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Here you can vote for the site's best image! Every month the image with the most support votes will be put on the front page! Vote support or oppose.

EDIT (1 September 2016): All nominations cleared to start out fresh. If you have an image that hasn't been featured yet, you're free to nominate it again.  

Featured Image List

See Forum:List of Featured Images


  1. You must have an account and at least 100 edits to vote. There is no edit minimum to nominate an image.
  2. You must be logged in to vote and you must sign your vote, so the administrators can verify voter eligibility.
  3. Please put new nominations at the bottom of the page.
  4. Please have the picture centered and thumbnailed to 200 px wide for portrait orientation or 300px wide for landscape orientation. These are the sizes that the winner will be displayed at in the home page and Community Center displays. Thumbnailing identifies the artist.
  5. You may nominate someone else's image, as long as you don't claim it as your own. If you nominate someone else's image, then you may also vote for it.
  6. Vote as many times as you want, once per image. You may not vote for your own image.
  7. A nominated image must have at least four Support votes to win, or six votes if running unopposed. If no candidate gets enough votes, there will be no Featured Image for that month. Disallowed "winners" are eligible to run again.
  8. Please only nominate a few pictures per month. One image may be nominated by an artist that is not you, and another image is allowed to be nominated by said artist for themselves, as well. The artist can freely take down a nomination of their image. No more than two images can be be added to the ballot in a single month by the same artist.
  9. Nominated images must have some relation to a fanfiction posted on this wiki.
  10. The following rules must be followed when opposing an image:
  • You must provide a reason for your vote. "No" and "Sorry" are not reasons.
  • Oppose votes that appear to be needlessly harsh will be removed. This includes votes that attack the artist instead of criticizing the artwork. If it's worth saying, it can be said politely.
  • Please try to provide constructive criticism. This is the whole point of the Oppose option, because Oppose votes aren't actually counted.
  • "I want another image to win" votes will be removed. If you want another image to win, then cast a Support vote for the other image and leave it at that.
  • "I like another one of your images better" votes will be removed. The only images you should be comparing a nominee to are the other nominees.
  • An oppose vote criticizing the story or character(s) the image is related to will be removed. Featured Story and Featured Character are separate ballots. Judge the image, not the story or the character. NOTE: This rule is not intended and shall not be interpreted to forbid oppose votes alleging that a nominee has no discernable connection to the Total Drama franchise.

In the event of a tie, the ballot will remain open until the tie is broken.


Enter nominations below, with new nominations at the bottom.

Fleur's Autumnal Look

Fleur Ec
Fleur's new look for the upcoming Total Drama Eclipse, the sequel to Total Drama Tides! By Wiz-Dan. I felt like it was the perfect Featured Image for Fall and just a great look in general! 


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