Joe is labeled as The Demon and was one of the 16 contestants on Total Drama Chaos.

Raging Raccoons
Chaotic Fighters
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Tiny Terrors on the Farm Today"
Place 6th
Relationship None
Friends None
Enemies Everyone in the game
Fear Losing, Goats
Talent Cheating, Lying, Deception, Manipulation, Blackmailing, Persuasion, Perserverance, Pulling pranks


Ever since Joe was born, he was a bad boy. At home, he spilled his drink on purpose, broke his mother's fine china, bit on the legs of his highchair, and flushed his mother's jewelry down the toilet. His mother left her son because she couldn't stand him anymore. His father was left to raise him. He ignored him most of the time while Joe wrecked everything in the house. He intimidated the other kids on his first day at preschool. He was then expelled from preschool after he beat his teacher up with a toy phone. He also got expelled from every school he went to. He even got expelled from military school for reasons unknown. At the age of 16, he joined Total Drama Chaos for no reason.


Joe, as he appeared on Total Drama Chaos.

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