Zactastic Hotties

Fleur Ec

Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Fear Brits, Fire
Talent Designing, French
Fleur, labeled The Foreign Fashionista, was a contestant on Total Drama Tides. She later returned for Total Drama Eclipse.


Fleur is what many would call a beauty guru. She’s always sticking her nose into the latest fashion magazines, and watching Next Top Model. Her locker, along with the lockers next to hers at school are filled with accessories and shoes. If Fleur ever sees someone pulling a fashion no-no, she’ll give the offender the “Fleur Stare Down” until they join her beside her lockers. Then, she’ll give them her famous five-minute makeover. She has a fan club at the school, who all dress up similar to the fashionista. Fleur loves the small club, and tries to give them fashion tips whenever she can. The club convinced Fleur to make her own Youtube Channel, entitled FleurDeForce. Sadly, Fleur’s English is rather broken, and she has a heavy accent, so her videos don’t receive many views.

Fleur joined Total Drama Tides thinking she had signed a fashion contract.



  • Fleur, was originally from Total Drama Blossoming.
  • Her image is drawn by Wiz Dan.
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