Joy, labeled The Emo, competed on Total Drama Isle and Total Drama Vegas.

Barking Dogs
Joy 2
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDI:Are You Awake?


Place TDI:14th


Relationship None
Friends Cayla, Kelly, BJ, Jude, Nicholas, and Scott
Enemies Leslie, Alyx, and Robby
Talent cutting herself
Counterpart Beth

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Isle

Chapter 1- She was put on the Barking Dogs and won

Chapter 2- Her team won

Chapter 3- She voted Kelly least important and got voted. Her team lost and voted Patrick. She was voted off by a few people and was in the bottom 2.

Chapter 4- She doesnt compete in the talent show, but her team wins

Chapter 5- She likes Twilight. She gets her question right, but loses. She votes off Kelly

Chapter 6- Her team lost. She told the rest to vote off Leslie, who she voted off

Chapter 7- Her team won

Chapter 8- Her team won

Chapter 9- Her team loses and she is voted out because her team thought she lied about Leslie. She voted for Scott

Chapter 18- She hangs out with Kelly, BJ, and Jude at the smoothie bar. She has a brain freezeand almost drowns, but Kelly saves her. She wants Nelly to win and voted out Gwenyth

Reunion- She hangs out with Nicholas, showing him Heavy Metal music. She gets hit in the head by the basketball and tells Nicholas it's ok. When Roman announced the people going to Vegas, she was chosen.

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Vegas

In "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas," Joy is pushed off the bus by Ashley, it is unknown whether this was intentional or on accident. She struggled to find her glasses. She complained about having a challenge along with everyone else. She teamed up with Scott, BJ, and Nicholas. After going into the MGM, the guys go to the bathroom, leaving her in line. SHe wondered why the guys were taking so long, then got caught by the Elvis that had captured the other guys. She complained with the other girls to find out they get the regular penthouse.


  • Joy is an edit of Beth.
  • Even though she cuts heself, she has only done it once.
  • She likes Twilight.
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