Team Olympic

Frosty Fr

Episode Eliminated "'Tis the Season"
Place 11th
Relationship Twilight
Friends Andre, Emmett, Hannah, Mitchel, Rosalie
Enemies Ivy
Frosty, labeled as the Elf, was a contestant on Total Drama Frozen. He later competes on Twin It to Win It


Frosty is from the North- way, way, WAY, North. He comes from a village known to many as Santa’s workshop, but to him it is simply known as home. It’s in Santa’s workshop where Frosty attended many elf classes such as; Penguins for Dummies, The Rap of Wrapping, and his favourite How to Survive a Snowmen Apocalypse. After finishing his elven studies, Frosty was selected to join the racing squad. A group of renowned elves who fly out on smaller versions of Santa’s Sleigh to test the times of different reindeer combinations. It’s a very important job where he’s from. However, on one of these test runs the sleigh he was using was proven to be faulty and he and his reindeer squad were sent plummeting to the frozen wastelands of Wawankwa island. The reindeer fly off in fear, leaving Frosty, the flying elf to take part in Total Drama Frozen.

Total Drama Frozen: 

Frozen is found by Hannah in It's a Winter Wonderland after he crashes and is left unconcious. She drags his body to the rest of the campers.

Frozen is seen in the infirmary in It's Still a Winter Wonderland. Twilight reveals she hadn't left his side, blaming her wish for his injuries. Later he is announced to joing Team Olympic, despite still being confused about the whole thing. Twilight tackles him, and begs him to stay, to which he agrees. During the challenge, when his team is about to give up, he reminds them about how hard Hannah and Twilight worked to get him here, and asks them to reconsider - it works, and his team continues. During the snowball wreckage at the end of the challenge, he clutches onto Twilight to protect her. Frosty is slightly dissapointed at the end of the challenge when he discovers they lost, but makes a joke when he sees Andre strolling down the hill. Frosty joined Andre's and Mitchel's musical group, by providing extreme faces to go along with their performances. During the elimination ceremony Frosty was happy to be safe, but was sad to see his friend Andre get eliminated.

Frosty vents to Emmett about Santa giving up on him in The Frosted Towers while Emmett benchpressed the elf. During the challenge Frosty is paired up with Jade and explore the first tower. Frosty questions why Jade who has always been on the good list is hanging up with the Naughty List queen Ivy. Frosty hears sounds coming from behind them, when they realize zombies are chasing them he and Jade rush to the top of the tower. Frosty is seen holding onto a sleeping Twilight when Lindsay explains how his team won the challenge. Frosty ate with Mitchel and confesed he was worried they might vote Twilight out. 

In Snow Day Frosty jokes around with Emmett in their cabin when they hear banging on their door. Worried that it's Twilight, he rushes to let her in. A frozen Twilight, and a large amount of snow pours into the cabin. Hoping to warm her up, he pulls her against the wall to snuggle while he tells her a story about Santa's Workshop. When Twilight falls asleep, Frosty asks Emmett if he thinks that she likes him. He confeses he's worried what Santa would think if he fell in love with a mortal. Emmett jokes around asking he really is an elf, and the pair laugh. Frosty with the rest of his team are dissapointed when they lose the "challenge". Frosty ends up in the bottom two, but is spared when it is revealed that Dania has been eliminated. 

Frosty teases Emmett  in A Kipper for Skipper when he makes Rosalie run away terrified. Frosty is annoyed when Ivy continues to make fun of his elf culture. Despite being on opposite teams, Frosty helps Twilight during the challenge by teaching her to speak penguin. When Frosty explains that Skipper just wants to be with his other penguin friends, only Emmett Rosalie and Twilight believe him, and follow him into the forest. Frosty is impressed by Twilight's quick study of the penguin language, but is shocked when the penguins ambush them. Frosty is cheerful when he and the others are tied up, because it would be the proof he needs to show everyone that he really is an elf. Frosty and the others break free. Frosty compliments Emmett on fixing things with Rosalie, and he asks about Twilight, but Frosty isn't sure what's happening there. Frosty is revealed to be safe at the elimination, but is distraught when Emmett is eliminated during a tied vote. 

Frosty raids Brandon's baked good stash in The Winter Showcase with Twilight. He shares a kiss with Twilight in the hear of the moment, and they both agree to not do that again. He puts on a good performance during the challenge with the rest of his team and his excited when it's revealed that we won. 

Frosty has an emotional confessional in The Twelve Days of Christmas where he speaks to Santa wondering where he is, and whether he is looking for him at all - but more importantly what he would think about Twilight. During the challenge Frosty is matched against Twilight for the three french hends challenge. Twilight wins easily by showing him the egg that had the word French on it. The pair laugh about how easy the challenge was. The pair decide to spend the rest of the time baking a cake. The pair wonder if they should add whip cream to the top, but after remembering how they kissed the last time, they pass on it. When they return to the others Frosty wipes cream from Twilight's cheek. At the dance, Frosty dances the waltz with Twilight where he promises he'll take care of her, like she has him. 

Frosty shares a depressed moon with Zaina in Checking Her List Twice, the elf upset that Santa still hadn't come for him. When Rosalie and Twilight offer the pair a freshly baked cake to cheer them up, they barely change their expressions. Wanting to cheer him up Twilight takes Frosty and explains she doesn't want a mopey boyfriend. Frosty confeses his love to Twilight while they're making snow angels. In a last-ditch effort to get Santa's attention, Twilight builds a snowman with Frosty explaining it grants you one wish. Frosty while spending time with Twilight managed to miss the entire challenge, and is upset when he discovers that they lost. He is indifferent when he is shown to be safe, his mind still on Twilight, and on Santa. 

Frosty helps cheep Mitchel up in 'Tis the Season, but is shocked when Twilight reveals they are on television. Frosty is revealed to have left with Santa and Twilight that night, eliminating himself from the competition. 

Frosty is revealed to have been living his happy-ever after with Twilight in New Year's Greeting. Frosty helps defend Britt's honor when the other campers are discussing who should win. Frosty decides to join Rosalie's team in the end, having bonded with her more during the season. He helps lead Rosalie to an early lead by explaining how the observation deck has been under remodeling for the past few days. Frosty is shown leading Rosalie's reindeer into the lead of the final challenge. 

Frosty helps defend Rosalie during the final snowbrawl between her and Britt in New Year's Farewell. He notices the penguins sabotaging Rosalie's sled, and groans as Britt pulls ahead. Frosty cheers for Rosalie when it's revealed that she won.

Frosty was unable to make it to the reunion special in End of a Season.



  • In the orignal Frozen, Frosty left with Santa alone, leaving him the sole owner of 11th place. 
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