Juliana, labeled as the The Fashion Diva, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles. She is on the Movie Premiers.

Movie Premiers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "One Theft Too Far"
Place Seventeenth
Friends Kurt, Shirley, Lydia
Enemies Aphasia, Jenna
Fear Not following trends
Talent Coordinating outfits


Juliana was born and had an instant flair for fashion. She actually ripped a bracelet that she thought was ugly off of her mother’s wrist upon birth. In school, she often gave fashion advice to her teachers, causing her to get detention rather frequently. In detention, she would doodle drawings of new outfits to design. Her fellow students all complimented her on her drawings and fashion sense and she became quite popular. Her older sister told her about this show, and how she could use that money for materials and such for outfits. Juliana immediately auditioned, not only to market her looks to the world, but also to get the money.


  • Juliana was one of the characters that was created at the beginning, and not replaced with a different character.
  • When discussing fashion, Juliana and Kurt mention Alvin Stein. He is based off of successful designer, Calvin Klein.
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