Francesca, the Tomboy, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

Raised by a very athletic Canadian family with several of her relatives from New Jersey, Francesca had always been interested in things that boys are interested in... you know, like sports, giant robots, cars, you name it. She still likes girl things, though, but not as much as she likes boy things.

She is the only female on her mostly-male school baseball team. However, she eventually ends up scoring more home runs than the rest of her teammates! She's also won several junior marathons and bowling tournaments, and brought home like a ton of trophies! Though not all of them are gold, at least half of them still are! And of course, she acquired all of them the clean way (no steroids, thank you very much).

Francesca, despite her Jersey roots, is trying hard as she can not to be associated with anyone from Jersey Shore... or at least Anne Maria. She thinks those people ruined her heritage forever.

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