Team Olympic
Episode Eliminated "'Tis the Season"
Place 10th/11th
Relationship Twilight
Friends Andre, Emmett, Hannah, Mitchel, Rosalie
Enemies Ivy

Frosty, labeled as the Elf, was a contestant on Total Drama Frozen. He later competes on Twin It to Win It


Frosty is from the North- way, way, WAY, North. He comes from a village known to many as Santa’s workshop, but to him it is simply known as home. It’s in Santa’s workshop where Frosty attended many elf classes such as; Penguins for Dummies, The Rap of Wrapping, and his favourite How to Survive a Snowmen Apocalypse. After finishing his elven studies, Frosty was selected to join the racing squad. A group of renowned elves who fly out on smaller versions of Santa’s Sleigh to test the times of different reindeer combinations. It’s a very important job where he’s from. However, on one of these test runs the sleigh he was using was proven to be faulty and he and his reindeer squad were sent plummeting to the frozen wastelands of Wawankwa island. The reindeer fly off in fear, leaving Frosty, the flying elf to take part in Total Drama Frozen.


  • In the orignal Frozen, Frosty left with Santa alone, leaving him the sole owner of 11th place. 
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