Gavin, labeled The Social Twin, is a contestant on Camp Total Drama. He is a member of the Popular Salmon.

Gavin -
Popular Salmon
Gavin ctd
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Chapter 9: Behind the Screams"
Place 13th
Relationship None
Family Garret, Single Mother, Grandmother
Friends Bree, Ramona, Natalia, Jared
Enemies Britney, Veronica, Will
Fear Dogs


Gavin’s brother often describes the two of them as an oxymoron, contradictory terms appearing in conjunction. Once Garret explains what the word oxymoron means, Gavin usually agrees. Gavin has always been more of a social butterfly than his brother. He’s also the snarkier and more outspoken of the two. Never one to say anything harmful or mean to someone else, but always someone to speak their mind and stand up to injustice. There’s very rarely a challenge that arises that Gavin will not take on, always striving to help his family and others around him.

Gavin has been best friends with his brother Garret his whole life, in case you couldn’t already figure that out from the fact that they’re twins. However, Gavin does have many other friends. Sure, some come and go, but you’ll rarely find Gavin by himself. Additionally, he is a member of numerous clubs at his school, such as the student council and the GSA. While he does have many friends and activities at school, Gavin’s top priority has always been his family. Living with their single mother and their Abuelita, Gavin and Garret are always helping out around the house.

It was Gavin’s idea for the twins to audition for Total Drama, and Garret will tell that to anyone who asks. Gavin partially wanted to be on Total Drama to make new friends for himself and maybe even win the prize money to support his family. The main reason he wanted to join, however, was that Gavin really wanted to see his brother make some friends too. Of course, he’d never admit that, but it’s the thought that counts.


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