Team Olympic

Jade Fr

Episode Eliminated "(un)Holy Night"
Place 5th
Relationship Britt
Friends -
Enemies Hannah, Ivy, Lexi, Mitchel, Rosalie, Saber
Jade, labeled as the Follower, is a contestant on Total Drama Frozen.


Jade made one mistake when she a little. She wore the same dress the grade 1 Christmas recital as Regina George, and her life only went downhill from there. Regina made it her personal goal to destroy Jade from that moment on. That night, Regina locked Jade in the boys washroom, and when the boys went in to get changed after the show, they all freaked out, and started to laugh at Jade. As she grew older, her popularity failed to increase, despite trying almost everything; joining the cheer squad, running for class president, being on the soccer team. Everything she ever did was ruined by Regina; her pom-poms were filled with skunk spray, her cookies gave everyone the runs, and her cleats always popped the soccer ball. If Regina could, Regina would always ruin her life. In hopes to finally become popular, Jade signed up for Total Drama Frozen, knowing Regina wouldn’t follow.

Total Drama Frozen:

Jade awkwardly introduces herself to the other girls in It's a Winter Wonderland. Jade silently participates in their conversation, chiming in every now and then. She's seen to be happy when she is placed on Team Jack Frost. 

Jade is upset with Andre's comments in It's Still a Winter Wonderland, but her opinion changes when Andre explains himself. Jade is excited to still be on a team with Ivy. Throughout the challenge Jade mimics Ivy's comments and actions, looking for her approval. When Dania and Ivy are fighting, Jade takes it upon herself to shove Dania off of the sled. Jade throws stale bread at Andre during his perfomance, upset that he cost them the challenge. Jade is happy when she is safe at elimination.

Jade silences the others girls in The Frosted Towers, so that Ivy can keep her beauty sleep. When ivy wakes up she pleads with the others to not mention Ivy snoring. With Ivy's orders, Jade leaves to spy on the others. During the challenge Jade is paired with Frosty. She is confused when Frosty knows her full name, but defends Ivy. Jade is scared of the zombies and runs to the top of the tower. After the challenge, she listens to Ivy's plan to eliminate Dania.

Jade awkwardly tries to comfort Dania in Snow Day, while defending Ivy's actions but is told to shut up by the rest of her team. She wonders if this is all just a challenge when she notices the amount of snow falling. She's excited when Emmett saves them, and teases her team for not noticing the storm. She's happy to be safe during the elimination. 

Jade acts as back upt to Ivy in A Kipper for Skipper, when Ivy mocks Emmett. Jade brings up the idea of eliminatiing Emmett, and Ivy is shocked that Jade came up with a smart idea. Jade follows Ivy's leadership during the challenge. She is sad when her team loses the challenge, but works with Ivy to come up with a plan. Jade is shocked when Emmett is eliminated at the elimination ceremony.

The Winter Showcase

The Twelve Days of Christmas

This Snow is Real

Checking Her List Twice

'Tis the Season

Ticket to Win

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Fashion Haul

The Frosted Games

New Year's Greeting

New Year's Farewell

End of a Season


  • The character image was drawn by, Manatee, thank you!
  • In the original Frozen, Jade came in first place. This is due to Britt being able to shield the couple from opposition, and then she breaks his heart in the finale.
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