Hektor, the Mathlete, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

Since grade school, Hektor always had a fascination with mathematics. Though most students cannot tell a radius from a circumference, Hektor will. Still don't know what 9 times 13 equals? Hektor does (it's 117, by the way).

Though most of the boys in school tend to shape up their bodies, Hektor likes to exercise his mind. He attends the annual Mathletics Competition in his town, and he brings home the top prize each time! And when he's not working on sines and cosines, he enjoys a few side diversions, like Sudoku and Kakuro.

All the hard work he puts into his math studies is the result of the rigorous training of his strict grandparents, who will not accept anything other than first place. So he decides to hit the books so that he can avoid getting hit himself!

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