Team Olympic

Jade f

Episode Eliminated "(un)Holy Night"
Place 5th
Relationship Britt
Friends -
Enemies Hannah, Ivy, Lexi, Mitchel, Rosalie, Saber

Jade, labeled as the Follower, is a contestant on Total Drama Frozen.


Jade made one mistake when she a little. She wore the same dress the grade 1 Christmas recital as Regina George, and her life only went downhill from there. Regina made it her personal goal to destroy Jade from that moment on. That night, Regina locked Jade in the boys washroom, and when the boys went in to get changed after the show, they all freaked out, and started to laugh at Jade. As she grew older, her popularity failed to increase, despite trying almost everything; joining the cheer squad, running for class president, being on the soccer team. Everything she ever did was ruined by Regina; her pom-poms were filled with skunk spray, her cookies gave everyone the runs, and her cleats always popped the soccer ball. If Regina could, Regina would always ruin her life. In hopes to finally become popular, Jade signed up for Total Drama Frozen, knowing Regina wouldn’t follow.


  • The character image was drawn by, Manatee, thank you!
  • In the original Frozen, Jade came in first place. This is due to Britt being able to shield the couple from opposition, and then she breaks his heart in the finale.
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