Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Kimmi
Fear Parents
Talent Fencing, Chess

Grayson, labeled The Prep, is a contestant on Total Drama Tides.


From a very young age Grayson was raised to takeover the family company. As an only child, he was always the center of attention, and the object of praise. He was the family golden boy, and that is likely the cause of his inflated ego. As a young boy, he was sent to an all-boys private school. His parents secretly hoped that they would be able to keep him as far away from the opposite sex, until they could pick out the perfect girl for Grayson to marry. As a teenager, he was popular, due to his good looks, charisma, and was the top fencer in his school. Grayson however was even more popular at the rival all-girls prep school, where he met his current girlfriend, Kimmi

Grayson joined Total Drama Tides, to bring honour back to his school. 


  • Grayson, was originally from Total Drama Tides.
  • Grayson's artwork was created by Wiz Dan.
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