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Angry Birds


Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Quest for Chris McLean"
Place 4th
Relationship Danny L. (one sided on Danny L.'s side)
Family Father, Mother, Three Brothers
Friends Alice, Bitsy, Mona (debatable), Nigel, Woodrow
Enemies Cliff, Danny L. (one sided on Helen's side), Fantine, Joanne, Kasey, Lorelai, Mindy, Mona (debatable), Sid, Starlight, Woodrow, Zachariah
Fear None
Talent Sarcasm, Seducing, Manipulation

Helen, labeled as The Sarcastic Seducer, is a character on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, as a member of the Angry Birds.


Helen is the second youngest of four children, and is the only girl. Because of that she was more pampered than her brothers. She was the “daddy’s little girl”. She acts sweet and nice with older people, but she's mean, sarcastic and cold-hearted with people of her age, especially in school. She is always causing fights between bullies and nerds, and seduces others girls’ boyfriends. She acts sweet in front of her parents and teachers, so they don’t believe when the others teenagers tell about the drama that she causes. Helen’s brothers are almost as mean as their sister, and they help her with causing drama.

Helen joined Total Drama to meet a nice guy, because she loves drama and especially to won the money.

Total Drama: Paradise Falls


  • Helen was the tenth contestant eliminated from her team, the ninth contestant eliminated after the merge, and the nineteenth contestant eliminated overall. She received eleven seashells.
  • Helen was created after I thought what would happen if I mixed my two Total Drama characters, Heather and Noah.
  • Helen's original stereotype was "The Sassy Seducer". I changed it to avoid comparissions to Alexandria.
  • Helen's original name was Yasmin.


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