Jerry, labeled as The Guy who gets hurt a lot is a contestant from Total Drama Tourism. He was originally on Team Newbie's. He returned for Total Drama Sci-Fi Action as the main antagonist and was originally on the Explosive Mines team. He returned again for Total Drama Vegas City and was originally on the Dancing Dice team.

Jerry (TDT)
Team Newbie's
Explosive Mines
Dancing Dice
[[Image:Jerry TDVC|center|150px]]
Gender Male
Hair color Brown (bald in TDSFA)
Episode Eliminated "TDT: Welcome to the Big Apple - Part 2
TDSFA: A Fight to the Finish
TDVC: Take Your Supermodel to Work Day"
Place TDT: 20th
TDSFA: 2nd
TDVC: 18th
Relationship None
Friends None
Enemies Nianah, Bluto, Oweguy, Chloe, Dax, Sae, Pete, Kuro, Roxanne, Murdoch, Margaret, Sherloch, Brianna
Fear Getting seriously injured, Jail
Talent Committing crimes


Jerry hasn't really had a very happy life. Since he was little he's been doing nothing but getting hurt, hitting his head, getting scrapes, tripping, etc. Due to his constant injuries his doctor bills are extremly high. When he got older his constant injuries continued and kids at school normally call in Injerry. After that he got very mad and tried to find a way to get rid of his bad luck and get money to pay for his doctor bills. That's when he found out about Total Drama but wasn't able to get in but is still trying to get money no matter how far he has to go.

Total Drama Oweguy

Jerry first appeared in Where Are They Now?: A TDO Reunion Special as apparently one of Oweguy's new competators for his new show but fails to get into the Gemmies building and wasn't able to participate so he stayed with the others. After the Gemmies Oweguy leaves with the other new competitors but fails to get in the limo and smashes into a trash can. Jerry later joins the others to pursue Oweguy's limo. They manage to stop the limo by launch pig waste at it but both the limo and bus ended up falling off a cliff but no one was hurt luckily. Jerry was mad at Bluto for forgetting him and he said that he didn't need him. After a few of them went off to find help the others were rescued by Oweguy and announced the new season and Jerry became one of the ten new competators.

Total Drama Tourism

In Welcome to the Big Apple - Part 1 Jerry was the fifth of the new contestants to be announced. When he arrives he falls out of the bus and lands face first into the ground. Chad asked if he was okay and he said that it happens to him a lot. When the contestants boarded the plane Jerry tripped and fell down the stairlift but managed to catch up. After the tour Oweguy announced that their first location was New York and after a few hours they arrived there. The first challenge was called Statue of Liberty outside inside where the contestants had to get to the top and climb ropes from the outside or climb stairs from the inside. When at the top they had to collect a flag and get backdown by firemans pole. Jerry decided to climb the rope but at one point got tangled in the rope forcing Nianah to untangle him. He noticed that if you get a girl mad they go faster. Jerry managed to get to the top and collect the flag but fails to slide down the firemans pole and gets hurt. He ended up on team three which was called Team Newbie's. While he was cheering for the name Nianah kicked him in the groin. The next challenge they had to face was a race through New York which would be revieled next episode.

In Welcome to the Big Apple - Part 2 the challenge was a race through New York. The teams had to take boats to the city, get through the busy city, get through the market place, then make it through the park until they reached the center of Central Park. Team Newbie's at first were in third place but soon reached forth because Jerry's shoelace got caught in a sewer vent so Nianah had to help him. The team had trouble getting out of the city because Jerry kept tripping, almost got hit by a car, and Nianah threw him up to a lamp post and he got stuck. When she got him down his shirt got caught on a windshield wiper and got pulled away. The rest of the challenge Jerry was tied up so nothing would happen to him and in order to get past the park quicker they rode on Jerry through the park but he then hit a tree and got stuck. In the end Team Newbie's lost and Jerry and Nianah were in the bottom two and Jerry ended up getting eliminated. He was mad at his team but before he could finish Oweguy pushed him out of the plane. After Oweguy closed the episode it shows that Jerry was still hanging on to the plane screaming that he won't give up if it's the last thing he'll do.

In Mama Marina Jerry mad two cameos. He first appeared hiding under a table but hides under the floor boards when Oweguy comes in and later was hiding in a vent during Team Natures elimination ceremony.

In I See France... Jerry made a cameo hiding under the chair Kuro was sleeping in first class. When he leaned back Jerry was shown who then pulls the chair down leaving Kuro confused.

In Hawaii Five-10 Jerry made three cameos. The first was inside the air ducts where he was shown masking taping himself to the floor during the plane's rough landing. The second was when the wind got stronger one of the things flying by was Jerry but no one noticed him. The last was when the plane was on it's way to it's next destination and Jerry was hanging onto the wing.

Jerry had his first major role since New York in Total Drama Tourism and the Temple of Doom. First he was upset at Nianah saying that they didn't need him and later he heard Oweguy talking about the treasure in the challenge and followed Team Newbie's to the treasure while hiding in a bush. When Team Electric and Team Newbie's arrived at the treasure room Jerry revealed himself and told them that if he couldn't get back on the show he'll just steal the treasure. He manages to get it but trips and Chloe catches it. Due to the treasure being recieved a giant boulder started rolling toward them. Jerry manages to get back the treasure but then gets run over by the boulder knocking him out and giving him a black eye and scratches. Nianah told Bianca that they wouldn't tell Oweguy and just leave him there. Later after Kuro was eliminated, when he was floating down he saw Jerry on the plane having surviving the boulder impact and saying that Nianah will pay in a scary tone.

Jerry returned again in Revenge of the Ripper but was in disguise throughout most of the chapter. At the beginning of the chapter he stole Oweguy's Jack the Ripper costume which he wore throughout the episode and snuck into the cockpit and flew the plane to London and nearly caused it to crash into the Big Ben clock power but Oweguy regain control of the plane while Jerry escapes from the plane into the Tower of London but Oweguy noticed him and sent the contestants into the tower. Jerry managed to catch and trap Molly, Kronk, Marine, Yuki, Hendrick, Sparky, Wentworth, Flare, Raven, and Chloe. He tried to catch Dax but Jasmine tries to catch him but fails and knocks her off the tower. Dax then punches his hat off revealing to everyone that he was still around. Plus he was starting to change look with grayish green skin, light red eyes, the black eye from before, and cracked skin. He tries to stab Dax with a knife but he punches him out and bags him granting Team Electric the win. On the plane Oweguy was mad at Jerry for what he's done and Jerry shouts that if Oweguy won't let him back on the show he'll have to kill him. He attempts to but Nianah opens the emergancy exit door sucking Jerry out and making him fall into the jet engine apparently killing him but at the end of the chapter it shows that he survived the impact but has his shirt torn up and had lost most of his hair with only twenty strings left and also has deformed and stained teeth and blood red eyes now and was shown to want revenge for what's happened to him.

In The Land of Theme Parks Jerry made a cameo in the loser class section hiding and watching the contestants in there looking angry at them.

In Terror on Monster Island Jerry made a cameo in the cockpit with the Arnold dummy from Revenge of the Ripper. He was shown ducking once Rodan flew toward the plane. He wasn't shown again after that.

In Jungle Boogie Jerry appeared at the very end outside on the plane wing watching Kronk's elimination.

Jerry didn't appear in Where Have They Landed? but was mentioned by Pat and Bianca wonderering where he was. Bridgette who was interviewing them explained that he was still on the plane showing a clip of him in the cargo hold attack a rat behind the crates similar to Ezekiel but instead of running toward the camera he breaks it with an ax. Pat, Bianca, and even Jasmine who'd already seen the vorocious Jerry was scared about what has happened to him. He wasn't mentioned afterwards but Bridgette did ask what will happen to him during the sign off.

In When In Rome Jerry appeared after the challenge hiding behind a trash can try to grab Nianah who was nearby showing that he still wants to get rid of her. He hides when Raven comes in.

In Japandemonium Jerry appeared in first class stealing one of Wentworth and Sparky's candy bars.

In Crouching Chloe, Hidden Nianah Jerry appeared in first class again trying to steal Dax's food but hides when Sparky comes over. When they both fall asleep again he steals the food while they weren't looking.

In Texas, We Have a Problem Arnold apparently found Jerry in the cargo hold and Oweguy used him in the challenge. He had changed a lot since his last appearance. His skin is more greener, he is almost bald, lost all of his clothes except for a loincloth, his finger and toenails formed into claws, and his black eye now has a huge red scar on it because a knife hit it while Arnold put stuff in the cargo hold. Plus he has now become a carnivorous and feral beast, maybe more dangerous than Ezekiel as well as becoming stronger than normal. Dax said that he was now scared of Jerry. The challenge that involved him was the contestants had to catch him and bring him back within an hour. In the meantime Raven used Jerry to take down Nianah. When she rested at a lake because her horse needed to drink he jumped out of the water and attacked her. She threw her shoe at him but it mad him angrier and prepared to attack her again but was stopped by Raven. She explained to Nianah that she used him to take her down and made him attack her more until he threw her away into the distance. As Raven was about to give him a dead rat he was shot by a tranquilizer dart and was caught by Yuki who brought him back to Oweguy making her win the challenge. Oweguy said to leave Jerry behind before he woke up because he knew he wasn't going to be happy when he woke up. But when the plane took off Jerry was shown to have grabbed on and punched a hole in the plane sneaking back in.

In The Amazing Australian Race Jerry was shown in first class hiding in a storage bin.

In A Viking Sized Challenge Jerry was shown escaping the plane along with the animals that were in the cargo hold before it explodes.

In The Race through Hollywood Jerry was shown to have snuck onto Oweguy's small plane following the contestants to their next location. After they arrived in Hollywood Jerry soon followed them and then attacks and captures Dax leading to Chloe having to chase him. When she corners him on top of a building a float model goes by and he jumps onto it. Chloe then follows but the two are then knocked off when it goes into a storage building. As Jerry prepared to attack Chloe Dax punches him but he then gets attacked but he is finally knocked out by Chloe after hitting him with a chair. After they leave his eye opens up in anger.

In A Fiery Finale Jerry appears near the end after Dax had won the last challenge. He attacks him trying to steal his money which he succeeds in doing but then falls into the volcano with the money. After the lava generator went crazy he was shot out and crashed into Oweguy's boat. After the contestants head back to shore on Oweguy's whale Jerry was shown to be hanging onto it's tail.

After Total Drama Tourism

After the Total Drama Tourism finale Oweguy sent Jerry to the mental institution hoping it would cure his feral status. It does but his feral status turns to hate and it turned Jerry into an angry criminal. After commiting many crimes he was arrested and sent to jail. While in prison he met Roxanne who helped her escape prison shortly afterwards. The two really liked each other and they secretly got married just so they wouldn't be caught if they had an actual wedding. Jerry then signed up for Oweguy's next season along with Roxanne hoping it would help them get away from the law.

Jerry signed up for Total Drama Sci-Fi Action to try and make it farther than he did last time and to get away from the law.

Total Drama Sci-Fi Action

Jerry returned to Total Drama Sci-Fi Action now much more different than he originally did in Total Drama Tourism. This time, he was now with his wife Roxanne who he married in prison. Throughout the beginning of the series Jerry mostly was acting grouchy and saying bad things about the others along with Roxanne while another contestant, Murdoch, did his own plans in the competition. Throughout most of the challenges, Jerry mostly did his own stuff and rarely talked to anyone else in the competition. There had been times where he got mad at some of the other contestants like he got mad at Pat during the shrinking challenge when their team got swallowed by Oweguy and they were trapped in his stomach for the majority of the challenge. Despite that, Jerry mostly stayed with Roxanne during the early challenges.

After Murdoch's disappearance, Jerry started to become bad again but rarely did anything. During the invasion of an alien species, Jerry was the one who managed to destroy them all with dynamite, saving the others from the aliens copying them. During another challenge, Jerry turned younger after a device made by Oweguy malfunctioned. However, while most of them turned into babies, Jerry turned into a toddler. Another challenge involved getting rid of a giant living glob of jelly made by Chef Hatchet but Jerry and his team weren't able to find it.

At the merge, Jerry's true plans were slowly starting to be revealed as well as becoming more of a serious villain. Murdoch also returned, having been missing for a while but he now resembled the Joker due to a bunch of events that happened when he disappeared. During a superhero challenge, Jerry tricked Bianca to help them do stuff so that they would win which she did because he promised cookies. Once the others found out about what Bianca was doing Jerry's team won and Bianca was soon voted off afterwards.

At one point, Murdoch discovers a secret underground lair that belonged to Jerry and Roxanne and Murdoch was told to control Kuro, who had just recently become a mutant wasp and take care of the others. Murdoch then did that but was foiled by Jake and Nianah who freed the mutant Kuro and turned him back to normal while Murdoch disappeared once again after falling into a crack after being knocked unconscious. During the next challenge, which involved going inside a sick Sae's body, Jerry and Roxanne didn't do much because Amanda accidently knocked them down into Sae's lower intestines and weren't seen again until the end of the challenge where they didn't want to say what happened to them.

During a time traveling challenge, Kuro discoveres a future city run by Jerry, Roxanne, and Murdoch and proceeds to tell everyone about what they were planning to do but Jerry soon voted him off afterwards so he wouldn't tell. The next challenge involved finding a rare crystal and Jerry thought it would help them complete their secret plan. After a short confrontation with a giant strong alien creature, Jerry and Roxanne get the crystal and win the challenge but Oweguy takes the crystal away from them because whoever won had to give the crystal to Oweguy.

During an off day with Oweguy going out and leaving the final four alone, Jerry and Roxanne sneak into Oweguy's building and steal the crystal with Murdoch, now in hiding, taking care of Sae and Pete. They find out about their plan which was unleashing a giant flying battleship they stole from the future to attack the city and proceed to tell Oweguy but the ship launches right before they tell him and Jerry freezes Oweguy in ice. Pete and Sae sneak on board where they encounter Murdoch who battles Sae while Pete sneaks into the ship. Sae defeats Murdoch by knocking him into the ship's engine but Pete is caught by Jerry who shoots him out of a cannon and Sae is then captured and locked up. However, all of the eliminated contestants soon return to stop Jerry and Roxanne's plan and at the same Sae escapes from her prison cell. While Roxanne takes on the eliminated contestants with magic powers, soon turning into a giant human/snake hybrid, Sae sneaks inside the main engine controls and sets the ship to self destruct. The other contestants then managed to defeat Roxanne after Kuro and Marine go inside the giant Roxanne and destroyed the shards of the crystal that were giving her power and she remains unconscious for the rest of the battle. Furious about what happened, Jerry confronts Sae using a bunch of crystal shards on himself and transforms into a giant monster known as Titan Jerry. He almost kills her with his superior strength but Pete, who returns in a plane knocks some of the crystal near say who recovers and finally defeats Jerry along with destroying the machine giving him the crystal power making him return to his normal self and both escape right when the ship explodes. Sae is then announced the winner of Total Drama Sci-Fi Action and hero of the city by everyone while Jerry, Roxanne, and Murdoch are arrested with Jerry swearing he'll come back for revenge.

After Total Drama Sci-Fi Action

Jerry was sent to jail again after Total Drama Sci-Fi Action and was put in a heavly guarded cell so that he wouldn't escape. Jerry rarely interacted with Murdoch who was disliking him and Roxanne was in a coma. Murdoch was released two months after he was put in leaving Jerry behind with Roxanne. She eventually woke up but had amnesia and had no memory of who Jerry was or of her criminal career. She was released due to this and the frustrated Jerry was on his own. Jerry stayed in jail for two more years and during that time, Roxanne became a police officer making Jerry very upset with her and filed divorce with her by himself due to her not remembering. Jerry was soon released after he proved to the police that he would be good. However, unsure that he could be lying, they set up a special shock collar on his neck with a tracking device that help them keep an eye on him. The shock collar reacts whenever he does something bad. Jerry soon signed up for Oweguy's new season of Total Drama and made sure to tell him that he's not going to do anything bad. He also joined to try and get Murdoch to join him again.

Total Drama Vegas City


  • Jerry did not recieve any peanut bags and was the first contestant eliminated.
  • Jerry was the first of the new characters to be eliminated.
  • Jerry is one of the contestants that I had planned out at the start along with Raven. People did give me ideas for him but I already had the idea.
  • I named him Jerry because if you put in at the beginning of his name it sounds like injury.
  • Jerry's first two cameos were similar to Ezekiel's cameos in Greece's Pieces and Jamacia Me Sweat.
  • During the events of Total Drama Tourism Jerry went through Ezekiel's madness but the only differences were that Jerry hadn't lost his voice until he fell into the plane engine, had red cracks on his skin, and had a black eye which later got a huge scar on it.
  • Jerry is the main antagonist of Total Drama Sci-Fi Action. In my opinion, I have to say he is the most dark and evil due to being transformed into a man of hatred after the events of Total Drama Tourism and wants revenge on everyone.
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