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Wily Tanukis
Hopalong Ralphcakes



Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy (I've Got Sushi In My Tummy)" and "Vulture Shock"
Place TDT: 13th
TDSS: 3rd
Relationship None
Family Parents, Brother, Sister
Friends Vivienne, Veronica, MacKenzie, Wolfgang, Nic
Enemies Casey, Thomas, Chelsey, Trey
Fear Heights
Talent Texting, Talking, Reading
Flora, labeled as Some Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama Tokyo. She was placed on the Wily Tanukis team. She returned for Total Drama: Superstar Showdown, and was placed on the Hopalong Ralphcakes team.


Flora doesn't need a biography, since she's just that one girl in every show who always seems to stay in the background and not do anything of importance the whole time. She's not a Mary Sue, or a villain, or really anything. Just a boring girl.

Flora joined Total Drama because she wanted to win the money and make friends.

Total Drama Tokyo

After Total Drama Tokyo

After Flora returned home from Tokyo, she became a little more self-conscious about the fact that she was perceived as boring by multiple people on national television. However, she didn't do much to change it, and mostly just stayed at home and hung out with her parents, sister, brother, and dog. She found out that she was a fan favorite when Tokyo aired, and was mildly happy, but that was about it.

Flora was asked to return for Total Drama: Superstar Showdown due to being a huge fan favorite, and she happily accepted. She hopes to prove to the world that she's not boring and do what she couldn't last time. 

Total Drama: Superstar Showdown


  • Flora was inspired by Emilee, Mattie, and my numerous other slotfiller characters, but unlike them, she was meant to be intentionally boring.
  • Flora's Tokyo design features colors from Joanne, Emmett, and Sprinklemist's Brent, three other normal/boring characters on the wiki.
  • Flora's TDSS shirt depicts Bidoof, a Pokémon that's known for being generic. Rattata was originally on the shirt instead, but I couldn't draw it as easily.
  • During Tokyo, Flora basically surpassed PJ as my biggest breakout character, and she was chosen to return for Total Drama: Superstar Showdown completely because of this.
  • Flora was originally going to go out where Veronica left, with Veronica getting to the final three, but I felt like Flora had more potential for a better plot and was also a fan-favorite.
  • Another ending I considered for Flora, but ultimately didn't go through with, was her being voted out at the final four by Trey's doing, and that being what made everyone realize Trey's true motives.
  • While originally created as a one-joke gag character, by the end of TDSS Flora became one of my favorite characters to write for ever.
  • For a little while I had planned to give Flora a relationship, but felt like she was too simple of a character and also wanted to give someone a big plot that didn't have to do with romance for once.


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