This is our wiki's library of all In-Progress stories. Every In-Progress story of all sizes are placed here.

Stories are considered 'in progress' if they have at least one full chapter posted, with a new chapter posted in the last six months. Unfinished stories that have gone more than six months without a new chapter are considered dormant, and may be moved to a separate listing at the discretion of the administrators.

Please observe the following guidelines when adding stories:

  1. List the story in only one section. Please don't list it as a generic "Competition" if it fits one of the other types.
  2. Don't list new story pages that don't have at least one full chapter posted. This listing is for stories that have already started, not stories that are expected to start soon.
  3. Maintain alphabetical order within each section. It doesn't matter whether or not a story titled "Total Drama X" has a colon after "Drama". If a title starts with "The" or "A", that doesn't count either.
  4. Identify the author by his/her formal handle, not nicknames.



This category is for stories that feature games/races where contestants are periodically eliminated, and which don't fit any of the other subtypes below.


This category is for stories that reimagine canonical Total Drama seasons.


This category is for stories that draw characters and/or settings from other franchises.


This category is for stories that are not based on the elimination game/race format.


This category is for stories with two or more contributing authors.

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