Garret, labeled as The Hyper Kid, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Silver Screens
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Spite at the Museum"
Place Eleventh
Relationship Eleanor
Friends Eleanor, Emmett, Maurice
Enemies Sue
Fear Giant Killer Squids
Talent Juggling


Garret was born with ADHD, a disease characterized by behavioral and learning disorders, so he is often easily distracted, as well as hyper, all the time. He's loud, and often impulsive. He has a few friends that have gotten used to his behavior; his parents have, too. He is known around his school for talking very fast, as well as being one of the fastest runners in the grade. He joined Total Drama: Los Angeles in order to meet new friends, and get a shot at the money.


  • Garret was thought of by Sprinklemist, and was the prize for correctly guessing the winner of Total Drama Pandemonium.
  • Garret’s image was based off of Sprinklemist’s image for what he wanted the character to look like.

Garret, as drawn by Sprinklemist.

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