Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship None
Family None
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?
Fear Someone Beating Him
Talent Sports (debatable), Lying, Cheating, Deceat
Freddie is The Arrogant Jock of the group.


Freddie has always been a strong kid. He came from a rich family, so he always got what he wanted. He'd always be picked first and he would always win every contest. Overall, Freddie is very strong. Freddie is very popular at his school, but sometimes, his wins are questioned by others. Whenever he loses in something, he'd always throw a fit. He was only popular at his school due to him being athletic. When he was younger, he would bend the rules of the game he'd play with his friends so he would win everytime. At first, no one caught on to his game. However, one kid who Freddie would always beat due to bending the rules to his favor, beat him in an event. He tried to argue but the kid's win was too obvious. Eventually, Freddie was found out. He was forced to bring back his sport awards. Freddie, however, learned nothing. He still thinks he's the best, he still thinks he's popular. He is blind to everyone's dislike of him.

Freddie joined Total Drama: The Production because he thinks, no, he knows that he will win. Everyone back at home disagrees with him.

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