Jillian, labeled as The Angry Girl, was a contestant in Total Drama World.

Striking Tourists
Dominating Pioneers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "You are all now the Dominating Pioneers."
Place Seventh
Friends Britanny (Debatable)
Enemies Hank, Charles, Sheldon, Amanda, Rob

Chapter Guide

Chapter One - Jillian was chosen to be on the Striking Tourists team. She was one of the people in the lead while climbing the Eiffel Tower, and they won.

Chapter Two - Jillian was one of the people doing the challenge for her team. They lost and she voted for Sheldon.

Chapter Three - Jillian climbed Mt. Everest with Greg. They found a path on the mountain and climbed it, but still lost. Jillian voted for Amanda, and repeated her line "bye-bye, nerdy."

Chapter Four - Jillian helped her team attempt to catch a kangaroo. At the elimination, she voted for Hank and called him a loser.

Chapter Five - Jillian revealed to Britanny that Greg liked her. She, as well as the other Striking Tourists won invincibility.

Chapter Six - Jillian disapproved of Greg's crush on Britanny, saying that he was ruining his own chances. During the challenge, she came in third, throwing up right before the beginning of the seventh round. She, Rob, and Charles got into a fight. She voted for Jessica, saying that she was too annoying. When Greg played an immunity idol, the two votes cast against her were enough to eliminate him.


Jillian's favorite activity is hiking. She is usually in the mountains, so she commonly wears her hiking boots wherever she goes. She doesn't like nerds, because she thinks that nerds are just pale freaks who live in basements, can't talk to girls, and are so socially challenged that they can only talk to people through a screen and keyboard. She especially hates female nerds.


  • Jillian is an edit of the Camp TV design of Eva.
  • Jillian received four votes.
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