Evan, labeled The Dumb Jock is a contestant on Total Drama Forest.                                                       

Fighting Frogs
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Are You Dumber Than A Fifth Grader?"
Place 19th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father
Friends Mary, Marcus
Enemies G.oddess
Fear Tsunamis
Talent Football


Evan has always has never been the brightest bulb in the box. He has always gotten bottom-of the barrel grades and wanted to improve them. After hearing that extra-curricular activities could boost your grades, he tried out for the football team. Since then, he has become the star of the the football team and stopped caring about hi grdes. His father is excited at the thought of a football scholarship, while his mother is worried about him

Evan joined Total Drama to be part of a competition.

Total Drama Forest

In The Boring Setup Chapter, Evan threw a football towards the dock on arrival. However, it accidentally hits Zoren.

In Bottom Chef, Evan was annoyed with the team name "Fighting Frogs". He later suggested to his team that they make marshmallows as their entree.

In Among the Hidden and Seekers, Evan and Mary formed an alliance with George. However, he was voted out later that episode. In chapter five, the Mary and Evan alliance joined up with Marcus and G.oddess.

In The Total Drama Chainsaw Massacre, Evan was assigned the role of "goon" in his alliance, which upset him. After the Frogs left, G.oddess continued to insult him during the wholnce meeting. At the elimination, Evan flipped on his alliance, and his best friend Mary was sent home. In the next chapter, Evan was convinced by Marcus to flip back to G.oddess' alliance. However, G.oddess flipped to the other side and voted him out, making him the sixth person eliminated.


  • Evan was the sixth person eliminated. He recieved two marshmallows.
  • Evan was one of my favorites to write for in the entire story, and I think for how shaky the early chapters are, his arc was well executed.
  • In early drafts, Evan and Mary's relationship was more focused on, and he was the merge boot. However, once I added G.oddess and Rosa in, I thought he'd be an easy enemy for G.oddess.
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