Insane Squirrels
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated "18th"
Place Living With A Fear
Relationship None
Family Father, Henetta (deceased)
Friends Joshua, Winston
Enemies India, Linda (suggested)
Fear Eating chicken
Talent Farming, lifting tractors

Grady is The Fat Farm Boy of the group


Grady was born into a farming family so he's farmed all his life. He used to love eating chicken untill the fateful day when they cooked his beloved Henetta! Since then, He hasn't eaten a single chicken. In fact, he mainly eats steer and venison. All that meat, combined with his farming chores, has made him both fat and strong. He joined Total Drama Craziness to show the world that you should eat more cows, not chicken!

Time on TDC

Chapter One: Grady arrived and made friends and enemies as he befriended Joshua and Winston. He also made an enemy when India made fun of him. He was chosen to be an Insane Squirrel.

Chapter Two: Grady counted Winston's push-ups. In the challenge, he did really well. His team won.

Chapter Three: Grady tried to get the flag but Mitchie got it instead. Due to Mitchie, his team won.

Chapter Four: Grady didn't take part in the challenge, dispite that, his team won.

Chapter Five: Grady told Baldwin how he lost his thumbs, in the challenge, Grady did alright.

Chapter Six: Grady couldn't eat the dish he was served. His team won anyway.

Chapter Seven: Grady could not face his fear of eating a chicken. His team lost and he was eliminated, due to his worthlessness and lack of thumbs.

Audition Tape

Grady is shown feeding some farm animals. Grady walks away. All of a sudden, a horse stands up and walks to the camera. The horse says,

"Pick Grady for your show. We want to throw a party but he's always here. So please, pick him!"

A mouse suddenly appears on his neck and says in a, "Yeah, we wanna party!"

The horse says, "Wait, if we send this, won't the world know that animals can talk?"

The mouse says, "We can just lie and say we're in costumes."

The horse says, "That does seem to work." The tape ends there.


  • He looks like a chicken, which is ironic because he doesn't eat chicken.
  • His name, Grady, sounds like gravy.
  • His fingers are meant to look like feathers.
  • The eat more cows not chicken is a reversed saying of the Chick-fil-A slogan
  • Grady was oringinally going to make it farther then what he did.
  • Grady is one of the characters that the author forgets about when writing.
  • The missing thumbs was added onto the story when the author realized that he had no thumbs. This caused his early elimination.
  • Grady was oringinally going to be good friends with Winston and Joshua.
  • His audition tape is based off of television show, Back at the BarnYard.


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