This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.


It's been a day since Total Drama Island has been over, and Heather arrives back to her home with a shaved head. Heather's life is a nightmare, and this story focous on her life after Total Drama Island's season finale.


Chapter One- Being Bald Has Consequences.

I awoke, with my head hurting because of me sleeping on the floor. There's going to be a second season of Total Drama, I both disliked and liked the idea of it. One, I get to be more popular. And two, I'm bald. How can I be on the second season of Total Drama bald? No one will like me if I'm just wearing my wig the whole entire season, though all I really want is the money. I looked to the side, my wig on the floor. I got up and picked it up, then I dusted it off and I putted it on. I adjusted it so I could be comfortable. I walked outside, ready for another day of my family.

"Hey, Baldy!" My annoying little brother said."How'd you sleep tonight?" He snickered.

"Like a baby." I said sarcastically.

"Yeah, because you are one!" He said, with a horrible comeback.

"Whatever," I said, I went into the kitchen and served myself cereal. My brother came into the kitchen, with my parents. Next, came my sister, who ignored everyone and took her breakfast to her room. After breakfast, I went back to my room to change. I decided to take a shower instead, so I grabbed a towel and entered. When, I just entered my brother knocked on the door like a mad man, "I gotta go pee!"

"Pee your pants!" I yelled back.

"But, I really, really, really, need to pee," he said unconvincingly.

"Like I said before, pee your pants!" I said annoyed already.

"Fine, I'll just pee on your clothes," he said with a smirk. His footsteps faded, and by then I knew he was telling the truth. "Gr, I'll deal with him later." After my shower, I stepped into my room, a stench flooded the room. "No,no,no!" I tiptoed across my room to my drawer, I didn't want to step on anything that got peed on. I looked at my clothes that I put on top of my drawer, it was wet and stinky. "I'm gonna kill you!"

My brother was sleeping on the couch, mouth wide open. He was in the perfect position for a prank. Since, he hates ketchup I went to the kitchen, opened the refridgerator, grabbed a bottle of ketchup, and went back to the living room. I opened the bottle and squeezed the bottle, ketchup falling into my little brother's mouth. His eyes opened quickly, tasted the ketchup, and threw up all over the rug. I quickly sneeked back to my room. I closed the door shut, and heard screaming and crying. My lips curled into a smirk, I was triumphant.

After, what seemed like hours, the commotion stopped. I heard a door closing in the distance, I guessed my brother went into his room. I opened the door quietly, and tiptoed to the bathroom. Before, I got there my mom's voice spoke, " Heather, I know what you did."

"What did I do?" I said, in my most innocent voice.

"Don't play innocent with me," my mom said fiercely. "You made your little brother drink ketchup."

"Uh, no I didn't!" I said nervously.

"Are you sure, 'cause I saw a strand of your wig on the floor."

"Someone's framing me!"

"Really, then why did your little brother tell me that he saw you when he woke up."

"He's lieing, you know he lies all the time."

"Until, you prove that you didn't do it. You're grounded."

I gasped, my mom won this round but next time I'll win. I needed to find a way to 'prove' my innocence. I thought for a while, and I finally found the perfect plan. A plan that my sister will never forget for the rest of her life.

Chapter Two- The Plan That Went Wrong.

I crept into my sister's room, luckily she was asleep. I went back to my room, grabbed my wig, and crept back into my sister's room. I smirked and thought," It's time." I put the wig on the floor. I got another idea to put the ketchup bottle on her hands, so I did it. She mumbled, and she was still asleep. I then went to my brother's room, he was playing video games so I couldn't finish the rest of my plan. I waited outside his room until I heard snoring. I went back into his room, grabbed a picture that I made of my sister puting the ketchup inside his mouth, I taped the picture above his eyes. The plan will now be in action... in three.... two... one.

I grabbed a pan from the kitchen, went into the hallway dropped the pan on floor. Cling! Clank! I rushed into my room, closed the door, and pretended to sleep. I heard some frightened sreams, and some banging. Might've been one of my siblings. I heard my brother scream, " It was you!" Then it seemed like I went half deaf, because all I heard was mufflings. I got up, slightly opened the door, and peeked out. I knew everything went muffled, all the doors was closed except mine, of course.

I gently opened the door, and walked out. I walked towards one of the closed doors quietly, not daring to make a noise. I put my sweaty hand on the handle of the door. I turned it very slowly, I opened it slightly and peeked inside. I reliefly sighed, knowing the room was empty. I walked towards the other room, the only room left. I grabbed handle and turned. For some strange reason, it was quiet. I poked my head in, seeing nothing. Did they leave? I thought. Then, I walked in the room. Sheets on the floor, ripped. Windows broken, pillows torn, glass shatered on the floor, jewelry spreaded all over the room, and Damien on the floor with a broken nose and bleeding from his face, arms, and knees.

I gasped, for the first time in my life I was being sympathetic towards my brother. I rushed to his side, I picked up his head. "What happened?"

Damien coughed out blood,"Why do you care?" He snicked weakly.

"Because, idiot, your my brother and whatever you do that irritates me SO much. I er, still love you." I said that last part in a quiet voice.

"What was the last part?" He partly smiled.

"Nothing." I said slightly blushing, and embarrassed.

"Come on, I won't tell." Damien winked.

"Yeah you will, you little brat!" I spatted.

"I promise!" He hold out his pinky, but the other was behind his back.

"Hold out your other hand," I said annoyed.

"Fine." He scowled, and showed his hand.

"Thank you."

We pinky promised, and told him that I still loved him even though he is very annoying. He seemed to gotten better since the first time I saw him. "So, what happened to Mom and Dad?"

"I don't know, all I saw is this man covered in black and then I blacked out."

"Oh, well we need to call the police."

"But, they scare me!" Damien said with real fear.

"Too bad." I walked to the telephone and dialed 9-1-1.

"9-1-1, what is your emergency?" said a lady.

"My parents got kidnapped by a-" I was interrupted by Damien.

"What about our sister?"

"I don't care about her."

"Excuse me?" the lady spoke loudly into the phone.

"My parents, and sister got kidnapped by a man."

"Can you describe him?"

"Uh, he was wearing black. Just black."

"Okay, we'll try as hard as we can to catch him." The phone went to a Beep and I hanged up.

"So?" Damien asked me.

"Apparently, theyr'e going to try 'hard.'" I told him.


I walked back into my sister's room looked around again at the disastrious room. I sighed and closed the door and I slowly walked to the living room, thinking throught what just had happened. I sat down, closed my eyes and fell asleep immediantly. I dreamt about the man killing my family slowly so they can feel all the pain before they die. Then, when he was finished, he pointed his knife toward me. I couldn't move, like I was paralyzed. He stabbed me in the chest, pain swooshed all over my body like a tornado. He kept on stabbing me, then everything went pitch black.

I woke up, I was sweating all over, my brother looked scared like a he was about to die," What happened!?" He screamed.

"I-I-t was just a nightmare, no worries." I was shaking like crazy now.

"Okay," he sat in relief.

Now, we need to find my parent... and sister. I got up, looked to my brother and said confidently,"We're going to find our parents."

"And sister," he added.

"Yeah, her." I rolled my eyes,"Now, let's go!" I grabbed my brother's hand and whooshed outside. First, I went to the police station and asked about my parents and sister then I ran back out, my brother slowly following me. I looked around for any signs of anything suspicious. I abruntly stopped because I saw this abandoned warehouse on my left. I looked at it for a long time, trying to see anything black or anything that looked like the rest of my family. My brother bumped into me, instead of me falling down he fell down instead. I ignored him, and continue to look at the broken warehouse. I decided to go in, so I walked down the lane to the door,"Hey! What are you doing!?" Damien yelled but was too scared to come after me.

I was grabbed the knob and turned it, the door creaked. And I saw someone I never wanted to see again until I died.... and it was the man in black.

Chapter Three- Chris and the Warehouse.

The Man In Black walked slowly towards us. His lips curled into a deadly smile and said,"Hello, nice to see you." He came closer, we backed away,"Aw, come on don't be afraid," he paused for a moment and continued,"I know where your parents are."

"Of course you do, your the one who kidnapped them!" I said as fiercely as I could.

"Yeah, I know." he barked at me, " but, I'll tell you where they are."

"Why?" I said suspiciously. My brother said nothing the whole time, because he was too scared to do anything.

"Because..." He grabbed his mask and unrevealed himself. His hair was black with some gray sprinkled all over, and it was Chris.

"Your... CHRIS!?"



"Again, yep."

"What are you doing stalking me!?"

"Um, no." Chris said looking annoyed by me,"I'm just here to remind you of the next season of Total! Drama-"

"Yeah, I know." I said, both of us annoyed by each other.

"Anyways, we didn't actually kidnap your family."

"Then, why was my little brother bleeding real blood!?"

"Oh... uh, because he got hurt...?" Chris said, trying to come up with an excuse."Anyways, they're behind that closet over there." He pointed at the worn out closet. I sighed, and walked to the closet. Damien didn't move, and I notice.d he peed his pants.

"Damien, come over here."

"Come on little boy, don't be afraid." Chris said with a smile. It seemed like Damien thought Chris was the devil because he just screamed and ran off.

"Mom, Dad?... Sis." I said but Chris said something that made me turn. What he said was this:"Well, I gotta go this building is gonna crush you because it's cracking like crazy. So, bye!" I let out a scream of terror and opened the closet, I saw my sister, mom, and dad tied up. Then, everything went black and I couldn't remember a thing.

My eyes opened, the building was crumbled. My mom was the only one in sight, I didn't know where the rest was. I crawled towards her, when I got to her I untied her. She was knocked out, I tried to get up but I fell. I couldn't feel my left ankle, I shaked my mom back and forth but she didn't budge. I looked to the right, seeing Chris with a devious smile.

"Mom," I pushed her back and forth again."Are you okay?" She groaned and her eyes opened. I was reliefed that she was okay.

"Heather?" she got up, and standed.

"Mom, you can get up?"

"Yeah, can't you?" she was anxious, I could tell by her expression of her face.

"No, my left ankle hurts. I think it might be broken," I said studying my ankle, then I looked back at my mom who looked even more worried,"Mom, it's okay. At least it doesn't hurt anymore."

My mom ran to my side and helped me up and she said:"Do you know where your dad, sister, and brother is?"

"Well, Damien ran off somewhere. For both of them, I have no idea." I said, now trying to look for Chris who seemed to have disappeared.

"We need to find them, first. Then, we'll get you to the hospital, okay,"

I rolled my eyes."M'kay." I digged out all the debris around me and found nothing but a dirty, red ball. My mom was searching all over the place, one second she was in front of me next thing I knew she was on the side. She let out a yelp of excitement so my eyes wondered around then I turned my head and saw my mom and dad. Then, a girl came out behind my dad.

"I found them!" she exclaimed."They're both okay."

"Great to know that," I muttered to myself.

"Now, let's take you to the hosp-" my mom interrupted by my dad.

"What happened to Heather!?"

"Oh, she just injured her ankle." she explained to him.

"Oh, oh. Okay," my dad calmed down," let's go to the hospital!" He ran to my side, picked me up and carried me to the nearest building. "Is this the hospital?" He checked, and nodded his head "no." My mom and sister were slowly following us, well they appeared to be slow from my dad running at his top speed.

We finally reached the hospital, and from the x-ray they gave me I sprained my ankle so it was pretty okay to me. My dad and mom freaked out, my sister snickered at the fact of me being "handicapped." We now had to find Damien who was lost in the city.

I had to walk in crutches for a week, so I had to get use to it now. We wondered around the city for what seemed like hours. We then decided that Damien might be at our house so we headed that way, and our house was the last place we looked because like we though he was there.

He was curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth, and was crying."Hey doofus, we're here." I said.

"Oh- My- Gosh! I found you!" He got up hugged everyone, eyes red from crying too much.

"You mean, we found you." I corrected him. All of us went to my sister's room and looked at the broken window, but my sister wasn't looking at the window she was searching for something, her diary I guessed since she took it almost everywhere she went.

My dad called someone to fix the window, they told him that they'll start fixing it in a hour. My mom started making dinner, my brother went a little paronoid ever since we found him. My sister kept on searching for her diary. And I was staring outside from the front door. I saw something, an animal of some sort. Then, I saw something white I didn't know what it was so I got up and took a few steps. I figured out that it was Bruiser, my ex-lost cat.

Chapter Four- Bruiser: The Worst Cat In The World.

I ran up to Bruiser, curled him into my arms, and he purred with satisfaction. I went back into my house and shut the door. I let Bruiser down, and ordered him not to get lost again, like he'll ever do that. I sat on the couch and Bruiser came up to me, he then scratched my leg and fell asleep on my lap.

I winced and pushed Bruiser off me,"Get off me you lazy cat!" He screeched, and walked away slowly.

A few minutes later, Bruiser came back to me and went on my lap again. Instead of falling asleep on my lap he started to make this chocking sound. I realized that he was releasing a hairball. I didn't have time to react, he spat out a hairball on my lap and he proudly walked away, with his chest high in the air.

I got up and screamed on the top of my lungs, I heard a glass crack. I also heard fast footsteps. Then, came in my dad,"What's wro-" terror covered his face. He shot daggers at Bruiser, who was cleaning himself."Bruiser, outside NOW!" Bruiser looked accomplished.

I put my pants into the laundry pile, I went back to my room and slid in a fresh pair of pants. I was so angry at Bruiser I wanted to kick him. I casually walked back to the living room, sat down, and turned the TV on. I rewatched the first episode of Total Drama Island I was proud of myself the whole time. After, The Big Sleep episode, I fell asleep.

I dreamt I was in this cramped room, covered with yellow and blue paint, the stench of fish filled the room. Then, the room expanded, the room shaked, and Bruiser came in with an evil look on his face. He opened his mouth, teeth bared out, and bit my arm. I couldn't move, like I was parlyzed. Before I knew it, he ate me. After he ate me, my vision went less vivid.

I awoke, sweating from the heat. There was a blanket on me, probably it was my dad who did it. I noticed that is was dawn. I struggled to go back to sleep, I was fully awake. I stood up, and tiredly walked to the livivng room, which was next to the living room. I opened the refridgerator, the light made my eyes close, I grabbed the milk and closed the door quickly. I went to the counter, and rechieved a glass. I poured in the milk, and drank half of the glass. The milk was warm, it was freshly put into the refridgerator. I guessed it was Damien, who needed to drink milk every time he was scared which was most of the times at night.

I finished the rest, I gently rest the glass on the counter. I decided to watch the sun rise, so I sat on a couch and looked out my back door, which was opened. My eyes were tired, probably had bags under my eyes. I watched the sun rise, the birds chirped. It distgusted me in ways. Then, the rain of terror woke up. A sleepy screech echoed across the house.

I mutter under my breath. I hid from Bruiser by ducking under the counter. I heard his paws gently touch the rug, then I heard a sniff. He knew I was here, I crouched lower and quickly made my way to the back door. I opened it as silent as I could, I rolled outside, I know it was unneccesary but I HAD to do it.

I camouflauged with the long grass in our backyard. I knew it was true becuase Bruiser came out and didn't notice me, that or he was just playing tricks on me. Once, Bruiser came closer to me I dashed across the grass and dove into the house I closed the door behind me. I was victorius, Bruiser was stuck outside while I was inside. I just had to hope that my mom, or sister, didn't let him back inside.

I jumped on the couch, with a bag full of popcorn, turned on the TV, popped a handful of popcorn into my mouth, continued to watch the rest of the Total Drama Island season. Halfway through Phobia Factor, I heard a russling noise. I cocked my head to the left and saw white blob, I gasped, realizing that it Bruiser coming into my house from the window.

I quickly paused the TV and turned it off. I threw a pillow at Bruiser, who was halfway in, the pillow distracted him for awhile. So, I ran outside again, I was sure that Bruiser was trying to find me and throw up on me again. I went through a gate, that lead me to the frontyard. I panted for awhile, then I went to get the mail, I saw a dog peeing on it, I kicked the dog he whimpered back to box which was his home. There was only one peice of mail in it, and it was addressed to me. I skim through it, I rolled my eyes, it was about Total Drama. The second season shooting starts in five days.

I was grumpy the rest of the day, I didn't want to be in a second season. The only good part about all of this is that you get a million dollars. I didn't even notice Bruiser, who was dieing for attention. Then, before I went to bed, something miserable happened. Bruiser came into my room, while I was distracted talking to my friend, he jumped onto my bed and I noticed him there and he ran out. I continued to talk, when I was done talking to my friend I saw a pool of yellow water... Or was it pee? I checked it, then for the final test I smelled it. It stank! I pinched my nose and took off the bedsheet now it was just a plain matress. I didn't want to take a risk, so I slept on the floor with a white sheet.

The next day, I woke up with a headache. I turned my head to the side, checked what time it was, and took a shower. After my shower, I 'accidently' stepped on Bruiser's tail. I laughed like a maniac, no mercy for him, and the eyes of a pirate getting revenge on another pirate's ship.

Bruiser yowled and cried for hours, he wanted to get to me. I was not gonna allow that, so I just ignored every cry for help. Like I care what people think about, 'Oh, you're cruel,' 'I'm ashamed." Blah,blah, once again I do not care. Bruiser kept on scratching at my leg like my leg was a scratching post.

My leg was bleeding but it didn't really hurt. I covered it up with napkins, then I kicked Bruiser away. Guess what, he came back scratching my other leg. I was annoyed by Bruiser so much, I picked him up and threw him outside,"Why did I ever let you back to my life!?" I shut the door, and ignored all the yowling of Bruiser. He tried to make me feel bad by purring and crying. I ignored it, like I told myself to do.

During dinner, we heard scratching on the door. My mom tried to solve it by yelling at Bruiser. The only thing is, is that it made Bruiser scratch even more. My resolution was to go outside and kick him, but my dad didn't let me. After dinner, fortunatly, Bruiser stopped scratching. He probably gotten tired, then I got tired so I immediatly fell asleep.

I didn't dream of anything, because when I closed my eyes it opened. It went from a dark room with a light dimming the room, to a room with the sun brightly shining. My eyes we still heavy, my arms were weak, and my legs were asleep. I was happy for a moment, but then came the 'cat'. It was like drums were playing when Bruiser came in, bouncing up an down.

I couldn't react, so Bruiser jumped on my back and sheathed his claws and digged them through my plain, pink shirt. I screamed, but it wasn't loud enough for anyone to hear it. I felt a liquid running down my spine, I figured it was blood. I let out another yelp of pain as Bruiser scratched my back. I fell off the couch and landed on Bruiser straight on. We both let out a scream of pain, I slowly got up on my knees. Bruiser layed there, twitching madly. At first, I was afraid but then I remembered what he had done in the past. I decided to leave him there to die, then came the voices "You're cruel!", "You're going to hurt him". Then again, I did not care.

Three minutes later, Bruiser stop. Just as I thought, he was faking. He resiliently got up and hurried off to eat a piece of tuna he didn't eat last dinner. I scolded at him, then I didn't feel as tired as before. I sat down, my arm went to sleep so I used my left arm to turn on the TV. I watched a show I haven't seen since I went to Total Drama Island, that show was Survivor. It looked like it was on it's third episode because it said '16 castaways' on the theme, and I counted all of the contestants and two were missing.

After it was over, I went outside with my wig on. The wig was pretty uncomfortable when I put it on. I walked for two blocks, and saw two of my best friends from High School. Their names were Rachel, and Melissa. And when I mean best friends I mean the only two people who actually hang out with me.

"Hey Heather, how's it going?" Rachel said, she was nice which distgusted me but she was good friend who covers for me.

"Well, I did get scratch marks from Bruiser," I showed them my scratched. "Anything happen with you guys."

"Not much, except we're planning a sleep over," Melissa responded, Melissa had mood-swings most of the times so it's hard to know which mood is her real mood. "Heather?"

"Yeah, Melissa?" I asked, wondering what was on her mind.

"Are you wearing a wig?" She giggled.

"Er, no." I said nervously.

"Oh, okay," Melissa said cluelessly. "Anyways, our sleepover is tomorrow so be ready."

They both took off, and left me thinking What is going to happen during the sleepover? With Bruiser off my back, I hope, I might be able to do things I wanted to do. I only have three days left until the next season of Total Drama Island starts, and I have to do stuff I wasn't able to do during my summer. I could go to MegaBlockWorld tomorrow. I decided to go to the sleepover tomorrow. That'll be fun... Hopefully.

Chapter Five- The Sleepover.

I pretty much did nothing after I thought about the sleepover. I took naps until it was time for dinner after that, I couldn't sleep at all. I tossed and turned, Bruiser also kept me up with his screeaching outside. I layed on my bed, restless. I closed my eyes until I became drowsy, it didn't work so I decided to get some warm milk.

Once I drank the milk, I was still wide awake. I ran around my house three times. I panted, and slapped myself. Everything was black, I couldn't even see my own arms. I don't know if it was just me, but then all of a sudden light shown bright on my face. It was day. I don't know how, but it was. Was I asleep the whole time? I tiredly got up, and yawned.

I knew today was the day I was going to have a 'sleepover'. I've never been one so this is going to be a first-timer. I wondered what people did during sleepovers. Did they just sleep or what? I heard girls called it 'slumber parties' but I will never say that. I'd rather call it sleepover, they're the same thing right, whatever.

I packed extra clothes, toothpaste, a toothbrush, my own comb, my cellphone, extra high-heels, and all of my make-up. I put it all in a red and white striped bag. I stretched out a little to get me working, then I headed off.

I called Melissa. "Hey, M. Where's the sleepover at?"

"It's at my house," Melissa sadly said."Do you remember where?" Her voice changed to a happy tone. "Rachel's here, already." I heard a muffled 'Hi!'

"Yes, I know where it is, I'm heading toward it right now." I walked for three block, and ran through my head her address. I turned my head to the side to locate the address, it was the wrond one and I kept on walking.

I finally found the right house, and walked to the door. I knocked, then I rang the bell. I waited for an answer and here came Rachel. "Hey! We were waiting for you! Come in!" Instead of letting me in, she pushed me in.

I fell on a soft, red rug. I looked around and saw velvet red couches that matched perfectly with the rug, even the wall was painted blood red. "Why-" I started until Rachel interrupted.

"She says not to speak of it," said Rachel seriously.

"Okay..." I got up and sat down on the warm, soft couch and waited for Melissa.

Melissa came in with a stuff lemur between her arms. She was wearing pink sweat pants, a red shirt with the cat face on it, and a red necklace around her neck. "Are we ready!?"

"Um, yes." I said nervously.

"Alright, let's get going," she walked towards her room and signaled us to come towards her. We followed her, while she opened the door for us, we obviously entered. "First, we should make bracelets with my kit her!" She opened a pink jeweled, red box. Inside it were different kinds of string. Red, pink, yellow, if you named a color it is most likely it would be in there.

After we made about three dozen bracelets we had a short pillow fight. It seemed like a slumber party because we did each other make-up. Rachel said something that would be the most fun thing we did so far."Let's play..." She paused for a moment. "Truth... Or Dare!"

I like playing Truth or Dare, especially the dares. Rachel always goes truth, though, Melissa is either truth or dare you never know. "Who would like to go first?" Rachel looked at me.

"Sure," I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, Truth... Or Dare!?" Rachel said with fire in her eyes.

"Dare." I said plainly.

" I dare you to... lick the floor!" Rachel said.

"Wow, is that the best you got?" I licked the rug. It tasted like... Well it didn't taste like anything, really.

"Alright, Rachel." I said in a evil voice. "Truth or Dare?"

"Tr-" Rachel said nervously before changing her mind. "Dare."

I was suprised but I managed to say."I dare you to outside...And."

"And?" Rachel said very nervously.

"Jump inside the pool with..." I said mystically.

"With!?" Rachel looked like she was going to pee her pants.

I laughed. "With the chihuahua."

"N-n-ot the chihuahua," she said.


"NO!" Rachel yelled, I was pretty sure the neighbors could here us.

If you don't know why the chihuahua was scary, I'll tell you. Melissa's dog, a chihuahua, hates water and I mean hates. If he even touches water he goes on a frenzy and bites everything in his path, his bites are as hard as shark's bite. And I know I've been bitten by a shark and Melissa's chihuahua.

Melissa grabbed her chihuahua, which was named Tullie. She gave it to Rachel, Tullie barked as usual. Rachel slowly walked outside, Tullie barked louder. Rachel was sobbing quietly. Rachel jumped off the diving board, with Tullie still in her arms.

I heard screaming, and barking. There was some red in the pool, then there were more red. We had to save Rachel. I jumped in, then came in Melissa. While Melissa got Tullie, I got Rachel. Once we were out the pool, there were four deep, bloody bite marks scattered all over Rachel.

"What a dare, huh," Rachel said very weakly.

"Sorry 'bout that." I said without guilt. It was a dare wasn't it?

"Rachel, dare me." Melissa said.

"But, I-" Rachel said shivering.

"I'm not waiting, just dare me!" Melissa screamed.

"Okay, fine," Rachel rolled her eyes. "I dare you too... drink mustard!" That was the best one yet, because all three of us hate mustard.

"Uh..." Melissa almost threw up. "Fine." Melissa got up and ran to the kitchen, while we followed. She was actually doing it. Melissa grabbed the mustard, uncapped it, then, she pitched her nose. "Nope, can't do that." Rachel said.

That was really bad new s for Melissa because she threw up. According to her mom's rules, she had to clean up the messes. So, that's her problem, not mine.

Melissa squeezed the mustard bottle. Her tears where wattery, nope, now she's crying. She drank half of the bottle, guess what? That's right, she threw up. Her barf was no ordinary barf. It was greenish-yellow, chunks of cookies we ate before we played. It was white for a second. Then, it turned an orange color. It went on like this for like three minutes.

After all that mess, it was Melissa's turn. "Alright, glad that's over." Melissa glared at me. I glared at her back, then we laughed for no reason.

"Okay, Heather..." Melissa shot an evil look at me,"I dare you to say Bloody Mary three times in the mirror." Rachel gasped, I looked puzzled.

"What does that do?" I said.

"Well, I think it's suppose to make Bloody Mary, a person who died or something, appear. Then, Bloody Mary kills you." Rachel said her finger on her pursed lips.

"Let's do this," I said confident that won't happen. All three of slowly walked to the bathroom door. I opened the door, walked in, while Rachel and Melissa stayed out afraid that 'Bloody Mary' will get them.

I closed the door, the lights still turned off, and turned on three candles. I was nervous my voice cracked when I said, "Bloody..." I continued, "Mary." I deeply sighed,"Bloody..." I was sweating like crazy, "Mary." I sighed four times. "Bloody..." It took me twenty seconds to say the last part. "Mary."

Nothing happened... I waited and waited and waited. Nothing happened! I turned around, heard a noise, I quickly turned around. There was a girl. She wore a long white dress, long black hair covered her face, she was pale, and she had her feet exposed.

A butcher knife appeared in her hands. She clutched it tightly. She was floating in mid air. I was too shock to move. She stared at me with a frown. To be honest, she didn't look ugly. She was pretty without make-up. Her face curled into a cold smile. She started to speak in a raspy voice. "You summoned me, Heather."

"N-no I didn't," I said in a nervous voice.

"Yes," Bloody Mary's eyes turned blank, "you did."

I gulped. "It was a dare."

"That's what they always say," she said her eyes turning a brownish- black color, "now I need to kill you."

I screamed, I tried to open the door. It was lock. Then, I tried to unlock it but it wouldn't budge. "I'm sorry," I was crying... Real tears.

She pointed the knife towards me. She then said something strange, "Heather," she repeated that two more times. I started to float. This is not real, this a dream... No! A nightmare. Make it stop! I would've said that aloud but I couldn't for some reason. Instead, I just thought it.

I was now lying in the air. I couldn't move. I tried to move my finger, but it just stung me with pain. Bloody Mary clutched the knife with both hands. She almost stabbed, when something interrupted her.

The door flew open. The door hit Bloody Mary right in her face. She faded away like mist. I fell to the ground with a thud.

"Are you okay!?" A worried Rachel said.

I still couldn't speak so I just nodded my head weakly.

"What happened?" Melissa. They flooded me with question and all I did was nod and shake my head.

The next morning, I woke up. The two beds beside me were deserted. I asked myself, What time is it? I got up, I wasn't wearing my wig. I didn't care, if they make fun of me I'll kick their [censored]. I went into the bathroom, I quickly went out.

I had a new fear... The bathroom. Or bathroom mirrors. I don't know. I went to the living room, deserted as well. I went to the kitchen, no one there. I was glad that they weren't there. I had the house to myself. I jumped onto the couch, and took a long nap.

It looked afternoon-ish. I decided to go back to my house, I put my high heels on and walked towards the door. I opened it. I was expecting someone jumping out at me. But, no. It didn't happen. It was weird, I saw no one. It was like everyone was inside their houses.

I got to my house, it was quiet. I was really suspicious. I went to the backyard. No on there. I spat in disgust. I went back to the front porch and knocked as hard I as I could. No answer. I kicked the door.

I checked under the mat, a spare key. I opened the door. There was no one in the living room. I went to the kitchen and then... "SUPRISE!" I jumped back in suprise. I just remembered, it was my birthday.

Chapter Six- The Party.

[Warning: This May Be A Short Chapter]

Melissa and Rachel were there. My family was there, other relatives, and other people I didn't know. I almost smiled, but I couldn't my mouth it seemed like it was asleep. I walked to the kitchen waving at everyone as they said,"Happy Birthday". I sat on a chair and smiled widely this time. I was actually having fun.

Ten minutes later, a trampoline arrived. I looked at Rachel and Melissa, they nodded. We ran towards the trampoline, took off our shoes, and then we got on the trampoline and obviously jumped.

"Let's wrestle," Melissa said while we were resting from jumping too much.

"Sure," I said shrugging.

"Well, I don't want to get hurt so..." Rachel said turning her eyes to the ground.

"Come on," Melissa urged.

"Fine," Rachel said rolling her eyes. "If I get hurt, you're taking the blame."

"Okay, let's just wrestle!" Melissa said.

I got up, bounced on the trampoline for awhile, and jumped at Melissa. Rachel, as usual, didn't do anything. Melissa kicked me off, I hit the trampoline and bounced up, when that happened Melissa jumped on me. I grunted, she punched me on my face, and then I rolled to the side which made Melissa punch the trampoline.

Rachel kicked Melissa weakly while she was distracted. Melissa got up, pushed Rachel away, and ran towards me. I braced myself, she was two feet away and I kicked her on the shoulder. She fell, then Rachel started getting involved.

Rachel grabbed my arms, twisted them, and threw me to the ground. I rubbed my arms, got back up, and elbowed her. She grunted, coughed, and punched me across the face. I spit out a little blood and continued to fight. I ducked while Rachel tried to punch me again, then I tripped her. Once I did, it seemed like the fight was over but it wasn't.

Rachel stood up, as well did Melissa. They nodded at each other signaling me that they're teaming up on me. I bouced up and kicked them both in the stomachs. They made an "Oof" sound when they hit the trampoline. Melissa was the first to get up, she didn't attack me... She attacked Rachel. Suprisingly, Rachel pushed Melissa off and did the same thing to her.

I panted, then we all laughed. Our wrestling was over. "That was (pants) fun." I said panting more afterwards.

"I guess so," Melissa and Rachel agreed.

"We can do this (pants) every week, or day," Rachel suggested.

"You? You, wanting to wrestle more?" Melissa looked puzzled, but looked at her teasingly.

"Of course," Rachel exclaimed. "It was really fun!"

"I'm impressed," I said nodding my head proudly.

We decided to do back inside after a few more minutes of talking. I saw my family enjoying themselves, Damien trying to shoot my sister with a Nerf gun, my parents talking to relatives we haven't seen in months. Even Bruiser was enjoying himself, he was taking a peacful nap with all this commotion.

After a hour, my mom called us for something. Cake. I loved cake, everytime there's cake I eat it. Any flavor, you name it, and I'll abosultely love it. My cake was coated with chocolate over a vannila-flavored bread. It also said 'Happy Birthday Heather!', it was designed with red roses, and an angel on each corner. It made my moth water.

I sat on a chair and a bright light covered my body. I looked up, turn my attention to the shadowy figure of my dad. I smiled. This was actually a good day. They started singing Happy Birthday to me, while I cutted the cake in an almost medium sized squares. I gave a piece to everyone and then their was only one piece left, the biggest piece. It was for me, all for me. I took a bite out of it, it was delicous. Chocolate flooded my mouth, frosting tickled my tastebuds, and the bread gave it a little sparkle.

I wanted more cake, unfortunatly, the cake was gone. I did feel a little full after a while, but I still was hungry for cake. I went to my room. My bed was a mess, not even done. Clothes scattered all over the room, my computer on my bed instead of in its bag, and some of my posters ripped.

I was tired after I opened my presents: clothes, jewerly, clothes, a new and improved cellphone from my dad, clothes, money, oh, did I mention clothes!? Anyways, overvall, my birthday was pretty awesome. I got to hang out with my friends, eat cake, get new stuff, and, according to my mom, meeting family members.

People were starting to leave. First my uncles and cousins, then mom and dad's friends, and the remaining were my grammy and grampy and obviously my best friends. Rachel betted that she could stay longer than my grandparents, Melissa also betted.

They were scaring my grandparents by glaring at them for a long time. My grammy even said:"She's going to kill me!" She then jumped off the couch and started speaking in an ancient asian language. Then, my friends got scared. I rolled my eyes and calmed them down by saying she does this all the time.

Finally, my granparents had to leave. I kissed them on the cheek and said my goodbyes. I gave Rachel and Melissa each two dollars from the money I got this evening. Rachel's mom called around ten P.M. she told her that it was time to go.

She grabbed her stuff, hugged both of us, thanked my mom and dad, and left. There was only one person left, Melissa. I guessed she could 'sleep over' because her mom nor dad called her.

"Hey Heather," Melissa said after an akward silence.

I snapped back to my senses and replied. "Yeah?"

"Don't you need to go back to that show Total Drama Island and have another season?" asked Melissa.

"Oh yeah," I said and scold her for reminding.

"And aren't you suppose to go tomorrow?" continued Melissa.

"Huh!?" I sreamed in suprised. "I totally forgot! Crap, crap, crap!" I was such in a rush I ignored everything Melissa had to say. I did forget I had to go back to the crappy old camp, or maybe it'll be relocated. I don't know. But it was time to have another season.

Chapter Seven- The Last Chapter.

I was done packing, at last. Melissa rolled her eyes, "Heather, you know could've done this in the morning."

"Do you really think I could pack all my stuff all in one morning!?" I said stressed out.

"If you had my help," Melissa said.

"I don't need your help," I said annoyed.

"Whatever, I'm pretty sure you do," Melissa murmered.

I flopped onto my bed, while Melissa was getting ready to leave. She told me she was leaving because she was tired, I don't care if she left. I was tired anyways. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't.

I tossed and turned, trying to remember everybody's names. Lindsay, Joseph? No, Geoff. It's been a long time since I've seen them. I tried to forget about it and closed my eyes.

They opened quickly, I stared at the ceiling. I was thinking about what Chris did to remind me of that day. Blowing up a building, Was that really neccesary? I thought. I closed my eyes for the last time and fell asleep.

I woke up with a quiet house. I could hear the wind blowing in my room. I heard the rustling of leaves outside. I could pretty much hear everything in this silence.

I rubbed my eyes gently, and yawned. I stretched my arms and legs. I remembered in distgust that today was the day I was leaving. Luckily, I packed early. So, I could have breakfast calmly.

I tiredly walked to the front door of my room. I grabbed my wig and adjusted at the most comfortable spot. A gentle wind made the door gracefully open. I dragged myself to the kitchen and made myself breakfast. I didn't want my family watching me leave, it'll make everything dramatic.

I ate cereal, a glass of OJ, and an apple. I usually didn't eat fruit with my breakfast but I growned use to it since I needed to it because my mom forced me to. I slowly ate my breakfast and when I was done I brushed my wig with a brush I was going to bring with me.

I kicked my suitcase around while I brushed. When I was done I brushed my teeth, cleaned my face, and chose my clothes wisely. I was pretty tired after getting ready to leave. I knew I couldn't drive a care yet so I called Rachel to take me there.

I was quiet the whole time, not daring to wake my horrible family. I waited for Rachel to arrive and I drank a glass of water impatiently. Finally, Rachel arrived.

I grabbed my suitcase and ran outside, making the front door slam. It made a sound like a loin roaring . I winced at the sound of it. I quickly went into the car and told Rachel to step on it. I didn't dare look back.

I arrived at the place where not all of the contestants stood. I said goodbye to Rachel as she left. Many of the contestants were just talking about what they did while they were gone from the show. I was just silent. Everyone still made fun of my bald hair, but I didn't mind. They were going to have to see what I could do.

Beth tried to make a conversation with me but I just ignored her. Geoff and Bridgette were making out as usual. Trent was sweet-talking Gwen. Duncan carved skulls on the ground. DJ was chasing a butterfly, ew. Harold was trying to impressed that freak LeShawna by doing 'karate' moves. Lindsay was talking on the her cellphone applying make up. Izzy was riding on Owen, as Owen made bear noises. That was definatly going to attract a bear, I mean he is one. Justin was admiring himself in the mirror, I think I was blushing but I shook it off. And I stared at the road waiting for what was going to pick me up.

I was kinda nervous, but I knew I was doing this for a million dollars. Which was definatly worth it. I also knew that I was gonna kick everyone's butts and take the million dollars for myself. I am not gonna share! Ants crawled arcoss my leg and ignored me completely.

Everyone but me was doing something. I wanted to focous on my strategy. I knew Lindsay and Beth don't trust me. I'm pretty sure nobody else does either so I just had to get Harold on my side when the season starts. No, I should just go with flow. If there's a chance I could make a big move, I'll make it. That was my strategy.

I clapped my hands in excitement. Everyone stared at me. "What!?" I glared at them and they continued to do what they were doing. Since they're scared of me, I hope, I can control them, I hope again. This season is going to be a cinch.

A weird trailer thing appeared in the distant. Dust flying around like magestic angels. The trailer stopped abruptly and send the dust right into my mouth. It was flavorless but it still made me gag like crazy. Everyone picked up their suitcases except for me.

I sat on my suticase staring at the trailer suspiciously. Beth and Harold stayed behind wondering about me, everyone else went inside. The driver honked the horn several time before Beth came inside. Harold was left behind. I signaled him to leave me alone, but he stayed.

"Heather, are you going to come in?" Harold said bewildered.

"I don't know," I said dryly.

"What do you mean 'I don't know'?" Harold came towards me, "it's just a bus... trailer thing."

"I don't trust it," I explained to him.

"It's not going to do us any harm," Harold's usual nerdy voice said.

"Whatever." I picked up my suitcase and went inside as Harold followed. The reason I was suspicious was because Chris would leave us out more longer. Probably till midnight. I sat in an empty seat and allowed Harold to sit next to me.

I stared out the window. Cacti standing still motionlessly, tiny shadowy figures scrurrying all over the place, dust devils doing its usual job, and the sun setting beautifully. It made me sigh, lost in the all the beauty. It wasn't like me to be like this, but I was.

Harold kept blabbing about how much badges he earned over the break. I ignored him and looked at the two people sitting in front of me. Weird goth girl Gwen and that ugly hag LeShawna. They were talking something about season strategy so I strained my ears to listen.

"We should have a secret alliance and make it to the final two," LeShawna suggested.

"Sounds like a good idea," Gwen agreed. "But, we need to find some way to get Heather out." I ignored that comment and they continued.

"How about we try to be nice to her and we'll earn her trust then backstab her?" LeShawna kept on suggesting ideas and Gwen kept on agreeing.

"Let's continue this later," Gwen said when the trailer stopped.

"Time to get out," the driver said with a slight of evil in his voice.

He let a few people out before he jerked the steeriong wheel to the left and made everyone left fall on the ground with a thud. The driver laughed maniacally. I ran towards the driver and kicked him on the head. I stopped the spinning of the wheel and spinned it towards the right.

I'm not a great driver but at least I stopped everyone from getting killed. The bus crashed into a building and made me fall backwards. I heard a crack from my back. Hopefully, my back didn't break. I hope it just made a cracking noise not actually breaking my back.

I sighed heavily. Everyonre was in shock, speechless. I told them to get up an get out. The door swung open as I kicked it. I let everybody get out onto the concrete sidewalk. At least it wasn't out on the road. If someone was slackening or just standing there I pushed them towards the door and if they didn't get out I would kick them out.

I was the last one to get out before DJ. I looked at everybody, everyone had scratches except for the few people who wasn't left on the bus. As usual, I was right. Chris's actual bus came around midnight. I guessed that the shooting was tomorrow.

I walked into the bus, looked behind me. My old life was going to disappear just like it did before. Another season, another time with all these dorks. I scoffed out loud without realizing I did. I sat at the back of the bus without speaking with anoybody. Everybody started to talk again.

I took out my brush for my wig and started to brush it. Beth failed trying to talk to me again. I didn't want anybody messing up my A-game. Alone at the back I started muttering my strategies again. My plan ran through my head over and over again. I know had my plan memorized. Feeling proud I loudly stomped my feet on the ground. Luckily, everyone ignored me this time.

The bus stopped and everyone got uo from their seats and started heading out. I stood up and slowly walked out. The place looked like an abandoned film place. I squinted my eyes trying to look for any cameras, but failed. Before I could get a look around Chris interrupted me.

"Welcome. To. Total! Drama Action!" Chris announced the season's name. I guess that gave away what the season was, it didn't. It was time. It was time for another season. I took a long, deep sigh and started to walk toward the entrance.

End Of

Heather - After Total Drama Island

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