Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails


Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "A Whale of a Tale - Part Two"
Place 6th
Relationship Estrella
Family Parents, brother
Friends Shawn, Estrella, Tolkien, Roz, Anderson, Horatio, Puck, Kai
Enemies Yuri, Layla, Casey
Fear Ninja Sharks
Talent Drumming, Putting Off Work
Julian is labeled as The Slacker Musician in Total Drama Tokyo. He was placed on the Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails.


Julian isn't exactly the most active person ever. He doesn't like running, basketball, or any other sport. His brother is a successful runner and he's been trying to make Julian participate in track and cross country for years, but Julian has refused. Julian, instead, likes to play the drums. He started playing the drums when he was four, stumbling upon his brother's drum set and banging on it. He started to play electric guitar and keyboards when he was eight. He then joined the school jazz band and he was extremely good at it. But then, he realized that all the people in the band were nerds, so he decided to start his own band. He named it "Alien Earache" and recruited his three best friends, as well as his brother, to be in it. His brother refused, though, because he was too busy with cross country and stuff. Julian then decided that he was cool enough, so he grew an afro. The afro and the band made him more popular at his school, and he's had some hot girlfriends. Julian isn't a fan of schoolwork, though, because he thinks it deprives him from working on the band, when he stays up all night and rarely sleeps, except in school. His grades are not pretty, and his parents signed him up for a reality show, thinking it was a math camp.

Julian realized his parents' mistakes, and was happy to compete in a reality show to get away from school. He misses the band, though.

Total Drama Tokyo


  • Julian's pose in his original image was based on TDIwriter's Morgan's updated look, drawn by Sprinklemist, for Return to Total Drama World Tour, now cancelled. The afro is coincidental, though, because I thought that up before Morgan's new look was revealed.
  • Julian's band, "Alien Earache," is named after Yo-Yoji's band from the Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch, a book series I was really into at the time of writing Tokyo.
  • Julian was named after Julian Casablancas of The Strokes.
  • Julian was originally intended to compete in Total Drama: Superstar Showdown, but I scrapped him when I decided I wanted both Puck and Wolfgang back, and I wanted to create new interactions within the Tokyo cast. He would've been booted late pre-merge or early merge if he had made it in. However, Julian did end up making a cameo in the story.


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