smiled and strutted his assets for them as well. This of course, made them happier. They were even followed by Owen, though Owen smacked himself in the head once he realized what he was doing. Soon Enough, both teams reached the campgrounds. Once there, they were to pull open the crates with their teeth.

"That's it, Campers!", Chris yelled out once everyone was there, "Pull open the crates using your Teeth! No Fingers or Hands!"

Trying to do this part was hard for the teens, as Cody had the rope slip through the gap in his teeth repeatedly, and some of the others would have great burns on their toungues. Regardless, they all kept on. Both teams' crates opened up at around the same time, and spilled out the parts for their hot-tubs.

"Okay, so, get to building!"

"We have to build these things on our own? Ugh, Great!", Heather groaned.

"How are we going to do that?", Lindsay asked.

"Who the hell cares?", Gwen replied, "Let's get this challenge over with."

"Okay, so I'll be our supervising officer, since I am the only one around here who was an actual C.I.T.", Courtney replied, "So let's organize all of the parts."

"Um, so you think you can just say you're captain just like that? Hello, I'm the head cheerleader at my school and head of the debate team!", Heather said angrily as she was offended Courtney was acting like she was the team's leader.

"I was an actual C.I.T, and I am Student Council President at my school too so you can just be underneath me.", Courtney said sternly in response to Heather.

"No, if anyone is going to lead this team it will be me!"

"I thought you didn't WANT to be here."

"I still don't want to be here, but if anyone's going to run this team it will be me!"

"Well, I'd make a better leader so I say me!"

"Oh yeah? Says you!", the rest of the team just watched as Heather and Courtney continued to debate who would be the team's leader for this challenge. As this happened, the bass members were also going through the process of deciding how they were going to handle the construction of their team's tub.

"Okay! So let's get to this DUDES!", Tyler shouted, ready to construct the Hot-Tub.

"How are we going to construct a Hot-Tube without blueprints?", Harold asked, questioning the fact that they were given no way of instructions on the final part of their challenge.

"Don't worry! Us Guys will figure it out, eh!", Ezekiel exclaimed. The girls of the team cocked eyebrows at this, but Owen didn't even think of questioning it.

"Yeah! So true, dude!", the more larger boy exclaimed in agreement with the homeschooled one. The bass decided to ignore these remarks, and then proceeded on starting their boat construction. Noticing the Bass starting on their hot-tub was Noah, who then turned to see Heather and Courtney still arguing over who will run the team.

"I'm going to run the team, I'm more qualified."

"No, I'm going to run the team because I could do it better!"

"Um, Girls?", Noah asked, they both angrily turned to him.

"What?!", Heather and Courtney both said in unison with animosity in their voices.

"Sorry to end this debate over who will run the team, but the other team just started on the actual challenge and I just thought you two would like to know that.", the bookworm said in a cynical manner. Heather and Courtney both then turned to the other team and then realized that they would have to work fast if they wanted to beat the bass.

"Um, how about we just work togetha and win this thing y'all? I'm sure all we gotta do is build the better tub.", LeShawna brought up.

"Good plan! Let's just get this finished now!", Courtney responded. The gopher team then got to work on their hot-tub.

The Gopher's method for building their hot-tub was actually more team-work oriented. All of them worked on building the body of the tub carefully and even making sure it was stable, and even worked on putting together the parts neeeded for bubbles and the heat of the tub. They then each worked on putting the water from the lake into the tub to finish it. Their tub was very well made and looked nearly perfect.

The Bass on the other hand were more clumsly. Bridgette wacked Harold with wood three times, one in the groin, one on the back, and another on the shoulder. Izzy placed the bubble and heat modules upside down and put the boards going sideways, and due to their lack of knowledge their hot-tub was only held together by rope and could barely hold in it's water.

With both Hot-tubs now complete, Chris was now present at the campgrounds to inspect the hot-tubs. He inspected the Gophers' first. Each member of the team was nervous as he did so, inspecting it silently. He then tapped the body of it, and was impressed that it didn't fall apart.

"Cool! Nicely made!", he complimented. The Gophers sighed of relief. Then, came the Bass. As soon as Chris looked at it, he tapped it. It immediately fell apart, and it's water spread out on the ground, "And...Not so Nice.", the bass groaned at their loss. "So, yeah! The Gophers win and get to keep their tub for the rest of the season! The guys are going to be sending someone home tonight!"

The Gophers cheered, happy at their victory over the bass. The bass however, were shown to not be so happy. Though, Owen kept on a smile despite their loss.

"Hey, don't worry guys!", the large blonde boy said, "There's always next time!"

After the challenge, both teams were in the mess hall. The Gophers were happily talking about their lives and likely their victory, while the Bass were talking of who they were going to eliminate.

"So, I'm saying we vote off one of the people who didn't do well in the challenge at all!", Tyler said loudly, "I mean, they weren't much help."

"He's right.", Eva pointed out in response.

"Yeah, but Owen could be useful to us!", Bridgette replied, which made Owen smile.

"Aww, thanks!", Owen said with smile.

"Well, look, we have to vote off somebody!", Geoff pointed out.

"And I say we vote off one of the losers!", Eva said in response, referring to Tyler's idea of course. It was then that Ezekiel finally said something that ultimately sealed his fate.

"I just don't get why we lost, eh. They're the ones with more girls on their team.". The moment that was said, Katie and Sadie along with Bridgette, Izzy, and Eva became offended. Katie and Sadie froze with eyes wide with surprise while they were eating, with Tyler and Owen backing up from them. Eva, Bridgette, and Izzy went over to Ezekiel angry at what he had just said.

"What is THAT supposed to mean.", Eva said angrily as she pounded her fist on the table.

"My dad told me to watch out for the girls incase they get into trouble or something, like girls normally do!", Ezekiel pointed out. Izzy and Bridgette glared at him even more angrily, as Eva pulled him by the neck into the air.

"We don't need your help, homeschool!", the tough girl said in a highly menacing tone. It was then right there that Geoff once more came in as the peace-maker in this argument.

"Okay, Everybody chillax!", he came in with, Eva dropped Ezekiel to the ground, which was most likely a bit painful for him. "I mean, it's not like he said that Guys are Smarter and better at sports than girls are!"

"But, they are!", Ezekiel said as he rose from the ground. Rather than speak of the response to that line, let us instead cut to the bonfire ceremony. All of the Bass members were gathered infront of a fire, with Chris standing before them holding a plate of marshmallows and all of the girls glaring with evil smirks at Ezekiel.

"Okay, so heres how this works.", the host began explaining, "In my hand are the Marshmallows. Throughout the world they are a good snack food, but here on TDI they represent LIFE. Now, I will call the names of those who are safe. The one person who I do NOT call, will be the eliminated, you will walk the Dock of Shame, and leave Total Drama Island, for Good via the Boat of losers. No Returns, EV-ER. Now, for the Ceremony.", Chris had on a nearly evil look on his face as he said that, "Eva", he called out. Eva was thrown her marshmallow, and was not very surprised with this, "Bridgette", Chris followed which got Bridgette her marshmallow, "Geoff", Geoff was then thrown his, "Tyler", Tyler was then thrown his, "Katie AND Sadie", both girls hugged and eed upon recieving their Marshmallow, "Justin!", Owen smiled as his was thrown to him, "Izzy!", Izzy cheered and also caught her marshmallow in her mouth, "Harold!", Harold boo-yahed once he got his. This, left only Owen and Ezekiel. Both looked nervously at the final Marshmallow on the plate. "Owen, Ezekiel, you both are now the final two. The last safe person is...", the long pause went on for what felt like hours. Chris used hand signs to add to the tension, lifting in the air then pointing to the two over and over again repeatedly, then closing an eye as if to aim. Eventually, however, he opened his eye and smiled. "Owen.". Owen sighed with a smile that he was safe, and finally got his marshmallow. "Well Zeke, it's time for you to go. To be honest, not really surprised."

"Oh was fun while it lasted, eh.", Ezekiel said as he walked down the dock of shame with his hands in his pocket and then boared the boat of losers to be taken to a place that was unknown.

As Ezekiel left the island, the Gophers were parting near and in their hot-tub. Heather, Lindsay, Duncan, Courtney, Cody, and Trent were in the tub while the others were around it. Cody lifted up a glass as if to toast.

"To the Screaming Gophers!"

"To the Screaming Gophers!", the rest of the team cheered in response. Following the cheer, LeShawna got up and started doing her own form of a dance.

"Go Gophers! Go Gophers! Go Gophers! Go Gophers!", she cheered repeatedly. Noah and Beth joined in with her cheers. As the Gophers partyed, the Bass walked by them in the bushes. Once the cameras got to Justin, he looked at the Gophers, rolled his eyes, and silently followed his team-members. This was followed by the end of the episode.

The Big Sleep

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Chris McLean introduced as he stood on the docks of the Island, "The Twenty-Two campers arrived on the island, and the teams were formed. During the first challenge, Heather got into arguments with both LeShawna and Courtney, Cody made countless passes at Heather, some went into chickens, and the Bass failed. In the end, Ezekiel was eliminated first due to his offensive views on women. What will the next challenge be? Who will be voted off next? Will anything interesting happen? Watch to find out, on Total, Drama, Island!"

Following the recap and the show's intro, at last it came to the episode itself. Morning had just come to the Island camp, and all of the Twenty-one remaining campers were asleep in their beds. That is, of course, until Chris blew a loud horn that made it's sound through-out the entire camp. As all of the Campers awoke, LeShawna banged her head on the bed above her own, and was angered because of this.

"Ugh", he groaned, "Can't a girl get some beauty sleep? I mean, it's way too early to be doin' this crap!", soon after both she and all of the other campers got out of their cabin, standing infront of Chris as he was about to give them their next challenge.

"Okay, so heres the challenge for the day!", Chris exclaimed, "You will around the camp and then into the Mess Hall to get to your breakfast"

"Is that some kind of a Joke?", Eva said a bit angrily, "Are you serious? You trying to be funny here or something?!"

"Eva, calm down! Control your Temper!", Bridgette pleaded to Eva, which Eva glared at as she was retrained by Geoff, Tyler, and Owen.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?", Eva asked to Chris. The host smiled in response, and his response was also quite obvious.

"A Little", he said with his smirk, "I mean, it's not like I'M the one going through this torture, but anyway. Yeah, you have 30 seconds to start the run!"


Courtney - "I really think my team has a pretty good shot at winning again, since the bass are busy with rage-aholic Eva and most of them are loser like characters, but even then I wouldn't pu my guard down, always expect the unexpected!"


"Okay, so, time for the Run! Now, GO!", Chris announced. Not very happy about it, all of the campers left into their run to do their part in the challenge.

"Sadie, we should like, totally stay together for this!", Katie said to her best friend as they both started their run.

"Yeah, like toally Katie!", Sadie replied. Her and Katie held hands as they ran. While most of the campers did indeed break into a run, not all of them did. Owen did, though eventually lost his breath and full to the ground to lick a puddle.

"Out...of...Breath! Must...Have...Condition!", Owen panted. Near him was LeShawna, who was panting at a Tree. Soon, Heather walked up to him. Of course, Cody was beside her.

"Yeah, maybe if you would stop eating so much you wouldn't have that condition!"

"Oh shut skinny,...annoying...phew! Too tired out for Insults!", LeShawna panted. Heather kept up a smirk, and stepped through the puddle that Owen was licking, with Cody following behind her and making smiles at her. Sometime later, the campers made it to the Mess Hall, awaiting for the last of their members. The Gophers were missing Noah, LeShawna and Owen while the bass was missing Harold.

"Okay, so we only have one person left", Bridgette pointed out, "Where is Harold?"

"Probably off being a nerd somewhere.", Tyler suggested.

"All we need is LeShawna, Noah and Owen", Heather brought up at the Gopher table, "We're going to lose, because those fatties are going to take ages to get here.

"Aw come on, I'm sure theres a chance they'll win. Besides, I don't see why YOU'D want us to win, after all your complaining back at the first challenge!", Duncan pointed out to Heather.

"Hey, we're ALL stuck here. Besides, it's a competition.", Heather replied.

"Yeah", Cody said in agreement with his crush. Heather once more rolled her eyes. Soon after this, LeShawna arrived in the mess hall, the others turned to see them arrive.

"Oh, we made it! It wasn't easy either now!", LeShawna said, barely having regained her breath.

"We need a table, stat!", Owen said with worry in his voice. In his hands was a seemingly knocked out Noah, and immediately he was placed on the Gopher's table to be given CPR. All of his team was worried as this happened, but soon came the revelation.

"Hold on!", Gwen pointed out, "We have all of our team here, and they don't...WE WON!". At this announcement the entire team cheered, even Noah, and the Bass was quite annoyed by this. Once Harold walked in, using his inhaler desperately showing his lack of breath,

"You cost us the challenge!", Eva exclaimed, "You total slacker nerd!", Eva was about to beat up Harold but was restrained by both Tyler and Geoff once more.

"Woah Woah Woah! Like, seriously we all need to like, Chill!", Izzy said as she got in-between Eva and Harold, "that and this!", she then punched Harold square in the face and to the ground. As the Gopher's cheered and the bass blamed Harold, Chris came into the Mess Hall.

"Actually, the run was not your TRUE challenge!", Chris revealed, "THIS IS!", he then revealed a massive buffet of food on a table that made all of the campers happy and water come from their mouths. It was made ofTurkey, energy bars, cooked beans, maple syrup, gravy, and much more. "Now, EAT!"

Within minutes, the campers had devoured all of the food of he buffet, and many of them were now on the ground with bloated stomachs filled with the devoured food. LeShawna, Owen, and Sadie were passed out from it, with Katie on the ground next to her best friend.

"After a week of those disgusting meals, FINALLY some real food!", Courtney exclaimed happily.

"I know, right!", Lindsay replied.

"So, now the challenge is over, right?", Beth asked curiously to Chris.

"Nope!", Chris revealed much to the camper's confusion, "Now, it is time for the Awake-a-thon!"

"Awake-a-thon?", Geoff asked in confusion, "What is an Awake-a-thon?"

"Basically, you stay awake as long as you can!", Chris revealed to the campers he was just beginning to torture.

"Wait, so the run and the buffet was really part of some diabolical part for us to have a hard time staying awake for the actual challenge which is TO stay awake?", Gwen asked once she finally realized the true challenge they would have to go through this time.


"Man, he's Good."

"Alright!", Chris spoke to the campers, "Let's all go back to the main campgrounds, it'll be easier for me to pull off the challenge from there."

Once in the main campgrounds, all of the campers were frowning and slowly getting more and more tired as time moves forward. Duncan decided to walk over to Trent, putting one Arm on the other boy's shoulder.

"So, Trent, how long you think before everyone's out cold?"

"Well...I'd give it about an Hour myself.", Trent said in response as a drooling Owen walked by, "Maybe Less, actually.", both Trent and Duncan then laughed. As Trent and Duncan had their own bonding, Gwen was away from the two alone and drawing on her notepad alongside Noah.

"So, wish to be alone don't you?", Noah the Goth Girl.

"Yeah, I do.", Gwen said back to Noah.

"I understand completely, people can be annoying at times."

"Yeah.", Gwen sighed. She then smiled as she gazed at Trent. She couldn't really deny it in her mind that she liked him, though of course would want to do so vocally. Soon enough, twelve hours passed into the challenge.

"Twelve hours have now gone on into the challenge, and still all campers are still awake.", Chris said though he was unseen on the screen, and also as Owen passed out and fell asleep, "Well, Twenty Campers remain awake, and it is still quite boring over here, as nothing interesting is really happening."

"This, has got to be the most brutal thing I have ever done in my entire life.", Gwen complained following Chris' words. She was unaware that near her location Heather was plotting her plan on winning the show.


Heather - "So, though I initially just wanted to get out of here, I have to admit that I might as well play the game. Though, if I'm going to survive in this thing I'm definitely going to need an alliance. Cody's a given, but who else would be desperate or dumb enough to join with me?"


Following this confessional, Heather's looks over to her right and sees Cody waving at her, with Lindsay and Beth standing on their heads together.

"What are you doing?", Trent asked the two girls.

"We're standing on our heads so that the blood will go to it and we'll stay up!", Lindsay happily exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Beth added in. Heather smirked wickedly at this.

"Perfect.", the mean girl said to herself, "Cody, Lindsay, Beth, would you all come here for a minute?", the three went over to Heather in complying to Heather's wish.

"What is it, Babe?", Cody asked with a smile. Heather didn't bother replying to that flirt and instead kept her smirk on and proceeded with her plan for an alliance.

"I was thinking, we should totally team up.", Heather opened to the three, "Like, an alliance. We can totally make it to the final four together!"

"Or the final two!", Cody said with a wink to Heather. Heather once more rolled her eyes in response, but continued to smirk.

"Okay, so here are the rules. I can use your stuff but you can't use mine at all, and NO dating people on the other team at all."

"I'm cool with that.", Cody responded, which Heather expected really.

"Um...okay.", Beth nervously replied with a confused look to her face.

"No dating?", Lindsay asked, looking over to Tyler, "But...I like..."

"NO! It could give away our weaknesses. Get over him now.", Heather replied sternly. Lindsay submitted to Heather's will, just as Eva realized she had to use the bathroom.

"I'm going to the bathroom", Eva replied, "Don't lose while I'm gone.", as Eva walked out, Heather noticed an object fall out of he pocket. It was an MP 3 player. With a smirk, she went over and casually did what looked like stretches to grab it from the ground and then make it back to where she was previously sitting.

"Isn't that like...Eva's MP 3 Player?", Lindsay said once she noticed what Heather had in her hands.


"Won't she get like, really mad?"

"That's what I'm hoping for.", Heather replied with an even more sinister smirk on her face. Soon Enough, it had been Twenty-Four hours had passed and more of the campers were now asleep.

"A Full day has now passed in the challenge, and now more of our campers have fallen under the pressure.", Chris said with his more silent voice, "Noah, Izzy, and Tyler are now a-sleep with the others being barely awake"

"Ugh, I can't take much more!", Bridgette exclaimed as she finally fell down asleep.

"Add Bridgette to that.", Chris narrated. Geoff seemed quite sad that Bridgette had just failed. However, the challenge went on. Cody was about to fall asleep, hugging Heather's body and closing his eyes. Of course, he was unaware that Heather was still awake. He was easily awoken when Heather shoved him off of her. He sheepishly smiled at her scowl. Also in he camp ground, Justin remained in place with odd looking eyes, and Courtney was constantly moving to avoid falling asleep. The other awake campers were lying miserably awake. Soon enough, Chef arrived. The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy began playing, and Chef arrived in a ballerina like tu-tu. This freaked out many of the campers, but as he danced he spread glitter that worked like sleeping powder in their way, which made many of them yawn. DJ attempted to tie himelf to a tree, but fell victim to the sleeping powder regardless and his tree fell to the ground. Courtney's own attempts to keep moving, also ended in her falling asleep due to Chef's dance. Shortly after that, the dance finally ended. Duncan was once more sitting near Trent, much to Trent's confusion, but for some reason Trent was now more comfortable with this.

"So, Trent, any hobbies ya got back home?"

"I dunno man, I really just like to work on my bike and write music."

"You're a musician?"

"Yeah, I am, I write my own songs and everything."

"Sweet! So, any movies you like?"

"I really like any movie, really. Anything I can find good."

"You should try Bloodbath 2: Summer Camp Reign of Terror."

"A horror movie?"

"Don't knock it til you try it", I was while this conversation was going on that Owen walked by the two, completely naked. Both Duncan and Trent had wide eyed expressions and did not reply to it at all.


Owen - "Did that buffet have baked beans? Funny thing about baked beans...they make me sleepwalk!"


In his sleepwalking, Owen managed to walk all the way off of the cliff of the island, which lead him to swimming with the salmon of the Island's rivers. While this went on, Lindsay and Beth both fell asleep at the same time, as did Katie and Sadie. Following their end in the game, it was at last the fifty-hour mark in the challenge. It was then that it was finally brought up that Justin's way of standing still the entire time was just odd to everyone.

"How in the earth can he stay perfectly still?", Gwen asked referring to Justin.

"I don't know." Trent said in response. Following that, the two attempted to wake Justin up by making noise. Eventually, it woke him up, with his eyes moving revealing they were painted. Eva noticed this, and was offended at his cheating.

"Hey! His eyelids are painted I saw it"

"No way!", Chris exclaimed, "Oh I have got to see this!", the host then went over to Justin to inspect his eyes. Justin sheepishly smiled at the host, and of course blinked thus revealing his painted eyelids. "Well, it's a very cleverly strategy, but also cheating and therefore you're disqualified from the challenge!". Justin's head looked towards the ground upon this reveal. Meanwhile, Owen was still swimming with the Salmons, only to be caught by a bear. Once noticing what he had in it's mouth, the bear dropped Owen to the ground and allowed him to Sleepwalk back into the forest. The bear went on to wash it's mouth out.

Soon enough, the night ended and morning was reached, with it being eighty-five hours into the Awake-a-thon. Harold lied on his back, when Duncan placed his fingers into a warm glass of water. Soon enough, the groin of Harold's pants were soaked. Duncan smiled and laughed at this.

"Ha It worked! Dude peed his pants!", Duncan said with a laugh. Harold awoke, and looked down. He covered his groin in shock.

"Idiot!", the nerdy red-head shouted as Duncan fled the scene. Also on the island, Noah and Cody managed to fall asleep near each-other. Noah happened to be hugging Cody, and also kissing his ear. During this, both boys woke up and looked at each-other. Noah of course noticed what he was doing first, and getting up from their sleep both boys screamed in horror and ran off.

"Okay. so now we are nearing the end here so all of you that are no longer in the challenge can go wash up. Like really, it's starting to stink around here!", Chris pointed out. All of the eliminated agreed to this, especially Harold who did not want anyone to see the front of his pants now.

By the 100 Hundred hour mark, only Heather, Eva, Duncan, Trent, and Gwen were left in the challenge. Chris noticed this, and finally decided that it was time to do his last resort.

"I never wanted it to come to this. I said that to Chef Hatchet last night. I said, "Chef, I don't want it to come to this." But darn it, you campers are tough! And so, I've come up with the most boring, sleep-inducing activity I can find!"


Eva - "I can take anything he dishes out!"


"The history of Canada! A pop-up book, chapter 1! The beaver, national symbol of the country!", Chris revealed. As he began reading the chapter, Gwen and Heather immediately fell to the ground as sleep. The remaining three struggled against the boredom, and of course found it highly hard to do so.

"Well Trent, it's almost over now!", Duncan exclaimed before noticing that Trent didn't reply, "Trent?", upon turning around he noticed Trent was on the ground asleep. Now, it was Duncan against Eva, with both glaring at each-other like true competitors.

"You ready for the rest of the book, punk?", Eva mocked.

"Ha! You kidding? I could handle the book twice!", Duncan mocked back.

"We'll see about that.", Eva said in response.

"Yep, we'll see soon, too.". Chris smirked himself at this, and finally ended Chapter 1.

"Okay, on to Chapter 2! The History of Canadian Forestry!", Chris of course then began reading from the book many pointless information on how the wilderness of Canada was formed. Eva and Duncan tried their best to stay awake through all of it, even when Chris began yawning himself. As the time went on, however, it was clear who was he victor. Eva finally fell, on the very last word of the chapter. "And Duncan has one the challenge for the Gophers!", Chris announced. Duncan raised his arms into the air in triumph, before falling to the ground asleep himself.

Later that afternoon, Eva noticed that she was missing her MP 3 Player.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HHHHHH! WHERE IS MY MP3 PLAYER? I NEED MY MUSIC!", she screamed as she tossed countless things out of the cabin, "NO-ONE IS GOING ANYHWERE UNTIL I FIND IT!", all of the bass members were worried as this went, clearly worried for their own safety against Eva's rage. During this, Heather snuck into the area with the Mp3 in hand, and placed it carefully into Katie's pocket before running off. As Heather ran off, Katie and Sadie both turned just as Eva popped her head out again. Eva gasped. "My Mp3 player! SHE STOLE IT!", she pointed directly at Katie and stormed out of the cabin. Katie was completely confused, taking it out of her pocket.

"I never stole it!", Katie pleaded.

"Yeah! I would have seen!", Sadie also pleaded in agreement. Luckily, Geoff, Bridgette, and Tyler restrained Eva before she could reach Katie.


"I would have seen it go into her pockets!"


"NOT IF YOU WANTED TO COVER IT UP!", Eva yelled, "You are DEAD!"

Later that night, the votes had been sent out and all of the bass gathered at the campfire pit to have their second Elimination ceremony. Chris once more stood before them with the marshmallow plate in his hands.

"Okay, bass, this is your second time here. As we stated last time, the marshmallows here represent whether or not you continue the competition, or ride in the boat of losers. There are Nine marshmallows on my plate, but only ten of you. The votes have come in, and here's who's safe.", Chris smirked as he said his, and prepared the first marshmallow, "Geoff", he then threw it at Geoff who caught it with a smirk, "Tyler!", Tyler then had his smack him in the face, "Bridgette!", Bridgette caught hers which made Geoff happy, "Izzy", Izzy caught hers with her feet, "Owen if he were here", Chris threw his marshmallow into the woods, "Harold!", Harold hen caught his, "Sadie", Sadie then received hers which caused her and Katie both to hug each-other in great worry, "Justin!", Justin then silently but happily caught his marshmallow, "Now...Eva and Katie, you two both remain. Who will be Safe? Who will go to the boat of losers? The Answer, is in the votes, and is...Eva!", Eva then received her Marshmallow at last. This left Sadie completely devastated.

"NO! NOT KATIE! ANYONE BUT HER!", Sadie pleaded.

"Sadie, listen!", Katie turned to Sadie with both girls looking at each-other, "You have to go on without me, I know you can do it!"

"But I don't want you gone!"

"We'll still be BFFFFLs! I promise it won't be long!", Katie was then taken by Chef away towards the boat of losers.

"I'LL MISS YOU!", Sadie said as she ran to the boat, crying.

"I'll miss you more!"

"No, I'll miss you more!", this continued until Katie was no longer able to be heard. Sadie remained crying on the dock over her friend's elimination.


Heather - "Now, originally I was going to go with getting Eva off, but Katie and Sadie just had too much of a Friendship to let it go on. I HAD to get rid of it."


As Katie left the Island, Owen was naked and asleep in a cave filled with Sasquatch-like beings. The animals were confused, and one of them poked him with a stick. Once he farted, they were disgusted by this and threw him out, after which he farted once more. The Episode ended shortly after that.


"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Chris opened up as part of the recap, "The campers were competing to see who could stay up the longest after a 2k run and a massive buffet. Owen sleepwalked, some couples starting forming, Cody made more passes at Heather, and speaking of Heather, she formed the first alliance of the season and using her own manipulation skills was able to trick Eva and get Katie off of the Island thus causing massive distrust among-st the Bass and creating a distraught Sadie! Nicely Played Heather, nicely Played. So, who will be sent home next? How dramatic will the campfire ceremony be? How deadly will the challenges get? Tune in and stay tuned in to find out on Total, Drama, Island!"

Following the intro, the episode opened up with both team's remaining members in the mess hall and still showing signs that they are highly tired. Of course, the Killer Bass shows signs of a higher level of tiredness. Of course, Chris soon came in and was not even nearly tired.

"Well, Campers! Welcome to a new day on the Island!", Chris came in and said with exclamation which got him glares from the campers, "So, Killer Bass! You guys must be HURTING! Two losses in a row AND no sleep!"

"We're only tired because Harold couldn't stop snoring!", Bridgette explained. As if on cue, Harold himself then walked into the door with a drawn-on mustache. As he walked down the mess hall with all of the others looking at him he imagined it being a smiling gaze at him, but of course in reality they laughed at him. Once he sat down, he took a spoon and got a look at his face.

"Sweet Stache!", he said with a smile. Following Harold's entry, came Duncan into the room, he looked extremely tired as he practically sagged onto his team's table.

"Duncan! You look like crap, dude!", Chris said to Duncan.

"Stick it."

"Four nights with no sleep, how much you hurting from that?"

"Wanna Find out?!", once Duncan said that his entire team hid behind the table in fear, with Chris still not being visibly scared at all of the teen.

"No, No, it's cool.", he Gophers finally came out from under the table. Following this, Heather turned to Beth, Lindsay, and Cody with her smile on her face.

"Okay, now back to the Alliance! Let's review the rules, what are they?"

"Um, Don't borrow your stuff without asking.", Lindsay replied.

"Actually, Lindsay", Heather explained, "My stuff is completely OFF-Limits."


"Don't disobey you at all, and you can use our stuff but we can't use yours.", Beth said following Lindsay.

"Don't date people on the other team.", Cody finished. Heather smiled, since they had just said all of her alliance's rules.

"I'm not so sure about the last one.", Lindsay nervously pointed out, which made Heather quite angered.

"Oh, that's fine! That's fine, since I can also kick you out of the alliance at any time I want and leave you to be Eliminated!", Heather angrily explained. Lindsay stopped at this, and decided it was best to follow Heather's orders rather than question them.


"Good!", Heather then smirked and got up from her seat to face the Killer Bass, "So, Bass, for a killer team you sure do suck quite alot!"

"Oh shut up!", Eva yelled out at Heather.

"It's not my fault you can't win challenges due to your own skill!", following that, Sadie who was still crying because of Katie's elimination tossed a bowl of oatmeal at Heather, only for Heather to dodge it causing it to hit Gwen instead, "Missed Me!"

"Sorry!", Sadie apologetically replied upon seeing Gwen was hit instead of Heather.

"Campers!", Chris' voice said over the camp's intercom system, "Your next Challenge begins in Ten Minutes so you might wanna start getting ready now!"

The campers then started getting ready for the challenge, Sadie still crying from Katie's elimination, and Duncan still highly tired from the previous challenge. Soon, all of the campers were now inside what looked like a clear glass box with bleachers and a court in the middle. Sadie was still showing signs of sadness, while Duncan dropped down on the right side's bleachers.

"If anybody wakes me up, they're dead!", Duncan warned. Of course, his team was frightened by this warning.

"I'm just wondering, what kept Duncan up from sleeping?", DJ questioned.

"I dunno, man!", Trent replied, "Maybe Harold's snoring is just that loud!"

"Harold, you need to stop snoring!", Eva said angrily to the scrawny red-head.

"It's a Medical Condition I can't control it GOSH!", Harold said back to Eva. Of course, he soon regretted it once Eva waved her fist in his face. This fight which likely would've ended in Harold's demise was stopped when Chef came in, dressed as a referee blew a whistle, alongside a smiling Chris.

"Okay, so, campers!", Chris greeted, "Time for your third challenge of the season, which is a classic Summer Camp Game! Dodge-ball!", Chris revealed while holding up a red dodge-ball himself, "The rules? Well, just be the team with the most points! Now, to do that, you throw. If it hits someone, the person hit is out. If you Catch the ball, the thrower is out! That's really all there is!"

"How do you avoid the ball?", Lindsay asked.

"Yeah, that's totally no a dumb question.", Noah sarcastically replied. Gwen snickered in agreement with him.

"You Dodge!", Chris replied. Chef tossed him a ball, Chris used his ball to reflect it, and that ball smacked straight into Lindsay's face thus knocking her down onto the ground.

"ow!", Lindsay replied with Tyler helping her back up, she had a black eye which did somewhat disgust her team.

"Now, since the Gophers won last time, you will have to sit one more person out, and since Duncan's pretty much a given, any one of you guys want to volunteer?"

"Alrght, I'll do it", Noah replied, "So, let's go out and throw some Murder balls!", Noah sarcastically cheered to his team. Following those words, it was the first round of the game. On the Gophers side it was Cody, DJ, LeShawna, and Gwen against the Bass' Tyler, Geoff, Bridgette, and Harold. In the first round, Harold attempted to use Martial arts abilities against LeShawna who was barely impressed.

"Get ready to face my awesome abilities!", Harold warned to LeShawna.

"Oh really? Bring it, String-bean, let's see what you got!", the girl threatened herself. Once Harold threw the ball onto the ground, it landed right at LeShawna's feet and did not even hit her. She took the ball in her hands, and Harold ran screaming like a girl as LeShawna threw the ball. He was hit by said ball and knocked straight into the wall. Shortly after that, LeShawna met her own defeat when Geoff tossed his own ball at her.

"Alright! Get ready for MY Specially trained abilities, Hammer Throw", Tyler announced. He then swung his ball around and around over and over, which eventually got everyone bored once he didn't throw it after quite some time.

"Katie, Katie would've loved this challenge!", Sadie moped while she was sitting in the Bleachers, "She always wanted to play summer camp dodge-ball"

"Yeah!", Tyler cried out. The Ball rammed directly into Sadie and knocked her out instead, and was followed by Tyler himself being knocked out from DJ. Bridgette herself ended up taking DJ out, however, and Geoff finished off Gwen rather easily thus leaving only Cody left. Cody shook in slight fear as Bridgette and Geoff both grinned at him being their last competitor.

"We're going to fail now, we're going to fail now.", Courtney said while face-palming, Heather seemed to share her concern. However, they were unaware of Cody's skills, as she managed to aim his dodge-ball in a way that it actually was dodged by Geoff, only to come back and smack him from behind thus getting him out. Bridgette was surprised and confused by this, but once Cody rubbed his ball on his shirt and tossed it at her, she ran from it. Despite her attempts it continued to home-in on her until it finally got her, sending her out. The Gophers thus were the winners of he first round, and they cheered. Eva, however, was unhappy with thus turn of events.

"If we lose this challenge, whoever loses the last round is DEAD!", she warned coldly.

"Hey, don't sweat it!", Owen assured, "I'm certain we'll win this time! In-fact, let me go next round!"

"You'll never win, I'M going!", Eva replied.

"Why don't you both go?" Bridgette then added in. Of course, this idea appeared much smarter than Eva or Owen's since it had both of them going out to play.

"No!", Tyler replied, "Let me go out again!"

"Are you SERIOUS?", Eva replied angrily, "No way in HELL!"

"My last throw was just a warm up, I promise we will DOMINATE this game if you just give all he balls to me! Come on", Tyler assured his team. Eva rolled her eyes, and though she practically knew this would likely end in defeat, she allowed it.

"Fine, go ahead. YOU BETTER HIT ONE OF THEIR TEAM THOUGH!", Eva said as she got ready to punch Tyler. The boy gulped, but still got out as an active player alongside Eva, Owen, and Bridgette.

"Alright, I say Cody should go out next time!", Courtney said to her own team happily. Courtney's sudden way of taking charge once more brought out Heather's offense.

"Are you taking a leader role AGAIN? Didn't we settle this back in Episode 2?", Heather replied, she was visibly offended.

"Actually, yeah, we decided that I was going to be captain over you.", Courtney said back to Heather with a cheeky grin on her face.

"No, we decided that the team captain was ME, C.I.T. girl.", Heather insultingly replied.

"Look, can you two PLEASE save the fighting for AFTER the challenge? LIke, seriously!", Gwen practically begged the two. Courtney and Heather glared at each-other, but did indeed stop fighting for the sake of the challenge. For the Gophers, Lindsay, Cody, Heather, and Courtney were active players in round 2. The bass then gave all of their balls to Tyler, who tossed them after swirling once more. One ball went directly towards Chef, causing him to jump to safety, the second nearly hit Chris who dodged it.

"Watch he face, dude!", Chris yelled out after he saw Tyler's ball was dodged. The third ball went for the benched gophers. who all dodged, and the final ball hit Lindsay in the face. Tyler was devastated by this turn of events, and ran to her screaming.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo!"

"Finally!", Eva said, relieved that finally Tyler struck an enemy player. Tyler however, ran directly to Lindsay.

"Are, you okay?", he asked as he once more helped her get up from the ground.

"My face! Oh my god, how's my face?", Lindsay asked as she was worried, turning to him to show him many red swells from where the dodge-balls hit. Tyler showed an obvious reaction, but didn't tell her anything bad.

" looks great!", Tyler assured Lindsay.

"It does?", Lindsay replied with a smile.

"Yeah, definitely!", the boy kindly replied. Cody, noticing all of this, went over and weakly tossed the ball at Tyler, thus getting him out. Eva clenched her fists in anger, and Tyler and Lindsay both walked off, much to Heather's own anger.

"What are you doing? Hello! The Alliance rules!", she said as she tried to get Lindsay's attention to no avail. Suddenly, the Gophers heard something from the bass side.

"THAT IS IT!", Owen angrily screamed out "GAME ONNNNN!", however, he was pushed down by Eva who took the ball from his hands in a complete bull-like rage.

"LET ME HANDLE THIS!", she angrily said, and she screamed with rage as she tossed the ball directly at the gopher's side and then took her team-member's balls, knocking Courtney straight to the wall, followed by slamming one on the ground which landed on Cody causing him to nearly fall through the floor. Finally, there was Heather who was knocked directly unconscious for a slight amount of time when Eva's ball hit her. Eva screamed in triumph after winning the second round for the bass.

"Eva..that was amazing!", Bridgette exclaimed.

"It was nothing, I've had enough of those gophers. Now, let's start playing hard.", Eva replied with no real surprise to her victory.

"Great, now we're going to lose for SURE!", Courtney said as she rubbed her head, next to her was Cody who was also still in some pain after what Eva had done, suddenly Courtney noticed that Heather was not around, "Where's Heather at...and Noah why don't you go?"

"Nah, I'm good siting out. You guys are doing so well that, I don't wanna ruin your MoJo", Noah sarcastically replied, "You know what I'm sayin?"

"Fine.", Courtney said as she rolled her eyes, "Beth, you go.", back on the bass side, Eva was setting her team up with a strategy against the Gopher side.

"Alright, here's how it's gonna go, you're gonna do what I say, and we're going to send all the balls at the same opponent, preferably the strongest one they have, and eliminate their strongest first thus making the rest weak, got it?", once her team nodded, she got her her game face on,. "Good!"

Soon, Eva, Bridgette, Sadie, and Izzy were against DJ, Gwen, Courtney, and Trent. The Gophers were not anticipating Eva's strategy, which got all of the balls to strike DJ at once, knocking him out rather easily. Shocked by this, the other Gophers attempt to knock out the bass, only to fail due to Eva's great strategy. In the end, Gwen, Courtney, and Trent are knocked out of the round one by one thus giving the bass their second victory in a round.

"We're like, losing!", Courtney shouted once she returned to the bleachers, "And like, really! WHERE are Heather and Lindsay?"

"Oh come on now, Gophers!", Noah sarcastically cheered, "You can do it, throw those balls around, rah rah!", it was worth nothing this angered some members of his team, and was also hypocritical. Meanwhile, Heather was walking along the docks of the island, only to discover Lindsay and Tyler cuddling underneath, angering her further.

"What's going on HERE?", she said angrily as she looked down to Lindsay and Tyler.

"I'm sorry, I'll never break the rules again!", Lindsay pleaded in fear upon seeing Heather.

"Hey, why don't you just like, take a chill pill or something?", Tyler asked Heather, which of course only made her even more angrily. Heather then picked a canoe up into the air from an unknown location, and prepared to toss it,

"Why don't you, dodge this!", the girl said followed by her tossing the canoe down directly onto Tyler.

"Ow.", Tyler hissed in pain once he was actually inside the canoe from the bottom.

"Let's go back, Lindsay!", Heather exclaimed angrily. Lindsay then folllowed Heather back to he court. Upon returning to the court with Lindsay, Courtney went over to Heather.

"Where were you?", Courtney asked angrily.

"What does it matter to YOU?", Heather angrily asked back, "How are we doing?", just as she aked that, she came witness to LeShawna being knocked out once more due to Eva's strategy.

"That answer you're question, Heather?", Courtney sarcastically replied.

"You know, Noah, you could at least TRY.", Heather said as she noticed Noah still did not attempt in the game.

"Nah, sports just aren't my forte, besides, you guys do it SO well!", Noah sarcastically replied once more. Heather let it slide, despite her team failing so hard in the challenge.

"Okay, since we're now at the final round, I say we only use our strongest players!", Heather exclaimed to her team, "How many of you think you're strong?"

"Why don't we just get Duncan up?", Courtney offerred.

"Uh, I don't think so!", Cody replied, "He'd be like, TOTALLY pissed!"

"Besides, all we have to do is get Owen and Eva out and it will be easy to take out the rest!", Heather assurred her team.


Heather - "Ugh, I should have gone with Plan A and got rid of Eva herself instead of Katie."

[CONFESSIONAL ENDS] With the bass, it was once more clear that they were also preparing for the final round. Harold, tired of sitting out alongside Sadie who was still crying over Katie's elimination, spoke up.

"I'll Go next time!", he stood up to shout.

"No way! You'll lose for SURE!", Eva replied, "Besides, my strategy is working just fine for us!"

"Look guys, Harold may be a nerd, but he's been sitting out since the start! Besides, maybe you are just misunderstanding him!", Geoff said to convince Harold being allowed to play in the final round.

"Alright, but if he loses this, he's DEAD!", Eva warned.

"Play hard, Harold!", Bridgette said to assure Harold.

"In the back of the Court!", Eva said sternly, which got Harold to stand at the back of the court with Eva, Owen, and Geoff being ahead of him. Now at the final round, it was finally time for the final due. Eva, Owen, Geoff, and Harold against LeShawna, DJ, Trent, and Cody.

"Alright, just against a bunch of Whities!", LeShawna rather offensively said, "Let's do this, y'all!"

"Let's go, team!", Eva said to command her team. Following this, the teams were knocking each-other off. LeShawna went out first, followed by Owen with Eva aand DJ then knocking each-other off at the same time, then Geoff got out Trent only to be taken out by Cody. Finally, this left just Harold and Cody as the final active players on the team. With Cody's skills shown back in the first round, Harold gasped.

"Well, this will be interesting.", Eva said upon seeing the two as the last ones.

"You better win, Cody!", Heather yelled out from the bleachers. Cody smiled at Heather cheering him, and once more rubbed the ball on his shirt, then tossed it at Harold. Harold, however, did a figure skating like move, jumping into the air to dodge it, then twirling around to dodge it again. He continued to twirl for it's following turns and then kicked into the second ball Cody threw. Cody himself dodged the two balls as they came back at him, and both teams were amazed at it, Noah even dropped his book.

"Woah.", was Noah's only comment.

"Time out!", Eva called out to Chef, which was complied with. Soon Harold was back on the bleachers, a towel over his neck and a water bottle in his mouth, his team gathered around him.

"Harold, that was like totally awesome!", Bridgette exclaimed, "You actually dodged them!"

"Yeah! I didn't know you had it in you! How did you do it?", Tyler asked following Bridgett'es exclamation.

"I took figure skating classes a while back.", Harold explained.

"That's good, but dodging isn't enough!", Geoff explained, "You have to either throw it, or catch it."

"Of course, we all know you won't be able to throw it, so just rely on catching it.", Eva added in. Soon enough, Chef once more blew the whistle to show that the time-out was over.

"Go get 'em, Harold!", Bridgette said as she pushed Harold back onto the court to face Harold.

"Well, Harold, I'm sorry but I'm gonna have ta putcha down in this one, buddy.", Cody said to taunt Harold, holding one single ball in his hand.

"Bring it on, Cody! My Skills will take it all!", Harold taunted Cody back with.

"Let's just see about that.", Cody said, followed by once more rubbing the ball on his shirt, then spinning it on his finger before throwing it at Harold. The Ball actually spiraled as it flew towards the red-head nerd, and using his reflexes once more, Harold dodged it, but it actually went up in a tornado-like faction and flew towards Harold's head, which was also dodged. However, the ball flew into him after this and took him all the way to the walls of the glass box. The Bass gasped at this, fearing the worst. However, once Harold lifted a caught ball in his hands, they all cheered happily and even hoisted him into the air. Cody fell to the ground, his head held down in shame of defeat.

"What happened, Gophers.", Chris said to the Gophers, with it being ignored.

"Yeah, seriously guys, what happened?", Noah also sarcastically asked.

"You know what Noah, shut it!". Gwen replied angrily, with her then storming off.

"For once, I agree with the wierd goth girl!", Heather agreed and also stormed off. Soon after, Trent, LeShawna, Lindsay, Beth, and DJ also stormed off. The rest of the team, save the still sleeping Duncan, glared at Noah.

"What?", Noah asked, not really knowing what was going on. Soon enough, the Gophers were finally gathered at the campfire ceremony for the first time on the Island.

"Okay, so, Gophers! We're now at your first campfire ceremony! Here's how this works, in my hand there are ten marshmallows and eleven of you, I will call the names of those who are NOT eliminated until I reach the final person. The one who DOESN'T get a marshmallow MUST go to the dock of shame, ride the boat of losers, and leave total drama island forEVER. Now, let's do this! The first one safe, is Duncan!", Chris then tossed Duncan his marshmallow, "Gwen!", Gwen then got hers, "DJ!", DJ then got hers, "Beth!", Beth then got hers, "Cody!", who then got his, "Heather!", who then got hers, "Courtney!", who happily got hers, "Trent!", who then got his, "LeShawna!", who then got hers thus leaving Lindsay and Noah as the bottom two. "Now, only two are left with one marshmallow, who will be the third to leave the island? Let's find's...", Noah as assured he was not out while Lindsay was not so certain, "...Lindsay who's safe", Lindsay cheered and got her marshmallow, while Noah was shocked, gasped, and confused.

"What are you kidding me?", Noah asked in response.

"Just shut up, ya turkey!", LeShawna said, followed by the team throwing marshmallows at Noah. Noah didn't care, and decided not to complain further.

"Whatever, I'm like SO out of here.", he said as he finally walked off the island. Chris then turned back to the camera.

"So, what will happen and who will go next, on TOTAL, DRAMA, ISLAND!", Chris announced, then finally the episode faded out and ended.

Not Quite Famous

"Last time on Total Drama Island", Chris began as part of his recap, "The Campers played a game of dodge-ball! Cody managed to win the first round for the Gophers, with Eva taking charge of the Bass and leading them to the ultimate victory in the end! Also, there was some lovin' between two campers that was interrupted by the Dragon-girl Heather! In the end, Noah was eliminated off of the Gophers for not participating in the challenge at all!"

Following the recap, the intro played and after that finally the episode began. It opened up in the girl's side of the Gopher cabin, with Lindsay on her bed un-happy.

"Oh No!", she cried out. This actually managed to wake up fellow Gopher Courtney. "I'm all out of fake-tanner already! I mean, how am I going to keep up my looks?"

"Oh please, it's not that bad!", Courtney replied as she got up from her bed.

"Easy for you to say!", Lindsay said back, obviously talking off Courtney's tanned skin.

"Come on, you won't get as pale as Gwen!"


"Yeah!", just then, the noise of the loudspeaker/intercom coming online was heard, followed with the voice of the host.

"Campers! I hope you all got enough sleep, because you're all gonna have to show us what you're made of in the next challenge!", following this, the campers were all seated (team-separated) on wooden benches in-front of a wooden stage. Chris was not present yet.

"So...what do you think our challenge will be?", Lindsay asked, then gasped with a smile, "What if it's a musical!", Heather, Cody, and Beth just blankly looked at her in response. Also on the Gopher's side of the benches, Trent was seated with Duncan and Gwen both coming to seat. Duncan in-front, Trent smiled.

"Saved you a seat.", he said with his smile.

"Thanks.", Duncan replied, taking his seat next to Trent. Gwen frowned at this, feeling a bit worried, but sat on the other side of Trent regardless. Heather (with her hair in a ponytail) sees this, and gives a scowl, while Lindsay lost her attention to blow a kiss to Tyler. Tyler caught it, and Lindsay smiled. Heather saw this, and showed her anger in this. Lindsay smiles sheepishly, but still gets hit by Heather's ponytail, followed by spitting out some of the hair. Shortly after this, Chris finally shows himself, still having his classic smile, and of course prepares to tell the Campers of their challenge.

"So, now we're all gathered at this Super-Ultra-Mega-Deluxe-Ultimate-Chris McLean Stage to tell you all of you're next talent! A camp classic, a Talent show!", as he said that Sadie once more bursted into tears with Bridgette patting her on the back to comfort her, "There can be singing, dancing, juggling. anything goes!", he then looked at Duncan, "as long as it's legal.", Duncan frowned and snapped his fingers, "Now, you all have eight hours to pick out your team's most talented three team-mates, those three will represent your team in the talent show! Now, GO!"

Following Chris' words, the teams went to their own areas on the Island to pick out their team, which was obviously within the main campgrounds. Heather comes in-front her team with a clipboard, which seems to make Courtney rather angry.

"Okay, so, I'm Team Captain so here's how this is going to work!", Heather announced. Most of her team already knew now what was coming, in-fact they even showed it.

"Just kill me now!", Gwen said as she rolled her eyes. As if on cue, Courtney got up to confront Heather about this declaration.

"I'm sorry, but you can't just declare yourself team captain like that!", the C.I.T girl said sternly.

"Well, Cody, Beth, and Lindsay voted for me, so I win. Sorry, Court.", Heather replied with a cruel but cheerful tone in her voice.

"That doesn't count, because the entire team needs to vote for one of us so it can!", Courtney preached.

"Team-mates, you don't mind If I am team-captain, right?", Heather asked still keeping her smile on.

"Personally, I'd rather Courtney but actually don't care.", Gwen replied with a frown, Heather scowled and Courtney smiled at her response.

"Look, this is wastin' way too much dang time, personally none of us give a crap who the captain is, y'all have been fightin' 'bout this since Day 1 can y'all just shut up already?!", LeShawna angrily replied. Both Courtney and Heather scowled in response to this.


Heather - "To be honest, I agree with LeShawna, this DOES have to end. If we fail this challenge, Courtney is going down. She's definitely going to be a threat to me eventually anyway."


"So, anyway, Cody, Lindsay, and Beth will be my Judges in this!", Heather said with her smile.

"I will be a judge too, because I still don't trust you.", Courtney exclaimed in response. Heather decided to not argue this time, and allowed Courtney to be one of her judges.

"Fine, you can replace Cody.", Heather said in-order to allow Courtney on, Cody was a bit sad by this, but accepted it. As the Gophers settled who would command their team and who would Judge for them, the Bass on the other hand were actually going through their auditions for the upcoming challenge. Their first Audition-er is Justin, who is doing a shirtless dance in-front of his team. He does many dance moves and flexes, and even blows kisses before finally letting a mere sip of water fall onto him, that burns up on his shirt. All of the team's girls and Owen were very happy at this, drooling.

"Okay, so Justin's in. Any objections?", Eva replied, still under Justin's hypnotizing good looks. Everyone on her team shook their heads in a now, "Okay."

Back with the gophers, they were having their first Audition which was actually Cody. Cody had an electric keyboard that was plugged likely inside the cabin. He was happily about to play it, and once he did he managed to play a tune that sounded like a techno version of the Green Hill Zone theme song from Sonic the Hedgehog, and after he was done, most of his team (not Heather, Duncan, or Gwen) clapped for him.

"Okay, well that was pretty good, I guess it can go.", Heather commented.

"Yeah, but I don't think it's good enough to win!", Courtney exclaimed.

"Who asked YOU? I'M the team captain!", Heather replied, angry.

"Only because of an Unfinished ballot! Seriously, we need an Election first!",. Courtney replied.

"Oh shut up, like seriously! Nobody cares about you or your election!", Courtney gasped after Heather said those words.

"What?! Everyone likes me!", as Courtney and Heather continued to argue, Duncan make a notion that he was hanging himself, to which Trent and Gwen both snickered at. Meanwhile, the killer bass continued their auditions, this time with Tyler doing Yo-Yo tricks. He was happily doing it rather well, until it wrapped all the way around him. His team rolled their eyes, primarily Eva.

"Next!", the powerful girl yelled out. As the Bass continued with their auditions, the Gophers continued theirs. Heather herself wanted to be in, and to do so she did ballet. She twirled around, dancing on her toes and then jumped over her team, and finished her dance. They all nicely clapped except for Gwen and Duncan.

"Thank you.", Heather said with a smile, "Okay so everybody take five!", she then said. The team then disbanded, and Cody walked over to the other three in Heather's Alliance, though Beth also left to take five. Lindsay was pulled from the break though, by Heather. Cody was not noticed but was behind his crush.

"Lindsay, can you keep a secret?", Heather asked, with a vocal tone clearly showing she had thought out a plan.

"Sure! I mean, one time my older sister paula got like diarrhea during a date, and I had to bring her toilet paper since the bathroom was out, and I never told a soul!", Lindsay then remembered she was on television, "Oh...sorry Paula!".

"I can tell a secret Heather!", Cody exclaimed, giving his location away.

"I thought I said", Heather then thought of her plan more in-depth, "Never-mind, okay, both of you, I have a plan!"

"What is it, my love?", Cody asked in response.

"Okay, use these to keep in touch!", she then handed both Lindsay and Cody walkie-talkies, "I need both you to follow Gwen and Courtney. Lindsay, you take Gwen and Cody you take Courtney. Make sure to Report back to me!"

Lindsay and Cody both complied to Heather's orders, with Lindsay watching Gwen with binoculars.

"Lindsay, do you see Gwen?", Heather said over the Walkie-talkie.

"Um, yeah!", Lindsay replied.

"What is she doing?"

"She's", Lindsay then saw that all Gwen was doing was sitting on a stump writing in what was likely a diary, "She's, writing in a book."

"Okay, Report back when she's doing something more. Over."

"Okay!", Lindsay exclaimed happily, for only a few more seconds did she spy on Gwen, "Ugh, this is getting boring", she then re-focused it to another direction, where Tyler was. Focusing on his rear-end, he smiled. "THAT'S not boring!"

Meanwhile, as Lindsay and Cody carried out Heather's mysterious new plan, the Bass continued their auditions. This time, Owen was going up. Drinking a large jug of soda, everyone was very puzzled at what his talent was going to be. Everyone had eyes open wide, and once he finished, he showed it off. He burped,

"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZeeeed!", he burped. All of the males on his team cheered in response, Eva retained a bored face, and the (other) girls were not very impressed.

"Dude, that is TOTALLY awesome!", Geoff said, putting one arm over Owen's shoulder.

"Aw, it's nothing really. Known how to do it since I was six!", Owen exclaimed in response.

"Well, it's better than nothing. Alright you can go.", Eva replied.

"Sweet, man!", Geoff exclaimed, "We're totally going to win this one!"

"Next!", Eva shouted out. Bridgette then went up.

"I can do a hand-stand.", she said happily, then went to stand on her hands, and even slightly walk around at the same time. Geoff was happy at seeing this, and Owen was impressed.

"It's good and all, but what are you, a Monkey?", Eva rather meanly replied, "Next!", Geoff frowned at this, but did not want to argue with Eva. As the Bass continued with Auditions, Lindsay and Tyler both made out on the counters of the restrooms.

"Lindsay? Lindsay, have you found anything? Over.", Heather asked over the walkie-talkie, Lindsay broke from kissing Tyler to reply back.

"On my way back, Under!", Lindsay hurriedly replied, then continued kissing Tyler, who was obviously now her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, with the Gophers, Courtney is doing her violin with ease and happiness. The Gophers are happily watching, except for Heather who is not happy, and Lindsay who is still absent, as she does so. Once she finishes, they all (save Heather) clap.

"Thank you, I've been practicing since Four!", Courtney replied. Heather rolled her eyes.

"Where is Lindsay?", Heather whispered silently, "If she is with Tyler I swear!"

As the Gophers continued on, so did the bass. Izzy was prepared to do her own form of a talent.

"I call this, the dance of the Rattlesnake!", Izzy announced before going into a dance. She waved her hands in-front of her face and did some wave motions. Owen was hypnotized by this very quickly, and of course as Izzy got up in his face and did hisses, this furthered his hypnosis. Justin on the other hand, was not really at all under the affect.

"Not Good enough.", Eva said sternly, which ended the dance quickly. Next up for the bass, was Geoff who did pretty good tricks with his skateboard. His team was impressed, and Eva nodded her head to show approval. Following Geoff's audition, the Gophers were watching Beth twirl fire batons. She does very well, twirling them around her arm repeatedly, though eventually she loses control and they fly away from her. Her team ducks for cover as they fall onto the ground, burning a hole into the earth. As the table caught on fire, it was lucky that Duncan and Trent found fire extinguishers and put out the flames.

"Beth! You almost destroyed my Violin!", Courtney shouted out, "Ugh, whatever, I'm going practice where it's safe!", the girl then walked off from her team, into the woods. Cody silently followed her.

"Okay, so we have my Ballet, Cody's keyboards, and Courtney's violin. I think we're ready, right?", Heather said to Lindsay.

"What about the plan?", Lindsay, finally back with her team, asked.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm getting to that right now!", Heather said with a , Courtney was preparing to practice her Violin when she was approached by Cody.

"Hey there, Courtney!", Cody greeted, hiding his Walkie-talkie in his pants.

"What do you want, Cody?", Courtney asked, a bit annoyed with Cody interrupting her.

"I just wanted to talk to you!"

"About what?"

"About, anything. Anyone you like here yet?"

"Don't you like Heather?"

"Of course I do! I'm just asking YOU if you like anyone!"

"If I do, I'm not telling you!"

"Come on! You can trust me, I don't bite!"

"Yeah, but you usually hang with Heather and her other minions, so I know for a fact you're not trust-able. Sorry, but I'm not telling the likes of you, or should I say HEATHER?", Courtney clearly wasn't budging, and to avoid a fight of some sort Cody decided it would be better to leave right there.

"Okay, Okay, I'm going. It's cool, it's cool!", Cody sheepishly walked away from Courtney, once out of her view he took his Walkie-talkie out to speak with Heather, "Courtney wasn't budging, she's onto us!", Heather did reply, and was rummaging in the girl's side of the cabin with Lindsay guarding the door.

"Okay, well report back. Make sure to distract Gwen, I'm in the cabin, over.", Heather replied. Cody didn't even think of questioning her and instead went along with the plan.

"Got it, over!", he replied, and right there he reached the campground, with Gwen walking towards the cabin, visibly sad and looking at her notepad. Cody approached her with a grin on his face, "Hey there, Gwen!", he greeted. She was instantly suspicious.

"Um, hey..Heather's boyfriend.", she coldly replied, "What do YOU want?"

"Oh, I'm just bein' nice!", Cody exclaimed, "Whatcha got there, a Journal?"

"Um, no, it's a notepad. It's for my Art."

"Can I see, or is it private?"

"Um...I don't know if I can trust you."

"I PROMISE I will NEVER tell Heather! Scout's honour!"

"Okay.", Gwen, still skeptical, showed him a single picture from her notepad, it was of Trent, "DON'T tell ANYONE.", Gwen said as she pulled it back.


Cody - "To be honest, I feel bad for Gwen. I mean, Trent's like getting real close to Duncan as far as I can tell, and I KNOW my romance, and...well...yeah. But, Gotta listen to Heather...besides, Gwen's gonna find out one day!"


"I promise!", Gwen then walked towards the cabin, Cody took the Walkie-talkie into his hands, clearly about to break the promise, "She has a picture of Trent in her notepad. over."

"Okay, I got it!", Heather exclaimed, holding Gwen' Diary in her hands, she briefly read it, "She is so dead!"

"Gwen!", Lindsay exclaimed outside.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm just, standing you. You don't wanna go in!", Lindsay exclaimed, Gwen tried to push through, but Lindsay blocked her and took a Ninja stance, "I'm warning you! I have epic Ninja skills!", Gwen made a more angry face however, and Lindsay backed down, "Okay, you can go in!", Gwen walked in, hiding Gwen's diary, Heather begin playing the scene for herself.

"Gwen! So nice to see you!", Heather exclaimed happily.

"What are you doing here?", Gwen asked, confused and suspicious

"I was just getting some things before the show, by the way you really should invest in some tan, and may I say you really do look great today, for a weird goth girl."

"Just go."

"Fine, fine, have it your way!", Heather then left the cabin, with a smirk on her face as she did so. Soon enough, it was nearing the time for the show. All six of the representatives were preparing for their acts, and Heather smirked at Courtney and at Bridgette. Bridgette was eating chips, and Courtney was practicing her violin. Heather then looked to Cody, and the two shared wink at each-other. Shortly there after, the talent show starts with Heather, Cody, and Courtney going for the gophers and Justin, Owen, and Geoff going for the Bass.. Chris stands in-front of those that are not competing in the show, to explain the challenge.

"Okay, so here's how this works!", the host began, "Each of the six chosen to show their talent will compete, and then the Chef-O-Meter will determine how good or bad the Talent is, and whoever team scores the most combined points will win!", "Now, let's go! Up first, is Justin for the Bass!"

Justin then started his talent, removing his shirt and doing another flash dance. Of course, everyone, save Chris and the guys except for Trent and Duncan, became mesmerized by his looks. He ended it with splashing a bucket of water over him as he was seated on a chair. The Chef-O-Meter gave him six out of nine.

"Up next, Courtney for the Gophers", Chris announced, Heather smirked and did a neck slitting motion once Courtney was in-front, and as Courtney did her Violin playing, Heather walked over to Bridgette.

"You know Bridgette, you really should consider sabotaging people sometime, that is, unless you've already done it.", Heather said. Bridgette was not that happy at all at this.

"The Gophers might work like that, but not the Bass!", Bridgette declared in response.

"Oh please, you just eating those fattening chips while this goes down? Total Bitch!", Heather replied. Bridgette in response threw chips right at Heather. In response, Heather acted as if this sent her backing up, and therefore into a rope that Cody had been ready to tighten. The rope was circular, and when Cody pulled it, Heather not only fell to the ground but also pushed down a Stage-light that was right on-top of Courtney.

"Courtney, look out!", Duncan called out. Courtney looked up, and dodged it, but was still hit on the head, with her Violin completely broken in half. Once she got up, rubbing her head and stumbling, she saw this and gasped.

"My Violin! Who did this? HEATHER?!", she shouted out. She stormed back stage, leaving Chris alone on the stage.

"Well, that was a fail. Chef gives it a two out of nine!", Chris announced. Meanwhile, Courtney confronted Heather backstage.

"HEATHER!", Courtney nearly screamed.

"It wasn't me, Bridgette threw Chips right at me and pushed me!", Heather claimed. Courtney didn't fully believe Heather, but seeing the Chips on the ground didn't so well for Bridgette.

"What? I did not push her!', Bridgette pleaded, but Courtney continued glaring, "I didn't!"

"Okay, up next is Owen!", Chris announced, and Owen came on the stage. Of course, he immediately began drinking his jug of soda, and in the end, he began his burping.

"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWBXYZeeeeeeeeeeeeedddd!", he burped out, longer than last time. Once more, all of the guys cheered for him in response, and the girls merely looked bored at this.

"Way to go Owen", Chris said loudly, "Eight of Nine! DJ Chef's impressed! Now, time for the Gopher's own Cody!"

As Cody went up to perform, Courtney held the remains her Violin in her hands, with Bridgette now worried of her fate if the Bass lost again. Heather on the other hand, read Gwen's diary as she prepared, facing away from everyone else. Cody meanwhile, was performing a rendition of Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2 on his keyboard, a very impressive rendition too. Once done, everyone clapped for him, and Harold seemed to be the most impressed.

"Well, that was pretty cool, with a Seven out of Nine from DJ Chef!", Chris announced, "Now, back to the Bass' turn, with Geoff!"

Just as Geoff was about to do his Skateboard trick, he ended up falling onto his board and crushing it. He as not at all happy with this happening.

"Oh COME ON!", Geoff exclaimed.

"What happened?", Eva came in, then saw Geoff's broken board and became Angry, "Are you kidding me?"

"Great, it's our turn right now!", Bridgette exclaimed, "we need someone to help"

"I'll get us sometime, but you better find someone good!", Eva told Bridgette sternly, then she poked her head out to speak with Chris, "YO CHRIS", she yelled out loudly, "WE NEED TO PICK SOMEONE ELSE, LET THE GOPHERS GO!"

"Sorry but-", Chris then turned to see the angry face of Eva and of course fearing his own safety, Chris decided to comply with Eva's orders, "Um, okay! Heather's up next since the Bass need more time! Heheh!"

As Eva focused on getting her team a replacement for Geoff, Heather went up, sitting on a chair she herself put in the center of the stage.

"Originally, I was going to dance for you, but instead, I decided to do some reading, spoken by me, but written by Gwen!", she said, holding the Diary up loudly. Gwen focused on the book, then gasped with eyes widened once she feared the worst.

"She wouldn't!", she said to herself softly.

"So, I'm trying to ignore him, but he's just so cute. If they had custom-ordered a guy to be a distraction for me here, it would've been McHottie. We just totally would connect. He's pretty much the only person I can probably relate to here. And I know it's a cliche, but I love guys who play guitar."

Everyone was shocked, and no Chef-O-Meter result was given. Duncan and Trent awkwardly looked at each-other, and then at Gwen as she ran away from the scene in embarrassment.

"I'm done!", Heather said happily.

"Okay, that is like, SO mean!", Bridgette said behind the curtain in response.

"Like, totally!", Courtney said in agreement, now forgotten the Violin ordeal, "Like, Worse than you causing my Violin to break!"

"I've found the Replacement!", Eva exclaimed, pushing Harold onto the stage, "You better win this!"

"Looks like the Bass finally found their final representative!", Chris announced, "Harold!"

"I don't know what to do!", Harold exclaimed, only to have Eva's fist waving at him from behind the curtain. Gulping, Harold knew it was better for his safety if he just do the challenge.


Harold - "Confused over all of my Talents, in fear of Eva, and not knowing how top Cody's performance of Live and Learn, I did the only thing I thought I could to survive!"


Suddenly, Harold turned himself into a Human Beat-Box. Using bodily noises and functions to create a beat, that amazed everyone. He did normally beat-box noises, then boo-yahs and goshes were added in along with tongue rolls. It went on for a while, and after it there was a moment of silence, before everyone cheered for him and the Chef-O-Meter was shown full.

"TOTALLY AWESOME, DUDE! NINE OF NINE! THE BASS WIN AGAIN!", the bass then loudly cheered and all of them gathered to hoist Harold into the air. Chris then, still smiling, turned to the Gophers.

"Gophers, time for another Elimination Ceremony!", once Chris said those words, Heather once more knew what to do, and smirked.


Heather - "So, we lost the challenge. Since I always keep my self-made promises, I had quite a conflict against the more fitting Gwen's the end however, I made the right decision. Cody's vote was obvious, and Lindsay and Beth was the same deal, getting DJ to vote was a bit hard but I won in the end."


DJ - "What can I say? The girl said she'd keep me safe if I voted with her! I ain't joinin' her or anythin if that's what you think!"


Finally, the Gophers were gathered for their second campfire ceremony. Once more, Chris stood before them with the plate of marshmallows in his hand.

"So, Gophers, you're second ceremony in a row! What happened?", Chris mocked.

"I don't know, now just get on with it!", Heather replied.

"Okay, so, as you know the deal is that I call names out one by one until we get to the last of you, and that person who doesn't get a marshmallow MUST report to the dock of shame and go home, NEVER to return to the Island Again, EVER! Now, let's get on with it!", Chris then began to call out the names, "Lindsay!", he called out and Lindsay then got her marshmallow first, "Beth!", Beth then got hers, "Cody!", he then got his, "Duncan!", who then got his, "Trent!", he then got his, "LeShawna!", who then got hers happily, "DJ!", who then happily got hers, "Gwen!", he then called out. Gwen smirked at Heather as she got up, with Heather and Courtney as the final two now.

"What?!", Courtney exclaimed, shocked. Heather was not at all surprised, and showed no signs of worry or shock.

"So, Heather and Courtney. The two leaders of the Gophers, one of you two girls is going home tonight, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Now, Courtney, you were once a C.I.T and are quite the overachiever along with a violin player, Heather, you showed us that you are WHACK! I mean, reading someone's diary out-loud to the WORLD? Like, seriously, that's really messed up dude!"

"Just give me my Marshmallow already!", Heather said loudly. Courtney glared at her angrily, then looked at Chris with worry.

"To be honest, I am really not that happy with this, but...Heather gets the last marshmallow, and Courtney you're out!", Chris said, tossing Heather the last marshmallow. Those who didn't vote for Courtney all looked shocked, having expected her to leave. Courtney herself gasped.

"What? But, I'M THE PROPER LEADER! NOT HER!", Courtney pleaded. Chris and Chef then both showed up, taking her by the arm and dragging her out, "HEATHER DID SOMETHING! SHE PROBABLY RIGGED THE VOTES, OR DID SOME MANIPULATIVE TRICK!", Courtney screamed out, then she was at the boat, "LET ME GO!", she screamed out. Chris and Chef grinned and nodded, then literally threw her into the boat of losers, "You are SO hearing from my attorney!", were Courtney's final words as she had no choice but to angrily leave Total Drama Island on the boat of losers. Heather happily ate her Marshmallow, with her first major enemy now gone from the island. However, Gwen was not going let this go.


Gwen - "If that evil little cow thinks she's getting away with this, she's gotta another thing coming!"


Following the elimination, Gwen went to the Bass' boy side, and knocked on the door. Within seconds, Harold answered the door.

"I heard you had a Red Ant farm with you?", she asked the nerdy boy.

"Yes?", Harold said, puzzled as to what Gwen had in mind. Moments later, Heather ran out of her cabin screaming, covered in Harold's own red ants. Of course, it was not long before Cody himself came running, in just brief underwear and a T-shirt (with Heather in panties and a T-shirt) to come to her aide, after she tripped on a log of course. While this panic happened, Gwen snuggled happily in her bed.

"Sweet dreams, everyone!", she said, and the episode faded out on that.

The Sucky Outdoor  

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Chris once more annoucned on the dock, "The Campers had their very own talent show! So many auditions were given, but only six made it! Heather made up a plan to sabotage both Courtney and Gwen, but ended up hurting Gwen the most. When the bass needed extra time, they picked Harold off-screen and allowed Heather to make her big performance, and in the end the bass won completely due to Harold's awesome beat-boxing! After that, a another dramatic campfire ceremony was had, which ended up being Courtney's downfall in the competition, courtesy, of Heather!", Chris then prepared to end the recap, "So, will their challenge be hard? Rough? Totally Death-Defying! It will if I have anything to say about it, I mean hey! It's not like I have someone to boss ME around, ha ha! Luckily, I DO have something to say about it, so get ready for the most epic episode of, TOTAL, DRAMA, ISLAND!"

Once more, the intro followed after the Recap, and the episode started with the remaining Campers gathered infront of Chris at the campfire pit, most of them were obviously bored, not caring about what Chris had to say at all.

"Okay, so, Campers!", Chris greeted, "Your Challenge today is totally DEATH-DEFYINGLY HARD!", the campers (except Eva, Heather, and Duncan) gasped, "It's, an outdoor survival challenge!Some of you might not even come back Alive!", then everyone except Eva was shocked, "Kidding, Kidding, haha. Basically, the challenge is to spend one night in the woods, then make it back to camp. The first team to make it back to camp tomorrow with ALL of it's members wins! Anything you need for this trip can be found at the camp, and heres your maps and compasses.!", he then tossed Maps and Compasses to Heather of the Gophers and Harold of the bass, though Eva snatched the objects from Harold with no objection afterwards. "Now, the one thing I have to warn you about is bears! We lost a few interns pre-production out there, so, yeah. Watch out."

"Wait, y'all got bears up in here?", LeShawna replied, afraid of Bears. 

"Don't worry, we can handle them. He's probably just trying to scare us, anyway. You know how those Hosts are.", Duncan said to reassure LeShawna, which did actually work.

"Yeah, that's a good point when ya think about it.", the girl brought up, and of course she was right about that, but in the end it was still highly likely they would eventually confront a bear.

"As for us, guys, don't worry!", Owen proudly began, "Me and my grandpa once took down a mightly grizzly one day, so we'll be fine for sure!", Eva didn't at all believe his story, but the other campers did, not showing it likely because they were bored. Izzy was the one most interested, though.

"Really? One time, I saw this bear going through my neighbor's garbage, and he had like spaghetti noodles running down his mouth, so I thought he ate their cat, but in turns out he was just gone for week.", Izzy explained.

"Let's just get on with this before the Gophers get a Head Start.", Eva said to interrupt the talk of bears. The team followed her into the woods, going towards the campsite that Chris designated for them on the Map. As they left, Heather noticed this, and was not about to let the Bass get a head-start in this.

"Okay, let's go, like, now!", Heather replied, and then she led her team into the woods, with them following behind her. As they walked to their own campsite in the woods, Trent decided to talk with Gwen about the previous events in the previous episodes.

"So....about what happened last week", Trent began, Gwen immediately became angry about what happened,

"Look, I really do not want to talk about it!", Gwen exclaimed angrily. 

"Come on, I just wanna say a few things!", Trent said, a bit worried over Gwen, but she just walked away from him without replying, Trent sighed and went back to walking with his team. With the team, Heather was in front with her three alliance mates right behind her, with the rest of the team (save Gwen now) behind them. Heather eventually angrily went into scratching her Ant bites, groaning angrily.

"She is like, SO DEAD, Gwen is going DOWN!", Heather said angrily. 

"Sorry to break it to ya sis, but you're the one who read her diary out loud to the world!", Duncan pointed out. Of course, this only made Heather more angry. Heeather then put her foot down, stopping the whole team as Cody stopped, wich made everyone bump into eachother behind her.

"So?", Heather asked, angrily. 

"So, she kinda has a reason to send those ants after you. I mean, i'd do it too!", Duncan replied.

"Funny you would say that, when she's after your Man!", Heather pointed out. Duncan blushed slightly, and so did Trent, but he still wasn't going to let Heather win this argument.

"Well, I'm just sayin, you were kind of a bitch back there!", Duncan exclaimed. 

"He has a point.", Beth said, to which Heather glared angrily at. 

"She's still going down next time, and you can't stop that!", Heather angrily hisses in spite of what her team was saying. They then continued on their journey through the woods to their campsite. Meanwhile, the Bass were also busy walking to their campsite, with Eva in-front of them with the Map in her hand.

"Like, oh my gosh!", Izzy said, "Berries!", she was pointing into the bushes, noting the Berries in them, "Bears like, love to eat those things!"

"They eat Berries? I thought they eat meat!", Owen replied, enjoying the information that Izzy was sharing.

"Actually they eat both, I'm surprised you don't know that cuz it's really common knowledge.", Izzy replied, with Sadie becoming angry behind them.

"It is? Then how come I didn't know?" 

"Like I now? Anyway, there was this other time I saw a bear, this time it actually tried to break into my house through the window, and my dad like, beat it with a baseball bat until it went away. That was like, so awesome!"

"You saw two? Wow!", Owen exclaimed. 

"Yeah, I know right?", Izzy replied. Sadie then lost it, for no real reason at all.

"Will you like, just shut up about bears?!", Sadie angrily yelled. Her entire team looked at her, in confusion at her new found anger, which only intensified her anger, "What?!", her team decided to turn around, with her storming infront of Izzy and Owen after, nearly pushing them aside when she did so too.

"Woah, like, what's up with her?", Geoff whispered to Bridgette. 

"She's going through Grief, first comes denial, then comes the sadness, and now she's at stage three, anger. next she'll like depressed again, then she'll start getting adjusted to the show without Katie.", Bridgette replied. Geoff didn't really comprehend it, so rolling her eyes Bridgette simplified it, "Basically, she's gone from Sad to angry, then she's going to be Sad again, and then go happy again."

"Oh.", Geoff replied, now understanding what Bridgette was saying. 


Sadie - "It's all Eva's fault that Katie's gone, I just know it! If it wouldn't have been for her blaming of Katie stealing her Mp3 player, Katie would still be here with me! I have to get Eva off even if it kills me!"


Following the confessional, the Bass reach their campsite, and are happy that they made it. They see materials for building a tent, starting a campfire, and other basic things essentially in a out-doors in the woods camp.

"Well, let's get started.", Eva said, which was followed by her team preparing their miniature camp. As the Bass reached their site, so did the Gophers (even Gwen). Likewise, the saw the same objects at their campsite.

"Wheres the food?", Heather asked, angry at the sight of no food being at the site at all.

"This is a survival challenge", Trent explained, "We probably are to find our own food."

"Great, this is going to suck!", Heather said, angrily. 

"Don't worry babe, I'm hear for you to eat up!", Cody said to Heather with a grin on his face. Heather rolled her eyes, though even she thought she should've seen it coming.

"I'll Pass, Cody.", Heather replied, showing great annoyance in Cody's flirts. 

"Come on, theres no rules against dating ON the team!", Cody winked at Heather, to which Heather facepalmed.


Heather - "Now, believe me, it really is tempting to get Cody off this show to end his flirting, but his vote really could help me at this point, and he could be useful to me later, so I'll keep him around. Though, no, I do NOT like him. and I NEVER WILL. Ugh, just the thought of it makes me sick!"


Cody - "She likes me, she's just in denial right now. I can see the burning list in her gorgeous dark eyes!"


"Okay, so who's going to find food?", Duncan asked, "Cuz I am starving." 

"Ugh, me too.", Heather replied, "I can't believe Chris didn't give us breakfast this morning!"

"I'll go and get food, for all of us!", Cody exclaimed. His team looked at him in disbelief.

"Ya mean for Heather only and us squat?", LeShawna said, expecting him to let Heather take all of the food, "Besides, how is some scrawny kid like you gonna get food in the middle of the woods?"

"I can get food!", Cody replied, "I'm not that weak! I got strength!", he then flexed one of his arms, and winked at Heather who once more rolled her eyes. "I'll be right back, guys!"

Meanwhile, at he Bass campsite, the campfire has been set up, and they are preparing to unravel the tent. Sadie is glaring angrily at Eva, and seeing this, Bridgette goes to chat with her.

"Hey, Sadie, mind if I talk with you?",. Bridgette asked. 

"Yes, but you can.", Sadie said with anger clearly in her voice. Bridgette then sat down next to her to talk.

"Look, I know you're mad about Katie being gone, but trust me, i'm sorry but you shouldn't take it out on anyone! She probably would've left eventually."

"You're wrong, I should take it out on Eva!", Sadie said back to Bridgette with anger in her eyes, "We have to get rid of Eva, now!"

"Eva?", Bridgette replied, looking over at the tough girl, who was lifting large locks and throwing them to the side to make room for the team, she gulped at the thought of trying to get her off in a scheme, "I don't think you want to do that."

"She got Katie off! She has to go down!", Sadie replied, "Either you help me, or I'll get you off too!"


Bridgette - "Okay, so Sadie wants Eva off, and Eva is like our team's leader.....I'm really conflicted now, cuz I don't want to make Sadie more upset, but I also don't want to make Eva totally pissed off at me or her either and get someone hurt! I mean, ugh this is so hard to decide!"


"You know what? I'm just going to help the others set up camp, okay?", Bridgette asked. Sadie, however, stopped her.

"No, you are helping me. Got it?", Sadie's anger actually intimidated Bridgette, and though she was afraid of Eva's own anger, she sighed, deciding to help Sadie since it would at least end her grief (possibly).

"Fine, I'll Help you.", she stated with a sigh, and fear of Eva. 


Bridgette - "Please don't let Eva kill me!" 


With the Gophers, the camp had been set up completely, tent and all, and they were now awaiting Cody's delivery of Food.

"Where is Cody?", Heather asked, "He SHOULD be back with our food and I'm getting hungry!"

"Maybe he took some for himself!", Lindsay claimed, with of course no evidene to support it, "We should go find Colby and confront him for it!"

"I don't think Cody would do that, guys.", Trent said in defense of Cody, "He'll be back.", suddenly, a Pizza delivery man arrived on the scene, to which the Gophers were happy to see.

"Anyone order Pizza?" 

"It's for the camera crew, over here!", one of the camera-men said to the campers, of course the campers on the gophers became highly annoyed with this.

"No way!", Heather replied with a angry look on her face. Suddenly, rustles came from the bushes and the Gophers moved their attention to those said noises.

"I'm back with the food, guys!", Cody replied, holding two fish in his hands. 

"Fish? Dude, you're awesome!", Trent replied, the campers all going up to him with happiness at having food.

"Raw? I'm not in the mood for sushi.", Heather commented on the fact they had no real way to eat it.

"Well, we could heat up the campfire.", Cody said to remind everyone of what they set up, which was the campfire of course.

"How did you catch these anyway?", Gwen questioned. 

"Oh, it was easy. I just did some fishing tricks my Uncle taught me once back in Russia."

" were in Russia?", Gwen questioned further. 

"Yeah, I have family up in there. Aunt, Uncle, and three cousins. In-fact, my mom grew up there too, so I'm actually a citizen of both Canada and Russia!"

"Okay, enough talk about Russia, we need to start cooking the food!", Heather exclaimed.

"No kidding, we're starving like hell!", Duncan added in. LeShawna nodded in agreement with him.

"I'll cook it, I'm a great chef back home!", DJ said in pointing out. The Gophers were happy to hear this at the time they were going through.

"Good, so DJ can cook the fish, now let's just get on with this. All we have to do is really stay in the woods. Shouldn't be too hard.", Gwen pointed out with Truth. Meanwhile the Bass themselves were going through their own ordeal, as they are setting up their Trent. Eva, Geoff, Bridgette, and Tyler are the ones putting up the Tent while the others are looking for their food.

"Wow.", Geoff said with a smile to Bridgette. 

"Wow what?" 

"Wow, you like, you pitch a tent like a Guy!", Geoff finally finished. Of course, Bridgette looked at this offended confusion.


Geoff - "Wow you pitch a tent like a guy?", the blonde then slapped himself in correction.


"I're not all dirty about getting dirty and stuff", Geoff said in attempting to make up for what he just previously said, but this only made Bridgette uneasy.

"Gee, Thanks." 

"Okay, so the food should be coming back in a bit, and we got the tent set up. Alright, all we have to do now is stay in the woods til day break, and as soon as it's tomorrow we go back to camp!", Eva said with hands on her hips. Soon enough, the other team members came back with the fish for the team.

"We're back!", Owen annoucned. 

"Where should we put the fish?", Sadie asked, to which Eva nudged towards the campfire, set up to cook. As the fish was being set up to cook, Owen and Izzy once more went to eachother to converse.

"This is getting like, totally boring!", Izzy exclaimed. 

"Yeah, it is!", Owen agreed. 

"You know what we can do? We should like, make bear noises and see if it does anything!", Izzy said with great interest in the idea, "It'd be so cool if it made a real bear come, wouldn't it?"

"Like, totally!", Owen said with happily agreement with Izzy's idea. The two then started making realistic bear noises, trying to interest themselves away from the boredom. Of course, this ends up angering the team, mainly Eva.

"SHUT UP.", Eva yelled out angrily ,which made Izzy and Owen stop, "I'm not scared of bears, but seriously, you guys are annoying me so Shut Up!"

Back at the gopher camp, they were gathered around a campfire, with night now falling for the island. The team was finishing up their fish and seated around the fire, bored.

"Ugh, this is like totally the most boring challenge Chris has ever put up for us to do.", Heather said, still not happy with the idea of staying in the woods at all.

"What were those noises back there?", Lindsay added in, referring to Izzy and Owen making bear noises.

"Probably nothing. Now, seriously, anyone got ideas on how to make this less boring?", Heather asked, wanting the boredom of staying in the woods with nothing to do go away, "Not from Cody.", she sternly added in as Cody moved closer to her.

"Well, I have one, but It might not be the best.", Duncan said, with a smirk on his face.

"What is it, Man?", Trent asked, highly curious. 

"You sure you wanna know?", Duncan asked. The team, save Heather, nodded. "Okay, but I'm warning you, this will scare you."

"Of course, a scary campfire story.", Heather replied as she rolled her eyes. 

"Well, this one is real, actually", Duncan said in response, "Anyway, you see there was the girl and the guy. They were in their car doing the usual when they heard this tap tapping on the window, the girl was scared but the guy wasn't and just kept at it.Then, the tapping become more loud, and at this point even the guy was getting scared. So he started the car and drove away, fast. Then, they got to the girl's house, and when they opened the door, they both looked straight at it, the bloody hook.", his story at that point was making even Heather become Scared, with Cody hugging her out of fright and her not even pushing him off, and DJ shaking his fear, the only one not scared was Gwen who actually was smiling at the story, "They say that this killer is still alive wandering these very woods. He could be just about anywhere, really. Maybe even right HERE!", right on that last word, he lifted his hand to reveal a hook, which made all of his team scream, except Gwen who enjoyed the story and the sight of everyone else being so scared. Duncan laughed maniacally in response. 

"Duncan, not cool!", Trent exclaimed. 

"Oh yes it was!", Duncan said with a laugh, "If only it was on camera...oh wait, it is!"

"Oh whatever, let's just drop it, I was not scared at all.", Heather said, with Cody now completely hugging her out of fear in her lap.

"Yes you were.", Gwen corrected, Heather only angrily scowled at her in response.

"Well, I was scared! Dang Duncan, that's some scary story you came up with!", DJ said as he dropped down from the tree jumped up into.

"Who said I made it up?", Duncan replied, which continued to make everyone feel uneasy. Trent walked over him though, still.

"Well, you didn't scare me either.", Trent said, "I was just, playing along." 

"Oh don't kid me like that, Trent, I saw you jump like a chicken!" 

"Did not!", Trent assured. Suddenly, the howling of a wolf was heard, at which Trent couldn't help but nuzzle to Duncan, hugging him, out of fear. Duncan smirked at this, being proven right and getting Trent closer to him. Of course, Trent pulled away eventually, and crossed his arms in response, Duncan snickered at this.

Back at the Bass Camp, everyone but Izzy was present, and Owen was telling a story of his own.

"So, me and my Grandpa went into the woods, wanting hunt some moose, when we across this bear. We were trying over and over to shoot the bear so many times, but missed over and over. Until finally, I fired the last shoot, and the bear exploded into pieces. It was a good death."

"Dude, that is so awesome!", Geoff exclaimed. 

"Yeah, but it reminds me of a movie...I think it was called Grizzly or Bear.", Bridgette pointed out, to Eva's agreement.

"Well, it's not from a movie, I actually did it, I swear!", Owen replied with a smile.

"I once saw a bear myself.", Eva began, "It was attacking my village back in Europe, and I was not going to let that happen. So, I fought it. It put up a great fight, nearly took my face off, but I put on punch it's crotch, and I had it in pain, and I siezed my chance right there. In the end, it wa eaten in celebration.", following her story, everyone was shocked.

"You killed a bear with your bare hands?", Harold asked. 

"Yes, I did.", Eva replied, coldly. Nobody doubted her story, primarily because they knew she was likely strong enough, and also because they feared what it would be like to claim her of lying. Suddenly, Eva looked around, noticing they were missing Izzy, "Wheres the Red-headed.", suddenly the entire team looked around, surprised at Izzy's absence.

"Maybe she had to, take a leak?" Geoff suggested. 

"No, she's been too long for that, I know it.", Eva said in response. 

"Izzy!", the bass started calling out. 

"Izzy the Bass member, where are you?", Owen called out loudly. Suddenly, the bushes started moving, which made everyone assume it was Izzy. "Good, you're Alive. We thought we lost you for a minute there!", suddenly, what appeard to be a large bear come from he bushes, which shocked the entire team. "Great Pyramid of Giza!", Owen screamed out in-fright as the growls of a bear came about. As the other team members screamed, Eva tackled the bear, and took it to the ground. The Roars of course intensified, and the Bear fought back, tackling Eva. The two punched eachother repeatedly, rolling through the campfire (which made the entire bear go up in flames and the entire team gasped for Eva's safety), and knocking their fish to the ground, and finally onto the tent, which not only caught on fire but also fell the ground. Luckily, rain came in just at that time, and extinguished the fires. Once the fire was down, Eva lifted the bear up by the neck, but it fell into ashes and costume parts, revealing only Izzy, who was smiling. 

"Izzy?!", Eva and the rest of her team said in shock, Eva herself dropping the red-head to the ground.

"Yeah, haha. Wow, that was awesome, Eva! You just straight up attacked me, and all of you guys were just like ah ah ah, it's a bear ahhh! Ha ha, Let' go again!", Izzy said with glee, despite being beat up inside of a bear costume.

"So you did that just to scare us?", Sadie said in anger. 

"No, I did it to have fun! You guys need to like, lighten up a little, seriously!", Izzy replied, which made Eva rather angry, and led to Geoff and Bridgette once more restraining her from Izzy. The Rain got all of them wet, though Justin enjoyed it, now being shirtless. At the Gopher's camp, the rain was also there though nobody was outside in it. Instead, every one of the remaining members of the team were too scared by Duncan's story to leave the tent, except Duncan himelf and Gwen, of course.

"You know guys, it's just rain.", Gwen replied, "It's like it's the phsycho killer!", suddenly the team once more showed signs of fright.

"Please, don't mention that anymore!", DJ pleaded. 

"Come on, it wasn't even that scary!", Gwen argued. 

"Says the wierd goth girl.", Heather insulted back. 

"Girl, I have just about had enough of yo' Ass!", LeShawna said, "If it wasn't for lack o' room I'd smack you right upside the head!"

"Which would be assault, by the way.", Heather replied with a smirk, "Think before you act."

"You know what, I might as well do it despite the tent now!", LeShawna said with a angry smirk on her face.

"Wait, ummm...Guys...I have to pee.", Lindsay said. 

"I use a jar.", DJ said, holding up a urine filled jar. Lindsay loooked at in disgust, and then at the rain outside.

"On second thought, I'm good, I'll just hold it in.", just as she said that, they heard the sound of growls through the rain.

"Okay, what were those?", Heather asked, curious. 

"Growls, never heard them before?", Dunan replied sarcastically. Heather scoffed at this.

"Oh lord, please don't tell me no bear's comin up in here right now!", LeShawna said to the sky, "But if it does, let it mutilate Heather and just leave!"

"Hey!", Cody and Heather both said in unison. 

"Look guys, I'm sure a bear is not coming to our Camp!", Trent said in trying to assure his team a Bear was not coming for them at all. Of course, right when he said that an actual bear slashed open their tent, not only letting the rain in but also roaring right at the gophers. All of them screamed in terror, with Lindsay and Cody both wetting their pants in fright. Even Duncan and Gwen were scared, and everyone backed away from it, the massive Grizzly. LeShawna, however, went from fright to anger.

"Oh, you know what?", LeShawna said angrily, "I have just about had, ENOUGH!", just then, she stood up, and so did the bear. She went straight over to the bear angrily, surprising her team.

"LeShawna! Get back!", Gwen called out, but LeShawna did not listen. 

"I have had to deal with Heather's damn complaining all damn night, then it starts freakin' rainin', you really think you gonna come up in here and just cause further stress for me and everyone else havin' to put up with that?!", she jestured towards Heather, and the bear roared in response, LeShawna slapped it in response, at which her team gasped, and he boar roared at her angrily, she actually dodged a swipe from it and kicked it right in the groin. As the Bear roared in pain, LeShawna triumphantly looked at it, "Now, get your furry booty outta here!", with that, the bear ran back into the forest, with the Gophers cheering. Though they once more huddled together once lightning struck.

Back with the bass, the team is still tent without a tent. Eva and Izzy both go out into the woods, likely to find materials to make a new tent, when Sadie pulls Bridgette by the arm, stopping her from moving further.

"Alright, time to get Eva off the show!", Sadie said with determination in her voice.

"Look, Sadie, I really don't wanna do this.", Bridgette uneasily replied, but Sadie's angry glare brought her back into the idea, "Um. on second thought okay. But...what do I do?"

"You need to convince the others to vote off Eva! I'll try my best to make sure we can.", Sadie replied.

"Wait, so you're going to make us lose the challenge?", Bridgette replied, showing her confusion with vocal tone.

"Of course I am! Now get to talking while I plan how!", Sadie replied, pushing Bridgette towards the other campers who were grouped together. Sadie herself continued to ponder on how to get the team to lose without getting herself voted off. Bridgette then focused on what Sadie told her to do, walking up to Tyler, Harold, Justin, Geoff, and Owen.

"Hey guys!", Bridgette greeted to the boys, with the rain still going just as hard as it was before.

"Hey Bridge.", all of the guys said in unison. 

"Look, I was just thinking, if we lose, who were you planning on voting off?", Bridgette asked.

"Well, I was thinking Sadie. She's not really doing much at all. I know we agreed not to vote her off cuz of Katie and all, but, she's not really useful.", Harold opened up. The other guys agreed with her. Bridgette couldn't help but admit they had a point, but also was not going to backstab Sadie, or anyone really, but didn't want to bring on Eva's wrath.

"Well", Bridgete began, but she was pondering on who to say. In the end, she made her desicision, "I would say you should vote off like, Izzy. I mean, she pulled the whole Bear Stunt, and Sadie's nearing the final stages of Grief."

"Yeah, but Izzy could help us later.", Tyler pointed out. 

"Well, Bridge has a point. That bear stunt got our whole camp destroyed!", Geoff pointed out. Bridgette smiled at his agreement with her, and just then, Eva and Izzy came back with leaves in-hand with sticks to builda make-shif tent. They were unaware of Sadie's wicked glare at the two.

"We got the stuff, now let's build a tent.", Eva replied. As Eva and Izzy set it up, Sadie pushed Izzy in a way that made it all look accidental, and this caused Izzy to fall to the ground, shatterring the sticks they were going to use for their tent. Izzy looked at this and innocentally smiled at her team, that except for Bridgette and Sadie just silently glared at her.

Soon enough, the morning was reached. The Gophers all miserably awoke from their sleep, with Heather picking up the map, which was soaked with rain.

"Ugh, Great!", she complained. "Now how are we going to find our way back?" 

"Well, this is an island I'm sure we can find camp again.", Gwen pointed out. Heather once more rolled her eyes.

"She has a point.", Duncan replied. 

"Shut up. Let's just find the damn camp.", Heather then resumed her role as commander of the camp, and lead them into the woods with them following behind her. For the Bass, they too were also waking up miserable. However, Eva kept the map in her pocket, so it was more dry.

"Okay, well, camp is that way. Let' Move before the Gophers win!", Eva announced, leading her team into the woods. The team silently followed, but unaware of what Bridgette had really said to the team, Sadie went over to Izzy with a plan.

"You know Izzy, I heard there was a shortcut to camp!", she said with a grin. 

"There is?", Izzy replied with a smile, believing Sadie completely. 

"Yeah, just go that way! You can stall Chris until we get there, and if you run into the Gophers you can stall them too!"

"Oooohh, Good plan! I'm on it!", Izzy then jumped up and did a cartwheel down the path that Sadie told her too. With an evil grin on her face, Sadie continued going on the path that the team was on. Soon enough, they reached Chris who was preparing for the ceremony later that night.

"We made it first! We won!", Eva announced. The team then cheered. Just then, the gophers arrived, and Heather was enraged at her team's failure in the challenge.

"ugh, this is totally that Bears fault! I bet they sabotaged us!", Heather said as she pointed at the Bass.

"What? We didn't jack to you, and personally I am against Cheating!", Eva declared, "Besides, you deserve it."

"Okay, campers, hold on!", Chris said, interrupting the fight between Heather and Eva, "Bass, you guys are missing one, and the Gophers have everyone."

"Oh, you mean Izzy?", Evan replied, she then growled in anger at Izzy's absence. Just then, Izzy appeared through the bushes.

"Sup guys, made it! Took a shortcut and I....oh.", Izzy noticed the Gophers being all present, and her team except Sadie angrily glaring at her. "What?"

"Gophers you win an all expense trip to the Tuck Shop. Bass, meet me later tonight.", Chris said with a smile. The Gophers cheered, and ran to their prize. Izzy continued looking at her team, confused. As the Gophers celebrated in their hot-tub, the Bass were going to be at their third Elimination Ceremony. It went down later that night after the sun finished setting, and all of them except Sadie were frowning.

"So, Bass, your Third ceremony! No sleep yet again, and now, here we are .Eva, you must be quite angry, leading these losers to victory twice, only to have it come to a crashing end here on the Island. Now, as you know, all we have to do is that I give the safe ones marshmallows, if you don't get one, you go home on the boat of losers. Now, let's end this episode now! The ones who are safe are Bridgette, Sadie, Justin, Tyler, Geoff, Harold, and Owen!", Chris said quickly, with one by one the safe ones coming up and getting their marshmallows. Eva was surprised she was in the bottom two with Izzy, and confusingly looked at her team. "Eva and Izzy, looks like one of you is going home. Izzy, the crazy one of us all. You're jokes and comedy have already made you a fan favourite. Eva, your leadership skills has led the bass to two victories in a row. Unfortunately, we have to do this. One of you is leaving, the other is staying. Which one's safe? Well, it's..............................................................", suddenly, right before Chris finished, a helicopter came up, with spotlights shining down on the camp.

"Izzy! We have you surrounded, there is no escape!", the Helicopter's pilot said.

"What the Hell?!", Eva replied, angrily. 

"You'll never take me alive!", Izzy replied, running from the RCMP Helicopter that followed her. Once she was gone, her team all looked on with shocked expressions on her face.

"Well, that was easy.", Chris said once Izzy was gone, "Now, let's just end it right here, 'k?", the episode faded out right there.

Phobia Factor

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Chris said to start the recap, "The campers had their survival skills put to the test when they were to spend a night in the woods! Cody continued making moves on Heather, and even got food for his team, while Eva continued being head of the bass, putting up with Owen and Izzy with success! Duncan's wild horror story scared his team into staying in their tent, while the Bass ended up fighting with Izzy in a bear suit, then it rained. Then a REAL Bear fought with the gophers, making Cody and Lindsay pee their pants, and then the bear was chased off by LeShawna. Basically, nobody got any sleep and was covered with rain. In the end, the bass were on the copping block, but before anyone could be eliminated, the RCMP showed up and forced Izzy to leave the show with an exit, leaving the Bass in shock. Now, time for the next challenge. For some of these remaining guys, it'll be quite scary, haha!" Following the Intro, the episode opened up to right after Izzy's Elimination, with Chris now gone. The bass was now seated on the stumps, still surprised by Izzy's sudden leaving.

"So....she was a criminal?", Bridgette said, ending the scilence the team had.

"Guess so, figures though.", Eva added in response to Bridgette, "Alright, so what are we gonna do now?"

"I dunno, can't go inside since Owen ate those Buritos, and let loose in the cabin!", Tyler exclaimed, of course this happened off-screen in the previous episode.

"Sorry.", Owen said apologetically.

"Then we're gonna just have to wait it out.", Eva said, "Which is why I repeat, what are we going to do now?"

"I don't know, maybe, like, talk about why Katie was chosen to be voted off?", Sadie asked angrily. Everyone looked at her, highly annoyed by her grief, though Bridgette didn't look annoyed.

"Will you just get over it?", Eva angrily asked, "Seriously!", luckily for Sadie's sake, the Gophers arrived at the scene, much to their annoyance. "What are YOU guys doing here?"

"We're just coming here to be nice to you guys, ya know, after all we've been through.", Duncan said. Of course, none of the bass believed him at all, and with a sigh he decided to tell the truth, "Okay, some Hornets got in the cabin and we're waiting for them to leave."

"I brought some Jello!", Beth announces, holding a green plate of Gelatin in her hand, and held it infront of DJ. Of course, DJ noticed there was a gummy worm inside, and freaked out.

"SNAKE!", he yelled loudly, slapping the plate to the ground and spilling it. Cody however, got down and picked the worm up.

"It's cool dude, it's just a gummy worm!", Cody said to his fellow team-member to assure him nothing was there to be scared of.

"Oh...heh-heh, I thought it was a snake, man those things give me the creeps!", DJ replied apologetically.

"I know how you feel dude, Chickens give me the creeps, yo!", Tyler revealed.


Gwen - "So, there we were. All of us, sitting around the campfire talking about our biggest fears. Harold claimed he was afraid Ninjas, Beth said she was afraid of Bugs, and apparently Heather is afraid of Sumo Wrestlers!"


"My Fear, is being buried alive.", Gwen replied, "It's just....the thought of it is just, Gah!"

"I'm totally like, scared of that creepy dude in the mall back home! He's just, old and looks at me weird!", Lindsauy admitted, clearly showing fear in her voice.

"Flying, just, flying in the air just completely scary, man! Totally like, whack!", Owen admitted to the group.

"Hail, dude. It's like, snow, but hard and stuff. Like you'd think it's snow but it's just deadly, man!", Geoff said to the group by the campfire.

"My fear, would have to be being alone in the woods.", Bridgette claimed, also showing fear at the thought, she even looked towards the forestry of the island.

"Bad Haircuts.", Sadie admitted, showing fear at the thought like the others, but then going right back to angrily planning her 'take down Eva' plan.

"Okay, I change mine to that too, cuz those are like SO much worse!", Lindsay claimed after Sadie admitted her fear. Everyone then turned to Eva, who the entire time retained a fully blank expression.


"Okay, Eva, admit, you're scared of something.", Sadie claimed, Eva glared at her in response.

"No, I'm not.", she said coldly, "Fear shows weakness, DO I LOOK LIKE A WEAK PERSON TO YOU?!", suddenly everyone backed down.

"Okay, okay, Eva, come on. Calm down, nobody's calling yo weak!", Geoff managed to get Eva to control her temper once more.

"Okay, sorry about that.", Eva said, then went right back to her blank expression once more.

"My fear, would have to be, an obsessive fan-girl, like OVERLY Obsessive, but I'm also scared of having heavy pressure put on me.", Cody revealed nervously to the group of remaining campers.

"Spiders! I can't STAND them things!", LeShawna said loudly, with her eyes wide from the thought of spiders.

"Okay, so, Duncan, time for YOUR Fear.", Trent then pointed out, pointing right at Duncan. Duncan was surprised, and nervously looked around.

"What are you talking about? I'm not afraid of anything!", Duncan assured the Campers.

"Oh come on, man, you've got to be afraid somethin!", Trent replied to Duncan, not believing him at all. Duncan then nervously looked around, everyone was looking at him. With a sigh, he finally admitted it, by mumbling under his breath.

"Ex-Squeeze ,me?, I didn't catch that!", Cody mocked. Duncan, now a bit irritated, finally admitted it.

"Celine Dion music store standees.", Duncan finally admitted.

"Ooohhh! I Love Celine Dion!", Lindsay said, while Duncan became embarassed.

"Dude, it's just cardboard!""

"Yeah,'s so lifelike...but...not real!", Duncan admitted, getting creeped out himself.

"To make you feel better, I'm afraid of Mimes. THOSE Guys are creepy!", Trent admitted, trying to make Duncan feel better after admitting his own fear. Later on, the next day's morning came. All of the remaining campers, seperated by teams, were seated in the Mess Hall. It was barely even a minute before Chris arrived into the room, smiling.

"Campers!", he announced, "Are you ready to face your WORST CHALLENGE EVER?", he yelled. Of course, not many of the campers believed it could get much worse than what was already given to them to do.

"Worse than THIS?", LeShawna replied, pointing to her breakfast.

"Yep!", Chris announced, "Welcome to Phobia Factor! Where you will all face your WORST FEARS! So, Heather, it's SUMO TIME!", upon hearing that Heather spat out her drink and it went directly into Trent's face. Heather facing her worst fear made Gwen and other team-members smile, "Gwen, you've got a date with a few tons of sand", Gwen herself then gasped in fear.

"Wait, how do you know our worst fears?", Lindsay asked.

"We're on TV toots, they ALWAYS listen.", Duncan explained to Lindsay, even upset about this himself.

"Oh Chef! Give Tyler his, special order!", Chris called out. Chef, with a sinister smirk, then handed Tyler a Deep Fried Chicken. Nervously, Tyler tried to bite the head off of it, only to have a living Chikcen pop out and make him scream in terror. "Now, let's get on with the Phobias!"

Following this, Chris took all of the Campers outside. For the first fear, the Gopher's own Beth was swimming in a swimming pool filled with bugs, much to the disgust of the others. When Beth comes up, she even has some in her mouth, but it is counted as facing her fear with success giving the Gophers in the lead 1-0. Back inside, Sadie and Lindsay, both scared now, are given Brown Mullet like wigs to wear by Chris. They both show great dislike in this. Owen is taken to a yellow airplane, and is screaming in terror as the plane gets ready to fly around the Island.

"AH NO! GET ME OFF! GET ME OFF!", he screams in agony as the Plane takes off into the air. The Plane itself flies in a clearly unsafe fashion. In the washrooms, Harold opens up the stall, only to have a pack of ninjas reveal themselves to him. Not scared at all, Harold taks out his own Nunchucks and moves them in various motions, surprising the Ninjas. In the end, though, he hits himself and falls into the toilet, and did not count as a success for the Bass. Back outside, LeShawna is facing her own fear, a Spider (Chef dressed in a Spider suit).

"OH HELL NO HELL NO HELL NO HELLLL NOOO!", she screams as she runs from the not at all happy Chef and not giving her team their second point. Following this, Heather faced her fear at the stage. Cody showed concern for her on the benches, as the Sumo was brought out.

"Heather, time to face the Sumo!", Chris taunted. As the Sumo charged at her, all Heather did was shake in fear and then curl into the ball. This actually caused the Sumo to trip and fly into the air, landing on the ground and then a tree and then off into the forest. "Well, good job!", Chris counted as the gopher's second point, and they now have 2-0 in score.

Meanwhile, Bridgette is alone and scared in the woods.

"Okay, alone in the woods", the blonde nervously said, "I can take it. Whatever the producers throw at me, I can take it!", Bridgette assured herself as she sat on her log, and smiled. Soon enough, a small chipmunk came up to her, fallowed by the Sumo Wrestler landing on it. Bridgette screamed in terror, and kicked the Sumo Wrestler in his eyes, causing him to roar in pain and fall to the ground while Bridgette flees the scene. Meanwhile, on the beach is Chris and the other campers. Gwen is in the ground, being put in a plexiglass box.

"Alright Gwen, all you need to do is stay in there for three minutes, and you're okay!", Chris revealed.

"I really don't wanna do this!", Gwen proclaimed.

"Don't worry, I'll be right here the whole time for you!", Trent exclaimed. Trent claiming this made Gwen smile of happiness, "In-fact, heres a Walkie-Talkie for us to keep in touch!"

"Thanks", Gwen said with a very happy tone and a smile. Trent even smiled back at her, which extended her happiness. The cover of the box then went on, and the sand soon buried Gwen completely into the beach of the Island. Back at the theater, DJ is infront of a box that holds a rather small snake, actually harmless.

"Don't worry DJ, it won't hurt you at all!", Duncan said in an attempt to calm DJ down.

"Yeah, buddy, think of a Bunny Rabbit, close your eyes and think of a Bunny!", Cody told the larger boy, "A Bunny that got accidentally covered in slime and needs a bath!"

"Okay....", DJ replied as he looked to the two, closing his eyes he turned to the snake, "Think of a bunny ,think of a bunny, think of a bunny, think of a bunny.", he kept repeating in a whisper as he managed to actually pick the snake up. Winning the Gophers a third point. Once he opened his eyes, he smiled at his team cheering, but then turned to the snake. As soon as it popped it's tongue out he yelped and dropped it. This did not count, since he already conquered it previously. The score was now the Gophers winning with 3-0.

Back at the beach with Gwen and Trent, the two remained on the Walkie-Talkies, talking with eachother to pass time (three minutes were still left to go).

"So, may I ask you something?", Gwen asked to Trent.

"If it's whether or not I like Duncan, don't bother.", Trent replied, blushing though of course Gwen didn't see that.

"It's not that. I just wanted to ask you why you're scared of mimes of all other things in the world.", Gwen explained. Trent was happy, he didn't really want to speak much of his interactions with Duncan lately.

"Oh, well, you see", Trent began, "When I was four, my mom took me to a circus to see the Elephants, but I got so busy watching them that I lost my mom in all of those people. When I went for help, this mime with that creepy make-up started imitating me, I got so scared cuz no matter how much I screamed, my mom wasn't there until like hours passed and I finally got help. Ever since then, I can't stand mimes!"

"Wow, that's, like, totally worse than why I'm scared of being buried alive!", Gwen replied.

"Yeah.", Trent replied, sighing. Just then, his own worst fear met him, by coming up from behind him. Of course, he felt it's prescence, but saw nothing when he turned around. Once the mime got up, slowly and silently though, Trent screamed and ran away with the mime chasing him.

"Trent?! Trent!", Gwen called out from the Walkie-Talkie, recieving no answer at all from Trent. "Great, now I'm ALL Alone in this!"

Meanwhile, Cody and Chris are at the stage. Cody is actually ready to face his fear, but at the same time was not expecting what Chris was going do dish out.

"So, what do you got for me, Chris?", Cody asked, assurred with himself that he would win in the end. Suddenly, Chris revealed that behind the curtain was a stuffed Emu sitting on an Electric chair, strapped to a bomb. Cody gasped. "Jerry?"

"Yep, Cody, you're most awesome bestest cousin gave away you're little secret that you sleep with this thing, so we decided to strap it to an electric chair. If you want Jerry to live, you need to defuse this thing within 10 Minutes!"

"Dude, come on! This is too much pressure!", Cody exclaimed, highly worried for his favourite stuffed toy.

"Dude, it's your problem now!", Chris laughed as he ran away. Cody immediately hurried to the electric chair, and did his best to use his technical knowledge. Back at camp, Trent continues to run from the mime, after a while of running, he and the mime both stops, with the mime then pretending to be trapped in a box. Trent saw this, and was highly bothered by it.

"There is no wall there! THERE IS NO WALL THERE!", he yelled out loudly, he then turned and saw the dock. He made a break for it. The mime followed, but did not anticipate Trent jumping into the waters of the lake, and then resurfacing. "Take that, you creepy make-up wearing freak!", Trent then noticed that the mime was also about to jump in, and panicked. "Wait! You'll get your make-up wet if you jump in!", the mime nodded in agreement and walked away sadly, giving Trent a point and the Gophers 4-0 against the bass. Trent then got out of the lake and made it, still wet, in-time for Duncan to face his fear. In-front of him was a life-sized standee of Celine Dion, and Duncan was shaking.

"!", Duncan said, clearly scared of how 'realistic' the standee looked.

"Duncan, relax.", Trent said to Duncan gently, the sound of his voice made Duncan feel a bit less tense about the situation, "She's not real, she's just cardboard. I just faced my fear, so come on and face yours!", hearing Trent faced his fears happened to be enough to make Duncan run up to the Standee and actually hug it, thus winning the Gophers a 5-0. As the Gophers cheered, Trent even hugged Duncan warmly in response.

"I did it!", Duncan announced happily, "I straight up did it!"

"Yeah! I knew you could do it!", Trent said in agreement with Duncan. The two then noticed what they were doing, and pulled away from eachother, nervously smiling afterwards.

With Duncan and Trent's fears now defeated, it was now Geoff's turn to deal with his. As he lied down on a beach chair for a nap, a small dark cloud appeared above him. He looked up, only to then be showered with hail, and run screaming in the process with the Cloud following him everywhere he went. The camera soon reveals that Chris is remotely controlling the cloud, and Trent and Duncan arrive to watch, smiling at the scene.

"Hey Chris, do you think you can like make the cloud go lower and pelt him harder?", Trent suggested.

"Oh Man, that is sick!", Chris replied, "but maybe so, oh wait, I can!"

"Sweet.", Duncan replied. All three smiled at the sight of the Hail going lower and hitting Geoff even harder and harder. Suddenly, Trent had a strange feeling.

"Hey, do you ever feel like you forgot something?", Trent asked, to which Chris replied,

"Actually, I feel like that all the time!", Chris then smiled sinisterly, "Look, I'm totally gonna bury him in hail!"

"Bury...", Trent suddenly remembered Gwen buried in the beach, "Oh No, Gwen!", Trent then ran to where Gwen was buried. Chris and Duncan continued watching Geoff get pelted with hail though. Meanwhile, Bridgette is still walking in the woods with four hours left to go.

"Okay....I think I only have a little bit left to go!", she tells herself, "I can totally handle this! Definitely!", suddenly, she hears a loud explosion. The Explosion was also heard by Duncan, Trent, and Chris who were digging up Gwen.

"What was that?", the deliquent Duncan asked in regards to the Explosion they just heard.

"Cody probably got blown up.", Chris explained, and as such he counted Cody as a failure. Though in reality, Cody was hugging Jerry on the ground, with a thumb in his mouth and moving as if he were in a fetal position.


Cody - He is holding Jerry in his Arms, "I've been sleeping with Jerry since I was a newborn! No way I was gonna let him go! No, I don't sleep with him now!", of course he then looks at the camera with a smile that to some would say he's lying.


Following Cody's failure, Chris, Duncan, and Trent manage to get Gwen out safely. They are all happy that she is completely alright, and the Gophers get a 6-1 score since Geoff managed to (off-screen) conquer the hail.

"She's alright people, she's alright!", Chris called out.

"You okay?", Trent asked. Gwen simply threw her Walkie-Talkie right at him out of anger. Elsewhere on the Island, the plane with owen in it finally lands, and once it does it's wings fall straight off. Owen plows outside of it, falls to the ground, and kisses it.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you!", Owen said as he repeatedly kissed the ground. He gives the bass a point, making the score 6-2 with the Gophers still in the lead. In the washroom, Lindsay and Sadie are in the mirrors, about to take the wigs off.

"Okay, time to take them off!", Lindsay happily said. Her and Sadie, in unison, removed the wigs. Upon looking at eachother, Lindsay gasped. "Oh my god, I like totally forgot how cute you were!"

"Oh my gosh, I forgot how cute you were too!", Sadie complimented back. Now the score is 7-3 with the Gophers still leading. Of course, once getting out of the washrooms and getting a look at Eva and the rest of her team, Sadie's happy mood came to a quick end.


Sadie - "Eva is SO going down TONIGHT!"


Sadie got on a big grin, and went into the bushes instead of to her team. Now outside, a pen with a chicken has been set up, and Tyler is nervously shaking. This time, both teams (save Sadie of the bass) are outside to watch this as all of them have done their fears. Tyler gets in, but upon seeing the chicken he goes into a fetal position in one of the corners.

"Oh come on!", Eva angrily yelled, "Stop being such a Chicken and just TOUCH THE DAMN THING!", Eva's rage didn't even work to get Tyler to face his fear.

"It doesn't really matter", Cody began, "The score is 7-3, do the math it's practically impossible you to beat us at this point!", Cody even held up a calculator. Of course, Eva swiped this away and crushed it in her hands. Right there, Tyler screamed in complete terror as a chicken was thrown (by Sadie from the bushes) right in his face, and he panics as the Chicken attacks him. He even bursts through the pen and into the woods. His team just looks on in silent shock, with Justin silently walking in after him.

"Okay, well, while that's being covered, Eva, time for you to face your own peril!", Chris exclaimed in true host fashion.

"I don't have a fear", Eva emotionlessly stated.

"While you said that, you did say you dislike weakness....soooo!", Chris then revealed a very scrawny man at the camp, "Here you go.", within seconds Eva punched the man clean into the sky and into the center of the lake. Cody and Harold showed worry at this, being the two scrawny guys left on the island themselves. The score was now 7-4.

Meanwhile, Bridgette was still in the woods. She still showed great signs of worry, and was nearly done with her fear. However, she heard the noises of Tyler coming near her.

"Who's there?", she asked, sharply turning in the direction of the noise. Out of her view, Justin pulled Tyler from the chicken, but the bird went flying right at Bridgette. Once Bridgette saw the bird, she completely panicked and fled from the woods, thus failing her fear. Soon, all of the campers gathered back at the site of the pen, with Tyler and Bridgette both still scared from what had just happened to them. Eva showed great anger in both of them, and Sadie smirked.


Sadie - "Now, I know my plan may be confusing, but I just know that once the team sees that Eva is not such a good leader anymore, they will vote her off with me!"


Sadie then winks at Bridgette, who, with a scared smile, winks back.

"Well, that's everyone!", Chris announced. "With a score of 7-4, the Bass lose and the Gophers win!", the Gophers all cheered, and Eva's scowl grew even more tense, adding even more fear onto Tyler and Bridgette. "So, Bass, prepare to vote someone off!"

As the Bass walked to where they would cast in their votes, Bridgette stopped Geoff, with Sadie by her side. Geoff turned to the two girls.

"Geoff, we need you to vote with us!", Sadie said, very determined to get Eva off right at that point.

"With that?", Geoff asked, "Is there something going on?"

"Yes, tell him Bridgette!", Sadie commanded. Bridgette was still nervous about asking Geoff to do this, but of course she had no choice with Sadie now right by her.

"We're going to vote off Eva tonight, and we need you're vote!"

"What?! Are you girls insane?!"

"It's not my idea, but Sadie needs this! Look, just vote off Eva! Please, and don't let anyone find out either!"

"Okay.", Geoff said with a smile, "For you, I'll do it.", Bridgette herself smiled, and both her and Geoff looked into eachother's eyes. The episode then went to the Campfire ceremony that night, however, and once more Chris stood infront of the bass with the marshmallows in his hands.

"Well, Killer Bass, looks like it's back to where we were at the start of this, two losses in a row!", Chris pointed out, much to mainly Eva's anger, "As you guys know by now, I will call the names of those safe, and those will get a marshmallow, whoever doesn't get a marshmallow MUST ride the Boat of Losers home and NEVER EVER return. Now, let's do this!", Chris then prepared the marshmallows, "Geoff!", Geoff happily got his marshmallow, "Owen!", Owen pumped his arm then got his marshmallow with glee, "Harold!", Harold boo-yahed before getting his, "Sadie!", Sadie got hers with an evil smirk, "Justin!", Justin silently got up to get his marshmallow, "and finally, Bridgette!", once Bridgette got her marshmallow, Sadie became happy, hoping Eva was finally leaving, "Okay, so, Eva and Tyler. It all comes down to this. Tyler, you really 'flew the coop' today, and Eva you are the only one who is a leader on this team. In the end, I tallied all of the votes, and........chicken boy is gone!", Chris then tossed the last marshmallow to Eva, which made Sadie completely enraged. Bridgette managed to keep Sadie from acting out on her rage, though. Tyler, however, dipped his head in shame, and walked towards the boat of losers.

"Looks like a new pecking order has been established here!", Chris said, cruely joking about Tyler's worst fear.

"It's not like he can call fowl!", Geoff added in to the jokes.

"He won't be flying high tonight!", Bridgette also added in, with the other Bass laughing except for Eva.

"Okay, it's not funny so shut up!", the unofficial leader of the bass yelled out. The jokes then stopped. On the boat of losers, Tyler began shedding a single tear about leaving, but soon heard the sound of chickens. Eyes wide with shock, he looked up, to see that Chickens were all over the boat. It continued driving away as he screamed in complete fear. The Episode faded out right there.

Up the Creek

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Chris began the recap with, "the competitors were forced to conquer their deepest, darkest fears. Not all of them succeeded, but others surprised the group and faced their fears head on. In a shocking twist, Tyler let the Bass down when he was too chicken, to face the chicken! Get it?", he then laughed, "After Sadie did some backstabbing of her own to get Eva off, Bridgette ran screaming in failure and then it was bye-bye Tyler. Once again the Bass find themselves behind, can they pull this one out of the water? Find out today on Total Drama Island!

Following the intro, this episode opened up right when Chris was explaining the Day's challenge to the campers, with them all in a group (team-seperated, though with no Beth), together.

"Alright, so heres what you guys are going to do today, campers!", Chris announced, "You're going, on a Canoe trip to the mysterious Boney Island!", he said boney island a creepy manner which didn't really scare anyone other than Lindsay, Owen, and DJ, "Once there, you will portage your canoes, which seat two in one, with your partner to the shore, build the biggest rescue bonfire for your team, then hurry and canoe back to the Camp!"

"Pour what?", Geoff said, confused as to what portage meant. Bridgette slapped her face and DJ just shook his head along with Eva.

"Portage", Chris began to explain as a fly went through Geoff's ear, "Dude, walk with your canoe over your head."


"Yeah, anyway, theres only a few things you should about Boney Island before you go!", Chris then got ready a stick to point at a board with, "First, there are strange creatures present on boney island, but that's not much of a big deal, so really it's two things. First, is that we have another show SIMILAR to this one but with no elimination going on over there, so if you get into a fight with their cast, well, thanks for the ratings! Then, one more thing, Legand has it that if you take ANYTHING from Boney Island, you will be cursed, FOREVER!", he once more said Forever in a creepy tone, only scaring DJ, Owen, and Lindsay once more. "Okay, now, Move Campers Move! We don't have all day!"

As the campers all rushed away from the area were Chris told them their Challenge, Beth finally came back from restrooms.

"What'd I miss?", she asked, worried that she missed anything important.

"No time, just get a partner and get in a canoe!", Chris quickly told her. She too then hurried after the other campers.

Immediately, Cody puts his arm around Heather to be partners with her, but Heather has another idea in mind.

"Cody, I know you completely love me, but I have a plan for our Alliance!", Heather exclaimed happily. Being in love with her, Cody didn't even want to question it, just wanted to know what it was.

"What would that be, Gorgeous?"

"I need you partner with Gwen, and make sure she makes our team look bad. If we fail, we vote her off, got it?"


Heather - "I told you, she's DEAD next time we fail. I KEEP my self-promises."


"If you want me to do it, I will!", Cody said happily, then walked over to Gwen. Gwen herself was smiling at Trent from across the beach, with it looking like Trent was smiling back at her. However, as Heather got into a canoe with Lindsay and Beth both, Cody put his arm around Gwen with a smile. "Hey there Gwen!", Gwen was not kind, and twisted Cody's arm behind his back in a very painful way. Gwen looked on in anger, while Cody in pain. Gwen herself was in pain soon enough, though, as she saw Trent and Duncan not only pair up, but also smile at eachother. With LeShawna pairing up with DJ, that only left Cody.

"Okay, fine.", Gwen said with a sigh.

"Great!", Cody said with a smile back at her.


Cody - "Now, I know you're thinkin, why is a person like me helping a person like Heather? Well, I've always just liked the mean girls! I mean, not that cousin of mine, but other mean girls I just find hot, and they have a reason to why their mean too. I just always liked them, I mean, if you can get them to love you back you're pretty much protected AND you got a nice side out! Of course, I always get rejected but still, I will not Give up as Easily with Heather! She's like, the best one I've met!"


With the bass, partners are going just as fast. Geoff looked directly at Bridgette with a smile.

"Hey, Bridge, wanna come with me?", He said, trying to gain her attention. Though, he frowned when he saw she had already picked Sadie as her partner. ""

"Oh my Gosh, Bridgette this will be like, so much fun!", Sadie exclaimed Gleefuly, "We can like, not only talk of how to get rid of Eva but start bonding too!"

"Um, yeah, that's like, totally great!", Bridgette nervously to her canoe partner.


Bridgette - "Okay, I know I'm like in an Alliance with Sadie, and she's good people and all, but....yeah, I still am afraid of what will happen if we actually manage to get Eva off, hopefully if we do me and Sadie make it to the finals, cuz we're gonna have to!"


Without Bridgette as his partner, Geoff siezed his chance with Owen, happy to have one of his buddies as his partner as a good replacement for Bridgette.

"Yo, Owen!", Geoff called out, "Come on Buddy, we're partners!"

"Woo-hooo! Yeah!", Owen cheered, happy to be with Geoff as a canoe partner. That left only Eva, Justin, and Harold, with only one Canoe. Justin and Harold both didn't like being paired with Eva, but didn't complain about it either.

"Um...this thing isn't gonna flip over, is it?" DJ asked, completely frightened of the thought.

"Relax, DJ, it's not gon' flip over.", LeShawna said to calm him down, "Look, if it does, I'll make sure you make it to the nearest piece of land!"

"Gee, thanks.", DJ replied with a smile, feeling a bit better now that LeShawna had just said that.

"No problem, sweetie."


DJ - "When I was eight, my brothers dared me to jump off the high dive platform at the pool. I was scared, but I jumped; wasn't gonna let them call me chicken. I landed on my butt. Sounds better than a belly flop, right? Wrong. My trunks went so far up my butt, I had to go to the hospital to get them removed. They invented a new word for what I did. The "wedgie flop." I've been afraid of water ever since."


Heather herself is in the center of the boat with Lindsay and Beth on the ends, Heather is looking in her small hand-held mirror at her face, not even paying attention to Lindsay or Beth.

"Um, so are you going to do anything?", Beth asked, curious if Heather was going to do her part in this challenge.

"Of course I will. I'll tell you two what to do while you do what I tell you to. Simple.", Heather said without any guilt, "Don't like it, then you can quit the alliance and risk getting voted off!", in response, both Beth and Lindsay decided to once more submit to Heather's will.

"YEAH! Let's get to this! WOOH!", Owen yelled out loudly as he jumped into his Canoe.

"Yeah, WOOH!", Geoff also yelled out, getting into the canoe. With Cody and Gwen, however, things were a bit different. Cody was trying to push the canoe into the water.

"Don't worry, I got it!", Cody replied, trying to push the canoe all by himself, "I got this!", he started panting, "This thing's just, not wanting to budge!", he panted more, "I will get it!", soon, Cody fell into the water himself from the force of the push. Gwen just remained silent and rolled her eyes.

"Shouldn't you be doing this with Heather?", she pointed out, Cody didn't answer this at all, or at least did so off-screen as the camera then cut to Chris holding a gun in the air now that all of the canoes were in the water.

"On your Marks, get set, GO!", Chris then fired the gun into the air, and as the canoes all began rowing out into the lake, a dead eagle fell down from the sky to Chris' feet. "That's gonna bring on some angry emails."

Now in the water, the campers were, as they headed for Boney Island, converse with eachother. The cameras focused on Sadie and Bridgette first, of course.

"So, Sadie, how about we talk about something OTHER than getting Eva off, for now?", Bridgette suggested, "I mean, we can still get her out without talking about her!"

"Hm, alright, I already have a plan for her anyway", Sadie replied as she looked in the distance to Heather, Lindsay, and Beth in their canoe then turned back to Bridgette, "What do you wanna talk about?"

"Well, Geoff left me this present.", Bridgette began.

"He did?", Sadie asked in response, showing interest and the thought that it was sweet of Geoff to do that.

"Yeah, but it was SO BAD! I came home from brushing my teeth, and right on my bed, there it was!", Bridgette then explained how it was a macaroni decorated portrait with a heart, with cut out pictures of Geoff and Bridgette themselves in the center. Sadie agreed with Bridgette on it being bad.


"I know!", as the two girls talked, Geoff and Owen themselves talked about the same thing by coincidence.

"So, Owen, can I ask you something, dude? I made Bridgette this thing in Arts and crafts this morning, and she never really talked back to me.", Geoff explained.

"Aw, buddy, you can tell me anything!", Owen replied with a smile. Geoff smiled at this response. Meanwhile, with Bridgette and Sadie:

"Oh my Gosh, that is like so bad!"

"It get worse, etched in the back was-"

"I hope you think of me whenever you drop loose change into this.", Geoff said, with Bridgette also reciting it at the same time. Owen liked it, and showed a sigh of approval, while with Bridgette and Sadie, Bridgette was pretending to choke herself while Sadie facepalmed. Meanwhile, with Cody and Gwen things were quite different from the others.

"So, Gwen, wanna start talking?", Cody asked, Gwen rolled her eyes.


"Come on, it'll be quick! All you gotta do is talk!"

"For the last time, I am not Heather!"

"I know, I just wanna talk to you like friends!", Cody assurred Gwen, "Look, I know you like Trent, you know I know, and I wasn't the one who read your diary. I have a crush on Heather, and I can relate to you!"

"Oh yeah? You can relate to your crush possibly being Gay?", Gwen sounded almost angry and heartbroken when she said that, and it actually made Cody feel quite bad for her, making him put a hand over he shoulder.

"Well, I can't relate to that, and theres not really much advice I can really give ya actually. I mean, if Trent's gay he's gay. Theres nothin' anyone can do about it.", Cody explained, "But trust me, if he is, then theres TONS more fish in the see!"

"You really are going that cliche on me?", Gwen replied, with a smirk, she did in-fact think of this as funny.

"Yeah, heheh.", Cody replied a bit nervously, "I am.", Gwen then sighed and frowned again.

"I really hope he's not Gay, and that Duncan's just his friend.", when Gwen said that, both her and Cody looked over to Duncan and Trent's canoe, they were in the distance, but clearly talking happily with eachother. Gwen once more sighed. Cody couldn't help but feel bad for her, but also didn't know what he could possibly do at all about this situation.

"Hey, don't be sad!", Cody said, "But, if you can't help it, you can talk to me about it, or cry on me, whatever one you do.", Gwen smiled kindly at this.


Gwen - "I've got to admit, Cody's cool. I mean, I have NO idea what he sees in Heather and why he can't just forget her, but yeah, he's good people."


As Cody and Gwen showed signs of becoming friends, Heather saw this, and gasped angrily. She had her sunglasses on and everything too, clearly not showing much concern.


Heather - "So, now Gwen is trying to steal my Alliance-mates? Well, we'll see about that, Goth Girl!", "Besides, she needs to come to terms with Trent being gay anyway. Everyone knows it."


"Lindsay, Beth. Go closer to Gwen and Cody, we need to keep an eye on them", Heather firmly told her two alliance mates that were in her canoe with her.

"Aye-Aye Heather!", Lindsay cheerfully said as her and Beth complied with Heather's orders. As they did so, Boney Island's misty fog was nearing them, and everyone got that uneasy feeling as it did so. They soon saw the island, which was a scary island, with a mountain that looked like a skull forming it's main landmark. They were unaware, of course, that in the bushes on the Island, a pair of mysterious eyes were watching every last one of them coming towards the island, and then dissappear. Upon landing on the shore together, the two teams wasted no time in getting the canoes on thier heads (Lindsay and Beth did it quite akwardly for Heather, and Owen due to his size was the only one lifting it for Geoff with the same issue for DJ and LeShawna).

"Come on team, let's move it!", Eva commanded, leading her team into the woods of the forestry. Heather was not about to let the gophers lose the challenge.

"Hurry up losers, we don't have all day!", She said, running alongside Lindsay and Beth, like with Eva and the Bass, the Gophers followed after her. The Bass had taken a path only somewhat seperate from the Gophers. It was not very long in the Gopher's running that they stopped, due to Trent pointing one detail out to them.

"Stop! I here something!"

"It's probably the other show, let's just keep moving!", Gwen replied, not wanting to believe it was a creature. Suddenly, they were met with eyes of monsters.

"Those eyes...that smell....", Cody began, "Giant...BEAVERS!", suddenly massive beasts called wooly beavers revealed themselves, which of course also happened for the Bass. Meanwhile, in a massive House on the other side of the Island, a African-American woman with Hair of black had her pink bathrobe on and was lying in a reclining chair when a Humanoid Red Cardinal came bursting in.

"NaTasha, NaTasha, NaTasha!", the bird yelled out with great worry in his voice.

"What is it, Wacko?", the woman named NaTasha asked back, "Can't we have a week without that Racist Bitch in peace?"

"Yeah, but it's the other show! They're cast is invading! The wooly beavers just started attacking them, but theres no way they can last, and oooh theres paper!"

"Invadin'?", NaTasha then looked towards the Camera, "No way am I gon' stand for that!"

Back with the actual Total Drama Island cast, the Gophers were still running away from the Wooly Beavers, only to be ran into a Swamp-like area with birds nests around them.

"Okay Y'all, I think we lost 'em!", LeShawna replied.

"Good, no way could I ever take out those things!", Duncan replied.

"Oh come on, you're just doubting yourself!", Trent said to assure Duncan and compliment his strength, the two once more smiled at eachother. Gwen looked on in anger at this, and Cody on in sympathy of Gwen. Heather, however, in scorn. However, soon their moment was ruined, when Massive Canadian Geese came out from the nests. Of course, the Gophers once more ran away. They and the Bass were unaware that NaTasha, Wakco, Johnny (A Typical Greaser kid), Xephyr (A Blonde Boy with purple clothes and who is Norwegian with Supernatural powers), Kaitlynn (Manly Girl with a flat-chest, pants, and a neon green mullet and man-like lips), and Darianne (A Blonde with brown highlights version of Courtney with slightly different outfit & Hair and different wishes in life) were running through the woods, after any of the Campers they could find. The Gophers continued, until Cody got an idea.

"Hold on, Guys!", the geek then reached into his pants, and pulled out a piece of bread.

"What was that for?", Gwen asked, confused over why bread would be in anyone's pants.

"It was for a romantic dinner with Heather."

"With bread from your pants?"

"Just throw it already!", Heather screamed out. Cody then followed his love's wishes and threw the bread, distracting the Geese and allowing them to continue on running to safety, at least temporary safety. With the bass, however, they are stumped. Not having encountered the beasts the Gophers did, they managed to reach a fork in the path, leaving Eva highly confused.

"Let's go right!", Eva replied, "It looks more realistic.", Eva was noting that the Left path actually looked painted on grass rather than real, but Geoff disagreed with her.

"I say we go left."

"Yeah, Left!", Bridgette added in with agreement in Geoff. Geoff then smiled back at Bridgette, to which Bridgette became confused at.

"What are you smiling at?"

"Oh, um. nothing, nothing!", Geoff nervously laughed, trying to make up for his missed shot at Bridgette.

"Okay, Fine, we're going left.", Eva announced, "Come on people!"

Back with the Gophers, the team had managed to reach a clearing in the forest, in an area that looked odd at the ground.

"A clearing.", DJ pointed out, "Man, what kinda twisted place is this?"

"Oh please, it's not twisted. I mean, Chris is just using props and stuff to scare us. I highly doubt that other show even exists!", just as Heather said those words, NaTasha, Wacko, and Johnny popped out of the bushes.

"Oh really? We don't exist?", the black girl said from behind Heather. Heather and all of the gophers were shocked, as all of the other show's cast members that appeared to them were face-painted like indians.

"LET'S GO KICK SOME OTHER SHOW ASSS!", Wacko screamed out loud, and then him and his two companions rushed right at the gophers. The Gophers screamed, with DJ jumping up into the trees, along with Lindsay and Beth both cowering under the canoe.. Heather herself even hid, along with Cody. The other campers on the Gophers team were attacked. Gwen was pinned down by Wacko's feet into the ground and then stomped on repeatedly, while NaTasha and LeShawna did battle with NaTasha's in-hand spear, as LeShawna grabbed onto it leading to a struggle. Duncan and Johnny also got into a fight, with Johnny swiping at Duncan with a switchblade, only to of course have Duncan pull his own out and use it to fight back. Soon Enough, Johnny and Duncan's fight tipped over Lindsay and Beth's canoe, which caused them to flip out and for the canoe to fall on Heather and Cody. DJ eventually fell off of his branch and onto the canoe as well, breaking it. Wacko then flew into the air and swung right at DJ, who panicked and ducked causing Wacko to fly straight through the Canoe, allowing Heather and Cody to stand up. Soon those two were avoiding Wacko themselves, and eventually LeShawna and NaTasha lost the spear and were now just doing fist-fighting. The entire time ,the numerous voices of them could be heard in one massive unison. Screaming, arguing, and fighting. That is, until Gwen got up and got tired of it all.

"EVERYBODY SHUT UP!", Gwen screamed loudly. It managed to get the attention of even the other show cast members, and also got the fighting to stop, "Thank you!"

"Ya know, ya didn't have ta shout!", Johnny said, revealing his typical new yorker accent.

"Oh shut up, Johnny.", NaTasha said sternly in response.

"What are we waiting around here, for, LET'S KICK ASS!", Wacko once more yelled out, which made them get ready for battle once more, and panicked the Gophers again. Luckily, Gwen once more got inbetween this happening.

"Wait!", Gwen said, "Look, we're not here to cause you any trouble!"

"Yeah!", Trent furtherly explained, "We're just here cuz Chris gave us a Challenge!", the other Gophers then nodded their heads in scared agreement.

"Chris?", NaTasha pondered, "Chris McLean?", the Gophers then nodded in response too, "Ha! That little p[BLEEP], HA! I can take his ass down with Old Faithful like I did last time! He ain't nothin! Anyway, so you guys just over here for a challenge?"

"Yes!", the Gophers all said in unison.

"Well, why didn'tcha say so? Come on, we can take ya where-evah y'all need ta go!", NaTasha then gestured, along with Wacko, that they were going to help the Gophers through the challenge, much to the team's relief. Things were different for the Bass, however, as they were still going down their left path. They were walking perfectly fine, when Kaitlynn and Darianne decided to step out of the bushes. Xephyr was mysteriously gone, though, with no trace of him at all. It was moments before Eva saw them, and stopped her team.

"Who the heck are you?!", Eva asked in her demanding voice, seeing the ugly also unibrowed Kaitlynn before her, along with the Courtney look-a-like that's older than Courtney Darianne.

"I'm Darianne and she's Katilynn! From the other show, Reality 'TV!", Darianne explained.

"Well get the hell out of our way before I make you!", Eva replied. All of her team's members cowered behind her, scared of what was going to happen next.

"Kaitlynn, let's take 'em out!"

"Gladly!", Kaitlynn said, and she bent over infront of the bass. Just then, Eva charged like a bull right at the two. Kailtynn, having just ate alot of beans, let loose a fart that could rival owen. Eva still reached them, however, and slapped Kaitlynn in the torso through several trees and out of sight, and hammer-threw Darianne out of sight. The other team-members, caughing, ran passed Eva, before Eva herself followed after them. This left the Bass behind, as the Gophers were already at the beach by the time the Bass reached it.

"Oh no, it looks like Eva held us back!", Sadie said, noticing the Gophers were there force. Of course, none of the Bass noticed or payed attention to her, which made her highly annoyed. With the Gophers, and the three members of the Reality TV cast helping them, it was now time for the fire building part of the challenge. The Bass were doing it the old-fashioned way, while Gophers were getting the sticks ready.

"Get more sticks!", Heather yelled out, with NaTasha and Wacko getting sticks from the forest, and Gwen and Johnny holding it in place.

"Wait, how are we going to light this thing?", Gwen asked, noticing they had no real way of lighting it.

"Damn, forget my lighter back at the house!", Johnny exclaimed in response.

"Got mine.", Duncan revealed, holding his lighter. Using it, he was able to start the fire for his time rather quickly, much to the dismay of Eva and her team who had do it to the oldschool way with sticks and rocks., getting their fire started rather slowly.

"Oh come on!", Eva angrily shouted, ticked off at the Gopher's having such a large fire already compared to the tiny one her bass had.

From a Helicopter, Chris looked down at the fires, "Well, there's no rule against lighters!"

As the Gophers fire raged on, and all of the team, Heather with her scheming smirk went over to Gwen.

"Gwen, we need to talk.", Heather greeted Gwen with.

"You honestly think I want to talk with you?"

"Come on, Goth Girl, it's obvious it hurts you that Trent likes Duncan.", at Heather mentioning that, Gwen looked down at the ground, "Look, I promise I'll do you a favor, if you do me a favor."

"What will do for me?"

"Well, if we win, I'll do my best to get Trent to pay more attention to you instead of Duncan if you don't question my alliance with Lindsay, Beth, and Cody."

"If we lose?"

"If we lose, then if you don't vote me and tell the others not to either, then I'll pay you back with allowing you in on the Alliance, as second in-command to me! You'll be safe, possibly make it into the Final Five, and even get your man too!"

"I don't trust you,'s all I got.", Gwen said with a sigh. Heather wickedly Grinned.

"Good, now let's get back to work!", Heather and Gwen then both returned to keeping the fire up and running.


Gwen - "Okay, so I joined with Heather, though I hate her and her kind with a passion. I just, I like Trent alot and I don't know why! I'm so ashamed of myself for this, it goes against everything I stand for....but then again, this ALSO gives me a chance to take Heather down if I make it through this episode, so maybe this isn't ALL bad.", Gwen then grew her own sinister smirk at the thought of seeing Heather finally leave the island.


As the Gophers and the RTV cast (three of them), kept up a tall fire, the Bass were left with a very small one. I nthe midst of this, Beth was looking through the bushes, when she came across a Tiki Doll. She smiled with her mouth agap, and held it up.

"Cool!", she commented, referring to the Tiki Doll. She looked to see if anyone was looking at her, and then put it in her pocket before returning to gathering wood. Back with the bass, Eva was growing angry at the small size their fire was.

"This fire is WAY too small, GET MORE WOOD!", Eva commanded. All of her team then scattered to find more wood as Eva continued scowling at the Gopher team. In his hurry and panic, Harold took the paddles that the Bass used to get to the Island, and used in the fire. The fire extended to being half the size of the Gopher's, but now the Paddles were burning.

"EVERYBODY STAND BACK!", Wacko shouted on the Gophers side, "I FOUND MAH LITTLE FRIEND!", the bird then held out a can of gasoline, which made everyone on the Gopher side duck for cover in advance, and right then and there, he tossed right into the fire. The fire went up into a massive explosion, making the fire even bigger, adding to the dismay of the Killer Bass.

"Well, with that, the Gophers win the fire building contest!", Chris announced from his Helicopters. Eva growled in anger, and her team (except Sadie) shared her unhappiness at this failure. "Now, to Paddle back to Camp!"

"Aww, that means we're going to have to leave you guys behind!", Lindsay said in a sad tone, referring to Wacko, NaTasha, and Johnny.

"Don't worry 'bout us, sweetie, we gon' be alright! Besides, our own spoiled bitch is comin' back at nightfall, you don't wanna be stayin' here. I know Just wanna beat her as to the ground me ugh!", NaTasha replied as she took the sad Wacko and the careless Johnny into the woods towards the house. The last sentence was mumbled instead of spoken.

"Alrighty now, let's get focused back on us!", LeShawna shouted, "I'm ready to win this, baby!", with all preparations made, the Gophers stayed in the same pairs they did last time, which made Gwen sad not to be sitting with Trent ,but then she (fake) smiled at Heather, then smirked at looking away and imagining Heather on the boat of losers and Trent as her boyfriend.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE OUR PADDLES?", Eva shouted in pure rage.

"I used them to get the fire started!", Harold exclaimed, still in his panic. Eva instantly lifted him up into the air by his neck.


"S-sorry", Harold said with quite alot of pain in his voice.


"Eva, Eva, Eva, calm down!", Geoff said as he once more came inbetween it, "Why don't we just do this, we stack our canoes up and you can like, flutter-kick all of them to safety, you should be strong enough!", Eva then let Harold down and calmed down herself.

"I like the way you think", the commanding girl admitted, "Now, get those Canoes stacked, NOW.", the Bass (even Sadie as part of her act) then got the canoes stacked and sat on-top of them. Eva herself then pushed all of the boats with ease through the water.

"We're almost there!", Gwen exclaimed, now very close to the Docks of the camp by this point.

"Keep paddling!", Heather shouted.

"We're trying, We're trying!", Lindsay and Both exclaimed, paddling faster and faster with no effort made at all by Heather.

However, none of the Gophers could anticipate the Bass led by Eva paddling so fast that they actually hit a angle and flew onto the docks of the island. The Gophers cheered, and came to shore with their canoes just after the Bass landed.

"And, the Killer Bass win!", Chris announced. Eva proudly did a triumphant pose, as all of her team (save a pouting Sadie) cheered for their victory. As the Bass cheered, Gwen of the Gophers looked at Heather, and gave two thumbs up for her new alliance mate. Heather gave two thumbs up back in response, but after she turned away from Gwen, her classic evil smirk was on her face.


Gwen - "So, we lost. Well, since unlike Heather I keep my promises, I decided not to vote her off at all. Hopefully, she's not trying to backstab me. But if she is, then she will have my payback. You can garuntee that!"


That night, at the campfire ceremony, all of the remaining gophers were gathered infront of Chris, all of them with the classic uneasy faces that were always present in an elimination ceremony. Chris held the plate of Marshmallows in his hand, and had on a blank expression. In the Bushes behind them, was NaTasha and a Blonde Girl with a fashionable pink dress and heels (and Sunglasses up above her eyes), who were secretly watching the elimination. They too, had that tensed up feeling.

"So, Gophers, you guys lost again, despite the cast of Reality TV helping you! Those guys manage to stand up to ME, and WIN, and you guys fail with their help. That is just a darn shame!", the campers were interested now in the RTV cast managing to win against Chris, but obviously didn't ask anything, "So, you know how this goes, I call out names one by one, and whoever I call out gets a marshmallow. When we get to the last one, the person who doesn't get it walks the Dock of Shame and rides the Boat of Losers home. Anyway, let's get this over with cuz we don't much time left!", Chris then decided to call out the names more quickly, "Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Cody, Trent, Duncan, Trent, DJ, and LeShawna! You all are safe!", at that reveal, Gwen gasped. "Gwen, you're out!"

"Hold on!", Gwen exclaimed, "Heather, I thought we had a deal!"

"Sorry, I don't know WHAT she is talking about. I never made a deal with her, she offerred me one, and I turned it down. Sorry.", Heather said in a complete lie. NaTasha raised an eyebrow at this, while the Blonde girl with her seemed impressed by this, as if she knew this tactic.

"Ugh, Liar!", Gwen proclaimed, "Cody, Lindsay, Beth!", Gwen tried in vain to get them to speak up, but even Cody didn't speak. In fear of losing his love, he merely looked down at the ground with a frown, LeShawna, Trent, and Duncan however scowled angrily at Heather, seeing straight through her lie and believing Gwen completely. "Come on!", Gwen was then dragged away and thrown into the boat of losers by Chef. Heather, with her smirk, finished off her marshmallow, and waved bye with her glare to the boat of losers as it departed from the island.

As this went on, Glass broke within the Bass cabin. Geoff's gift for Bridgette had broken, and Bridgette gasped at it's breaking, even bending down to try and fix it. Seeing it again, Bridgette has a change of heart, and decides it's not so bad after all.

"Sadie, can I have some glue."

"I wouldn't waste my time on that, Bridge."

"You wouldn't", the blonde said with a calm smile, "but I for some reason would."

As the Gophers left the ceremony, the Blonde Girl and NaTasha were heading for a canoe with Wacko in it to take them back to Boney Island, though while NaTasha got in with showing signs of shock and anger at the Elimination of Gwen, the blonde girl smirked evily like Heather one last time before she left the Island on the canoe.

As NaTasha and the other currently unknown cast-member left, Beth was got in her bed, and put the Tiki doll at her pillow as she did so. Odd lightning effects are made as the cameras close in on and fade out on the doll. The Episode Ends on that.

Paintball Deer Hunter

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Chris yet again sad to start the recap, "The Campers were sent out on a canoe trip to the dreaded Boney Island! Heather sent Cody to talk with Gwen only to find that he couldn't really do what Heather had in mind, which only made Heather end up doing it herself. During the challenge, the other show's cast ambushed both the Gophers and the Bass, with the Bass blowing their attackers away while the Gophers got help from theirs. There were Winners and there were Losers, also known as the Gophers. In the end, Gwen met her end in the competition when Heather got her to vote for someone else and then turned her alliance and DJ to vote her off in a shocking and dramatic betrayl! However one Gopher may have secretly done something even worse when she brought home a creepy stick statue, voodoo thingy from the deadly haunted island. Will Beth live to regret her souvenir? And can my teeth possibly get any whiter? Find out, here on Total Drama Island!" Following the recap, the Ninth episode finally opened, starting in the cabins with the campers still asleep at the time. Of course, this was until Chris once more gave them a rather rude wake-up call by flying a helicopter over their cabins. In the Boys side of the Gopher's team, Duncan awoke with a worried look on his face for once.

"Huh? Hit the Deck!", he yelled out as he jumped out of bed, "They're comin man, they found us!", he then hid uner one of the beds in the room, as his fellow male team-mates also awoke to the noises of Chris flying around in the helicopter.

In the Girl's side of the Gopher cabin, LeShawna once more banged her head on the bed above her. This time, she stuck her head out of the window to yell at chris.

"Oohh, McLean, you really think this BS is funny, don'tcha ya sick ass Bastad! Startin' to get on my last nerve!"

"As a matter of fact, I do!", Chris exclaimed to the camera from inside his plane. Inside the Gopher's cabin's girl side, the rude awakening got Heather's attention as well.

"Whatever, he just really loves messing up our mornings. Lindsay, Beth, go warm up my shower for me.", Heather demanded upon waking up.

"Can't you get Cody to do it? I'm sure he'd love to!", Beth pointed out, trying to convince Heather to change her mind.

"I asked YOU two to do it, NOW!", Heather commanded again, clearly showing no signs of backing down, and a bit frightened now, Lindsay and Beth both sighed. "And remember-"

"Not too hot this time, I know.", Beth clearly showed she did not want to do this, but she also knew she had to if she wanted to stay in the alliance.

Sometime later, he other remaining girls (except Eva) were in a line at the washrooms, with Lindsay and Beth in-front. All of them clearly showed that they needed to use the bathroom urgently.

"What's the hold up?", Bridgette said loudly, badly needing to use the toilets herself.

"Heather needs time to herself.", Lindsay explained, which irritated the other girls in line save Beth who was a part of Heather's alliance.

"How long is Cody's Girlfriend gonna be in there, cuz I ain't got all day to wait!", LeShawna replied, desperately trying to hold in her bladder.

"We don't know", Beth began, "She didn't say how long she'd be in there."

"Oooh, one o' these Days I'm gon' pop that girl RIGHT upside the head!", LeShawna angrily said, no doubt referring to Heather.

"I hope you're all ready for the most challenging challenge yet!", Chris suddenly said over the loudspeaker, "Cuz this one will REALLY be hard, like, REALLY! Breakfast is at the Campfire pit this time, in three mintues two! McLean, Out!"

"Heather?", Beth asked as she knocked on the door.

"Can one of you come in here and Lotion my Back? It's peeling.", Heather replied from inside the washrooms. As she said that, Lindsay backed away leaving only Beth present, and Beth did turn around too, only to see that nobody was there. She sighed once more.

"Wheres Cody when you need him?", she mumbled as she went in to help Heather with her peeling back issue. Sometime later, the Campers all gathered at the campfire pit, with Chris infront of them.

"Alright Campers, are you ready for today's X-treme Ultra Max Challenge?!", Chris said in a manly tone.

"We, are, Ready!", Owen replied, with Eva shaking her head as he did so.

"Here's the breakfast!", Chris said as he then threw a can of beans right towards Trent. Duncan caught it before it hit him though, and then they winked at eachother. "This, is breakfast!", he then continued as he tossed it to the others. The cameras showed Cody, Lindsay, Beth, and Heather recieving them. Heather of course was not happy at all when she got her can.

"No, I would say that breakfast is crapes, crescents, even the crap Chef cooks."

"You know what they say!", Owen happily said, "Beans, Beans, they're good for your heart, the more you eat the more yo fa-", Chris threw a can at his head and knocked him out before he could finish.

"Anyway, this day's challenge is all about survival!", Chris began, "Cuz today, we're having a game of Hunting!", he then held up a paintball gun.

"That's what I'm talkin' about!", Ducan replied, happy to hear that hunting was the challenge this time around.

"But, that's a paintball gun.", Harold pointed out to the host.

"Nice observation!", Chris said with a smile, shooting Harold to the ground with the gun.

"We won't be killing anything, will we?", Bridgette asked, hoping that the guns were not going to hurt anyone or anything.

"Negatory", Chris said which made Bridgette smile, "This is the first ever PAINTBALL Deer Hunt! Teams will be announced once we're in the woods, so....yeah, finish brekkie!", as Chris said that a loud burp was heard, coming from the bean filled owen who just ate many cans of beans.

"Any more?"

The episode then jump-cuts to when the campers were at the place in the woods that Chris had set up the arsenal of equipment the campers would need. Standing infront of them, he began explaining the rest of the challenge to them.

"Now, for the teams!", the host began, "For the Bass, Hunters are Bridgette, Eva, and Harold!", he then tossed each of them guns of Green, "Set up with Bass Blue paint!", "And with orange paint are the Gopher hunters Beth, Lindsay, Trent, and LeShawna! You guys also get this stylin' sunglasses and wicked cool camo caps! The rest of you, are the Deer!", Chris laughed a bit, "You get some antlers, noses, and who can forget the little white tails!", Chris showed off each of the deer equipment, laughing once she showed off the tail.

"Deer? I am NOT a Deer.", Heather rolled her eyes in response to being a deer, clearly showing she did not like the idea.

"No way in hell am I being a deer.", Duncan also said to being a Deer, also showing disinterest along with Heather.

"If you take these off, you're team is toast!", Chris revealed as he put the Antlers, sunglasses, and nose onto Duncan himself, and ended with the tail. Trent laughed and smiled at this, which only made Duncan even more embarassed to be wearing such a thing.

The episode then cut to the Bass' deer Owen, Sadie, Geoff, and the ever silent Justin, who were all walking through the woods. Justin was silently looking in his own mirror, not even caring about the situation at all.

"Well, at least Chris gave us a head start!", Sadie positively exclaimed.


Sadie - She is extremely angry, "Okay, what I want to know is why Eva is so hard to get off! I mean, Heather did it to both Courtney and Gwen so dang easily why can't I do it to Eva? I'm thinking of going to Heather for help, but, I dunno..If I can't Eva off in the next episode I will go there!"


"Yep, that certainly is good!", Geoff agreed with her.

"Yeah guys, this certainly is gonna be fun!", Owen said happily like Sadie, "I can't wait to outsmart those hunters!"

"Uh, Owen, sorry dude, but you're probably gonna bring the hunters to us!", Geoff pointed out. Sadie nodded in agreement, while Justin continued admiring himself in the mirror.

"So I say we just leave him, it will help our team if we do!", Sadie exclaimed.

"Nobody's leaving anyone behind!", Geoff replied, not wanting to leave Owen behind. Once he looked to where Sadie and Justin were though, the two were gone. Both Owen and Geoff looked at eachother, then at the spot, then shrugged. Meanwhile, the Gopher deer members (Cody, Heather, Duncan, and DJ) were also walking through the woods though in a seperate location to the bass' deer.

"This is like, the lamest thing I have EVER worn!", Heather commented towards the Deer costume.

"Oh come on, Heather, babe!", Cody replied in a flirty tone, "You look beautiful!"

"You really-", Heather then stopped herself, "Just shut up, Cody!"

"Well, just saying, this could be fun!"

"Dressing like a deer is fun to you?", Duncan questioned.

"I don't about y'all, but I'm outta here, and Cody has a point!", DJ suddenly said, right before getting down to his feet and literally leaving the area as if he was a deer. His fellow deer team-members looked on with surprise and confusion, with Heather being the first to stop this.

"Whatever, I'm going to wait here for Lindsay and Beth to protect me!"

"Uh, wouldn't that be against the rules?", Duncan pointed out.

"I don't see a rules person anywhere, and besides, do YOU care about rules?"

"Suit yourself.", Duncan then walked away from Heather and Cody, who was obviously staying with what he thought in his mind was 'his girl'. He attempted to move towards her, only for Heather use her hand to keep him from hugging her or touching her personal parts most likely.


Cody - Is in a full body cast (mouth uncovered) and a wheelchair, "Yeah, I actually thought this was gonna be fun. I mean, to be a deer was so sweet, I'm small but I'm quick! I also get lots of practice from dodging spitballs in math class."


The scene then goes to the bass hunters of Eva, Bridgette, and Harold.

"and, break!", Eva said, with her team doing the classic put their hands together then lift them into the sky to show they were a team. "Alright, now let's go back some Gopher tail!", she and Harold then put on the hunter glases, but Bridgette was less syked about the whole idea, so Harold decided to be the one to console her about it.

"Okay, you do realize that this is all like a game right?", he pointed out to her, "and that it's just paint, so say if you, like, hit Heather."

"Wait", Bridgette suddenly wasn't so upset anymore, "Heather's a deer?", Bridgette put on her sunglasses and with a brief laugh was ready to go into the game, followed by Harold and Eva.

"Get ready your paintballs, cuz the Hunt, is on!", Chris announced from the loudspeaker.

"Alright!", Beth cried out, ready for the Hunt, "Let's go bag us some deer!"

"That's what I'm talkin about!", LeShawna added in, also happy at the idea.

" would we bag them if we don't have any bags?", Lindsay asked, with got looks of 'seriously?' from the other gopher hunters (LeShawna, Beth, and Trent).

"It means to just shoot them.", Beth explained.

"Ohhh, I get it now!", LeShawna and Trent both rolled their eyes at Lindsay's level of stupidity. The episode then jumps to some time later, with Lindsay and Beth tired after walking in the woods for quite some time.

"Aw man", Beth started, "We're back to where we started and we haven't found a single dear!", her and Lindsay then arrived at the stump Heather was sitting on and that Cody was standing near.

"Ahem!", Heather went as Lindsay and Beth stopped infront of her sight, "What took you two so long?", she was clearly unhappy, crossing her arms in a form of anger.

"We were supposed to find you?", Beth asked, confused as to why Heather asked her question.

"Um, Hello, Alliance anyone?"

"Oooh Oooh Me me! I want to be in one!", Lindsay exclaimed, holding her hand up in the air.

"You already are, Lindsay, that's point!", Heather said as she once more rolled her eyes at her two female alliance mates, "Now, you and Cody, go find me some berries, I'm starving!"

"On it, my love!"

"Woo-hoo! Yeah! Berries! yay!", Lindsay cheered as her and Cody both ran off into the woods to find Berries for Heather.

"Shouldn't we, ya know, be hunting?", Beth pointed to the Alliance leader.

"She is hunting, just for ME." Heather said back with her evil smirk on her face, "But Berries will definitely not be enough, so get me some chips!"

"Where am I going to find chips in the forest?"

"You'd find them the Mess Hall, Now!, Oh and make sure they are NOT Barbeque!", Heather then pointed to the direction the Mess Hall was in, and with an unhappy sigh Beth complied with Heather's orders.


Beth - "Okay, Heather is like, so TOTALLY Bossy. I mean, since when in nature would the hunter bring food to the deer?", she then became concerned and looked in the camera, "She won't ever see or hear this, right?"


The Episode then goes to Owen, who is walking alongside Geoff. The two are smiling and having a normal walk, when suddenly noises of footsteps come near them. Both gasp, and run in a direction. Of course, Geoff quickly outruns Owen, leaving him behind unintentionally.

"Hold on! Wait for me, buddy!", Owen called out, but it was not heard by Geoff. The large boy tried with all of his might to run as fast as he could, but soon enough the paintballs of LeShawna and Trent chasing him came at him. By a mircale, he was not hit by any of them, "Oh Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap!"

While Owen was being chased by the Gopher hunters, Beth was near the mess hall, but under a table. She backs up a bit as Chef passes by whistling in his swimwear, and then as she tries to make her move she painfully hits her head on the underside of the table, making some noise. Luckily for her, while Chef looked around, he didn't get a view of Beth at all, and thus gave a relieved Beth her chance at running to the Mess Hall and even closing the door.

Back with Owen, he is still being chased through the woods by LeShawna and Trent of the Gopher team. "Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap!", he repeatedly said, but luckily for him, LeShawna actually tripped on a small rock and fell, bringing Trent down with her and allowing Owen to escape from being shot for the time being.

Back with Beth, she is in the main lodge, and running for the door, but right as she gets it, Chef's whistling is heard coming up to it. Seeing his shape coming for the door, she stops and runs under a table as Chef walks inside. As he walks in whistling, she turns to see where he's going, and in the process her tiki doll from the previous episode falls out of her pocket and onto the floor. Though she quickly picks it up, it still brings Chef's attention. He sniffs the air first, though, giving her team to get close to the door. Right as she steps on a creaky floor-board, Chef knows someone is there, but Beth makes her run for it back into the woods before he could see her. As Beth runs into the woods, chips are falling due to a hole in the back of the box.


Beth - "So I'm in the woods carrying a bag of chips, when all of a sudden it hits me. I'm doing this for HEATHER! I don't even like her!"


Following the confessional, it is revealed that Beth decided to eat the chips as she walked back to where Heather was seated. As she did so, she came across Cody who was carrying quite a lot of berries.

"Hi there, Beth! So, I see you got Heather's chips!", Cody greeted to fellow alliancemate, "So hows it hanging? Bagged any Deer yet?"

"No, but yes, I got the chips for that oh so wonderful girl you like!", Beth was of course now saying that last part with sarcasm.

"I know, she sure is somethin, ain't she?", Cody replied with a smile, actually showing he cared for Heather through the sound of his voice. Beth rolled her eyes and shook her head at Cody's affection for her, not understanding what he saw in her at all.

"What took you two, so long?", Heather questioned as Beth and Cody soon reached her stump, she was once more upset with how long it took for them to reach her.

"I brought the berries!", Cody happily exclaimed, holding out the berries to Heather.

"Here, I hope you know how hard it was for me to get them!", Beth added in, holding the bag of chips towards Heather, who quickly and sharply swiped it from Beth's hands. Beth and Cody both were a bit surprised with the swiftness, Cody even dropped the berries he had in his hands. Upon having it in her hands, Heather looked into the back of chips, and her eyes went wide when she saw very few chips inside of the bag.

"Theres like, ten chips in here!", she then sniffed the bag to smell the chips, "and they're barbeque!", she then tossed the bag to ground and made a highly snobby gesture, "Go exchange them for dillpickle. Looking at the bag of chips on the ground, Beth finally decided she had enough after giving it much thought.

"No.", both Heather and Cody were shocked once she said this. Heather in anger, and Cody in fear.

"What did you just say?", Heather sharply turned her head and angrily asked Beth, Cody, fearing the worst was finally happening, decided it would be best for him to just leave right there.

"I'm just gonna....yeah.", the small boy then took the bag of chips and ran from the scene to safety since he knew a fight was coming up soon.

"Take it back.", Heather demanded. With a deep breath, Beth kept her ground.



"No! I'm tired, of being you're Bitch! Now if you excuse me, I have a challenge to complete!", just as Beth then walked away from Heather, two orange paint balls came flying at the mean girl's arm.

"Hey! However you are, that was NOT cool!", suddenly, a second paintball hit her in the head and knocked her off of her stump. In the bushes, Harold and Bridgette were happy to have gotten Heather and high-fived eachother.

The camera then goes to reveal DJ still prancing around like a dear, running up the cliff of the island, being shot at with blue paint.

"COME BACK HERE YOU COWARD!", the angry scream of Eva said behind him, which easily explained why he was so panicked about the situation. Soon, the two reached the top of the cliff, and DJ was cornered, with Eva's powerful body now behind him. "Alright, time for me to bag a deer!", the nervous DJ was then once more charged at, with paintballs firing right at him. He used Deer moves to dodge it, but jumped right off the cliff, luckily he hung on to the bottom, but Eva soon fell down too and hung onto his feet. Eva's face became Angry and Determined, and she used her hand with the gun in it to aim, but DJ moved his feet onto the side of the cliff and managed to knock her down into the waters of the lake below (into the safe end to be exact), and of course she let out an enraged scream as she did so. DJ then got up onto the safe end of the ledge, looked down, gulped, and then pranced away from the scene like a Deer once more.

The camera once more goes to Heather, who is walking through the forest, without Cody since he ran off and she is unable to find him. She soon finds Lindsay picking from a berry bush, and once the blonde girl notices Heather she happily stands up and shows Heather the berries.

"Look! I got Berries!", Lindsay happily exclaimed, Heather however just slapped them away.

"Follow me.", Heather said as she walked passed Lindsay, and the blonde girl complied. The two managed to find Beth, who was just about to finally shoot one of the Bass Deer, specifically Geoff. "Hey, Beth!", once Heather yelled out those words, though, Geoff saw Beth and ran away from the scene.

"I almost had him!", Beth sighed, then turned to see it was Heather and Lindsay, "What do you two want know, and you're missing one."

"Cody's lost, and we've been talking about you.", Heather replied, showing great amount of dislike in her voice for Beth.

"We have?", Lindsay asked, confused about Heather saying they've been talking of Beth.

"Zip it, Lindsiot. We've decided to give one you one last chance, if you take it back."

"Take what back?"

"The N-word, No."

"I don't want to take it back."

"You are NOTHING, without me!", Heather yelled in a full rage.

"Do you know why we keep losing challenges?", Beth asked, also angry at Heather in return.

"Because Chris is lame and stupid at making challenges?", Heather replied, angry and also as insult to Chris himself.

"No, because maybe it's cuz you are SO busy being the biggest bitch on the island, that you never give any effort in them! Instead all you do is boss me, Lindsay, and Cody around!", in response, Heather and Lindsay both gasped, and Heather with anger took off her deer nose and through it right at Beth's face which made Beth even more angry, "Oh, it's on now!"

"Bring it, Dweeb!"

As Heather and Beth finally show signs of their fight starting, Eva, angry about DJ defeating her, is soaking wet and walking through the forest of the Island, dragging her Gun angrily with her.

"DJ is going to get it when I see him agan!", Eva mumbled to herself, scaring even a crab away from her as she angrily glared at it. Even the Squirrels up in the trees went straight back to their holes in the trees, too scared to risk being in the sight of Eva. However, Eva soon came across the river of the Island, and her next target, Duncan. The Deliquent was drinking from the river, and Eva smirked, ready for the kill (so to speak), she hid behind the tree, and made occassionally spies in on her target. Duncan continued to drink from the river when Eva finally took aim with her gun. Right as she fired, Duncan noticed, and ducked down to avoid the shots, "DAMNIT!", Eva shouted out.

"Gonna have to try better than that, Sargeant!", Duncan said as she then proceeded to run from Eva, who stomped her foot on the ground and growled in anger, before punching a hole in the tree and knocked it completely to the ground.

Back where three of the members of Heather's alliance were, the fight raged on and in actuality materialized.

"You have one, last, chance!", Heather said as she and Beth got face to face and glared into eachother's eyes in anger.

"Why? Cuz you're afraid you won't win without you're little alliance?", as the fight continued, the camera showed Lindsay looking at the fight once Heather replied,

"I can make your life a living hell here!"

"You already have!", the camera then showed all three girls once more, "Miss come put lotion on my nasty peeling back! I don't really have anything to lose anymore anyway!", the camera then went to show LeShawna, walking through the woods without Trent by her side.

"Two hours of walkin' around this hell hole's woods, and I didn't even shoot owen! What kinda weird person does somethin' like this for fun?", LeShawna then heard the noises of Heather and Beth's continued argument herself and was distracted by it,

"Fine!", Heather's voice yelled, "Be all alone then, see if I care!"

"It's better than being a Slave to someone like you!", LeShawna tried to see who the three figures were, but due to being near-sighted she was unable to properly make out Heather, Lindsay, and Beth with her sight.

"Bring it, Dweeb!", Heather once more shouted.

"Ok, that's it!", Beth replied, LeShawna just shrugged and decided to make her move anyway, and shot Heather in the back of the head.

"OW!", Heather responded to the gun shot, "Who was that?", LeShawna then got close enough to see that it was Heather who she shot.

"Oooh, my bad! I knew I should've got my eyes checked before I came here. Ha, sorry!", Heather however was not happy even when LeShawna apologized.

"You! Give me your gun, give it!", she notioned to Beth to then give her gun away, but Beth only shot her in the leg, "ow! Charliehorse!", Heather then fell to the ground with her leg now going numb.

"Girl, you crazy!", LeShawna exclaimed with a smile to Beth shooting Heather.

"It just looked really fun when you did it!", Beth replied. Her and LeShawna then got closer in a friendly manner and laughed at Heather's misery below them.

"Stop Laughing!", Heather screamed out while she was on the ground.

Meanwhile, Cody was still walking alone in the woods, eating the chips that were left in the bag and leaving crumbs behind as he did so.

"Ah, Barbeque! The King of Chip flavors!", Cody proclaimed while he was alone, "It's a shame Heather doesn't like them, but oh well, I can eat Dillpickle too!", Cody then emptied the back of chips completely, and ate the final crumbs.


Cody - Still clearly injured, "I thought it was gonna be a synch to win, I mean, I pretty much made it through without getting hit by a single paintball, so I had it in the bag!"


Cody then noticed berries on the ground, revealing his location was right where Heather found Lindsay at.

"Hm, Berries!", Cody then bent over to get the berries, when he heard growls behind him. Surprised by this, he turned only to find a bear right there behind him, he instantly became scared, "Hey there, big fella, want some berries?", the bear only roared right in his face though, and the camera cut away before it could show the attack.


Bear - Has Cody's dear antlers on it's ear, looks at the bag of chips only to find no chips left, and is dissappointed that there aren't any.


The camera returned to Heather, Lindsay, Beth, and LeShawna. Heather got up from the floor, ready to finish this. She instantly turned to Lindsay, and took her gun away.

"Give me that!", she said quickly and angrily, leaving Lindsay with little time to react. She then immediately fired relentlessly at LeShawna and Beth, surprising them and breaking apart their moment of Friendship.

"Oh, it is on now!", Beth said in response to Heather shooting them, along with LeShawna, she started shooting right back at Heather as the mean girl too shot at them relentlessly. Lindsay cowarded as the fighting went on.

The camera then cut to Duncan, who was spray painting a red skull onto one of the Island's trees. Soon, he heard ruslting in the bushes, and turned around.

"Eva? That you again?", Duncan asked with a tone that showed he was not even scared, "Bring it on, General!", however, there were no paintballs fired, which confused Duncan, instead though, he was knocked out by a random frying pan being thrown at him, and then a mysterious black figure struck the camera man too before a good look could have been gotten. As the Camera lay online on the ground, high heels and caucassian (white person) feet within them could be seen, along with them bending down to let a hand pick up the frying pan before the figure left the scene. Owen himself even came out of the bushes to see the figure, but the cameras only showed Owen and not the person, he gasped in shock, and even fainted for some odd reason at the sight of the figure, with the only guess being that it was a female.


Duncan - "Okay, who in the hell decided to hit me with a Frying Pan? Whoever it is, gonna pay!"


Owen - "Oh my god! You won't believe who I saw! It was awesome! It was-"


Intern (the one that is Duncan's prototype design) - he is rubbing his head from the pain of the frying pan, then he checks his camera's footage, he is shocked once he sees it.


With the three confessionals over with, the scene then jumped to Eva, Harold, and Bridgette now together and coming across Heather, LeShawna, and Beth's fight. The sound of them talking and firing paintballs could be heard, and the three Bass hunters looked through the bushes to see Heather still shooting at both LeShawna and Beth with Lindsay still in a cowaring position. They were pretty surprised to see what was going on, but soon enough they smirked, and fired their guns at all four of them, repeatedly.

"This is actually pretty fun!", Bridgette admitted as her and her fellow Bass hunters fired repeatedly at Heather, Lindsay, Beth, and LeShawna. Right then and there, the Loudspeaker once more came on.

"Alright campers, the Hunt is over! Return to camp, it's time to show the hides and tally up the scores!", the scene then went to Chris pacing back and forth with the campers (now without their hunting gear) lined up and Cody in his body cast and wheelchair as well as a black eye, Chris was of course in the middle of the line, "Tisk Tisk Tisk. Stealing from Chef, Eating Chips in the Woods, Being by Bears.", he finally stoped right infront of Cody, "Do you know what I see here?", "I see a group of undisciplined teens, I see a group of ungrateful campers, I see a great big mess! I see a massive waste of well payed for paint product! And, I have to say, that... was... awesome! When you guys opened fire on your own team? Wicked TV, guys!"

"So, which team won?", Harold asked.

"Did we lose?", Sadie asked, hoping that the day Eva would be voted off was finally coming.

"Oh, and Chris, before you say who won or lost! I have something to tell you!", Owen exclaimed, "I saw someone really important in the woods!"

"Me?", Chris replied, with a smile showing off his teeth.

"No! I saw-", before Owen could finish, a flying pan suddenly came flying from the distance and struck him on the head, knocking him down to the ground. Everyone was surprised and a bit confused, but this went on un-questioned.

"Well, thats...random", Chris replied, "Anyway, let's see...three gopher members are dripping in paint", Lindsay then revealed a blue paint filled back, "make that four, and some of them aren't even deer, I'd say the bass win this one!"

In response to hearing those words, the Bass (once more except a frowning Sadie), cheered for their victory. Chris then turned to the gophers,

"Gophers, looks like we're gonna see eachother again soon at yet another campfire ceremony! Again.", suddenly the episode went straight to night time, where all of the (remaining) Gophers once more gathered for another ceremony in a row.

"I mean seriously!", Heather angrily complained, "Twice in a row? You guys are such losers! I just can't WAIT to see Beth get kicked off though, but it would be even better to vote off TWO campers at once!", Beth became worried while LeShawna once more scowled angrily at Heather.


Cody - "Heheh, I know I am like mauled by bear, but I really do feel good about this, man, I'm fast healer! But, I gotta say this, I'd give up this competition myself if it meant Heather would stay in! She's the love of my life, dude, I just had to vote Beth off for her!"


LeShawna - "Now, I know y'all would think I'd vote off Heather, but actually, I gotta say, Cody kinda has to go right now. Sorry little dude."


DJ - "Yeah, Heather betrayed Gwen and all, but Cody's like all injured right now, kinda needs go at this point. Sorry, Brother."


Lindsay - "I like totally admire Belle for sticking up to Heather like that, but she is like so dead now!", Lindsay showed great concern for 'Belle' (Beth) at the end of her confessional, "Just like Erin!"


The Figure from before - Is completely in black and only blue eyes show, she has the ballot box, and switches the votes with an evil grin then puts it back together with an evil laugh.


Finally, the episode returns to Chris, who has the plate of seven marshmallows in his hands.

"There are seven marshmallows on this plate, when I call your name, come up and get your marshmallow. The camper who does not recieve a marshmallow must go down the dock of shame, catch the boat of losers and leave the island with no coming back, ever. Now, heres who's safe. Trent.", Trent's marshmallow was then thrown to him, "Lindsay", she was then given hers, "Duncan.", Duncan caught his with ease into his hands, "LeShawna.", hers flew right over her head, Beth then was shown shaking and having both her hands' fingers crossed, and then Heather did a throat slitting notion with an evil grin, but Heather was soon no longer smirking when Chris called out , "Beth", who then was thrown her marshmallow as Heather was now suddenly surprised, "Heather.", chris then called out which made Heather relieved. Everyone except Chris and Heather gasped at DJ and Cody being the bottom two, "Campers, we have now come to final two marshmallows, with this one being the last marshmallow of the night.", as Chris held up the final marshmallow, the damatic music played and the tension grew as it was going to be DJ or Cody who left. DJ himself was worried, though was also surprised that he was the bottom two. Cody was also stunned by not only DJ being in the bottom two, but also himself, in the end, with closed eyes, Chris called out the final safe camper , "Cody.", Chris then tossed the final marshmallow at Cody, who obviously didn't catch it.

"Who in the earth would vote off DJ?", LeShawna questioned.

"I didn't.", Duncan asnwered.

"Neither did I.", Trent also replied.

"I didn't either!", Beth revealed. Her, Trent, Duncan, and LeShawna then all glared at Heather angrily.

"What? I didn't have ANYTHING to do with this so don't even think of that!", Heather said sternly, "It may be within my morals, but I didn't do it!"

"It doesn't matter, I don't mind Guys.", DJ said as his team was pinning the blame on Heather, "I had fun here, and that's all that matters!".

"Aww, group hug!", Lindsay announced. The entire team, even Heather but except Cody due to his wheelchair, then hugged DJ in a group hug as he left the Island. As the campers returned to the cabins (WithHeather pushing Cody's wheelchair), the mysterius figure's blue eyes were shown to be shocked at DJ leaving as well, and then took out the original votes in her hands. She looked at them, and flipped through them. Four were for Cody, one for Heather, and Three for Beth originally. She then revealed the ballot box again, and looked through the votes she replaced, and she replaced all of them for votes with DJ. She facepalmed at this reveal, and then fell over behind the bush, with the end sending both the old and new votes into the campfire to burn.

As she did so, the Episode ended on another close up of Beth's tiki doll which was still in her pockets.

If you can't take the Heat....

"Last time, on Total Drama Island! There was a Paintball Deer Hunt, where some became Hunters, with others being the Hunted. Owen nearly got shot by paintballs, but didn't by some miracle, and Eva failed at bagging DJ who sent her off a cliff, and Duncan who managed to run away from her, and Cody made a new friend! Who quickly beat the crap out of him, Can anyone say, medavac? In a wierd but strangely watchable twist, Heather, Beth, Lindsay, and LeShawna turned their paintball guns on eachother! The females of the gophers then got into a full on wrestle for dominance, and an unknown figure came in and knocked the crap out of Duncan and a camera dude, freaky! In the end, the Gophers lost the challenge and were at the campfire pit. At first it looked like the end had come for Cody, but thanks to that same unknown figure switching the votes around, DJ sadly left instead! Though, that still doesn't change that the Gophers are STILL the underdogs right now. Can they bounce back, or is their Goose Finally cooked? Find out tonight, on Total Drama Island!" As with the previous episodes, following the intro came the episode. It opened up in the Gophers' boy side of the cabin, with Cody walking in, still with minor signs of his injuries from previously (He has three scratches on his face that are visible but going away and his left arm is still in a cast), but he still smiling despite it.

"Cody, dude, you sure did heal fast!", Trent exclaimed, waking up from sleep.

"I know man!", Cody happily replied, "Like I said, I heal fast. hopefully the loss of my Arm won't be too bad for me! Heheh.", Trent and Cody then shared a small laugh together, possibly talking about how the next challenge would need Cody's arm in it or not. Duncan then also woke up, and looked at Cody and Trent both, and sighed.


Duncan - "To be honest, gotta admit, it's quite heartbreaking not havin' someone to mess with on my team. I mean, come on! It's what I do! Cody may be a Geek yeah but he's also in with Heather and just got mauled by a bear last week, so...yeah. I gotta wonder what it would've been like if I had just stayed with the Bass."


Just when Duncan's confessional ended, the episode then went over to the Bass Boy's side, where Justin was just preparing the morning, still being as Silent as ever. As he put on his cologne and then touched up his hair, suddenly he had a face of disgust, and once he looked to the floor he noticed something made him gasp and jump to the point his mirror fell to the ground and broke. It was Harold's dirty underwear, and the sound of Justin's mirror breaking also woke up Harold, Geoff and Owen.

"Ew, Harold!", Geoff exclaimed, "Like, will you stop leaving your underwear all over the place?"

"That's not mine", Harold replied in Denial.

"Um, yeah it is. You're the only one in here that wears that kind, dude.", Owen added in.

"And your mom sewed your name into the label.", Geoff then added.

"Whatever, I'm going for a Shower, GOSH!", Harold then grabbed a towel and then walked out of the cabin, no doubt for the washooms. Once he was out of the room, the others of the bass gained a plan.

"Alright, I know it's mean, but this is just too much! I say we teach Harold a lesson, whos in?", Geoff brought up. Him, Owen, and Justin then High fived and in unison said "Yeah!" before the episode cut to all of the campers gathered (Heather once more having her hair in a ponytail) at the beach with Chris once more standing in-front of them, obviously this was for the challenge to be revealed.

"Alright Campers, this challenge will test your minds, your teamwork, and your skills in the kitchen! You'll be cooking a three course meal and serving it to me, for tasting! Winners get rewarded, the losers send somebody home. Each time will have to appoint a Head Chef to decide them of the meal and to oversee the cooking.", Chris continued as a truck started pulling up from the lake, "Every morning a truck brings us food, Today's task starts there!", it is then revealed that a Dolphin actually drove the truck, and it makes it's classic noises as it waves to the camera. After the truck's back was opened, the Bass were first team to be at the truck. Upon seeing the ingredients, Geoff instantly got an idea for the meal,

"Woah dudes, with this we can like me a wicked italian theme!", he pointed out.

"Good plan! You can be head Chef!", Eva exclaimed in response.

"Really?", Eva nodded her head in response, "Sweet!", the Bass then entered the truck to get their ingredients from it.

"Head Chef, called it!", Heather replied quickly as her team also walked to the truck of ingredients, nobody replied or responded to this, so Heather went back to a blank expression and frowned at Beth. "If you screw up this time, you're gone, got it?", Beth gasped in slight fear for response and with a smile nodded nervously at Heather as LeShawna soon walked over.

"Girl, just ignore that little Bitch.", LeShawna told Beth, angrily looking in Heather's direction.


Heather - "I had to take the Leadership role, hello, we're on a losing streak! And really, everyone else the team is practically useless."


"Let's get cookin'!", Geoff happily said once the confessional ended, showing that he and his team had their ingredients in their hands.Owen was licking his lips at the crates he was carrying, then Sadie made an evil glare at Eva once more, and then looked at Bridgette with a wink. Bridgette became rather nervous, but winked back nervously. The camera then panned to the Gophers, Heather now added a white apron to her look and the rest of her team was inside the truck (yes even the still minorly injured Cody). Heather then looked down at her clipboard, ready to tell her team who was going to do what.

"LeShawna mangos, Beth Pineapples, Lindsay Macadamias, Cody Molasis, Duncan Tomatoes, once she finished calling of that out, she walked after her team to where they were all to cook the meals.

The Episode then went over to the Bass, now in the kitchen and just carrying all of their ingredients to where they were to cook. Geoff was the last of them to walk in, of course, and was ready to start the challenge.

"Okay, we got three courses and six people, so, everybody partner up!", he then tossed a can to his team, which was caught by Harold.

"Well, I know how to make Pasta!", Sadie exclaimed.

"I can Boil Pasta!", Bridgette added in. Sadie then, twirling fingers with Bridgette,

"Eeeeeeeeeeee! We get to work together! Yay!", suddenly, Sadie went into a evil-like smirk and wink at Bridgette, to which Bridgette stopped the happy moment, and once more looked at Eva nervously, then back at Sadie equally nervously, clearly Sadie was not really knowledgeable on making Pasta.

"Me and Justin could like totally rock the Anti-Pasto, I'm a black-belt at cutting cheese!", once he said that his team started laughing, even Eva snickered at this, which confused Harold, "What?", then then looked around at his team, confused as to what they were laughing about, "What?!"

"Well, I guess that leaves me an Eva to desert, Heh Heh!", Owen nudged Eva with his arm, she gave him an angry glare in response.

"Yeah, but if you eat ANY of our food, you WILL Pay, got it?", Eva went right up in Owen's face with a clearly angry glare, which made Owen scared, and nervously look back, fire could actually be seen in her eyes. Owen gulped.

"Got it.", he said exteremly scared and nervously.


"Alright, team!", Geoff announced readily, "Let's get to this challenge!"


Sadie - "Well, personally I probably should have kept my mouth shut to be stuck with Eva so I can sabotage her, but as long as I find a way to ruin the desert, Eva should easily fail! I mean, the only reason she's still on is because everyone thinks she's a leader! If she fails, that gives everyone a reason! Soon, she will pay for getting Katie off!"


Following the confessional, it showed the Guys' cabin of the Bass, where Harold's underwear is lying on the ground once more. Suddenly, a stick comes in and picks it up. The Camera soon reveals it is Geoff as he puts it into a bag and then runs off. Soon, it shows Geoff going up to the kitchen doors but not walking in. He, behind the door, gives a thumbs up to Justin. Justin smiles back, and holds a bucket of Water in his hands that takes from Sadie, as Harold is coming near him.

"Hey!", Sadie exclaimed, as Justin silently dumped the water right on Harold's front side, Justin then silently made a face as if he were worried. Sadie and Bridgette both showed annoyed expressions as they witnessed the rest.

"Hey!", Harold irritatedly replied, "Smooth moves, Ditzahontas!"

"Oh, Bummer", Geoff said in a bit of an acting tone of voice as he walked over to Harold, "You should like, go change dude!", Geoff and Justin both laughed to themselves, leving Sadie and Bridgette both suspicious as to what they both were doing. Soon, Bridgette looked at the Gophers as Heather's voice was soon heard.

"Cody and Lindsay, you two are on the citrus macadamia upside down cake flambe'."

"Do you know how to make an upside down flamer thingy?", Lindsay asked to Cody.

"Well, uh, I think I do..but I only got one Arm.", Cody replied, gesturing to his one arm that is still broken, "I'm sure I can still do it though!", Heather showed an irritated face as Duncan walked in carrying a large sack of oranges, hitting Heather in the backing and bringing her to turn around.

"Yo, where you want the oranges, Boss?", Duncan asked, sarcastically when he said the last word. Soon, Trent carrying the ribs bumped into Duncan, causing him to spill the oranges, and then Beth came in and stepped on one, causing her to trip and fall onto them. Heather glared angrily at this, and as Beth got up she knew what she was going to tell Beth to do.

"Beth, you're going to have to be the one to go back to the truck and get more oranges, Now!", Heather commanded. Beth, covered in the juice from the Oranges, sighed and miserably walked out towards the truck. "Trent and Duncan, you two have ribs", Duncan smiled at Trent once Heather said that, and Trent had a bit of a surprised look on his face himself, "LeShawna, you and Beth are on Pineapple Scewers and Mango Dip."

"Girl, why don't you just let me handle the appetizers? I can make a Pineapple chummy that would melt the sauce off the Devil!", LeShawna replied, which didn't change Heather's mind the slighthest.

"Oh really? That's like, great and all, but since I'M Head Chef, we're going to stick with my plan, and my plan is pineapples with sticks through them, got it?", Heather was clrearly annoyed with LeShawna's remark at this point. The Episode then jumps to Harold, who is looking through his dresser for extra clothes.

"Shirt, Shirt, Shirt, Shirt, Shorts, Shirt, Shirt", he tossed all those articles of clothing from him, before putting on a very small and most likely tight pair of briefs that were nearly like a thong, "Looks like it's your time to shine!", as he prepared to put the pair of undies on, the episode jumped to Beth, who was running through the woods carrying a crate of oranges. Soon, she smacked into a tree and not only knocked her Tiki Doll out of her pocket (Which she put back in) but also dropped some oranges and fell to the ground. As she looked up, she saw the tree had a bees nest on a branch above her. The Bees, were angry and out of their nest too and soon they were all over her.

"Ah! Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow!", Beth screamed as she ran from the Camera's view. The Camera then goes back to the Bass, with Bridgette and Sadie cutting tomatoes for the pasta and Geoff wiffing in and tasing something from a pot, Bridgette was smiling as she looked at Geoff, who soon walked by them whistling, looking at Bridgette himself.

"Bridge, I think he likes you!", Sadie giggled once Geoff walked passed them.

"Well, maybe. I mean, he is kinda cute.", Bridgette replied. Geoff then briefly lifted up his hat and then made a flirtly-like gesture, then the camera went back to Sadie and Bridgette.

"Yeah, he kinda is.", Sadie replied, "Well",

"Well What?"

"Well, you should like, talk to him!", Sadie said clearly wanting Bridgette to speak with Geoff, "I mean, if he likes you, you have nothing to lose!"

"Well, Uhh...I dunno.", Bridgette nervously began.

"Oh come on, I'll help you!", Sadie then got up, walked over, and then suddenly pushed Geoff to where Bridgette was, Geoff managed to not hit anything and now stood right next to the girl he liked.

"Ya know, you look really good when you're cookin' dinner.", Geoff said kindly to Bridgette, not wanting to make any mistakes this time around.

"Really?", Bridgette replied with a smile.

"Kinda like my friend Evan's SUPER Hot Mom!", Geoff suddenly revealed.

"Uh, What?", Bridgette replied with a smile. Sadie herself rolled her eyes and shook her head at this herself, and Bridgette suddenly frowned. Justin managed to swoop in though, and then managed to take Geoff away from the situation, pointing to the tomatoes (though not speaking).

"Sure thing, Bro! Later Bridge!", Geoff said with a smile to Bridgette. Justin himself facepalmed and walked back to his station silently. Bridgette remained a bit offended, and shook her head and Sadie returned to standing next to her too. The Camera then went to Duncan and Trent, with Duncan putting the sauce on the ribs, and smiling to Trent with a smile back.

"You really know how to put the sauce on the ribs nicely, Duncan.", Trent commented with a smile. Duncan briefly laughed, and with a flirtly look in his eyes he said his response,

"I can put sauce on another kinda ribs too, ya know what I'm sayin'?", Duncan then winked at Trent. With a surprised expression, Trent suddenly blushed. Soon though, Beth came back into the room, covered in red dots from the Bee stings.

"I'm back!", Beth replied, still not with enough stings to be overly wounded, "Duncan, here ya go!", she then managed to somehow chuck the entire crate right at Duncan, which hit him in the head and knocked him to the ground, leaving him unconcscious. Trent and Beth just looked surprised at this, as did Heather. "Woops...sorry!"


Heather - "For us? Oh, things are going perfect! Except Beth's hornet stings and Duncan's concussion meaning he's out of the day's challenge, but still, we are going to totally win this!", Heather then put a hand to her forehead and shook her head, showing she was not happy with her team.


The camera then went to Owen and Eva, with Eva rolling down a dough for the pastry, quite rough as well.

"Uh, Eva, you might want to be careful you don't do it too violently!", Owen suggested.

"Shut up and let me do it!", Eva angrily replied.

"Sorry", Owen nervously replied, "So umm, anything I can do-Woah!", Owen was of course reply to Harold just then walking into the Kitchen. Owen and Eva showed some level of disgust, while Geoff and Justin laughed. Sadie actually laughed as well.

"Okay, seriously, where did all my Shorts go?", Harold asked, showing they were laughing because he had no pants on thus revealing his bare legs and his red underwear he had put on. When Harold turned, Chris walked up to the Kitchen, looked down, saw the underwear on harold and showed a disgusted face before looking back up.

"Three hours to do the meals guys, might wanna hurry it up a bit!", Chris said, showing three of his fingers with his hand before the episode jumped to Beth, still covered in Hornet stings, very carefully cutting pineapples into triangles as Heather walked up to her and LeShawna.

"Those slices are too uneven, switch with LeShawna.", Heather demanded. As Beth went to follow through with Heather's order, LeShawna stopped her.

"What in the world you talkin' about?", LeShawna said with a smile, then the next part with a frown, "They look fine to me!"

"Um, I didn't get to be Head Chef because of Poor Presentation, you know!"

"No!", LeShawna began getting up in Heather's face once more, "You got to be Head Chef because you called it! Besides, who you think you are with that little white apron power trip you on?"

"Are you a team player are not?"

"Oh I'm a team player ight, but I'm also allergic to pineapples!", LeShawna angrily replied to Heather's own anger. The Bass and Gophers just looked on at the fighting.

"Just get slicing, NOW!", Heather demanded,pointing to the pineapples. As LeShawna, unhappily, prepared to slice, Heather smiled. "Thanks Guys!", she cheerfuly replied, then walked away.

"Oooh!", LeShawna angrily went, slicing the pineapples with animosity clearly in her, "Two-Faced Bossy Backstabbing little-Oh!",she stopped when she noticed a rash developing on her hands and arms, and then angrily went over to show Heather this. "Yo, what do you reccomend I do about this?", Heather then looked at the rash, then at LeShawna herself.

"Yo, how about you scratch AFTER we win?", Heather replied, "Get back to Work!", as Heather then walked off, it took Lindsay, Beth, and Trent combined with a minor help from Cody with his good arm to keep LeShawna from straight up attacking Heather. The Episode then goes back to Harold, who is cutting up his part of the meal, still in his red thong-like briefs.

"Dude, you've got to like, put some pants on, it's like totally unsanitary to cook in something so...small!", Geoff said, folowed by him and Justin both laughing at Harold's misfortune caused by them.

"Then gimme back my Pants!", Harold angrily cried out. Owen then walked to over the three.

"Harold has a point guys, I think it's time to give him back his pants!", Owen said when walked over, he had a nearly evil look on his face for once.

"Alright Alright, Harold, a clean pair of undies and some shorts are waiting for you back at the cabin.", Geoff replied to Harold after Owen spoke, Harold without a reply then walked back the cabin, followed by Owen, Geoff, and Justin all laughing as he did so. Once in the cabin, Harold ran in to find the Underwear and pants lying on the bed, he was happy to see the kind of underwear he normally wears.

"That's more like it!", he then took the red ones off (With the camera view not showing him from waist down), and then slipped on the new one. As he did so, the editing showed the reveal that Justin, Geoff, and Owen put hot sauce in his underwear (the new pair that was on the bed), and as he slipped them on, he felt it, feeling the burning of the hot sauce, "My Biscuits are Burning!", he cried out, and then he ran over down to the docks and jumped into the lake of the island to cool off, smoke briefly came up once he jumped in, and he sighed in relief once in the water, before being annoyed again, "Idiots!"

The episode then went to Lindsay and Cody, who had made the cake, but it was not lit like a flamb'e should be. Heather walked over and noticed this. Cody sheepishly smiled at her as she did so.

"What's wrong?"

"We used all of the flamb'e start, but it won't flamb'e, Lindsay revealed to Heather.

"Yeah, I never took home ec so I don't know what to do!", Cody added in

"Nothing happened when you lit it?"ed in, at both of them Heather rolled her eyes.

"Ohhhhhhhh!", Lindsay and Cody both replied. Heather once more rolled her eyes at the two.


Heather - "It's like talking to an Eggplant."


Heather then prepared to show Lindsay and Cody how to properly make a Flamb'e go into the traditional flamb'e flames.

"Pay Attention Girl and Geek", Heather began, "Because I'm only showing you once! This, is how you flamb'e! First, you pour the flamb'e liquid which you already did", Lindsay and both nodded their Heads, "Next, you light it.", she then lit a ligther and moved her hand to light the flamb'e, once she did so it literally exploded in flame onto her face, leaving black marks from smoke and ash all over her face. Lindsay smiled in wonder while Cody looked on with a highly concerned expression. Heather immediately took a frying pan to look at her face, and once two bacon pieces slid down to the bottom from where her reflection's eyelashes would be, she saw that her eyebrows were completely burnt off and gasped in irritation at this, "My Eyebrows! BETH! Go get my makeup back from the cabin!"

"But, the Bees-"

"NOW!", scared of what Heather would do, Beth miserably walked out of the kitchen to the Gopher cabin as Cody patted Heather on the back, showing concern for her instead of laughter.

"Excuse Me!", LeShawna tapped on Heather's shoulders, "I need a bathroom break.", LeShawna's rash was clearly still on her arms and hands.

"Well, I need new eyebrows. But evidentally, we don't always get what we want, now do we?", Heather snapped back at LeShawna, "Ugh, I'm on a team of total morons!", Heather then bent over, her head now on the table in anger. Cody gently placed a hand on her shoulder to show he was actually concerned about her unlike everyone else.


LeShawna - "Okay, that is IT! Somone's gotta teach that little wicked bitch, a little thing called RESPECT!"


The episode re-opened with Harold coming back to his team with Pajamas on, with Justin and Owen clapping at this and smiling in amusement.

"Nice PJ's dude!", Owen exclaimed, with a tone that made it impossible to tell whether he was serious or teasing Harold.

"This is all I've got left", Harold revealed, "So if you guys want to get me butt naked, then Hit me with your best shot!"

"Maybe stop leaving you'r undies around the cabin and we'll stop!", Geoff replied, with Justin and Owen nodding in agreement.

"I told you, I didn't do it!", Harold once more denied.

"Well, he tried.", Owen replied, look at Justin with a smirk.

"Hey guys, I made us some sandwhiches to eat while we cook! Anyone want some?", Geoff said as he held up a plate of Sandwhiches. Of course the only person went up to the plate was Harold,

"Sweet!", Harold commented as he took one of the sandwhiches into his hands, "I'm seriously like, starving!", he then took a bite of his sandwhich, only to notice a strange taste as he chewed. Justin and Owen then walked to Geoff to see the rest of this, "This taste is like, wierd. It's like Sweat and Lotion. It's like the worst sandwhich ever unless the nasty pat-", Harold pulled from the sandwhich to pull out a pair of his own underwear which interrupted his eating, "Ew, GROSS!", suddenly Geoff ,Owen, Justin and Sadie all broke into laughter.

"We'll return all your shorts and panties when you admit your guilt dude!", Geoff replied, which made Harold sigh in near-defeat, but he still was not going to admit he did what they are accusing him of.

The Episode then went to Beth, who was walking near the cabin, she gulped at the bees, but then as she took a step towards the cabin, it once more hit her.


Beth - "So I was about to get the Makeup bag Heather, when I remembered, I stood up to Heather last episode to NOT do this anymore! That witch totally scared me into being bossed around again! So you know what, I decided to go back to the Kitchen WITHOUT her makeup back! She doesn't deserve her eyebrows anyway!"


After realizing what she did in the confessional, Beth stormed back to the kitchen without Heather's makeup bag, LeShawna was the first to notice this, of course.

"Hey girl, you don't have Heather's bag with ya."

"She can go on without eyebrows for all I care!", Beth exclaimed, which LeShawna agreed with.

"Mah Girl!", Beth and LeShawna then high-fived eachother at Beth's second stand against Heather. Of course, it was not long before Heather herself came in and saw Beth didn't have her makeup bag with her.

"Where is it, Beth?", Heather asked angrily, Beth was slightly scared, but took a deep breath and was going to take a stance once more.

"Heather, I am not you're little Bitch, and I'm not gonna let you boss me around no matter whether your head chef OR alliance leader!", Beth proclaimed, "You can just go to hell for all I care, actually!", LeShawna herself even smiled at Beth's stance, happy to see her standing up for herself once more. Heather however angrily scowled at this, as the previous episode now seemed to be repeating.

"I got it Heather!", Cody said, coming in with the make-up bag in his hands and no hornet stings, "It was easy actually, the Bees weren't even near the door!"

"Give it!", Heather held out her hand, but when Cody tossed it to her, LeShawna pushed her away and caught it herself. Heather then went to grab it, but LeShawna kept it from her.

"Beth!", LeShawna shouted, throwing it to Beth who also gladly caught it in her hands.

"Gimme!", Heather angrily hissed, only to have Beth throw it to Lindsay. Cody himself became concerned, but didn't intervene. Heather then held out her hand for Lindsay to give her the make-up back,

"In the Fridge!", LeShawna said, opening the door to the cold refriderator of the Kitchen happily. Lindsay looked at her, then Heather who still kept her hands out and even snapped one of her fingers. Heather was silent, however, expecting Lindsay to follow her orders without question. After a few seconds of thought, Lindsay smiled and shrugged and went with LeShawna's idea of throwing the make-up back in the Fridge much to Heather's dismay and misfortune. Both Heather and Cody ran into the fridge, Heather screaming of course. And once in, Heather grabbed her make-up bag, but both her and Cody turned when the sound of the door closing behind them was heard.

"Hey! You can't do this, I'm head chef!", she said as she realized she was trapped in the fridge (along with Cody). Listening in, LeShawna was smiling while Beth and Lindsay had expressions of blankness and listening in.

"Do you think she's mad at us?"

"I WILL DESTROY YOU!", Heather suddenly angrily yelled out, her fists making dents in the metal door of the fridge repeatedly.

"She'll get over it, she needs to chill anyway.", LeShawna added in, backing away from the fridge door.

The Episode then went back to Eva and Owen, with Eva putting in the custard to some of the eclairs.

"I think you're putting in too much custard", Owen nervously pointed out to Eva, which resulted in yet another angry glare from the Bass' unofficial leader.

"Shut up", the girl coldly said back to Owen.

"I am just pointing out, I mean, I know my eclairs!"

"and I know when you need to SHUT UP."

"Okay, shutting up now!", Owen sheepishly smiled at Eva and then lightly farted randomly. Much to Eva's head shaking.


Owen - "Well, I can't really say, but I think Eva could be scarier than Heather! I mean, she certainly gets angrier than she does! But then again, Eva has helped us win quite alot of challenges, so at least she's helpful. Either way, I'm too scared to vote her off! I mean, she'd probably kill us all!"


Eva - "Owen? Owen's just a giant fart machine, I don't really see much use for him to be honest. As long as he doesn't eat all of our food, I'm okay with letting him stay. As for the other people on the team, most of them are pretty much losers other than like a few of 'em. Harold's a little useful, and Geoff and Bridgette can be at times. Sadie and Justin though, I'm starting to notice they aren't doing much at all."


The episode then went to Beth putting down the Tiki Doll on a table that Chris was sitting as part of a decoration, she smiled kindly at Chris.

"Your Meal is coming right up, sir!", Geoff, also standing by the table, then lit candles also near Chris.

"Back in a seck with your food, dude-I mean Sir!", as they walked back into the kitchen, the mysterious figure (still in the shadows with only the teal blue eyes showing along with a woman's figure) was revealed to be hiding under the desk, looking around, it/she had stuck her head out to see into the brightness, but due to Chris sitting at the table she was unable to really move from it, and continued hiding under the table.

Back in the kitchen, the Gophers had finished their flamb'e, pineapple scewers, and ribs, and LeShawna as she sniffed the good food her team had just cooked. With Lindsay, Beth, and Trent standing by her, she turned them with a smile.

"We might win this thing, y'all, come on, let's go out and win!", LeShawna said as she took her and her still in the challenge and not in the fridge. She was unaware that for the Bass, Owen was still in the kitchen, and not only that but he was also eyeing the Gophers food, licking his lips.

In the fridge, Heather was shivering, with Cody sitting right by her, and had her makeup bag in her lap. Visibly angry, she took up a mirror and scribbled on two rather big and horrible looking eyebrows onto her face. Cody however, smiled.

"Ya know Heather, at least we have eachother!"

"Shut up Cody."

"I mean, we could try to, ya now, Warm eachother up?", Cody then moved his eyebrows flirtatiously, "Ah, Ah?", Heather then slapped him very shortly after that. The Camera then went to Owen, who was sneaking over the Gopher's side of the food.

"Okay", he said as he stood right by the Ribs the Gophers worked so hard to make, "The Gophers sure did make you guys look good! Really Good!", he was acting as if the food were people, and that ribs spoke to him all of a sudden, "Oooh? What's that Mr. Ribs? You feel a bit lopsided?", he nervously looked around and then ate one of the ends of the ribs, it's taste was amazing to him, "Oh MAMA, that's good Ribs! Oh now this side looks a little fat!"

As Owen 'took care' of the RIbs the Gophers made, the Episode shifted over to Chris, who had just finished eating a course made by the Bass, after finishing, he gave them a thumbs up.

"You're anti-past passed the test-o! Pass the Pasta please!", Chris was then given the pasta made by the Bass, and using a fork he began eating it, with one bit of it, he smiled and did the touching his lips with fingers and then kissing noise as he put them in the air gesture to show he liked it's taste, "On a scale of one to ten, I have to give it a fifteen!", Bridgette and Sadie both smiled at their Pasta being so good, "How will the Gophers respond?", Chris said as he faced the camera. With Lindsay and Trent holding up leaves and Beth holding the Pinapple slices, LeShawna went to get the food in the kitchen, and saw what was left of the ribs, with the sauce and remains all over the kitchen floors and walls.

"TELL ME, SOMEONE DID NOT EAT, THAT ENTIRE PLATE O' RIBS!", LeShawna yelled out, "WHAT THE HELL KINDA INTERNS THIS SHOW GOT?", she then tossed the plate of what was left of the ribs out of the kitchen (all the meat left on it was a small speck on one of the bones, and by a mircale it hit the wale and flew infront of Chris and LeShawna angrily stormed out, "Look, there ain't barely any meat left on that thing now!"

"Well, these ribs look like, well, they've been eaten!", Chris pointed out in regards to the Ribs.

"Theres a speck left on one of the bones", Trent pointed out. Chris looked over the bone that had the speck Trent mentioned on it, and peeled off the speck of meat spared by Owen's appetite. Chris took a small bite out of it, and chewed, and smiled once he swallowed.

"Well, I've had worse. Two points to the Gophers!", Chris announced, "However, the Bass still lead fifteen to eleven, so it's time for desert!", the episode then cut to Chris biting into the Eclairs made by Owen and Eva. Both looked on, Owen in suspense while Eva couldn't care less. Chris eventually swallowed his bite, however, and made his verdict, and looked at the two, a few seconds in he revealed his thoughts, "Ehhhhhhhhh, Six.", Owen was dissapointed in this, Eva retained her blank look. "The Bass have Twenty-one, so the Gophers need all Ten points just to tie it up!", Lindsay placed the Gopher's desert as Chris said these words, and Chris looked down at it, "And this desert looks like a win!", Chris revealed, much to Lindsay's happiness, but as Chris touched it with his fork it bursted into ashes, much to his surprise.

"Okay, that's not Good!", LeShawna said as she witnessed this. Chris however, decided to take a bite of it anyway, but once he swallowed he started choking on it. as he did so, Owen rushed up to save him.

"Hang on, dude!", Owen then gave Chris the heimlich manuever, which luckily got him to spit out the piece of cake and be saved from near-death. "Yes! Got it!", Owen raised his arms in triumph at saving the life of the host.

"Ewwww!", Beth replied to seeing this happen. Chris then picked up the peice he nearly choked on, and was confused as to what it was.

"What is this anyway?!"

"It was Heather's recipe!", Lindsay said in response, then gasped at mentioning Heather, "Oh my gosh, Heather and Corey are still in the fridge!", the blonde girl then rushed into the kitchen, which led to Chris (with cocked eyebrows) look at LeShawna, Beth, Lindsay, and Trent)

"What? Girl was makin' everyone trip!"

"Oh, I hear that!", suddenly, everyone (Chris and Owen), gasped at the sight of Heather and Cody (along with Lindsay) returning.

"OH THE HORROR!", Owen commented, for Heather and Cody both were turned blue from the coldness of the fridge, and neither looked that happy (Heather far angrier than Cody though), and Heather's new drawn-on eyelashes were big and not near realistic.

"You guys are sssso dead!", Heather said angrily to her team, still shivering from the cold, along with Cody, "Is this challenge over?"

"It is!", Chris said with a smile, "The Bass win twenty-one to twelve, and it's not just cuz I almost died. The ribs like seriously sucked too."

"GREAT!", Heather yelled out in anger, "That's just GREAT! Why do we keep LOSING, people?", she then looked to the table and saw the Tiki Doll on the table and went over to it, "and what is THIS? I did NOT approve of this!", Beth then walked over to the table herself, picking the doll up in her hands.

"I brought back as a souvenir from when we went to the other show's Island!", Beth suddenly revealed.

"What?", Heather angrily replied, the other Gophers also seemed surprised by this turn of events.

"You mean Boney Island? The Deadliest Island in Moskoka? The Island Reality TV is taking place on? The Island that I specifically said NOT to take anything from or else you'd be cursed?", Chris explained to Beth, clearly shocked by this himself.

"Yeah.", Beth replied nervously, having had missed his warnings about Boney Island that episode, "I didn't know, I'll put it back!", she then ran off-screen, allowing Chris to smile again and return to hosting the show.

"Well, the Bass will now be in the lead with Seven members with the Gophers soon to be Six, and for the winners, you all will get a Five Star dinner under the stars!", upon Chris revealing that the remaining Bass members (even Eva) cheered happily. Owen even patted Eva on the shoulder and smiled, but only to stop once Eva angrily growled at him.

The Episode then cut to the Gopher cabin, with LeShawna, Duncan (with ice-pack for his head), and Trent sitting outside of it.

"Okay y'all, I say we vote off that Biatch Heather!", LeShawna said firmly.

"Yeah, but you know what Chris said about that curse, and Beth brought that tiki back with her.", Duncan added in, "So I say she goes."

"True", LeShawna replied, then put her hands as if she were praying, "Dear Curse, if you gon' hit one of us next, make it Heather, and if possible, hit her right upside her bitchy-ass Head!", the scene then cut to Heather, Lindsay, and Cody sitting together in one of the bedrooms. Heather was making herself more nice looking eyebrows, while Lindsay was sitting on the bed next to Cody. Heather and Cody were no longer blue nor shivering.

"You know Lindsay", Heather began, finishing up her eyebrows, "I could convince the team to vote you off tonight, you were a MAJOR traitor", before Lindsay or Cody could speak, Heather (using her hand to jeep Lindsay from talking while Cody automatically didn't speak) continued however, "But, you did let me and Cody out of the fridge, so I will give you one more chance IF you vote with me tonight.", Lindsay nodded, "There! See? All Better!", Heather then walked away with Cody following her, but seconds later Heather came back into view to continue speaking with Lindsay, "Oh, and if you ever team up with LeShawna against me again, I will cut off all of you hair while you sleep!", Lindsay then worriedly looked at her hair, putting her hands up onto it.


Heather - "Today's vote was quite hard, but only because SO many annoying people are on this team to pick from!"


Lindsay - She is clearly laughing, "I can't believe we locked Heather in the fridge! That was so cool!", suddenly she remembered she was on air and looked to the camera, "She won't ever see this right?"


Heather - "LeShawna is a royal pain in the butt, and Beth could have gotten us Cursed with her little wierd tiki thingy!"


Lindsay - "Her eyebrows looked SO bad! To be honest I'd kinda like to vote Heather off, but-"


Heather - "I vote for Beth!"


Cody - "Heather voted for Beth, so I will go with her! Beth, sorry to say this, you're a good friend and all, Heather comes first in my books!"


Following those confessionals, Chris was once more infront of the Gophers as the ceremony was now going on, holding the Plate of Marshmallows in his hand Chris was ready to reveal who had now been eliminated from Total Drama Island. Heather was angrily looking at a worried Beth, and then turned to an also angry LeShawna as the other members other team just waited for Chris to give out the Marshmallows.

"Well, Seven Gophers, but only Six marshmallows. So, good luck. When I call your name, come up and get your marshmallow. LeShawna.", LeShawna then got up and happily walked over to her marshmallow and then sat back down, "Cody!", Cody did the same as LeShawna, "Duncan!", he followed after what Cody and LeShawna did, "Trent!", who also got up to get his safety and then sit back down, him and Duncan smiled over both of them being safe, "Lindsay!", Lindsay then happily walked up to get her marshmallow and also sat back down like the rest. Heather glared at her as it was now her and Beth in the bottom two. "Heather, Beth. Down to you two.", Cody showed clear concern with this, worried that Heather was going to leave, but he kept quiet, "Whoever doesn't get this final marshmallow MUST report to the dock of shame and catch the boat of losers home. So, who's it gonna be?", Chris then paused, to allow the tension to grow. Heather glared at both Beth and the marshmallow while Beth crossed her fingers and shook as she hoped she would be safe. As the music played and Chris remained silent, tension grew and grew until he finally revealed who was safe of the Bottom Two, "The Final Marshmallow goes to..............", well, okay he let the tension continue to build up but after this he finally revealed it, "Heather.", Beth sighed of dissappointment while Heather sighed of relief, and then looked over to Beth.

"You heard him, Boat of Losers, that way! You really shouldn't have stolen that doll from the Island!", Heather teased Beth. The not so beautiful girl sighed, and started her walk to the boat of losers at the end of the Dock of Shame.

"Aw man!", she said as she sood from the stump, and with her head down she continued her Elimination.

"See ya, Girl!", LeShawna said with frown for Beth leaving, waving one hand at her to say goodbye, and show that she was a friend.

"Well, that's it for tonight!", Chris announced, "and you might wanna come up with some sage and get rid of any lingering parts of the curse!"

"Cool! Will Chef give us some sage?", LeShawna asked, hoping for a yes.

"Nope!", Chris quickly answered, "So, Good luck with that!", he then walked away. The Episode then showed a wolf howling, followed by a small squirrel (blue) walking around in the forest before it went into the Bass cabin, where Harold was sleeping on his bed. Within moments, his bed was liften up by Justin, Owen, and Geoff and carried out of the cabin. The following morning, Harold was out right at the dock, still asleep. He woke up to the sound of all the remaining girls (Sadie, Bridgette, Heather, Eva, LeShawna, and Lindsay) laughing. Once he got up, from his bed, he saw that the girls were in the lake and he was on the dock. He was surprised to see them, and also embrassed.

"Good Morning, Harold!", several of them (Sadie, LeShawna, Bridgette, and Lindsay) said in unison, and Harold soon looked down to see that he was completely naked (blurred out of by editing on viewing of course) infront of them, he gasped immediately upon this discovery and used a pillow to try and cover himself. From a distance, Justin, Owen, and Geoff were canoing.

"Learned your Listen yet?" Geoff asked as he and his two partners in crime came in with their canoe.

"Yes! Okay! Yes!", Harold cried out, exteremly humiliated by this.

"Oh, we are gonna more than that, man!", Geoff added in.

"I'll never leave my crusty underwear on the cabin floor again! I swear!", after a shrug, the guys agreed they believed him and tossed him a bag of clothes as they laughed and canoed away. Harold hurriedly ran from the Dock back to the cabin, and the episode faded out on that.

Who can you Trust?

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Chris began once more on the Dock of shame to begin the recap of the previous installment of the show, "things really got cooking between the campers. Heather pushed Leshawna too far in the cook-off challenge, and ended up, one chilly momma with Cody as her chilly daddy!. Beth had a hard day and ended up telling off Heather AGAIN, Geoff led the Killer Bass to victory, and the Screaming Gophers got to the bottom of their losing streak. It was bye-bye, Beth. Have the Gophers broken the curse? And just how much trust do they have in one other? Find out, this week, on Total Drama Island!"

As before, after the intro the episode opened up to the campers, who were in the Mess Hall lodge eating breakfast. Chef was dropping something from a spoon onto a plate for one camper,

"Today's Breakfast", Chef started to announce, "Is Hawaiian-Italian Fusion Cassarole!", he then handed the plate to Trent, who was not really happy with the meal at all of course.

"You mean the leftovers from the cooking challenge?"

"Yeah that's right! You got a problem with that?", Chef then yelled, sounding much like a Drill Sergeant all of a sudden.

"Uhh, No sir!", Trent replied nervously including a Salute to top it all off. Chef saluted back, and Trent then sat down at the Gopher's table. There, Heather had a blanket around her and was sneezing, having a cold from being locked in the fridge in the previous episode. As LeShawna sat down, she smiled at seeing this.

"So Heather, learn some respect yet?"

"Ha", Heather replied, her voice sounded sickly as well, "You really think you can lock me in a freezer and get away with it? I will make you regret the day you met me!"

"Girl, it is way too late for that!"

"You are such a, a, a, achoo!", Heather sneezed, and no she didn't get any better or worse, "Ugh, I hate this place!"

The cameras then went to outside, with Cody just walking out of the Medical tent, now fully back to full health as if he was never even mauled by the bear to begin with. He was happily walking out of the tent, a smile on his face, and heading for the main lodge when he heard what sounded like a small whine coming from the bushes. He was startled and looked in it's direction.

"What's that noise?", Cody said, before he looked into the bushes, "Hey, uhh, anyone....oh...", Cody then saw what it was, a tiny squirrel (the blue one) was injured, and whimpering with it's injuries which appeared to be on the leg, "Hey, Hey, Hey, it's okay!", Cody said as he picked the Squirrel up, it didn't bite him instead it only looked with a sad face up at him, "It'll be okay, I'll keep ya safe while you recover! Come on, wanna go get breakfast?", the Squirrel did classic squirrel noises as it nodded it's head, "Then let's go, little buddy!", soon enough, the scene jumped to Cody sitting with the Squirrel on his shoulder and his plate infront of him, Cody actually let the Squirrel eat the food first, then ate it himself.

"Cody, what is that thing?", Heather asked, still sick from her cold.

"My new pet, I found him injured in the forest. Can I please keep him, Heather? I promise I won't let him do anything to hurt you!", the Squirrel and Cody both gave Heather adorable 'puppy eyes', and Heather's glare continued, but despite her normal cruelty, she decided to let Cody keep the Squirrel.

"Fine, you can keep the damn Squirrel.", Heather replied.

"Ya hear that Buddy? I get to keep you! By the way, we need to get you a name!", once Cody said that the Cameras once more went over to the Bass side, this time to Sadie and Bridgette. Sadie was glaring at Eva angrily once more, and then turned to Bridgette.

"Okay Bridge, I say we make SURE Eva leaves this time around!"

"You still want to get her off? I mean, theres not much point to it!"

"Bridgette, I formed this Alliance with you to get Eva off for Katie, and I'm not about to let Katie down!"

"But, do you know if Katie would want you doing this?"

"She would! I know she would do it for me if it was me instead of her, and I'm not going to stop until Eva is gone! Now, are you in or are you out?", Bridgette sighed with a frown in response,

"I'm in."

"Okay, now I say we should get Heather's help!"

"What?!", Bridgette then stopped Sadie from standing up right that second, "Heather? Sadie, are you insane? She has her own Alliance, and I'm sure she wouldn't want another one on the Island!"

"It's the only shot we have!"

"Yeah, but it will get us both Eliminated for sure! Look, we should try to get Eva off WITHOUT Heather's help, heck maybe she'll get her off for us so we won't have to do anything!"

"Fine!", Sadie pouted, "But if things get too hard, I'm going for Heather!", as Sadie and Bridgette both were once more seated, Bridgette rolled her eyes. Suddenly, the Episode shifted to show Chris walking through the early morning woods, and when he stopped he faced the camera.

"Hi, Chris here, sometimes teams just don't get along. So the Producers and I thought that the best way to work through the group friction would be", Chris then smiled his classic smirk, "To exploit it for laughs!", he then showed great enjoyment in imagining the drama that would unfold today, "This is gonna be awesome!", the Episode then moved to show the moment when the teams were assembled on the Docks together, separated by teams. Cody had the Squirrel still on his shoulder, Heather was no longer sick for some reason, and Chris was standing infront of them, about to announce the challenge of the day, "So, last week's challenge exposed a few Gopher issues", Heather and LeShawna angrily glared at eachother as he said that, "and I'm sensing something funky floating in the bass pond too", Sadie and Bridgette looked around nervously, feeling that Chris was talking of their secret alliance against Eva, "So, this weeks challenge, is centered around building trust. Because all good things begin with a little trust!"


Heather - "Well, Gwen trusted me once, and I got her off of the game in the same episode, oh and let's not forget Beth who was the last one to leave!", she is of course smiling at the memories of the two eliminations she caused previously.


The episode went back to Chris explaining the challenge, of course,

"There are Three major challenges, that will HAVE to be completed by two or more members of your team. Normally, we would let the campers choose your partners, but this time we decided differently! Which means more fun for mee!", the episode then went to the campers and Chris standing by a cliff (not the one seen in the first episode, a smaller one), "Okay, so the first challenge is a free-hand rock climbing adventure! Okay, so Justin and Harold will play for the Bass, and Heather and LeShawna will play for the Gophers!", at the sound of that, Heather and LeShawna once more angrily glared at eachother, "Heres your ropes and harnesses!", he then tossed the climbing equipment at the four campers that were competiting in the first challenge, with Heather catching it for her team, and Harold for his.

"Oh Hell no!", LeShawna replied, "No way are YOU havin' ME like that, honey, Uh-uh!"

"Sorry, but I DID get it first, LeShawna!", Heather replied with a smirk.

"So what? That automatically means you own it or somethin? I don't see your name on it or anything!"

"Well, I still got it first, besides, this challenge is about building trust! But, I guess you don't trust me!", Heather replied. LeShawna wanted to beat her up right there, but restrained her temper.

"Oooh I can't stand that little bitch!", LeShawna mumbled a she had to face that she was going to have trust Heather not to hurt her in this challenge.

"Actually LeShawna", Chris began to explain, "She won't be holding you up exactly, "One camper pulls the slack through the Balet as their partner climbs, if the climber falls, the Balet will stop them from crashing! The Catch? Both the side and the base of the mountain are rigged with a few minor distractions like Rusy Nails, slippery oil slick, mild explosives and a few other surprises."

"Wicked!", Harold commented, with his other Bas members having blank or semi-concerned looks.

"The person on balet must ALSO harness their partner up! It's All about trust people, and remember! Never let go of the rope! Your partners life depends on it!"

"Well, then you might wanna switch me or Heather cuz one of us is gon' die!", LeShawna replied, her and Heather still glaring at eachother angrily.

"Oh please, as much as I "love" your company, I wouldn't throw a challenge just to kill you, yet.", suddenly everyone on the team had a surprised look when Heather said that, save LeShawna was still in an angry glare.

"I was talkin' about both of us", she explained.

"Just spread 'em", Heather then replied, LeShawna rolled her eyes, and did allow Heather to put the Harness and Ropes on her, amazingly. With the Bass, Harold was finishing putting the Equipment on the still silent Justin.

"Don't worry, Justin, I will not harm you at all, you can completely trust me with this, dude!", Harold said to assure Justin that no harm would come to him, but Justin remained silent ,rolling his eyes at Harold and not really saying anything. "Okay, all set up!", Harold announced as he finally completed setting up the Equipment on Justins' body.

"So Uh, Bridge", Geoff said to start conversation with Bridgette, "What you think of this challenge?"

"Well, I think it's dangerous as the others, but, I do kinda thing these could use a bit more trust."

"Yeah", Geoff laughed, "I agree.", the two then smiled at eachother, having their little friendly moment together once again.

Back with the Gophers, Heather had finished setting LeShawna's harness and rope, but added a second rope, which concerned LeShawna.

"Hold Up Hold Up Hold the Hell up, what in the hell is the second rope for?", LeShawna asked, still angry towards her enemy.

"It's just a backup line!", Heather explained with a sinister look to her face,

"Why's that smirk on your face?"

"Nothing! I'm just really happy we're together in this challenge!", LeShawna angrily looked at Heather with no belief at all in what she was saying, and this went on until it cut to the confessional:


Heather - "It's all her fault for messing with me, because I've got a doctorate in revenge and humiliation."


Following the confessional, it came to the moment where LeShawna was climbing up, have had reached the rusty nails part of the cliff. Her and Justin both were carefully climbing up the cliff, both determined to win the challenge for their respective teams. Soon Enough, LeShawna made it further than DJ when an explosive went off near them, and another soon exploded right in her face sending her screaming and falling down. Surprisingly, Heather actually stopped LeShawna from falling to the ground.

"It's okay, I got you!"

"I promised, surprises! Habanera hot sauce anyone?", Chris said with his evil smirk, holding up a water gun filled with Hot Sauce instead of water. He then took aim and fired it first right at Heather, who of course was not happy to be covered in hot sauce.

"ugh, what he heck, Chris?", she angrily replied. As she used both hands to rub her eyes, she let go of the rope and LeShawna naturally came falling down to the ground, but did live.

"Muy calienté!", Chris replied to his own handiwork, and then fired the Hot sauce right at Harold, who managed to dodge it completely without dropping Justin.

"Is that the best you can do?", Harold asked in response to Chris' failure to hit him with the hot sauce.

"Is that the best we can do?", Chris asked to the camera man, and the view then went back to Justin and LeShawna climbing the mountain, with LeShawna falling behind. However, Justin nearly slipped and then hesitated to continue climbing, which allowed LeShawna to once more gain the lead.

"Come on, LeShawna, you wouldn't want to fall, behind!", Heather said with a smirk on her face, pulling the other rope. This rope pulled LeShawna's shorts straight off, and it managed to shock Justin completely, making him gasp from the shock of this.

"GAH!", LeShawna yelped upon noticing what Heather had done, her panties were now revealed to the entire viewing world.

"That Booty!", Harold exclaimed at the sight of LeShawna's rear end, even having a smile on his face.

" don't see that everyday!", Duncan pointed out.

"No, No you don't my man. No you don't", Chris added in with agreement. Justin however, taking off LeShawna's shorts which fell onto his face, was in full shock and even screamed in terror, falling straight from the mountain. Harold was too mesmorized with LeShawna's booty to do anything, and in his smiling (and possibly) drooling, let go of the robe, which tied around his foot and had him flung into the air heading towards Justin. The two stopped at one main point though, banging into eachother and then dangling there.

"GOSH!", Harold exclaimed once he and Justin were dangling and done with their flying into the air. LeShawna, angry at Heather, looked down at the two, but then put her shorts in her mouth and continued climbing. With determination, she managed to make it to the top of the mountain, and once there she lifted her shorts up into the air in victory.

"The Gophers have won the first challenge!", Chris announced happily, much to the happiness of the Screaming Gopher team.

"Yeah! I won!", she yelled out, then she remembered she didn't have shorts on and used them to hide her panties, still embarassed (and already likely thinking of how to get back at Heather for this). The next scene was in the mess hall, which now had a podium set up in it, in the middle of the tables, along with stagelights and other effects for Chris' own entrance. Cody (with the Squirrel still on his shoulder) and Lindsay rose from the floor on one said with Geoff and Bridgette rising on the other, after this came the intern (The one previously seen in Paintball Deer Hunter) came in flying in ball form as Chris' stunt double, landing behind the podium as Chris rose up acting like it was him. The intern crawled away as Chris would then begin explaining the second challenge of the episode.

"And now round two! The, Extreme, cooking, challenge!", he called out. The four campers though were actually paying more attention to the crawling away intern as he left the room more than Chris who was explaining the challenge. "Each team chooses who cooks, and who eats!"

"Well, I was head Chef last time, so, why don't you do the cooking this time?", Geoff suggested to Bridgette, who nodded in agreement.

"Oooh Oooh! Coby, I'll be the cook!", Lindsay said to Cody, "and by the way, you're new friend is so cute!", the Squirrel made it's squeeks in bashfulness, showing he was flattered with Lindsay's compliment.


Cody - "Okay, so Lindsay's not really the smartest camper here, but then I again I don't know how to cook either and she is nice. I mean, how much harm could she really do?"


After the confessiona, it went back to Chris going more in-depth on the challenge:

"Today's dish will be fugu sashimi, the traditional Japanese poisonous blowfish!", a gong was then banged. The Squirrel and Cody both became highly worried, as Lindsay clapped excitedly. Chris then, on a projector board with a diagram of the blowfish, explained how the fish worked biologically, "The fugu blowfish has enough lethal toxins to kill thirty people", Chef then knocked on the fish tank with a net, then with his hands held them out of the water,

"Fishies, meet your maker!", Chef said with a sadistic look on his face, tossing them to both tables.

"Ah!", Lindsay said with a smile as her fish landed on her table, with Bridgette and Geoff being silent when theirs did. Chris then turned his attention back to the diagram.

"They must be sliced very carefully to cut around the poisonous organs. The poison paralyzes the nerves, and there is no antidote. So, no worries!", all of the competitors in the challenge (save Lindsay who poked at her fish) became quite concerned after this part was revealed. Cody, very concerned, then turned to Lindsay.

"Lindsay, you HAVE taken Biology, right?", Lindsay replied by nodding her head, "Okay then, good!", right afterwards Lindsay poked her fish enough to make it's air pop out and make it fly across the room, even flying out of the window. Both Lindsay and Cody just looked on with no comment to it, just was just as Chris said 'begin!' to announce the challenge had begun.

The Episode then cut to when they had fully cooked their fish. Bridgette had cut the fish into many piles of sushi, even placing a small leaf ontop, she sighed of relief at finishing this so safely and nicely.

"Finished!", she announced with a smile on her face. Cody, Cody's Squirrel, and Lindsay looked on, and then Lindsay took out her plate. It was poorly put together, resmeble mush with some of the fishes full parts still visible. The blonde nervously put ketchup on it in the shape of a smiley face as Bridgette handed her fish to Geoff for eating. Nervously, Geoff prepared to eat it, and Chris and Chef both eagerly awaited this moment. Once Geoff put it in his mouth and began chewing, he managed to swallow without any harm done to him at all. After a few moments, he smiled at being completely safe.

"Excellence, no poision!", Geoff announced. Cody's Squirrel was a bit dissapointed, and then looked at Lindsay's dish with his own form of worry and disgust as Lindsay moved her plate to Cody.

"Ta-Da!", Lindsay cheerfully said with a smile on her face. Cody, still unsure, took a chunk onto his fork, and then as his Squirrel jumped off of his shoulder and onto the table, he took a bite of the fish. Once he swalled however, it showed that Lindsay didn't really do much of a good job, as after a few twitches Cody strangely punched himself three times in the face, and then screamed randomly. Though, after a life, Lindsay smiled believing this was just an act. Though, this was proven false when Cody became sick and fell to the ground. Even Geoff and Bridgette shocked surprise at this, and as Cody got up, he was turning blue and sounding sick himself.

"I thought you passed biology!", Cody said, struggling to get up.

"I took biology.", Lindsay replied, as Cody once more fell to the ground. Once on the ground, puke seemed to be coming from his mouth and his body was twitching.

The Squirrel, Geoff, Bridgette, and Lindsay just looked down at him in surprise and somewhat disgust, and Chris soon joined in.

"It's cool.", Chris explained, "Give him 24 hours, and he'll be up walking and breathing good as new", Chris then walked away from the campers that took part in the challenge.

"Wait!", Bridgette exclaimed, "Isn't someone going to come and help him?"

After she said that, Chef (in a nurse costume), came over to Cody to give him CPR. Of course, Cody was unable to really respond to this but he likely didn't really like it.

The Episode then went to Geoff and Bridgette following their challenge, who were running across the dock in their swimsuits, obviously prepared for a swim.

"Last one in's a rotten blowfish!", Geoff yelled out (jokingly) as he and Bridgette ran, when out of nowhere and for no reason one of the Dock's boards came up and smacked him square in the face and knocked him to the ground. "Ow!"

"Are you alright?", Bridgette asked, worried as she did witness this completely.

"Yeah, I'm fine.", Geoff replied as he got up, rubbing his head in pain, "Just a little hit is all.", suddenly another one of the floor boards came up from behind and smacked him again, followed by one coming up and sending him into the air, then another one coming up to smack him into the lake like a baseball bat almost. Geoff managed to resurface right near the dock,

"Okay, what the heck just happened?"

"I don't know, maybe the floor boards just don't like you?"

"Yeah, probably."

"I don't know why they wouldn't like you though, you were quite brave to eat that blowfish, you know."

"It was no biggie. I knew I could trust you! You're cool!", Geoff said with a smile, and Bridgette smiled back. This was right before one of the floorboards sent her flying into the water with Geoff. Once she resurfaced, the two briefly were confused, but then looked at eachother with smiles, and then laughed at the situation. Soon, the scene shifted to reveal that Cody's Squirrel was the cause of the floorboards moving up and down, as he came out from underneath them, and then ran away from the docks.

The scene then went to Cody in the medical tent, still showing the symptoms from the poison. Nurse Chef walked to him keeping a sadistic look, and held up a needle in his hands.

"This won't hurt a bit", Chef said with his sadistic smirk, "It'll hurt a whole lot!", as Chef squirted the needle, the Episode then went to showing the campers once more assembled with Chris, save Cody who was still in the Medical tent, ready for the final part of their challenge.

"Good News! The Next Challenge is made of three other challanges! It's the three blind challenges!", Chris explained, "First is the blind William Tell, followed by the Blind Trapeze, and that's followed by and finished by the Dreaded and Treacherous Blind Tobagon!", right there, Cody's Squirrel appeared, right at Heather's feet, and it actuallly payed attention to Chris itself, and then made a rather mischeivous laughter, looking at the members of the opposing team. Chris then immediately started the demonstration of the first of the three blind challenges by seeting an arrow ontop of Harold's head. "Like legendary Marksman william tell, you'll be knocking arrows off your partners head, with crab apples!", Chris had his own classic sadistic smile on his face.

"Uh, Dude, that does not make any sense at all!", LeShawna pointed out, but Chris ignored this remark.

"Also, the shooter will be blindfolded!", Chris revealed which made most of the campers (exceptions being Eva) gasp, and Chris himself now had a blindfold. The Bass, even Eva, did backup from Geoff though, "The person who knocks off the crab apple without causing the least amount of facial damage wins!", Chris then shot his apple at where Geoff's direction was, and at a high velocity it managed to smack Geoff right in the groin, causing much pain.

"Oooohhh!", Geoff responded in pain, falling to the ground.

"Ah, Nuts!", Chris replied, now lifting up his blindfold to see again, "Duncan and Trent you'll be one team, Eva and Sadie you'll be the other.", of course Bridgette now became nervous, and Sadie finally made yet another one her evil glares.

"Ooooh, Eva, I'll be the one shooting! I'm a VERY Good shot!", Sadie said with her evil glare showing, but Eva payed no attention to this at all.

"Whatever, just don't piss me off.", Eva said sternly, in response to Sadie's request to be the shooter.

"I'll be the one shooting.", Duncan said, in regards to him and Trent being team-mates in this challenge.

"Why can't I be the shooter?", Trent was a bit worried for his safety himself, and Duncan smirked at this reply himself too.

"Oh please Trent, it won't be last time I shoot at you.", the Deliquent said with a slight chuckle. Trent stared confused at this, but ended up having the arrow placed on his head along with Eva anyway.

"Okay!", Chris announced, "Let's Rock and Roll!", the Challenge was then underwway (Eva and Trent now had on the sunglasses from Paintball Deer Hunter on and Duncan and Sadie were both blindfolded). Both slingshotted their apples towards where there Targets were, though Sadie misfired on purpose, of course.

The first shot shown to land was Sadie's which bursted at Eva's feet without even hurting her at all, while Trent was hit in the shoulder and was somewhat hurt, then Eva was struck in the stomach and still not hurt, with Trent being struck there and hurt a bit. The next few shots from Sadie (like four) hit Eva repeatedly, but each one didn't seem to hurt at all, while Trent was hit and hurt repeatedly by Duncan, until finally the Duncan managed to miraculously land the shot that went onto the arrow Trent had on his head, winning the challenge for the Gophers.

"Well, Trent, I told ya!", Duncan said with a smile, but Trent fainted from being hit so many times, though regardless the Gophers still won that challenge. Eva growled at this, angry at her team losing.

"I've got her this time!", Sadie replied, ready to fire her next apple.

"Duncan won, already Sadie!", Chris exclaimed, but couldn't stop Sadie from firing her apple at Eva, only to have Eva smack it to the ground and stomp on it in anger. As Sadie lifted up her blindfold, the saw the scene of Eva angrily screaming and snapping her Arrow in two with quite ease. Sadie continued smiling at this, as Eva then literally punched yet another tree straight to the ground.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!", she screamed in complete and total rage. Soon the episode cut away from this and showed the teams (except Cody and Trent) assembled at a small pool above a trapeze set up.

"Now, for our second challenge! The Blind Trapeze!", Chris announced with his smile on his face. Cody's Squirrel, going un-noticed, was ontop of the trapeze, and had his own sadistic smile on, looking down at Chris and the Campers. "To avoid injury, this trapeze has been set up over this pond", Chris explained, "Which is full of jellyfish!", the campers (except Eva), then all gasped at this. "You two will put on these blindfolds and stand on the platforms until your partners tell you when to jump!", Chris then handed blindfolds to Bridgette, while Heather swiped hers from his hand.

"And then?", Heather asked.

"Then", Chris answered, "hopefully they'll catch you! Or that's gonna be one heck of a painful swim!", Chris then laughed, "Okay! Huthut!"

For the Trapeze challenge, Heather was given Lindsay as a partney, and Bridgette was to trust the mostly silent Justin. Justin was already hanging from his trapeze, and Geoff was of course the one most nervous about this event, since Justin was known for not speaking much at all.


Geoff - "Okay, so Bridgette was paired with Justin, and my thoughts were like, Justin's cool and all, but he doesn't really speak much, dude! Like, at all! I mean, he speaks a bit off-screen but it's not even that much, so I was like hopin' he would say somethin so my Bridge wouldn't get hurt!"


It then went back to the challenge, and as Justin swung from the trapeze, he actually took a deep breath and in a shocking twist, actually spoke:

"Bridgette, jump!",he suddenly said. Everyone, even Eva and Chris gasped in surprise that Justin had finally spoken during a challenge, "Now!"

Bridgette, nervous, hesitated to jump, and instead hugged a pole instead.

"Come on Bridgette, you can trust me!", Justin assured, "I'm a model!"

"Okay, next time I promise!", Bridgette replied back to the now suddenly speaking Justin, with everyone still in shock at him speaking except Bridgette to even reply.

"1....2....3...NOW!", Justin once more called out. Bridgette then jumped, and sucessfuly was caught by the Model, however they were unaware that Codt's Squirrel somehow got a knife, and as he dangled from the poles above he cut the rope that Justin and Bridgette were both on, and sent them screaming into the jellyfish below. Everyone gasped in surprise as the two were electrocuted by the jellyfish, and also winced in pain for them too.

"Well, that's gonna be kinda painful!", Chris exclaimed, "Arlight Gophers, you're turn!", as he said that the Squirrel could be seen climbing down from the Trapeze set-up, still with nobody spotting it at all.

"Okay!", Lindsay said as she swung, and Bridgette and Justin left the pit covered in jellyfish, "1.....2....3...jump!", suddenly she stopped herself, "No not yet!", however Heather already prepared to jump, and like Bridgette and Justin fell directly into the Jellyfish pool, much to her dismay. Once more, as she was electrocuted everyone looked on in surprise and winced, but LeShawna soon smiled.


LeShawna - "Ha, I guess my question to the curse came true!", she then gave a thumbs up to the sky, smiling.


"Well....looks like it's neither team that wins!", Chris exclaimed following the confessional, "Let's go on to the final challenge!"

Before the episode revealed the second challenge, however, it went to show Heather, Bridgette, and Justin, walking (each with one jellyfish on them, Justin over his mouth, Bridgette on her leg, and Heather on her head) into the medical tent. Heather was the only one that was vocal.

"I can't believe I trusted that lttle", she was then shocked by the jellyfish, "Ow!", "Frickin' stinging jellyfish!", she then walked into the tent, being shocked again though, "Ow!", she along with the other two with her then took her seat in the tent, of course miserable with the Jellyfish on her. Suddenly, Trent awoke from being knocked out.

"W-where am I?"

"You're in the infirmary.", Bridgette explained, then she too got shocked by her jellyfish.

"Got anything for removing Jellyfish?", Heather asked once Nurse Chef (who was holding food/soup of some kind to the still knocked out Cody) was in the room. Chef silently nodded, and Heather gave a thumbs up before lying onto the roller she sat on.

The episode then cut to the remaining campers in the challenge (LeShawna, Lindsay, Duncan, Eva, Sadie, Harold, Owen, and Geoff) as they were now assembled for the final challenge of the day.

"Now for the final challenge, the Blind tobagon!", Chris announced, keeping his Sadistic smile.

"The Say what?", LeShawna replied, pretty surprised by the challenge Chris just revealed.

"Each team will have a driver and a navigator.", Chris began to explain, "The Driver steers while the Navigator shouts directions. Oh yeah, and the Driver's blindfolded.", at this part everyone except Eva and Sadie gasped, since Sadie had a plan for this part.


Sadie - "Okay! So hopefully he pairs me with Eva, so that I can steer in the wrong direction and then I can tell the team that she purposely went against my directions!"


Following the Confessional, it went back to Chris speaking to the remaining campers,

"Not many of you left, I keep losing you guys"!, Chris laughed, "Oh well! Uh, Lindsay and LeShawna for the Gophers and Eva and Owen for the Bass!"


Sadie - "DAMNIT!"


Following Sadie's last confessional for the episode, the camera then showed the campers not competitng in the final challenge (that weren't in the infirmary) and moved up to show the four that were on the top of the cliff of the island.

"Okay Eva, don't worry!", Owen said with an optimisitc laugh.

"Why would I worry? I'm not the one Driving!", Eva replied, in a rather mean fashion too, "GOT IT?"

"Uh, yes ma'am!", Owen replied nervously ,scared of Eva's anger.


"So, Uh, Lindsay", LeShawna nervously said to the Blonde Girl known for not being that bright and that just (unintentionally) got Heather electrocuted, "You won't screw me over, right?"

"Uh-uh!", Lindsay replied, shaking her heads, "Why would I?"

"Oh, I was just askin', girl.!", LeShawna replied with a smile, though she then showed signs of being unsure about Lindsay being her partner in this. Meanwhile, on the cliff's slope, Cody's Squirrel knocked on the ground, and soon enough a priarie dog popped up from the ground, the two animals shared some form of chat with eachother (in their language), and then the praire dog allowed Cody's Squirrel to actually go into it's hole for reasons that would likely later come up. After that, it went back to the four competiting.

"Alright, so when does this thing start?!", Eva yelled out, which brought all of them to look at Chef, who was applying lubrication to the sleds they were going to sliding down on.

"Just's lubin' them up, get a little more speed goin'", Chef then once more showed his Sadistic face, which made the campers feel a bit uneasy. It then cut to when Chef was finished, and the four campers were seated on their respective tobagans.

"Alright! On your marks, get set", Chris then honked a horn, and he lightly kicked the Bass' Owen and Eva down while Chef did it to Lindsay and LeShawna of the Gophers. The four then finally began sliding down the cliff, as the challenge had them do.

"Right!", Lindsay told LeShawna, "Right again!"

"AVOID THE TREE! LEFT!", Eva yelled out, to which Owen complied, and she meant a Tree that was bent as some form of a slant. Of course, Lindsay and LeShawna were now shown heading right for it.

"Go right, no Left, urr, right!", Lindsay replied confused, "No, Right then Left!", LeShawna complied with this, and this led to her to turn but quickly land onto the tree and fly into the air. Cody's Squirrel popped from a hole in the ground near the tree, and facepalmed, followed by Witnessing Eva and Owen nearing the finish-line, along with the mysterious figure from the previous episoes also there, happy at seeing the gophers about win, as a smile and wincing eyes could be seen. The Squirrel didn't pay attention to the figure though, and instead, determined, went under the ground, rushing for the direction of the finish line.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", Lindsay screamed in terror.

"What? We're justin flyn' now!", LeShawna exclaimed, and her and Lindsay soon landed on a river, where they were drifting towards a waterfall. Of course, when they fell from it, Lindsay screamed and then the tabagon landed on a piece of tree at the waterfall's bottom, launching them into the air once more.

The episode then went back to Eva and Owen, who were still sliding down the cliff.

"LEFT!", Eva yelled out, "RIGHT!", Owen steered in both directions as she ordered it, "RIGHT, LEFT, THEN RIGHT, THEN GET MORE SPEED!", Owen once more complied, but didn't know how to get more speed.

"How do I do the last part?"


"Oh, okay!", Owen then tried his hardest, "You may want to cover your nose.", Eva of course did this, but just as Owen let loose one of the biggest farts ever, Cody's Squirrel put spikes up in the ground, just at enough distance up that they would break through the tabogan, which they did. As soon as Eva and Owen went over them, Owen's fart sent Eva flying backwards up the cliff and Owen flying towards the finish line as the wooden sled itself was torn apart by the spikes. The Bass gasped at this, except Sadie who enjoyed seeing this, and the Gopher's Duncan was just looking around to see where LeShawna and Lindsay were. Owen then began bouncing up and down down the cliff, when suddenly an explosion sent him in one direction, into another explosion.

"What the heck?!", Eva shouted, confused at seeing the explosions going on. The view then went over to Chris, holding a switch for the Explosives, as he pulled it again.

"We had a few explosives left over, and I just hate to waste.", he then pulled it again, causing another explosion, just as LeShawna and Lindsay fell from the sky. The Explosion sent both of them, with Lindsay screaming, back into the air, and the sled then faced the surface of the Earth, and Lindsay screamed in even more terror. More and more explosions were set off, as Cody's Squirrel, at the finish line, popped out of the ground and shook hands with the priarie dog and then went over to be by Duncan as the other animal went back into the ground. Soon, just as Owen reached the finish line much to the Bass' cheers, LeShawna and Lindsay dropped straight on the finish line, breaking it. Eva then arrived, running down to the bottom of the cliff. The Bass sighed in response, dissapointed their team had lost. Eva however, grew angry, once more puncing a hole straight through one of the Island's trees. As the Gopher's rejoiced in celebration, including Cody's Squirrel (now sitting upon Lindsay's shoulders), Trent himself then walked onto the scene as Chris arrived with Chef as well.

"Well, looks like the Gophers win their first challenge in quite a while!", Chris pointed out with a smile. Noticably, the unknown figure was shown to be upset with this, before going back to hiding in the woods, "This means that the Bass will soon be equal with Six to the Gophers, so, yeah. Choose you're eliminated camper wisely!", Sadie made an evil glare once more at Eva, ready to see her go. The gophers (now with the bandaged Heather, the wheelchair and foaming at the mouth Cody being wheeled by Nurse Chef) cheered for their victory, and the Bass (now including the bandaged ridgette and now forced to be silent due to bandages Justin), just frowned at their loss. The Squirrel, still sitting on Lindsay's shoulder, made his own sinister glare, one that was similar to that of Heather's, before jumping onto Cody's lap and going to sleep calmly.

The episode then went to the campfire ceremony, with all of the remaining bass members (Justin, Owen, Bridgette, Sadie, Harold, and Eva) gathered by the campfire with Chris holding the plate of marshmallows in front of them.

"Well, Killer Bass, you guys had three victories in a row!", Chris exclaimed, "Eva, what what happened to your team today?", Eva just crossed her arms and growled at Chris in complete anger, which Chris laughed at, "Now, as you know these marshmallows represent your stay here on Total Drama Island, and as long as you get one you will be a camper here. If you DON'T, you WON'T. Now, I'm going to call out who's safe, and when whoever didn't recieve his or her marshmallow is revealed, that person is to report to the boat of losers after talking the dock of shame, and leave forever. To never return. EVER. Now, Owen!", he then threw Owen the first Marshmallow, which was caught in Owen's mouth, "Bridgette!", Bridgette was then thrown hers, "Geoff!", who was thrown his, "Sadie!", who was then thrown hers, all three smiled at eachother getting safety,"Harold!", who was then thrown his. Eva was surprised, and even worried at this, afraid this was her end. Justin himself was worried, and he couldn't even speak due to his mouth being covered with a bandage. "Justin, and Eva. It has come down to this. To be honest, I'm not really surprised. Eva, you have quite the temper, and Justin you don't really do much around here. One of you was bound to go eventually, cuz we just can't keep you anymore. In the end, it is my neutral honour to reveal that the last marshmallow goes to.....................................................................................................Eva", Eva was then thrown her marshmallow much to her relief, and Sadie pouted. Justin sighed, and with his head down he shamefully walked down the dock of shame, and silently took the boat of losers home.

"Well, the rest of you, are all Safe!", Chris exclaimed, "For now!", the episode then faded out right on those words, ending it right there.

Basic Straining

"Last time, on Total Drama Island", Chris began for the recap of the previous epiode, "The teams were given three challenges that tested their trust in their teammates. The rock-climbing challenge revealed more then Heather's grudge against LeShawna, and Cody got the bad end of a blowfish, courtesy of Lindsay. In the end, Cody's new Pet Squirrel did some strange strategy of it's own and actually sabotaged the Bass team without being noticed! Some other campers got dropped on their butts,Sadie once more failed to get rid of Eva and in the end it was sayonara Justin! So stay tuned for the most dramatic campfire ceremony yet! On Total, Drama, Island!" Following the Intro, the episode finally began. The Episode opened up to show Owen and Geoff 'chilling' near their Cabin, Geoff lounging on the stairs and Owen devouring a can of beans, including the can. As they did so, Harold emerged from the cabin doors, angry. Cody's Squirrel was also nearby, sitting on the stairs next to Geoff, before heading towards the other cabin.

"Okay! Who made smores out of my Underwear?!", he was holding up a smore made out of the usual ingredients, but in place of marshmallows was his underwear, in response Geoff and Owen both laughed. Pulling a pair out, Harold tossed it to the side, and landed right infront of Eva. Eva didn't jump, but she did step on it. All three of the guys just looked nearly scared, as Eva did lift her foot and then looked down, and then at Harold with a look that was as if she were about to charge like a bull. Before the attack could be shown, though, the scene shifted to the gopher cabin, as Trent and Duncan were walking out and Cody's Squirrel walked in and jumped onto Cody's chest.

"Hey there, Buddy! Thought I lost you there!", Cody greeted his pet with a smile. The Squirrel happily hugged him, and then went onto his shoulder, "Ya know, I really need to give you a name, pal. How about, Flufs?", the Squirrel shook his head no, "Okay, how about Conker?", the Squirrel shrugged and nodded his head, "Great! From now on, you're conker! Now let's go find Heather!"

Right when Cody said that, the loudspeakers came on, but it was not Chris.

"Listen up, you little cockroaches! I want all campers to report to the Dock of Shame at 09:00 hours!", it was Chef, and he was clearly sounding like a drill sargeant."That means now, soldiers, NOW!"

"Stay Here!", Cody then put Conker down on the Bed and walked out, closing the door behind him. Once the door closed, the episode went to win all of the remaining campers were assembled in a line (Cody, Heather, Lindsay, Owen, Duncan, Trent, Geoff, Bridgette, Harold, LeShawna, Sadie, and Eva in that order left to right to be exact) as Chef (dressed in a military outfit, showing his arm's anchor tatoo) used a speaker to make sure to his voice got across loudly to the other campers.

"Line up and stand at Attention!", the Chef of the camp commanded, "Ya Call this proper formation?! Feet together!", he then smacked Geoff in the legs with a pointer which of cause got him to put his feet together quickly, "Arms down!", he then smacked Duncan with it, which made Duncan instantly un-cross his arms, "Eyes Forward!", then of course the campers (Cody shown) made sure their eyes were facing forward as was Chef's command, "Head Up!", Chef then used his pointer to tilt Heather's head up, and then repeatedly smacked Harold in the body, face, and head.

"Well, this will be a fun day.", Duncan sarcastically commented, which quickly got Chef's attention.

"What did you say to me Soldier?", Chef, still in general attitude, yelled back through the speaker he had in his hands. Duncan still retained a sarcastic smirk, though.

"Nothing, sir.", he said back with his smirk, which Chef ammazingly didn't comment on.

"And you will continue to say nothing, until I tell that you can say somethin!", Chef then began explaining the challenge the campers had to face today, "Today's challenge will not be an easy one, in-fact, I do not expect everyone to come out alive!", Owen then laughed which got him hit by Chef's pointer stick.

"Dawww! That hurt!", Owen complained, and then Chef went back to what he was previously saying.

"My Orders are to make sure that all of the babies infront of me, drop out of my boot camp except one. The Last one standing wins immunity for the team."

"Uh, what happened to Chris?", Heather questioned, before Chef turned to face the remaining camps to continue with his explanation.

"Rule Number One! You will adress me, as Master Chief! Have you got that?"

"Yes Master Chief.", the remaining campers replied,

"You will sleep when I tell you to sleep, and you will eat only when I tell you eat! Is that clear?!"

"Yes Master Chief!", Trent replied, showing full attention to Chef/Master Chief.

"Rule Number Two! When you are ready to give up, you will walk to the end of the Dock and Ring the Bell!", he then pointed to a bell that was placed at the end of the dock just for this episode, "Which Brings me to Rule Number Three, I'd like to get one quitter before the end of the first day, and that day will not end until someone drops out! Now get your butts down to the beach soldiers, NOW!", the campers then ran screaming to the beach, except Eva just ran.


Eva - "So Chef's in charge, huh? Well, I can take it. To be honest, it's about time they come up with something that's more like an actual challenge!"


Following the confesisonal of Eva, Chef had the campers assembled on the beach along with a green canoe and a red canoe, and was about to explain the first challenge of his boot camp.

"Listen Up!", he yelled out, "Each team must hold a canoe over their heads, I catch you takin' your hands off the canoe, and you WILL be Eliminated! And no one eats lunch, until someone drops out!", Chef then slightly laughed, "Canoes UP!"

With those orders given, the Bass and the Gophers both lifted the canoes up over their heads, the Bass doing so faster primarily thanks to having Eva on their team.

"This can't be too hard!", Cody (who is slightly above the ground) said optimistically, and then turned to Heather who was in-front of him, "I get to look at you while I do this, babe!", Heather rolled her eyes.

"Cody, I am not your girlfriend."

"Maybe not now, but I know you will be!"

"Just shut up and hold the canoe up!", Heather sternly replied, Cody, with a smile, followed the orders of his crush.

"If anyone quits, you will be DEAD.", Eva warned angrily to the rest of her team, who were (except Sadie due to her anger at Eva), scared.

"I won't quit, I mean, this is a piece of cake!", Geoff replied with a smile.

"Mmmm, cake!", Owen replied to Geoff's response, thinking of cake. Eva silently turned back around, not paying attention to the conversation anymore.

The episode then had a time skip, to show that it was still day time, but now the sun was blazing, heating up everything in the area. The campers were still holding up their canoes, with Sadie starting to lose her grip and LeShawna's stomach growling, regardless, they still managed to somehow hold on to the canoes.

"Come on you sissies!", Chef began barking out, "It's only been three hours!"

"Well, they did miss lunch day!", Chris said, now shown to be present on the island.

"Mmmhmm!", Chef answered back, "Guess they just weren't HUNGRY! Unless someone wants to quit now!", the camera then revealed Chef to be sitting on the Bass Canoe and Chris to be on the Gopher Canoe. Suddenly, Owen's stomach growled, but upon hearing it Eva looked back with a glare that once more showed fire within her eyes, and was of pure anger. Scared for his own Safety, Owen decided to not to.

With the Gophers Canoe, Cody once more continued making moves on Heather.

"Ya know, theres nobody else that's willing to date you!", Cody whispered to the now once more annoyed Heather.

"Cody, if you want to stay in the alliance, just be quiet and help us win this challenge!", Heather whispered back angrily.

"Got it, will do Heather!", Cody whispered back. Heather rolled her eyes again ,though, showing annoyance.


Cody - "Okay, so I got Dillpickle Chips down, I know not to ever say no to her, but she won't accept that she likes me!", he then takes a few moments to think, "I got it, I'll just focus on lasting through this challenge! She'll dig me for sure!"


Heather - "Me and Cody? When hell freezes over and Sharks start flying into space."


The camera then went to the Bass, with Geoff using a fishing rod to reel in Harold's underwear, Owen was laughing, along with Geoff smiling. When Owen nodded with apporval, Geoff 'landed the fish', and ripped off Harold's underwear. Duncan actually smiled and laughed too, watching from the Gopher canoe.

"OW!", Harold yelled out as he felt it, even taking his hands off the canoe, "Idiots!", the then put his hands on the canoe again though, before Chef looked down to see what was going on.

"IS THERE A PROBLEM DOWN HERE?!", the Master Chief yelled out.

"No.", Harold replied, shaking his head as Chef went back up to the top of the Canoe. Time once more passed, and even though it was know Night time the campers were still (with Owen asleep even) holding the canoes. Chef sat on a chair by a small campfire,

"Twenty-Five us went into the jungle that night", he spoke, telling a war story, "only five camp back out.", in response Duncan yawned.

"What War was that exactly?", he asked with a smile, likely saying it mainly to mess with Chef.

"Did I ask you speak?!", Chef replied angrily, "Because I don't remember askin' you to speak!"

"No sir, no!", Duncan replied, rolling his eyes, and then he broke into a slight laugh. The cameras then went to Lindsay, who was struggling to keep the canoe up.

"Guys? I can't do this anymore!", Lindsay then removed her hands from the canoe and began tiredly walking to the bell, "I have no feeling left in my arms."

"Well, we finally got ourselves a Quitter!", Chef said with a sadistic smile on his face. Eva was smirking at this, happy to see the Gophers finally about to lose.

"Lindsay, come back here NOW!", Heather commanded, but Lindsay didn't listen, and continued walking to the Bell. Her head knocked onto it to ring it, announcing that she had become the first quitter of the boot camp. Just then, the Gophers collasped carrying their canoe while the Bass happily tossed theirs away (except Sadie who was frowning).

"Listen here", Chef told Lindsay with a hand on her shoulder", you have nothing to be ashamed of...", he then took out his megaphone and yelled in her face, " Except being a little baby who let your team down!!", he then turned to the campers still in the challenge, "As for the rest of you, head to the mess hall! Dinner is served!"

"There is a God!", Owen proclaimed, smiling at hearing the food was finally served. The Episode then cut to the Mess Hall, where the campers were assembled along with Chef and Chris.

"Alright Maggots, open ya ears!", Chef began, "You've got ten minutes to eat before night trainin' begins so get to it!", most of the campers were unhappy with hearing Night Training, not liking that part at all.

"Um, Yo Chief!", LeShawna began, "Where the Heck's the Food!"

"You're looking at it.", Chef pointed to the Trash cans in the room, with a sadistic tone of voice. Owen of course opened the can first.

"This is just left overs from this mornings breakfast", Owen pointed out.

"Damn Right! When you're at War, you take what you can get!"

"There is No God.", Heather said in response to having to eat Garbage. Owen however, took one piece out from the Trash can he had opened, and actually ate and chewed it.

"Well, I see you've got this under control", Chris said to Chef/Master Chief, "I'm off to Craft Services,coming?"

"Serve me up some of that!", Chef and Chris then both walked out of the Mess Hall, leaving the campers to themselves. As the Campers (most) went to get the food, it was of course Heather who wasn't have any of it.

"Okay, I am like NOT eating that!", she angrily said as she tossed her plate to the ground.

"If Heather's not doing it, I'm not!", Cody then also dropped his plate to the ground. Heather rolled her eyes at this remark, but of course didn't say anything else about. Duncan however had just finished talking with laughter with Geoff and Owen, and then with a smirk the two walked over as Duncan a glass of orange liquid over to Harold.

"Hey, Harold?", Duncan opened with to get Harold's attention, "They felt really bad about the whole underwear fishing incident, here, we found you some Apple Juice!", Duncan then handed Harold the glass, which he took into his hands.

"Thanks.", Harold replied, without questioning why they were doing this, and actally drank the liquid that was in the cup, within seconds he spit it out though, disgusted by it, "That's not Juice!"

"Oh-Oh, my mistake dude, we must have confused it with the kitchen grease!", Duncan reponded, him and Geoff both slightly laughing.

"Ya know, Harold's probably gonna get back at you someday, Duncan.", Trent said, coming in from behind Duncan.

"Oh please Trent, you know you like me for this.", Duncan replied with a wink. Trent didn't really reply, he just blushed and looked nervously back at Duncan. Then, Bridgette walked over to Geoff, also to begin conversation,

"You know, you are being very mean to Harold for practically nothing!", Bridgette said to Geoff, not very happy with his recent antics against the Dweeb of the Team. Geoff actually felt a bit guilty, since Bridgette was now calling him out.

"Aw, come on! I mean, I'm just having a little fun, besides, it's not that bad!"

"Well, I know I can't really stop this", Bridgette said back, "Just don't be going TOO Far in this, alright?"

"Anything for you, Bridge.", Geoff replied back with a smile, and Bridgette smiled back. The Camera then went to outside of the Mess Hall, with the Unknown Figure from the three previous episodes looking right into the Mess Hall, specifically at Cody who was standing right next to Heather and clearly flirting with her to no avail. The figure smiled wickedly and very sadistically before the Episode cut to the next challenge that the campers were to face. It was a dance to music that can't really be identified, and the dance itself was very similar to the dance of Thriller made by Michael Jackson. infact, it pretty much was. As Chef performed it on a platform, the campers (even Lindsay for some reason), did it. This went for numerous times, until the radio was turned off by Duncan, much to the relief of the others. This of course angered Chef.

"Duncan, the hell are you doing?", Trent asked, showing concern.

"One of us drops out, and it's over for the day", Duncan replied, crossing his arms and looking up at Chef.

"We're done", Chef angrily shouted, "When I say we're done, now drop and give me Twenty!", rolling his eyes Duncan dropped to ground and began doing push-ups, "Anyone else got somethin to say?"

"Yeah, is Mayonaise an Instrument?", Owen asked, to which Chef and the other campers looked at him with expressions that were quite stupified.

"What the hell kinda quesiton is that?", Chef said back before the Episode cut to the campers back at the Mess Hall for the next part of the Challenge. As they, team seperated, sat the two tables, Chef stood to explain this challenge to them. "For your next challenge, you will complete a three-hundred word essay about how much you love me", Chef finished with his wicked smile then finished with his General like yell, "Anyone who falls asleep or fails to complete the challenge, will be eliminated!", following that, the cameras went to clock as it went from 1 o' clock, to 3 o'clock, and then showed the campers, extremely tired from writing their Essays. Many of them showed dark circles under their eyes, and many of them struggled to stay awake. Harold was writing when Chef came in to pick his up, and was dissappointed when he did.

"Crap!", Harold said as he put his head down on the table. Chef was then shown to pick up the rest of the bass, and then starting the Gophers he picked up Duncan's paper and read it.

"I love Master Chief Hatchet", Chef read, "Because he is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very", then he realized the truth and stopped, "This is just one sentence with five pages of 'very's' inbetween!"

"It's three hundred words exactly", Duncan replied with a smirk, "You can count them if you don't believe me.", Chef then saw that both Trent and Sadie were asleep, and banged his head on the Gopher's table, "You two slackers, are out!", "Rest of you, get to bed and report to the playing field at 0:500 hours!", as Chef then left the Mess Hall, the campers (miserably) got up from the benches, with Geoff and Bridgette smiling at eachother as they did so, of course.

Suddenly, the cameras went back to Conker, who was running around the Gopher's cabin, and actually having a rave party with the other small wildlife of the Island, including Praire Dogs, Beavers, Chipmunks, a Loon, Ducks, and the small cute little birds of the island. They were all parting, with of course a guarding Deer outside to check for campers if they were coming back. It was right there that Conker, dancing near the window, looked out and saw the Unknown figure, creating something that looked like a slingshot and getting rocks together. He focused on it and even went up to the window to see, and became suspicious, though soon enoug the Deer, using hooves, alerted them to the campers returning to the cabin and the party disbanded, Conker returned to curling into a ball onto Cody's bed as the party's evidence was cleared up.

Soon Enough, though still night time, the remaining campers in the challenge (Heather, Cody, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Bridgette, Harold, Owen, and Eva) were assembled with Chef present, before them was an obstacle course filled with mud, a small wall climb, robe jumps, tire ring jumps, and swinging axes.

"You will all run this obstacle course until you can ALL complete it, in under one minute.", Chef explained, then finished as he spoke the rest to Duncan, "Am I makin' myself clear?"

"Crystal", Duncan in response to Chef/Master Chief.

"If you lose this for us", Heather warned Duncan, "You're life will completely and total miserable, got it?"

"It already is, Sweetheart.", Duncan saracstically remarked.

"GO MAGGOTS, GO!", Chef called out, in a panic, all of the campers then started running through the obstacle course. At the start of the course, most of them were able to make it over the wall and make it to the next part, though Owen got stuck within one of the tire rings. When it came to the swinging axes, Geoff and LeShawna were shown to make it through as Cody went through the rope swing with Bridgette. Harold however, was the last to cross over the wall, and fell directly into the wall, swallowing much of the wet med used for the ground. As Duncan ran past him, Harold actually puked out much of the mud.

"Yo, General crazy!", Duncan said, "The Bass have a little problem here."

"Too...much....mud!", Harold cried out, caughing from the mud he had swallowed.

"Ring the Bell and report to the infirmary!", Chef said as he picked Harold up, "You're tour of duty is finished.", Eva who had just got to the Ropes, shook her head in dissappointment.

"Wow, Poor Guy", Duncan said to Geoff who was now standing near him.

"Back on the Course, Soliders, NOW!", Chef commanded, Geoff then ran back onto the course, but Duncan stood there and continued smirking, "One false move and I'll be on you like stink on a poop wagon!"

"I look forward to it, Sir!", Duncan added in with a smirk and salute. The Episode then showed the campers going through the course again, with Eva easily going over the wall, while Owen's weight brought it down into the mud. Geoff fell into the mud after the tires, while Cody tripped and fell into the mud. Heather got stuck on the rope swing, while Duncan saw Eva begin to actually sink in the Mud at the at the swinging axes.

"Fallen Soldier, I salute you!", Duncan said as he crawled, but was eventually stopped by Chef/Master Chief.

"You just bought yourself twenty more push-ups!", Chef announced.

"Thank you!", Duncan replied, even kissing Chef on the nose for laughs. At this point, Chef lost it and growled in complete and total anger as if he were a male version of Eva. The remaining campers each just looked on, many of them with their eyes widened.

"Looks like Duncan pushed Chief a little too far". Geoff whispered.

"Yep.", Owen replied back. Chef's reply came in a quiet and ominous tone of voice,

"One night solitary confinement... in the boathouse", following those words, everyone except Duncan and even Eva gasped.

"Big deal. How scary can it be?", Duncan had a tone that pretty much meant he was sure that it wasn't going to be scary, not even moved by Eva showing shock. Soon enough, Duncan found himself alone in a room filled with Harpoons, shark jaws, fishing equipmeant, sharp objects, a few small boats, and other similar objects. "I should've just kept my big mouth shut."

The episode then cut to outisde the Gopher cabin, where the Unknown Figure was looking through the bushes. This time though, she stepped out to reveal high heels of pink colour, with top parts similar to courtney's shoes but they were actual High Heels instead of wedges, and the Camera panned up tanned legs to the point that it reached a short pink skirt, with a darker pink jacket covering a white-shirt, and also a light pink scarf. Long Blonde hair under a pink french hat and Blue eyes then came up along with the face of the girl last seen in the eighth episode. With an evil smirk, the girl prepared for the next morning, hiding behind the Gopher cabin, and even carrying her frying pan with her for safety. She easily managed to walk through the campgrounds, and eventually made it to the boat-house, and with her smirk she knew what she was going to do.


The Girl - Has a slightly russian accent, "Okay, so I have to say, this show is quite interesting, and it's the one I should have been on in the first place! I mean, I'm tired of that other stupid show, with that Black Heathen and those stupid failures in life! So, I'm going to stay on this show, permanately!"


The Episode then goes to the girl opening the door, but staying where only her shape and eyes could be made out, and Duncan was whistling while mopping the floor when he noticed this.

"Hello, Duncan.", she greeted in a sinister tone of voice.

"Who the heck are you?", Duncan asked, of course not knowing who the girl was.

"Someone who knows how you could stick it to Master Chief.", the girl answered, "I know where he and Chris keep their food at, and I'll tell you."


"If nothing."

"Oh no, there's gotta be a catch to this."

"There is no catch, I swear, other than me going with you, of course."

"Would you mind at least telling me what the heck your name is then?", Duncan asked, still confused as to who the girl was, it was then that she stepped out of the Shadows, showing in the dark of the night what she looked like to him.

"I'm Veronica Artemyeva", she revealed, "Famed Actress, Super Model, and Minor Singer from Russia."


Duncan - "Okay, so that chick's on this show now? The girl that is only famous cuz she's rich and banged with some dude? Great, and just when I thought Chef was bad. Ah well, she's willing to help me get back at Chef so what the heck?"


The Episode then went to show both Veronica and Duncan sneaking up to Chris and Chef's personal tent in bushes, they stopped at a certain distance, and then popped their heads up, smirking at eachother, they then entered the tent, slowly crawling by a table, making sure Chris and Chef did not see either of them. Both of them managed to reach the fridge, and even open it without Chris or Chef noticing.

"Twent of us went into the Jungle that Night", Chef told Chris as Veronica and Duncan put the food from the Fridge into a bag , "Only Five came back out."

"Just dont get us caught.", Veronica warned Duncan with a whisper.

"I won't", Duncan whispered back with a smirk, putting actual good food into the bag.

"I mean, come on!", Chris said back to Chef, "I, am NOTHING, without my stubble!"

"Amen Brother!", Chef said right back.

"You sure you wanna go through with this?", Duncan asked with a smirk to Veronica.

"Of course I do!", the girl replied right back in whisper, "I've far more scheming things before.", she then smirked, and put a dead Gopher in the fridge, "Here's a little gift for the two.", Duncan smirked in approval at Veronica's idea. Duncan took one last thing from the Fridge before he and Veronica both made off with the food. Duncan and Veronica both carried the food to the camp, but of course Veronica ran back to the bushes where she was hiding before rather than into the cabins, keeping her existence hidden from the other contestants. Following this, all of the campers were hungrily eating the actual food. Owen for instance was eating strawberry jelly, happily.

"Mmm!", he then looked down at his feet, "I think I have jungle rot from that obstacle course!"

"Ew, Owen, we're eating here!?", Lindsay replied, grossed out by Owen's comment. Cody was also quickly devouring many of the sugary foods, giving little to anyone.

"I gotta say, Chef comes up with pretty cliche War Stories", Bridgette commented, "And he is like, totally crazy!"

"Girl", LeShawna said back, "These nails were not meant for combat trainin', know what I'm sayin'?"

"I know what you mean, If I wanted to join the army, I would've.", Bridgette replied back.

Suddenly, Harold lifted the sheets, and saw that a smiley face in peanut butter had been drawn onto his sheets.

"Aw come on guys! Gross!", he commented.

"Now see? That's a waste of good peanut butter!", Duncan exclaimed as he and Geoff laughed over the smiley face. It then went back to Cody devouring numerous icecreams and other sweets, while Heather and Conker also enjoyed their own meals. Outside, Veronica was eating the food she had taken on her own.

"Well, this is looking up to be a very, entertaining summer!", she said to herself, "Best part? No NaTasha!", she then laughed maniacally. As she then burped, she then looked out back at the cabin, and even took out Binoculars, looking right at Cody with an evil glare. She then went back in though, when Geoff and Bridgette walked outside together.

"So, you wanna talk to me?", Bridgette asked, curious.

"Yeah, I do. I do all the time!", Geoff revealed.

"You do?"

"Totally! You gotta be like, the best girl here! I dig ya, Bridge."

"That's so, sudden, but cute.", Bridgette smiled.

"It is? Ha, I thought that wasn't gonna work."

"Well, it kinda does.", Bridgette and Geoff then finally had their first Kiss. Of course, Veronica and Harold both looked at this. Veronica rolled her eyes, while Harold gasped and glared at this, likely planning something for later. Just then, Chef/Master Chief spoke using the intercom system:

"Attention remaining boot camp recruits: the next evolution of your training begins tomorrow morning at 07:00 hours. And if I catch the sucker that took my dessert, your ass is mine!"

The following morning, was the final challenge. For the Bass Eva, Owen, and Geoff were in against the Gopher's Heather, Cody, and Duncan. Veronica was watching from nearby, keepping on her sinister and sadistic grin. The Final Challenge was to hang upside down from a tree, and Chef of course was explaining what the campers were feeling.

"What you experiencing, is an anicent form of torture", Chef explained, "By now the blood has begun rushin' to ya head. The next stage, is nausiea, followed by dizzyness and a flushed appearance, and the blood begins to pool in ya eyes, and of course don't forget the final-", Duncan then couldn't take in anymore and fell from the tree.

"One down, two to go.", Eva commented, speaking of how only Heather and Cody were now against her bass. When Duncan lied on the ground, he was practically unconscious, but smiling. Bridgette ran up to him (despite being on the other team), to check up on him.

"It's okay, he's alright!", Bridgette called out, seeing that Duncan was just dizzy for the moment but still alive. Trent was happy to hear this, and smiled. The others in then put up their arms to hold on better, except for Heather and Owen. Owen because he couldn't reach, and Heather for other reasons.

"Ow, come on!", Owen struggled to hold on better, panting and sweating, "I, can't, reach!", he then suddenly farted, and then laughed at what his body had just done. Heather then became officially finished with the challenge, too annoyed by the farts of Owen.

"Okay that's it, I'm done!", she then got off from the tree, landing on her feet, though once she began walking away, Owen fell from the tree and landed on her. Heather's angry complains were muffled due to this, as she banged on the ground repeatedly, once Owen stood up though she was heard, "Off of me you big Oxe!", she then got up and angrily stormed away from Owen.

"Sorry!", Owen pleaded. The scene then went to the Gopher cabin, with Conker still alone in the room. He looked out the window and saw that Veronica was nearing her big time, and was not going to let her sabotage Cody in the challenge. To stop her, he knew what he had to do, and from seemingly nowhere he got an axe, and repeatedly started hitting the door with it. Eventually, he made a whole in it big enough to jump through, and made his break for it.

Back at the challenge, things were reaching the end. Geoff was beginning to feel the pressure and symptoms that Chef had mentioned before, and was not going to stand much more. Cody and Eva, on the other hand, were surprisingly and unsurprisingly doing well in the challenge.

"Ugh", Geoff groaned, "I can't...take...much...more!"

"Come on Geoff, you can do it!", Bridgette cheered.

"No, I can't!", Geoff exclaimed, and he fell from the tree leaving it as Cody against Eva.

"Cody, do NOT Fail!", Heather warned, angrily.

"Don't worry, I'm fine!"

"Don't get your hopes up, Heather.", Eva suddenly said, "He will never win."

Suddenly, right then, Veronica walked up though was still out of sight from Chef/Master Chief. A Wicked smirk on her face, she aimed her slingshot from earlier right at Cody, and she had a rock as ammo.

"Well, Cousin, time for you to fail, once more!", Veronica laughed, "As Always!", as Veronica started to take aim, Conker saw what she was about to do and gasped. Determined to not let Veronica cheat the Bass to victory, Conker ran up to Veronica and kicked her in the back. The Force shot the rock right in a direction that it nearly hit Chef, and sent Veronica tumbling out of the bushes into the sight of not only him but the other campers.

"What the?!", Chef exclaimed at the rock nearly hitting him sqaure in the face but missing his head, he and the other campers (save Duncan who already knew) turned and gasped when they looked at where the rock came from, and as Veronica stood up.

"What the hell was that, a......", she then noticed that she was in view of the other campers, "Oh...heheh....hello there. I'm Veronica Artemyeva, Actress, Super Model, and Minor Singer! Nice to meet all of you!", she then put on a fake smile. Everyone else looked on in surprise except Duncan and Eva. Of course, Lindsay was more happy than the others to see the celebrity, but Cody was more angry.

"Oh lordy, just kill me now.", LeShawna commented, looking up at the sky. Chef however, walked over to Veronica, also puzzled with her appearance.

"I am Sorry, Ms Russian Lady", Chef spoke to her in his General voice, "but I thought we told you five thousand times already, you aren't on this show!"

"I am aware of that, Master Chief", Veronica replied, "but in the time I've been sneaking around here, I called my parents, and they got the producers to get me a job, making into a third Main Staff Member for this Season!", at this even Chef became stunned, and the campers gasped.

"Ooooh Yay!", Lindsay excitedly squeeled, Heather was even surprised with this.


Cody - "Veronica?! VERONICA?!", 'She's like, the most spoiled girl you could ever meet! I should know, I'm her cousin! It's like whenever I'm about to be happy, she comes in and ruins it! Well ya know what? I'm not gonna let her do it this time!"


Heather - "I can't, believe, Veronica is on the show. I mean, she's the person that inspired me to be the way I am today and make sure I became on top at School!"


Suddenly, a loud thud was heard from the tree, and this brought everyone's attention back to the two competing, or one, as Eva had actually succumbed to the Blood Rush and fallen from the tree, making Cody the official winner of the challenge.

"Well.....that's a twist.", Bridgette said, looking down at Eva's defeat. Veronica pouted, since Cody had just won the challenge. Cody was then being carried by his team members, who were cheering since he had won them the challenge. As they all cheered happily for their victory, Chef (along with an unhappy Veronica), were suddenly there.

"Cody!", Chef called out, stopping the Gophers, and Cody did get down to speak with him, with him saluting, "Congratulations, Solidier, I'd go to war with you anytime."

"Gee, thanks! I'll remember that when planning my future!", Cody replied, a bit nervously, then walking away. Chef kept up the salute.

"You do that solidier!", Chef then got a single tear from his eye, "You do that!"

With the Gophers continuing their Cheer, the Episode then finally went to the Campfire ceremony, for the Bass. All of the remaining Bass members were gathered for their next ceremony, with Chef (still in Chief uniform) and Veronica standing behind them. Infront of them was Chris, once more having the plate of Marshmallows in his hands.

"I only have five marshmallows on my plate", Chris opened the ceremony with, "and these again, represent whether or not you stay in the game!", "Now, you've all cast your votes, so if I do not call your name, you must immediately go down to the dock of shame, catch the boat of losers, and go home! And ya can't come back! EV-ER.", once more everyone of the Bass but Bridgette, Eva, and Sadie seemed worried, "Sadie", Chris called out, and Sadie got her marshmallow, "Geoff!"

"Yes!", Geoff said as he got up to get his marshmallow, Bridgette smiled happily.


"Woo-hoo!", the large boy then got his marshmallow. Now at the bottom three, tensions were just starting to get high, but of course not many were worried at all, until of course the next name was called,

"Eva.", once her name was called, everyone save Eva herself was confused. Bridgette became worried, as now it was her or Harold that would leave. "Campers, this is the final marshmallow of the night.", Chris then had his pause, with Harold smirking which only worried Bridgette even more, and this even worried Geoff, but once the name of the final person who was safe was called it all ended, "Harold."

"Yes!", Harold said as he ran up to his marshmallow. Everyone except him, and Veronica gasped.

"What?!", both Geoff and Bridgette said as Bridgette was revealed to have been Voted Off.

"You guys voted me off, but not Harold? I thought you guys like hated him!", Bridgette exclaimed, talking to her team.

"I did NOT vote for you Bridgette! I swear!", Sadie exclaimed, saddended by the loss she was facing, "I would never do that to a friend, ever!"

"Bridge, I know for a fact that three votes went straight for Harold!", Geoff exclaimed. However, with a snap of Chris' fingers, Chef came in and pushed both Geoff and Sadie to the ground, and then both of the main hosts took Bridgette by the arms, escorting her to the boat of losers. "Aw man, this sucks!", Geoff said as Bridgette was taken to her boat ride home. Once thrown in the boat, Bridgette stood, and Geoff and Sadie both ran up to the edge of the dock as the boat began to leave.

"Bridgette, I'll always be thinking of you!", Geoff yelled out as he waved to Bridgette.

"Aww, I'll be thinking of you too, Geoff!", Bridgette yelled back.

"See you when this over, Bridge!", Geoff then called out again.

"I'll miss you too, Bridgette!", Sadie replied, sounding just like when Katie got voted off.

"I'll miss both of you guys!", Bridgette called back, "Byee!", the episode then went to Harold, roasting a marshmallow, which burnt to be pure black. As he looked up, clips replayed of all the pranks that Geoff and friends played on him this episode, and then:


Harold - Has ballot box on his lap, and uses a screw driver to open it up, "You guys think you're so funny'", he then took the old votes from the box and from his shirt got new ones, "let's see how you like it when someone messes with your love life.", he then placed the new votes in the box.


The episode then came to Harold, still where he was prior, now having a sinister grin on his face as he looks towards the camera.

"Yes!", he suddenly said, keeping his sinister grin on. As the flames around the marshmallow went out, the episode faded out to the credits.

X-Treme Torture

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Chris once more opened up with to kick off the episode, "The Eleven remaining campers were put through master chief Harchet's brutal boot camp! Duncan was the first to sent to the brig by Major Harshness for Disorderly Conduct", then he sarcastically said , "Shocker", "But what really was shocking was when that mysterious figure, turned out to be Veronica from the other show on Boney Island! Yeah, and an actual celebrity too. Somebody say, Ratings boost, haha. Veronica started a pretty good scheme, performing a B & E to steal some PB & J, and then got it back to camp. Geoff and Bridgette finally started hooked up, and Cody won his stripes for the Gophers, and the Bass smelled something fishy when Bridgette was suddenly voted off. Confession cams revealed that it was Harold who tampered with the votes to get back at Geoff for torturing him, which seems a bit unfair. I mean...he did just start goin' out with her, but oh well, Drama!", Chris then laughed and the camera revealed him to be lounging on a beach chair on the dock, "This week, the Campers are gonna be pushed to the Extreme! Who will crack under the pressure? Find out, on-", suddenly Veronica came right up to the camera, completely interrupting and annoying Chris. "on Total, Drama, Island!", Veronica happily announced, much to Chris' annoyance. Following the interrupted Recap came the intro, followed by the episode finally starting. The Episode began by showing the Bear of the Island coming to the camp, and opening up a bin or crate that had the marshmallows in it. He took several bags into his hands, and planned on making off with it. Meanwhile, the campers were all still asleep at the time. Of course, until Chris (and Veronica) flew over their cabins in a plane. LeShawna was upset at this, and a bit angrily tried to stay asleep by clenching her pillow. Each of the remaining Eleven campers, still tired, walked out of their cabins and the Bear made his run for it.

"Incoming!", Chris yelled out, diving the plane towards where the campers were.

"Hit the Deck!", Geoff yelled out, and he and the other campers then ran from the plane's landing area, screaming in fright.

As they got out of the way, Chris (and Veronica) landed wherre they once stood. "Yes!", Chris said as he landed, "I can't wait to get my pilot's license!", it was then that he and Veronica saw they were going to hit the confessional stall, but they still went through it anyway so that didn't matter. The Bear was in the confessional, and hid the marshmallow behind his back, a bit stunned, and two marshmallows feel from his back to the ground. It was then that the plane stopped, and Chris and Veronica both looked out the window at the contestants. "Alright Campers, for Today's challenge we're going on a-", suddenly Veronica leaned in and blocked Chris' mouth with her hand.

"Actually, I'M the one making up today's challenge! The Producers say so!", Veronica announced, which didn't change the mood of any of the campers, and then she took out a Megaphone, "Time for the X-TREME SPORTS CHALLENGE!", the echo of her voice through the speaker phone did have an effect that hurt the Campers' ears a bit.

"Okay y'all, it is way too early for this crap!", LeShawna groaned, not wanting to deal with a challenge this early in the morning. Veronica (hand now free from Chris' mouth), alongside a clearly annoyed Chris, then went on to further explain the challenge,

"This week you all will particpate in three challenges, first up,", the took out the Megaphone once more, "EXTREME SOFA-BEAD SKY-DIVING!", some of the campers showed some worry when this was announced, except for Eva, "Contestants will plummit-uh Sky-dive- down from the skys above the camp in an attempt to reach a sofa-bed many miles or feet or whatever below. Chef then, from an open door on the plane, jumped from it onto an open sofa-bed, crushing it with it's weight. This concerned more of the contestants, of course (except Eva), "Specifically, you'll be sky-diving from Five-Thousand feet! And using mediocre Parachutes that haven't seen use since like, 1973!", she then tossed rather worn-down parachutes in-front of the campers, and pulled out a paper from her Jacket pocket, "The lucky campers to go on this one are, Trent and Eva."

"I can do this.", Eva replied, showing no fear what-so-ever unlike the rest of the campers.

"Uh, okay", Trent nervously replied, "You know what they say on Blackcomb Mountain, bro. Best glimpse of heaven's on the way into hell! Let's do this!"

"Oh, the first challenge is not going on yet!", Veronica announced, "The Second Challenge, is", she once more used her megapohe for the challenge name, "EXTREME RODEO MOOSE RIDING!", she continued the rest of this challenge's explanation speaking normally (and out of the plane), "Contestants will rodeo ride the great canadian bucking moose for Eight Seconds, or get hoofed into a giant pile of Socks from the lost and found."

"That ain't nothin but laundry day back home!", LeShawna said, referring to the massive pile of dirty socks.

"Then it's your lucky day, NaT- I mean LeShawna! You're riding for the Gophers, and Harold is riding for Bass!"

"Boo-yah!", Harold said in response to his part in the challenge. Owen was however, going near to the wooden fence that held the moose,

"He doesn't look to bucky to me!", Owen said with a smile, "Hi, Beautiful!", the moose hit him in the face with one of it's hooves in response to the compliment. Veronica continued speaking with use of the megaphone,

"And, the final challenge, EXTREME SEADOO WATER SKI-ING!", the explanation also used the Megaphone, "Contestants will Water-ski a race course, grabbing as many flags as they can before crossing the finish line! While a member from the opposing team drives the Seadoo!"

"Okay, how can we water ski without Water?", Heather asked in a angry tone.

"Well, since I wanted to make sure this challenge was extremely hard, we put wet mud down, so that's what the water will be instead. I mean, it's VERY Hard!", suddenly after Veronica said those words, Chef came, water-skiing on the ground, and hit a hill, falling into a tree to painful landing. Veronica and Chris both laughed at Chef's misfortune. "See? Okay, so Owen is the ski-er for killer Bass, and Cody", she then chuckled a bit, "Skis for the Gophers."

"Sweet!", Owen replied, Cody just looked slightly angry at Veronica, not replying to her at all really.

"Aww, I wanted to do it!", Lindsay moped, dissappointed she was not going for the Gophers.

"Now, for the Swag!", Veronica continued, "Whoever wins the most challenges gets bragging rights as usual, doesn't have to vote one of their own off, and wins a tripped out multi-massage, mobile Shower!", the camera then showed Chef playing on a harp and showed the shower. Most the campers happily responded to the shower.

"Can it be?", Heather replied, happy at the thought of having a shower at last.

"Yes, it be!", Veronica replied. Owen was the only one not really happy with the idea of the Shower, and as he ate a bag of Marshmallows he made this clear.

"A Shower? What's the point of that? How about something good?!", in a shocking scene, Sadie was the one to reply to his response to the shower.

"Listen you giant Fart Machine, It's bad enough I have lost both BFFFLs on this show, and I'm NOT about to lose this shower, so if you are going to lose this for us you are going to be Sorry you ever were on this show, GOT IT?", Sadie's eyes were right in Owen's face, and actually had fire in them as if they were Eva's eyes. Everyone, even Veronica and Chris, were stunned by this. Owen gulped. "

Yes Ma'am!", Sadie then turned her attention back to Veronica. Veronica and Chris however had gotten back in the plane, and started it up. At long last, Chris is the next one to speak, though he is clearly still annoyed with Veronica stealing his part.

"Okay, chow for brekkie, then come back in twenty minutes for", he then took the Megaphone from Veronica, "Veronica's EXTREME SPORTS CHALLENGE!", follow that, Chris and Veronica took back off into the air in their plane. The smoke from it's exhaust made most of them caugh. The Cameras then went to the Mess Hall, three campers (LeShawna, Lindsay, and Eva) were walking out of it while the others were likely just finishing their breakfast. Owen was helping Chef clean the tables (by eating what was left of the food) but one plate had a love note on it, which when he chewed, he burped out onto the stacked plates.

"Sweet Grub, Bro!", he said to compliment Chef's cooking before walking off. Chef ignored this and instead took the note into his hand, and read it.

"For the Girl with smoldering eyes.", he then shrugged and tossed the note back on the table. Once he did so, Heather and Sadie (who were listening in) both came up. Heather of course swiped it from the table, but as she read it Sadie made sure to get in on it too.

"It's a love letter.", Heather replied, "And it's in Haiku."

"It is? Can I see, Can I see?!", Sadie begged, jumping up and down.

"I'm reading it first. Wait your turn, lard ass.", Heather replied in a snobby fashion, which greatly offended Sadie at the last part, "Okay, whoever wrote seriously needs to like, get a life!", she then tossed it back onto the table, and Sadie read it right then, "but, if this love becomes mutual, it means theres another alliance on this island!"

"You mean like yours and me and Bridgette's?", Sadie responded, not even realizing that she had just given away the existence of her (now disbanded) alliance with Bridgette. Heather was pretty surprised when Sadie said that, and with her smirk on her face she knew how to play this to end in her favor.

"You were in an Alliance?", Heather asked, keeping up a face of false interest.

"Yeah! Until Bridgette got voted off, it was to get rid of Eva!", Sadie revealed, showing anger when she spoke of Bridgette being eliminated in the previous episode.

"Well, I'll tell you this.", Heather began, "if you can find out who wrote this note, I will totally make sure that Eva gets off the Island without ever finding out of your Alliance to betray her.", Sadie was too happy to hear those words to even think that Heather was lying to her.

"Really?", once Heather nodded, Sadie went, "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehh! Thank you Thank you Thank you THANK YOU! I'll get RIGHT to finding out who wrote this note! Eeeeh!", she then ran off out of the Mess Hall with the note in her hands.


Heather - "Okay, so Sadie was able to Allign with Bridgette. At least for me I only have one of them to get off, and I have to admit, I never would have thought Sadie capable of forming an Alliance, but it's still an Alliance. Sure it's like, gone already, but Sadie has to go before she is able to form another one! As for Eva, well, I'll just deal with her later."


Sadie - "Yay! Eva is going to leave! Besides, I just KNOW she was behind Bridgette's elimination just like she was behind Katie's! I mean, it's so obvious! She put her Mp3 player in Katie's pocket and then faked her anger to convince everyone that Katie was a theif, and then when she saw I was friends with Bridgette she got the team to vote her off too! I just know it!"


After Sadie and Heather's confessionals, the time came for the first of the three challenges to begin. Chris and Veronica (sitting in the plane) were ready to start as all the remaining campers (team seperated) were ready to begin.

"Now, Remember", Chris began, "Ground teams can wheelie the Sofa-Beds where-ever they want inorder to help their comrade with the landing.", the cameras then revealed that Heather drawn a chalk outline on the ground, and then she waved at Trent from the ground with a smirk on her face.

"Sayonara, Trent!", she then stood up to continue her mocking, "I hope your attempts to impress The Deliquent are worth the chalk outline!", Duncan and Trent both looked at it, pretty stunned with what Heather did.

"Yo, Bitch, did you ever stop and think that maybe, oh I don't're kind of a Bitch?", Duncan replied, at which most of the other campers agreed with, exceptions being Cody and Heather of course.

"I don't think you're a Bitch, Heather!", Cody exclaimed, but Heather put her hand over his mouth to scilence him.

"Or maybe Trent's doing this to express himself, like in a Haiku!", Sadie also exclaimed. This gained her blank stares from all of the campers, and even Chris and Veronica. "....or...not."


Sadie - "What? I don't do being subtle!"


Following the confessionals, the scene went to Trent and Eva in the plane, both prepared to Sky-dive for their respective teams. Chris and Veronica were in the drivers seat, and as the plane went over many islands, Chris went to Trent and Eva holding papers in his hands.

"If you could just fill these out", Chris said while showing them both the papers he held.

"Didn't we sign insurance forms back when this started?", Trent loudly pointed out to Chris. "

Yeah, but me and Veronica came up with this WICKED Cannibal challenge idea, and we just want some Organ Donations signed, it would go a long way to budgeting free props!", Chris shouted back at Trent and Eva who both just looked blankly at him, "Here comes the drop!", Chris then went back to the Cockpit, and the plane then reached it's drop point.

"I don't see the Drop Zone!", Trent exclaimed as he looked down at the ground below, but he could see the entire Island from such a large distance in the air. Back on the ground, the other Gophers (Heather, Lindsay, Cody, Duncan, and LeShawna) were all pushing the Sofa-Bed, and were doing so with ease.

"Okay, how do we know where he'll land?", Lindsay asked, confused about how this would work out for the team.

"Lindsay, just shut up and push.", Heather replied, annoyed.

"Uh, Guys I think this would be about it.", Cody said, thinking they had just reached the Drop Zone's landing point. The team then stopped pushing, and left the Sofa-bed alone on the ground. Back on the plane, Trent became quite worried for his safety.

"I don't think I can do it, dude!", he exclaimed, looking down at the Island below.

"Just do it!", Eva angrily exclaimed before patting Trent on the back hard enough that he fell from the plane at a high velocity (and screaming) down to the ground below. Trent, due to gravity, picked up speed as he fell, and managed to hit the beach instead of the Sofa-Bed. The team gasped when he landed, and then went over to his crash-site.

"Trent?", Duncan asked, trying to see if Trent was okay. Trent merely groaned, muffled due to being in the sand. With Trent having had Jumped, it was now Eva's turn.

"Now, my turn to jump, and WIN!", Eva declared as she jumped from the plane, as she fell, the pulled out the parachute succesfully, but was stunned when she saw she wasn't slowing down. This was because instead of a parcachute came silverware (Forks, Spoons, other Kitchen items). The Camera then went to show Chris and Veronica smiling with toothy sadistic grins, before going back to Eva. "What the?!", were Eva's last words before she went to screaming in anger at how she was now falling. On the ground,the Bass members that remained (Geoff, Harold, and Sadie) were having a very hard time pushing their bed, compared to the Gophers' more easier time.

"Why won't this thing push?", Geoff asked, then he and his team looked up to see Owen sleeping on the bed, much to their fustration. They then went to try to push him off, but to no avail.

"It's no use, we're not gonna get him off.", Harold said, to which Sadie smiled at, imagining Eva landing on Owen rather than the matress of a Sofa-Bed. That is about the time when Eva's angry scream was heard, "There she falls!", Harold called out, pointing to Eva's falling body. Sadie actually used a cellphone to take a video of the fall, which was actually came to it's hault right on Owen's body. Eva bounced into the air, and Owen actually fell from the bed (still sleeping), while Eva managed to fall on the bed again. Sadie pouted in response to seeing this.

"I made it! See, told you!", Eva yelled out, happy at her victory, before the Sofa-Bed closed up and took her into the bed. In response, her team walked away whistling like nothing had happened. Following this, Chris and Veronica's plane flew back over the island, with Chris announcing the results of the first challenge,

"Bass Win, Gophers lose. Score is 1 to 0!", Right then, Trent was wheeled by Nurse Hatchet, showing he was in a full body cast and on a stretcher, his teamed looked down at him once he was there. "Way to go, Trent.", Heather said in a rather cruel tone of voice.

"Hey, Trent, you okay?", Duncan asked, showing more concern than the others.

" my hair okay/", Trent asked, which puzzled Duncan, but no answer was given to either question. as Trent was wheeled away, the other Gopher members walked off with him, and it was now time for the second challenge. Once there, it was once more Chris who announced the challenge via Megaphone,

"Okay cowpokes, let's start, the Rodeo Moose Challenge!"

"Rodeo riding should be easy", Harold said following Chris' announcement, "All I have to do is keep balance, attention, and stay focused! Just like the Jedi!"

"So, does anyone on this team no anything about Haiku?", Sadie asked, not speaking to Harold at all but to the others on her team.

"What's that?", Geoff and Owen both asked. Of course, Sadie was dissapointed to hear those words come out their mouths, and she herself couldn't even explain Haiku either.

"Oh, just a type of poem", Sadie replied, the only thing she herself knew about Haikus.

"Ohh", both boys replied. Sadie then became angry, desperate to find out who wrote the Haiku in-order to get Heather to help get Eva off. Just as they talked, Harold stepped onto the Moose.

"May the Force be with you, fair moose.", Harold said to the Moose, doing a Jedi bow. The moose became angry at this, and as Chef (shaking with fear), let him out, the moose instantly started with a dart out of it's fence, and very shortly after getting behind Chris, it bucked Harold right into the Dirty Socks, with him screaming like a woman as he did so.

"And Harolds....out?", Chris asked.

"Yes, Yes he is.", Veronica replied, "So, looks like the Bass are in quite the smelly situation, like, totally rank! Alright, so LeShawna, it's now your turn!", once Veronica said those words, LeShawna cracked her fingers to show she was ready for her tangle with the Moose. The Episode then showed a bird happily tweeting on a branch, next to Conker, when conker decided to slap the bird off the tree out of annoyance. The Camera then panned down, to show LeShawna now on the Moose's back, with Chef ready to open the gate once more.

"I hope you got a Moose Burger recipe handy!", LeShawna said as she was now ready for her battle with the moose, then she patted the head of the moose, "Heheh, easy boy. You don't wanna make me mad now.", once she did that, the Moose's eyes went red, and smoke came out of it's nose followed by fire. Chef became very concerned by this,

"Sweet Mother of-", before the Chef could finish, the angry moose broke out of it's Pen (running over Chef) and in a rage rushed through-out the island. Despite the Moose running so fast, LeShawna was actually able to hold on, but as she did so Sadie continued to talk about the Haiku, now going to over to Cody (LeShawna was shown to be doing her challenge in the distance behind them).

"So, Cody, do you anything about Haikus?", Sadie asked, hoping Cody would know.

"Of course I do!", Cody happily exclaimed, "Heather's Asian, so she could be Japanese, she hasn't told me which yet, so I learned ALOT about Japanese culture! heheh, it's actually pretty cool!"

"WONDERFUL!", Sadie exclaimed, "Have you written any lately?"

"Nah", Cody revealed much to Sadie's dissappointment, I did write some earlier to Heather though, but now I've decided to take a more natural approach to getting with her. It'll work eventually, just you see!"

"Ohhh....well...okay then.", Sadie then walked off from Cody, highly dissappointed and fustrated with being unable to find the writer of the Haiku. Of course, behind them, LeShawna's many taunts to the Moose could be heard from behind them, along with pleas to be taken off of the thing as well. The Moose even ripped straight through bushes, too. The Episode then went to show the Bear, behind some bushes, with a bip placed on his neck and his stolen marshmallows all ready for the eating as well. He smiled and licked his lips, ready to dine, but within seconds the moose (and LeShawna) came in and trampled over all of his marshmallows, much to his own dissappointment. The camera then came to Chris, who was driving a fourwheeler (with Veronica in the back seating area with him) driving up to announce the winners of the challenge,

"So, we have a winner!", Chris announced on the Megaphone, "and a Tie! Whoever wins the EXTREME SEADOO WATER-SKI CHALLENGE wins invincibility!", upon this announcement, the two ski-ers became ready (both in swimsuits), though Cody was not in his usual one.

"So Heather, I'm ready to win, for you.", Cody replied, which Heather (his team too), looked at him. Heather was stunned, as he was actually in a bright Red Speedo rather than trunks. "Ya like the more skin, babe, it was made in Japan.", he then winked at her. Heather herself didn't even want to reply to it, she just looked back speechless.

"We are going to lose", Heather said to herself, "Unless", she then held up keys and declared loudly, "I get to drive the wave jumper!"

"Just win the dang shower so I can my hair did.", LeShawna replied as she was on the ground and checking up on her feet after her moose ride.


Owen - "This is it! We're tied for the win, and I have to win that Shower for us or Eva and Sadie will kill me! Personally, I don't see why they want a shower so badly!"


When the episode came back, it returned to Sadie pondering about who was the writer of the Haiku, though she did so silently rather than mention it to herself. She pondered and pondered as she walked around, and looked at the other guys. When she looked at Owen (Farting then burping), she shook her head, then Duncan (carving a skull into a tree with his knife), she shook her head again, and then Harold (picking his noise) she once more shook her head, and then put her hands on her hips in fustration.

The episode then went to Heather and Owen, with Heather on her seadoo, and ready to win the challenge for the Gophers.

"You are so out of your league, fat ass", Heather said in a smirking way of insulting Owen, who didn't really seem phased by it at all. Chris (and Veronica) then rode up to explain the rules of the finale challenge.

"Heres the road rules", Chris began, "Oh wait, there are no rules! Which means, this is gonna be awesome!", him and Veronica then both smiled and laughed at the thought of how epic this would be.


Veronica - "Hm, I have to admit, I didn't think doing this would be so fun, but the fact that I get to be Co-Host rather than one of the campers, and I get to see Cody get Humilated on National Television, I am definitely going to enjoy my stay here, oh yes!"


The episode then went to Chris and Veronica once more, with the final challenge about to finally begin.

"Ready, set... ride it like it's sweeps week...! Go!", Chris announced, and Heather (evilly smiling), started up the Seadoo and went at full spped. Surprisingly, Owen fell down onto his stomach with the mud, which did cause massive amounts of it to be sent like waves from where he was riding from. As Owen was dragged behind the Seadoo, Heather looked back at him, and then smirked when she looked to the front. However, at the first ramp, Owen managed to grab the first flag that he had to get, before once more being dragged in the mud, "Flag 1, for Bass!", Chris announced via the loudspeaker. The Bass (except Sadie) cheered upon this announcement. Heather was very shocked at this, and not happy at all.

"No!", she shouted angrily, as Owen happily held up the first flag of the challenge. Heather then, now more deterimined than before, sped up the Seadoo and drove with an even more sadistic intent. Despite her attempts, Owen was able to capture every flag that he was supposed to, much to the happiness of his team.

"Five Flags heading home!", Chris announced via the loudspeaker,

"That's Impposible!", Heather angrily shouted, looking back to Owen.

"Heather has to cross the finish line or be disqualified!", Chris announced, revealed to now (with Veronica) be riding along the mud area, "But when she does, Owen will take five flags to victory for the Killer Bass!", Heather in response to this gasped, seeing now that she was nearing the finish line with every passing second. She angrily glared at the smiling Owen behind her, and came up with her last resort plan right then.


Heather - "I knew I couldn't let that fat Buffalo win. So I decided to cut him loose"


When the confessional ended, it went back to Heather riding on the Seadoo, smirking as she looked back to Owen behind her. She turned around completely, and took out her own Knife,

"Game Over, Fattie!"

"Huh?", Owen gasped, just now seeing Heather holding up the knife. As Heather then went to cut the ropes of the ski over, her shirt was caught by a tree branch and ripped off, revealing her breasts (of course to the viewers at home it would be censored), much to both her and Owen's shock. "AAAAAHH!", Heather screamed once she saw that her boobs were showing, and Owen screamed in a similar manner, right before he slammed right into a rock, followed by Heather flying into the air after the Seadoo hit a rock. Heather landed right on the bear, making both him and his marshmallows fall to the ground. The bear growled in fustration at this happening. Chris then road over to the wreckage, with Veronica, and both were smirking.

"I don't know what Heather did to make Owen lose his concentration, but it's a total wipe out for the bass team!", Chris announced. Owen, meanwhile, was still in the mud by his rock, with googly eyes and a smile. "Boobies", he laughed, smiling at finally seeing that part of a woman. The Bass were all dissapointed, except Sadie. Eva gave a headshake, Geoff gave a thumbs down, and Harold facepalmed.


Sadie - "I was unable to find out who wrote the Haiku, I mean, REALLY! NOBODY WANTS TO OWN UP TO WRITING A STINKIN' POEM? REALLY? UGH!"


After the confessional, it was finally shown that Cody (actually on Skis), was ready for his part in the challenge with Geoff riding the Seadoo this time around. Cody was smiling, and sure that he was going to win this for his team.

"Ready, Set, ride it like it's sweeps-week, Go!", Chris repeated, and both Cody and Geoff were off. At first ramp, Cody picked up the first flag, and even did a twirl, and then hit the mud properly, "Flag 1 for Gophers!", Chris announced much to the Gopher's own cheering, at the next turn, Geoff tried stomping his foot cause bumps, but Cody managed to capture flags two through four regardless, "Flags 2, 3, 4", Chris announced, and Cody was very happy (along with his team) while Geoff was becoming annoyed (as was Veronica too actually), "Cody has pretty much all the flags, and is racing right to the finish line! Geoff must cross it, or risk disqualification!"

"What?!", Geoff replied, quite angry at the fact his team was losing once more. Geoff then screamed as he released his hands from the seadoo, only to have it hit a rock and launch him into a tree as Cody managed to cross the finish line happily.

"The Gophers win the challenge!", Chris announced happily, and all of the Gophers managed to cheer. The gophers looked at their shower, and then cheered at their victory.

"Yay! We won the shower!", Lindsay happily exclaimed, even hugging Cody, "Thanks, Gordy!"

"Ah, it's no biggie. It was a peace of cake!", Cody said happily in response, smiling at his victory.

"I could've used that shower", Harold said, stinking heavily and drooping his head down.


Harold - "Well, I landed on a big pile of socks, at least I didn't waste the victory away like Owen did."


Following the confessional, the episode returned to show Chris, finishing up the aftermath of the challenge.

"The Bass team went belly up, and will now decide which fishy to flush, while the Gophers totally scored some much needed showers!", the camera then showed the Gophers (save Trent) stepping out of the shower, with Cody blindfolded (likely the Girls' request for him). Meanwhile, Sadie was sitting down by a bench, still fustrated with the mystery of the note.

"Okay, seriously, WHO COULD IT BE?", she screamed out angrily, but nobody at all answered or payed attention to her, except LeShawna and Lindsay who then walked over.

"Who could what be?", LeShawna asked, now curious. Sadie handed LeShawna the Haiku, and LeShawna read it. Chris then popped up, as Lindsay walked away,

"Another note from your secret Admirer, LeShawna?", Chris then left the scene.

"You're the Crush girl?", Sadie replied, shocked.

"You know someone else here with a booty as luscious as an apple?", LeShawna replied, showing off her large behind, she then walked off, leaving Sadie confused as to who wrote the note in the first place as that was not answered. The episode then went straight to the campfire pit with the bass once more gathered to see who would leave next.

"As you know, if you do not receive a marshmallow you will be forced to walk the Dock of Shame, and you can never, ever return to camp!", he then took two marshmallows from his plate, " Eva and Sadie, you girls are safe", he then tossed the two girls their marshmallows," Geoff, you're safe too!", and then he tossed Geoff his, leaving Harold (far off in a tree) and Owen as the bottom two."Harold and Owen. Owen, you have been a quite happy person here on the island, and Harold, today you got stinked up! But in the end, this is what it comes down to, the person safe is.....................................................Harold.", Chris then tossed Harold the final marshmallow.

"Aww...see ya later guys!", Owen said, and then walked down the Dock of Shame.

"Smell ya later, big guy!", Geoff said, frowning and waving goodbye along with Sadie. As both Bass and Gophers (except Heather) came to see him leave, Owen gave a farewell speech right before the boat of losers,

"Well guys, it was really fun while it lasted! I hope you all have good fun without me! I mean, I got to see boobies before I left!", Owen said with a smile. Everyone gasped.

"You saw boobies?", Lindsay asked, surprised herself.

"Wait!", Cody exclaimed as Owen was now leaving on the Boat of Losers, "Heather was riding with.....WHO'S BOOBS DID YOU SEE?", Cody yelled out in question.

Just then, Heather stepped out of the shower, which Cody looked at, and then looked back at the Boat of Losers in slight jealousy, and then groaned as the Episode faded out to the credits.

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The Very Last Episode, Really!

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

Elimination Table

Elimination Table
# Contestant 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 141 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 231 24 25 26 27
10 Courtney WIN WIN IN OUT
21 Katie IN OUT
22 Ezekiel OUT


  • Light Green with "WIN" - This contestant was a member of the Screaming Gophers, who won the challenge of the episode.
  • Light Red with "WIN" - This contestant was a member of the Killer Bass, who won the challenge of the episode.
  • Purple with "WIN" - This contestant won the challenge for the episode, which was during the merge.
  • White win "IN", this contestant lost/was vialbe for elimination, but was not eliminated.
  • Yellow with "LOW", this contestant was the last person to recieve a marshmallow
  • Red with "OUT", this contestant was eliminated in this episode.
  • Orange with "QUIT", this contestant gave his/her invincibility to someone else, making them automatically eliminated as a result.
  • Red with "LEFT", this contestant left the competition due to other means than being voted off.


  • Due to issues with getting the paragraphs to look right, this story is now being copy and pasted from my page instead of my DeviantART.
  • Due to an incident with a hacker, the original version of this story is now lost. I will try to recreate it to my best ability, but I can't promise it will still be good. I will also try fixing any errors I come across.
  • TDIFanFrench drew all pictures used as episode scenes. 

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

  • This episode was originally written while looking at the main Total Drama Wiki's article for the episode.
  • The arrival order was changed to avoid being too similar to the canon episode, I found that similarity hard to avoid given this episode has to be somewhat heavily similar.
  • There is no elimination in this episode, nor are there challenges.
  • The teams are formed in this episode.
  • This is the first episode of the series.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

  • Ezekiel was eliminated for the same reasons as in canon, though his sexism was given more evidence to existing prior to it's final reveal scene.
  • Cody is shown to flirt with Heather rather than Gwen, something that he will do for the rest of the season.
  • This is the first challenge and elimination episode.
  • Duncan and Justin swap teams in this episode, putting Duncan on the Gophers and Justin on the Bass. Ironically, Justin is in the bottom two of this episode, though he manages to escape elimination.
  • The Bass Lose in this episode. 

The Big Sleep

  • The killer bass lose this episode, as they did previously.
  • Katie is eliminated in this episode as the first victim of Heather's Alliance.
  • Heather forms her alliance in this episode, with Lindsay, Beth and Cody as it's other members.
  • This episode was heavily edited for it's grammar.
  • Katie is the first girl eliminated.


  • The error in which Eva's strategy should have made the Bass win earlier than later is still left in the episode.
  • As with the last episode, the Grammar was fixed while in source mode.
  • Noah was eliminated in this episode in the same way and reason as in the show.
  • This episode continues developing Tyler and Lindsay as a couple, as they both visibly care about eachother.
  • Heather and Courtney form a conflict in this episode, as they (just as in the second episode) fight over leadership of the team in some way.
  • Noah is the first Gopher Eliminated.
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