Team Female
Gender Female
Hair color Dyed Purple (naturally Black)
Episode Eliminated "20,000 Leagues Above The Sea"
Place 4th
Relationship Redd (one-sided on Janina's side)
Family Mother, Father (divorced)
Friends Evi, Katt, Redd, Rosi
Enemies Aquamara, Jena, Perci
Fear Being in front of crowds
Talent Writing

Janina, labeled The Shy Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama: Paradise Beach. Janina's parents divorced only a month after she was born, and she barely knows her father. Being an only child, she had only her mother to turn to for help. She was always comfortable around her mother, and barely talked when she first went to school. This continued throughout her life. Janina is also an activist and helps out in anyway she can. Her favorite charity, The Purple Help, encouraged her to dye her hair purple and wear purple clothes. The first day Janina went to school like this, she was subject to much teasing by her peers. Janina has barely talked since. She signed up for Total Drama because she wanted to something bold to get her noticed.

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