Jake (TDJ)


Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Fear Losing his kids
Talent Charisma, Being an Ass Without People Noticing It
Jake is labeled The Funny Jerk in Total Drama Jamaica. He is on the Fiyah team.


Jake grew up getting into trouble. He wasn't very disciplined and was somewhat of a jokester. A large rebel, he didn't really mean much harm -- it just always ended up that way. Throughout high school, he was the popular kid. One particular misadventure he had involved him trying to pierce his friend's ear during class and ending up with literal blood on his hands and an infected ear on the friend. Now, though it may not seem likely, Jake settled down and is a teacher. He has 2 kids (with another on the way) and a wife that he is proud of.

Audition Tape

Jake stood in front of the camera in his house. "Sup, guys, I'm Jake," he said. "I'm not gonna beat around the bush, I really could use the money from the show. Why should you pick me? Well, I'd be great on TV. I look great, I'm funny... what else can I say? Heh. Oh yeah, I won't be afraid to raise hell if something happens that I don't like. I could go into detail... but I guess you'll just have to pick me and find out, huh?" The camera went to static.


  • Jake is based off my 7th Grade Core Teacher. His biography is all true, as well as some quotes of his in the story came out of his mouth.
  • Credit to Toad for the picture!
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