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Team Beach
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Beach"
Place 2nd
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Older Sister
Friends Franz (debatable), Lana (debatable)
Enemies Samantha, Katt, Evi, Redd, Aquamara, Janina, Kamron (debatable)
Fear Being deserted
Talent Spying, Gossiping

Jena, labeled The Gossiper, is a contestant on Total Drama: Paradise Beach. Jena wasn't always the gossiper she is today. She used to be respectful of others' privacy and didn't believe in spreading secrets. Her older sister, Samantha, used to bully her, making a terrible relationship between the two. One day, Jena decided to stand up to Samantha. She barged into her sister's room, but lost all courage to speak. She then noticed that Samantha had pictures of her best friend's boyfriend all over her room. Samantha threw Jena out the window, only to have her land next to her best friend. Seeing an chance to beat her older sister, Jena told Samantha's best friend about the secret. This spread quickly and eventually ruined Samantha's life. Jena felt no guilt, and was satisfied to have beaten her sister. From that day on, Jena used gossip to get anything she wanted. She signed up for Total Drama to win the million by gossiping.

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