Heather (TD: STD)
Villainous Vultures
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Family Unnamed Parents
Unnamed Elder Sisters
Unnamed Younger Brother
Damien (brother)
Unnamed Cousin
Quote1 Why put off until tomorrow what someone else can do for you today.Quote2
—Heather's credo.

Heather Smith (labled: The Queen Bee) is a smart, ruthless schemer, Heather did well in the first three seasons. She manipulated Alejandro to win Total Drama World Tour.


Very little is known about Heather's past. Her father is a successful bussinessman, albeit very cheap, and her mother is a shallow socialite. She has two haughty older sisters, who are successful in business as well, and two mischievous younger brothers, who enjoy torturing her (e.g., by booby-trapping her room and putting glue in her hair conditioner). In her youth, Heather exhibited sociopathic tendencies and bipolar issues, and her parents tried electroshock therapy on her to make her nicer, but to no effect.

In her early adoloscnece, she used to be a fat, brace-faced, pimply, style-challenged junior high reject; something she overcompensates for now with a mean veneer and lots of makeup. During her summer before entering high school, Heather begged her father for liposuction and he agreed. Using what money she had saved over from past birthdays, she spent hundreds of dollars on skin care products and new clothes to reinvent herself. She also began taking exercise classes with her mother and sisters regularly, despite her sisters constant ridicule during the class.

Upon entering high school, she quickly established herself as the most popular and ruthless girl at school — becoming student class president (after several ballot boxes for her opponents mysteriously ended up in the boys urinals), head cheerleader (but only attended rallies where the year book photographer is present), captain of the debate team (because she loves to argue; but will only debate issues of personal interest (i.e. did you see Susie's new haircut? Can everyone say: "80's perm-gone-wrong?")), and head of the year book committee (to ensure that "said photographer" includes only her best shots, and also to ban photos of anyone she hates).

Total Drama


Heather is fabulous but evil. She can be merciless and her allies are only dear to her as long as they are useful - dare to cross her and you’ll pay for it. A great manipulator, mentally as tough as they come, and absolutely bound and determined to get her way no matter what the cost. She’s not afraid to get wet, down or dirty... but if she can talk one of her minions into doing it for her, all the better.

The history behind her evil ways is revealed late in the show – she used to be a fat, brace-faced, pimply, style-challenged loser in school. We show her being shoved into snowbanks, puddles, bowls of chili until she finally snapped and made the DECISION to become popular – and did it. It was also strongly implied that Heather's sour disposition stemmed partly from her two older sisters who were just as verbally abusive to Heather as she typically was to others. She is also paranoid about being seen “without her face on” or with her hair wet – this is a girl who does not love herself deep.

Despite being described as wicked, there are moments where Heather does display a more compassionate side. For example, she does offer Gwen a cookie after she starts thinking that Courtney was going too far with her revenge. Furthermore, she also was disgusted with Gwen for kissing Duncan in the first place. Whether she was upset because she felt sorry for Courtney or because of her dislike towards Gwen is unknown.

Physical Appearence

Heather has exotic Polynesian looks and has been encouraged to model for teen magazines.


  • Artful Manipulator: Famously manipulative, Heather knows what she wants and exactly how to get it.
  • Strategic Planner: Although cold and mean, Heather is an effective coordinator and tactician. Her strategic smarts have proven effective, eliminating a record amount of contestants.
  • RazorSharpFingers

    Heather's "perfectly manicured fingernails" have proven to be useful weapons.

    Competent Martial Artist: According to Heather, she has taken Tae Bo lessons two hours a day five days a week since she was fourteen years old. During her brawl with Leshawna, Heather held her own for a time and displayed some combat prowess, but she was ultimately overpowered and lost a tooth.
  • Claws: Heather's fingernails are sharp enough to use as weapons, seeing as how she has incorporated them into her physical fights.
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