Isley, labeled as the Zookeeper is a contestant in Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem. She was originally on the Sandy Dollars team. She returned for Total Drama Vegas City and was originally on the Poker Chips team.

Sandy Dollars
[[Image:Isley TDVC|center|150px]]
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Episode Eliminated "Chef-Wrecked and The Ice Challenge Cometh and Take Me Out of the Ball Game"
Place 4th, 15th and 7th
Relationship Mudkip
Family Sister
Friends Mudkip, Radley, Margaret, Romero, Gieselle, Kenzey, Dixie
Enemies Dusk, Chuck
Fear Losing her job
Talent Studying animals


Isley is Nianah's sister. She has been working at a zoo since she graduated from college. She is very skilled at taking care of the animals and studies them as well. She even has made friends with some of the animals, mostly the ones that she healed after they've gotten injured. Her closest animal friend is a bird that she helped after it hurt it's wing and once it recovered it didn't want to leave so it stays with her wherever she goes. Due to Nianah dating Jake and having known him since high school she and Jake are close friends. Both he and Nianah had suggested Total Drama to her and she seemed interested so she decided to give it a try. She also took her bird along because it didn't want to be alone.

Isley joined Total Drama because she thought it would be fun and wanted to teach the others about animals.

Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem

After Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem

Isley continued to work at the zoo after her time on Total Drama. After a while, she soon changed her scheduele so she could spend more time with Mudkip. Isley later moved into a bigger house after she decided to let Mudkip move in with her due to him unable to afford a house. Isley continues to treat Mudkip like a boyfriend, a brother, and a son and the two give each other gifts from time to time. Isley wants to get engaged with Mudkip but she wants him to propose to him. However, once she mentioned shiny object, it took him a while to figure out what. After that, she bought an engagement ring in secret but is unsure when to tell Mudkip as of now. She's also more of a Pokemon fan so she could be similar with Mudkip while Mudkip has toned down his fanboy personality to be more calm for her.


  • TDALindsayfan1 gave me the name for Isley. Her name is a referance to the Batman villian Poison Ivy with Isley being part of her full original name, Pamela Isley.
  • Even though she always has her bird with her, it isn't really mentioned at all throughout the story.
  • Isley's bird wears a stocking cap in Isley's sleepwear pic and a mask and snorkal in her swimwear pic. It doesn't wear those in Isley's Total Drama Vegas City sleepwear and swimwear pics.


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