James (TDJ)


Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Oh, Young Love"
Place 13th
Fear Failing a Mission
Talent Stealth
James is labeled The Spy in Total Drama Jamaica. He is on the Fiyah team.


A master of stealth, James could rob a bank or blow up a plane if he wanted to. However, he's more than that -- James has strict morals. He only uses his "powers" for good. He's somewhat of a legend where he's from. A spy for Britain living in the USA, James has already infiltrated such prestigious US buildings as Fort Knox and Area 51. James decided to sign up for Total Drama Jamaica to get the inside scoop on reality shows.

Audition Tape

James was holding the camera while running down a narrow pathway at dark. "Watch closely," he said, putting it down. You could now hear prison dogs barking and see guard towers shining spotlights everywhere. Within a matter of seconds, James was scaling a gate leading up to the facility. The camera kept running for about 2 minutes until James appeared again, this time holding a potato sack. He ran up to the camera. "See this?" he panted. "It tells you inside why I should be on your show." He began to pull something out of the bag, but the camera cut to static.


  • Credit to Toad for the picture!
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