Although in the story, Total Drama Mania his name is Jake, in order to make this page I had to make him Jakey here. He is incredibly nerdy.

Demolishing Sharks/ Growing Flowers/ Alpha Males and Females
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Day 20: Back in Pairs!"
Place Fourth
Relationship Michelle, Ronda
Friends Nicole, Ernesto, Sharon, Blossom
Enemies None at this point.
Fear Rabid squirrels.
Origin Brooklyn, New York

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: He didn't make it to the next round of the singing contest. His team won invincibilty.

Challenge 2: He was paired with Nicole for the canoe race. His team lost.

Challenge 3: He worked with Ernesto on the statue, his team lost.

Challenge 4: He auditioned for the musical and got the part with Sharon. His team won.

Challenge 5: He did well in freeze dance until Roger tricked him and got him eliminated.

Challenge 6: He was transferred to the Growing Flowers, his team won.

Challenge 7: He helped design Blossom's dress for the challenge, but Michelle's strange fashion sense dominated the team. His team lost.

Challenge 8: He conquered his fear and his team won.

Challenge 9: He was not in a dolphin race, but his team won.

Challenge 10: He was the most excited about the challenge, more than anyone else. As soon as the game began, everyone turned to him and shot him. His team won.

Challenge 11: He took over the whole operation of training Herbert, and won the challenge for his team.

Challenge 12: He was not in any challenges. His team lost, but he was safe and made it to the merge.

Challenge 13: He was one of the invincibility winners for this challenge. He was brought into an alliance by Ronda. His alliance voted for Blossom.

Challenge 14: He got a five on his jump, and he was eliminated in skeet because he was knocked out by a gun hitting his head. He successfully made it over the pole vault, but lost. At the campfire, he was safe.

Challenge 15: He was partners with Blossom for the challenge, and he found a spatula in his bag. She stopped him from waving Blossom's saw around. He left Blossom on account of not knowing the way to camp. He was in a race to the finish against Carter, which he won.

Challenge 16: He dared Elaine to bungee jump off a skyscraper, which she succeeded in, eliminating Jakey. Jakey was safe.

Challenge 17: He lost the challenge and invincibility. He voted with Ronda but broke out of her alliance.

Challenge 18: The non-jury members did not accidentally vote him out.

Challenge 19: He was paired with Chris for the challenge. He won the tiger hunt, lost the dance off and lost the makeover challenge. He was voted out by Elaine and Ronda.


Michelle- Jakey admitted that he loved Michelle after her elimination, she froze in disgust, and Jakey walked up to her, and kissed her on the lips.

Ronda- She flirted with him, although this was most likely because she wanted him in an alliance.

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