Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Father
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Losing all of his money, Working
Talent Being Lazy, Cricket, Spending Money on useless stuff
Jerry is The Rich, Spoiled Boy of the group.


Jerry was born into an already rich family. Back in 1940, his great-grandfather struck oil in Texas. Ever since then, the Lacklusters have been living in a life of fame and posh. Jerry's grandfather was a working man, however, and earned even more money for his family. Jerry's father was the same as his grandfather. However, the working men in the family seems to have come short on Jerry's generation. Jerry is a spoiled, selfish boy who feels like money grows on trees. He is wasteful with the money. He is also extremely lazy, perferring to nap then work. He says that working is for poor people. His father is extremely upset with his attitude.

He signed Jerry up for Total Drama: The Production so that it would teach him a lesson in being responsible. Jerry tried to get out of it to no avail. However, once they learned it was in hollywood, Jerry wanted to do it. His father disapproves of him wanted to go to hollywood. He does remember, that it is a reality show and that most likly, Jerry will lose. Jerry, however, thinks totally different. He thinks he will win it all.


  • Jerry's last name, Lackluster was given to him because Jerry, "Lacks" in the work department, and the "Lust" part because he is lustful for items. He exibits the lust of the eyes kind of lust. The "Er" was added for no real reason.
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