Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Parents, 2 Younger Brothers
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Giving a Bad Haircut
Talent Singing, Dancing, Academics, Hair Syling
Heidi is The Gifted Girl of the group.


Heidi has always been a talented girl. Wether it's school, music, dancing, anything, she's been good at it. She's a very humble person, so it doesn't get into her head. Heidi has two younger brothers, Nick, the older one, and Danny, the youngest one, often fight. You see, Heidi's parents have trouble being able to have kids. Heidi's birth was considered a miracle. After five years, they adopted a baby boy, named Nick, from Korea. They adopted him because they couldn't have any more children of their own, besides Heidi. Two years later, however, they had another child who they named Daniel (Danny). Nick often beats up Danny and often tells Danny that his birth is a mistake. Heidi often has to take sides. She nearly, if not everytime, takes Danny's side. Heidi has had to grow quickly in the past 11 years. Her family isn't doning so well in the financial department. Heidi has considered dropping out of school, but her mother talks her out of it every time. In her spare time, she works at a hair salon and is doing very well. Heidi loves her job. She also loves the fact that she is helping her family.

Heidi joined Total Drama: The Production to win the prize to help her family.

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