Jared, labeled The Poetic Soul, is a contestant on Camp Total Drama. He is a member of the Popular Salmon.

Jared -
Popular Salmon
Jared ctd.png
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "Chapter 5: Blue-Bury Pie"
Place 17th
Relationship Wendy
Family Mother, Father, Two Older Brothers
Friends Gavin, Bree, Natalia, Will, Clifford
Enemies Veronica


If you asked Jared what he wanted to grow up to be when he was little, he’d tell he wanted to be a writer. If you asked him today what he wanted to be when he grew up, he’d probably try and dodge the question. Jared is a very kind and caring person, but admittedly a little lost in life. Granted most teenagers don’t know much about how their future is going to look, Jared constantly feels like he’s running out of time to make up his mind.

Jared does play a few different sports at his school, primarily basketball. However, he doesn’t feel he’s good enough or that he even really enjoys them enough to truly make a career out of it. He did make a great deal of friends through sports, that he’s sure of. Jared has pursued a few relationships over the years as well, but none of them ever lasted very long. Jared lives with his dad, a retired basketball coach, and his mom, a high school English teacher. He also has two older brothers that have already graduated college, both choosing very different career paths. His oldest brother is now a lawyer, while his other brother is a freelance artist.

One thing that Jared’s brothers did agree on was that Jared should audition for Total Drama. Jared didn’t think he was particularly special enough to get on, but still figured that there was no harm in auditioning. When Jared’s acceptance came in the mail, his mom was the first one to open it (by accident), and she was thrilled. Jared’s dad was a little disappointed that Jared wouldn’t be spending the summer playing basketball, but was still proud. Jared himself is pretty excited to be getting away from his normal life for the summer.


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