Mini Dharmas
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Epic Crap Battles of Tokyo"
Place 10th
Relationship None
Family Parents, Sister
Friends Charles, Roz
Enemies Layla, Delia
Fear Many Things
Talent Modeling
Isabel, labeled as The Ditz, is a contestant in Total Drama Tokyo. She was placed on the Mini Dharmas team.


When Isabel was a baby, a brick must have gotten dropped on her head or something, because she is probably the most stupid person you will ever meet. Isabel was born legs-first, and her mom had to get a C-section to remove her. Isabel's head was way too big for her body when she was little, too, and she didn't learn how to crawl when she was two. Isabel's sister is rude and very smart, and she's often strategizing but Isabel often foils her plans, but she does not know this. When she was twelve, because of her somewhat attractive appearance, Isabel was picked to model for a professional modeling company. She liked modeling, but she was not very good at it because she always wore the dresses backwards and half the times she fell off the catwalk. Isabel is also known as "in style" at her school, and people go to her for fashion tips not knowing that she doesn't know a thing about fashion even though she is fashionable.

Isabel joined Total Drama because she thought it was a talent contest.


Total Drama Tokyo


  • Isabel's original name was Gianna.
  • Isabel was created because the dumb blonde is also an extremely cliche stereotype, and I took Lindsay and stepped up the dumbness a bit.


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