Rabbid Raccoons
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated "Victory In One Hand, and a Bamboo Stick In Another"
Place 23rd
Relationship None
Family Father
Friends Serene
Enemies Zev, Randy
Fear Spiders
Talent Exploring

Ilan is The Explorer of the group.


Ilan has always loved the great outdoors. He feels one with nature when he's in the forest. Many times he discovers new things while exploring. His father loves the fact that Ilan likes nature, but gets concerned about his son. What if he gets in danger, or what if he gets lost? Ilan is tired of all hearing these things for his father. He joined Total Drama Craziness to have adventures and to get away from his father.

Time on TDC

Chapter One: Ilan arrived and didn't do much for the rest of the chapter. He was placed on the Rabbid Raccoons.

Chapter Two: Ilan acted as the peacemaker between Zev and Orville. He was one of the first ones out on his team. His team lost but he was safe.

Chapter Three: Ilan was going to try to capture the flag but was tagged, His team lost and he was eliminated.

Audition Tape

Ilan is shown hiking in the woods. There are many animals and trees.

Ilan says to the camera, "Hi, my name's Ilan. I love nature. If you want someone who is down to earth, and caring. Just pick me. I'l boost ratings for sure." All of a sudden, a bunch of animals start attacking Ilan. He runs off screaming, "I HATE ANIMALS!" The tape ends.


  • I never ment for his eyes to be like that.
  • Ilan was always meant to be an early out.
  • He is meant to look like Ethan from The Future Is Wild.
  • In fact, his original name was Ethan but that was taken.
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