Jason is a contestant in Total Drama Mania. He is a black belt in karate.

Jason joined for the cash prize.

Yelling Wombats/ Dancing Eggplants
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Day 10: Dolphins Go EEE-EEE-EEE!"
Place Fourteenth
Relationship Ali, Ronda
Friends Ronda, Sunny, Ken
Enemies Michelle, Chad (Formerly friends.)
Fear Climbing a mountain
Origin Phoenix, Arizona

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: He did not make it to the second round of the singing contest. During Michelle's performance, he was backstage trying to impress Ali and Ronda with karate moves. He accidentally kicked a rope which dropped a sandbag on Michelle's foot which got her disqualified. He recieved the last marshmallow for that challenge.

Challenge 2: He was partners with Chad during the canoe race, his team won.

Challenge 3: He worked with Chad on the statue. He knocked Chad down after he threatened Ronda.

Challenge 4: He worked on set building. His team lost.

Challenge 5: He did well in freeze dance until Roger tricked him into being eliminated.

Challenge 6: He did well in the cleaning challenge, and was transferred to the Dancing Eggplants. His team won.

Challenge 7: He was a lead designer for Sunny's dress. His team won.

Challenge 8: He was not able to conquer his fear, his team lost, but was safe.

Challenge 9: He participated in a dolphin race, but he lost. His team lost, and he was voted out.

Challenge 18: He voted for Ronda to win. He voted for Jakey to lose.


Ali- He may have a crush on Ali because he was trying to impress her with karate moves.

Ronda- He may have a crush on Ronda because he was trying to impress her with karate moves.


Jason is shown in a karate studio, he bows to the camera and says, "I believe you need someone like me on your show. I'm smart, I'm likable, I'm funny, and I'm a KARATE MASTER!!" He smashes a block of wood with his head, "You think that was impressive, I've done that with blocks of wood twice that size!" The cameraman speaks up now, "No you can't normally you pass out when you hit your head on blocks of wood, even half that size!" Jason blushes and says, "Ix-nay, Corey, ix-nay," He looks at the camera and says, "He's just being dumb, I can show you I can break whatever I want with my head." He walks over to the wall of the studio and smacks his head against that. He passes out and the camera shuts off.


Jason was turned onto karate by his friend, Corey, who appears in his audition tape, turned him onto karate. Jason started out very bad, but practiced and soon surpassed Corey. Corey became jealous, and vowed revenge to Jason. He only filmed Jason's audition tape because Jason paid him.


  • Jason was the first male contestant eliminated from the Dancing Eggplants.
  • Jason is the only character to not wear regular day clothes.
  • Jason is the only character, other than Ali, to show signs of being friends with Ronda.
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