George, labeled as The Nice Fat Guy, was a contestant in Total Drama World and Total Drama All-Stars.

Crushing Explorers
Striving Lions
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "We’re stranded in Australia!"
Place TDW - Eighth TDAS - TBA
Friends Keyana, Sally, Lequisha, Greg
Enemies Rob, "The Rat"

Chapter Guide

Total Drama World

Chapter One - George was chosen to be on the Crushing Explorers team. They lost the challenge. George started an alliance with Rob and Keyana and they voted out Sally.

Chapter Two - George sat out of the challenge due to his weight. The Crushing Explorers won invincibility.

Chapter Three - George and Rob each ate thirteen plates of food at the dinner. He waited at the summit of Mt. Everest. The Crushing Explorers won.

Chapter Four - George woke up laughing at Rob, because of the prank Jessica and Charles had pulled. The Crushing Explorers found a dead kangaroo, but it was unharmed, so George and the Crushing Explorers won immunity.

Chapter Five - In the prank wars, George's suitcase was emptied and filled with sand. George had to be forced out of the plane by Rob when they thought it was crashing. When Charles and Rob were fighting, he suggested they box. This resulted in his team's loss. He received votes from Rob and Keyana, his former alliance members. He voted for Charles. Rob and George tied for votes so they had to pull rocks out of a bag. George pulled out a red rock, symbolizing his elimination.

Total Drama All-Stars


George's updated look in Total Drama All-Stars.

Chapter One - George returned to season four, looking much like he did last season, but he didn't have his bandana. "The Rat" insulted his weight, but George said he'd turned all of his fat into pure muscle, causing Lequisha to compliment him. During the challenge, Dyl chose George as the strongest person on the Striving Lions team. George struggled, but still got through his part of the challenge. George voted for "The Rat."


Total Drama World

George started an alliance with Rob and Keyana. They later betrayed him.


George was always a heavy set kid. Growing up without much to depend on, he turned to the colorful paper and plastic wrap of fast food. He has a very weak will, and does what almost anybody tells him to do, especially if they offer food. When his mom went on vacation and didn't leave enough food for him, he once robbed a bank when he was offered a ticket to a buffet.


Total Drama World

  • George is an edit of the Camp TV design of DJ.
  • George received two votes.
  • George was eliminated due to a luck-based tie breaker.
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