This is part of a guideline for Total Drama Island FanFiction Wikia, please follow it.


We all know that titles are a big part of a story. All stories have to have one, and it's important to know what should be in the title, and what shouldn't be. First of all, the title should be appropriate. These stories should be at a language level the same as the show, maybe cleaner. Also, you would want to make a good impression. Would someone want to read a story with an uncensored title?
Another part of a title is capitalization. The title of the story should have the first word, the last word, and all important words capitalized unless the author doesn't want it to be like that. Please, if the title isn't capitalized, ask the author before moving the page. If you move the page without asking, this could lead into punishment. The punishment will be one warning, and if you continue, a ban that starts at three days and keeps growing.
So when you are creating a story, be sure to ask yourself these questions:
  • Is my title censored as Total Drama Island would be on television?
  • Is my title capitalized correctly at my will?
If you follow these guidelines, it can be a start to a great story!
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