Fizzled Fireworks

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Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Kart Of War"
Place 13th
Relationship Riley
Family Mother, Two Younger Sisters
Friends Riley, Seraphina, Lita, Easton, Ignacio, Ness, Mandy,
Enemies Tessa (maybe), Zipporah, Pascal, Kalino, Diamonique,
Fear Napoeon Bonaparte
Talent Football, Weight Lifting

Griswold, labeled as The Lineman, is a contestant on Total Drama Genesis. He is a member of the Fizzled Fireworks


Griswold has been into football since he was a kid, playing in the peewee edition. By the time Griswold was in middle school, he was still the same football fan…and still about the same height. Griswold managed to become a back up wide receiver for the middle school team. Despite this, no one thought he’d make the high school team…

…Until the first day of high school, when Griswold returned with a massive growth spurt and become the tallest guy in school. Unfortunately for them, Griswold soon moved to another school. Griswold was determined to get on the team so he began a new diet, did more weight lifting, bulked up and skipped over the junior varsity team to become starting lineman for the defense.

Nowadays, Griswold is the big man on campus. His football team is extremely close and together they’ve won their state championship. Griswold is very popular at school not just for winning, but also for taking part in the school community, going to most games, supporting most clubs and following his school’s many (odd) traditions. He also is a strong supporter against bullying, after being bullied for his short height.

Ever since a quarterback at their school participated in a reality show, reality shows have become a trend at Griswold’s school. Griswold auditioned as per of a football tradition to try out for a reality show as well as to have a good time.

Total Drama Genesis

Audition Tape



Faith Hill - The Way You Love Me Lyrics

Griswold's theme song "The Way You Love Me" by Faith Hill.

  • Griswold was the second newcomer eliminated from the merge, fifth newcomer of the Fizzled Fireworks eliminated, and tenth contestant eliminated. He received seven cups of coffee.
  • Griswold's theme song is by Faith Hill because he mentions her as his favorite singer in the story and fits his romantic side.
  • Griswold was originally created to serve as a love interest to a now scrapped character. Ironically, he had a love interest created for him.
  • Griswold underwent several changes to his character, only kind of having his character solidified towards the start of Genesis. He was always planned to be out at the merge, but much later such as seventh or sixth place. It was moved up for the sake of the story.
    • Some of the ideas for Griswold in the original draft include being blonde, being the quarterback, being a swimmer, doing track or even other sports.
  • Griswold's football team, and the quarterback who made it big, is a reference to one of my older characters Bradley.
  • Griswold's original name was going to be Gareth. It was changed because Griswold sounded better and I liked how it brought up the idea of a bear.
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