Killer Wildcats



Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Whitney (former one-sided attraction)
Kelsey (mutual attraction)
Family Mother, grandparents
Friends Kelsey, Miles, Rachel, Roald, Suvir, Frances
Enemies Erica, Kaitlin, Whitney
Fear Crippling loneliness, spiders
Talent Composing music, writing poetry
Graham, labeled The Gentleman, is a contestant on Total Drama Lakeside. He was placed on the Killer Wildcats team.


Graham's mother had him at an early age and soon realized she wasn't fit for parenting, leaving him in the care of his grandparents from then on. As a result, his appearance, lifestyle, and general mannerisms are somewhat out of place with modern society, which made him an easy target for bullies growing up. He's always been a "sensitive intellectual" type, having spent most of his childhood reading his grandparents' classic British novels from an early age and applying the philosophies found in them to his daily life, as opposed to socializing or playing sports. His distance from people his age has made him develop a bit of an ego, and he sometimes comes across as unintentionally condescending, but this is due to isolation from his peers and an inability to relate to them more than anything else. Since Graham got to college, his loneliness has slightly subsided after finding a solid group of (all female) friends. He has secret crushes on most of them, but they all think he's gay due to his debonair appearance and withdrawn, emotional nature. Graham loves poetry and romance, and since he has few people to talk to about his feelings, he pours out his emotions into the written form instead and has no idea what to say when actually confronting them in real life.

Graham joined Total Drama because he wanted to make friends, get out of the house, and preoccupy himself for a few weeks so he's not alone with his thoughts.


  • Graham's appearance was inspired by the character Beardo from the Animal Crossing series.
  • The original version of this story, Mt. Total Drama, featured two characters named Vaughn and Cristina who were based on singers from Postmodern Jukebox. Although they were both scrapped, their personalities were combined in a sense to make Graham.


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