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Alright, while I know that there is already a "How to Make an Elimination Table" forum in the help desk, it doesn't really explain anything so much as it does show you the end result of it. So, I decided to make one myself. Hope it helps:

Note: While I'll be including spaces in the middle of some of my codings, to get them to work you take out the space in it, I just put that in to show you all the code. Also, it's best to put this all in Source mode, which you go in by pressing the button that says "Source" under controls.

First, I'll teach you all how to make the elimination table's base. There are two ways to do this. The first is the way I personally use it, which is making an elimination table using:

{ |

| }

Note: Take out the space inbetween the { and the |

The top one of those with the { on the left is where it begins, the one with the } is where it stops. Put your codings in between the two. This is an example of what it looks like:

Place Contestant
TBA Emily

The other format is what I like to call "Table" format, which is more popular and is what Sprink uses. To use this format, you click on the table button which is under "Insert" and right next to "Movie" and "Template". Once you click on it, you choose some basic settings you want it to look like, like how much columns (up and down) and rows (left and right) you want in the table. Here's an example of what one of those looks like:

Place Contestant
TBA Emily

Note: Width for the Table I'll use is 200 pixels.

See the difference? Now, I'll teach you some basic codes for it. The first one is, how to make a bold heading at the top of it, like Place and Contesant. This one is easy, just for the very first line of the coding write:

!(What you want the heading to be)

!(What you want the heading to be)

(Repeat until you're done...)

|- (Used to start onto a new row)

The most common useage of this is to write Place, contestant, and the day number. The next one I'm about to teach you is the most important, this is used the most:

| (Whatever you want to write here, this is what was used to make the TBA and Emily.)

(Repeat until done)

|- (Used to start onto a new row) This is used so much since you have to put it at the front of every code in order for it to work. Now, it's time for me to teach you to use colors! Oh boy!

|bgcolor="EnterColorHere"| (Whatever you want to be on top of the color)

Here's how much colors make a difference:

Place Contestant
TBA Emily


Place Contestant
TBA Emily

Remember, if you're making a color that's normally two words, for example, light pink, make it one for this, like lightpink. Anyway, here's how you make one color stretch on for more then one space, for example, instead of:


It would be:


This one is pretty simple, all you need to do is:

|colspan="(How much spaces you want it to fill)" (Optional:)bgcolor="(Enter color here)"| (What you want to say on top of it)

That's most commonly used to show time a play was inactive in the fanfic, for example after they were eliminated, the spaces in between when a character was eliminated and before they returned, etc. You can make a key for your elimination table using this:

{{colorbox |(Enter color here)} (What the color means)

Note: There's another } after the "Enter Color Here", I just took it out so you could see the script.

Welp, these are all of the scripts I have on the top of the head right now, if there are any I left out, tell me about them in the comments! I hope this helps people!


Smart idea. I know a lot of people request elimination boxes from the more established members. I hope people take a look at this. P.S. I actually never learned how to make one of these from scratch, I just edited mine from someone else's base (I resized stuff and fiddled with the text and colors and box style and such. Thus, this is relevant to me, too.--Pinball1106 cannot think of anything interesting right now... 03:29, December 16, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks, glad I could help! =D I was told to get a signature , so I did 03:47, December 16, 2010 (UTC)..
I still don't get it... the thing you said to do with the {| |} doesn't work?? Neongreen00 (talk) 00:08, October 26, 2012 (UTC)
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