Justin.A labeled the The Troublemaker is a contestant on Total Drama Forest                                            

Justin (TDF)
Battling Bears
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDF:Boot Camp Blues

TDF: #ChaosKindergarten"

Place TDF: 21st

TDF: 13th

Relationship None
Family Sisters, Mother, Father
Friends Ryan., Tobi, Toto
Enemies Gian, Clarissa., Laurel, Kelly.
Fear Unicorns
Talent Decieving people


Justin may seem like a stereotypical bad boy, and you'd be exactly right. Getting in fights often, he is very tough. His hot-headedness usually gets him into these fights.He also is very loud, and isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Justin joined Total Drama for the cash prize.

Total Drama Forest

Justin's attitude was already showing to be bad in the first episode, where he yelled at Michael about bumping into him. He had small roles in both the second and third chapters, but in the fourth almost won the challlenge for his team, but was defeated by Rosa.

In his elimination episode, Justin called Gian psycho in the confessional and planned to get him out with the other guys. However, he ended up being blindsided by the girls and Gian for being overall unpleasant. He swore revenge on Kelly when he left.


  • Justin was the fourth person eliminated. He recieved two marshmallows.
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